Dawn Richard Presents ‘Behind The Armor’

Published: Monday 29th Oct 2012 by David

In celebration of her performance at NYC‘s S.O.B.s last week, Dawn Richard shares behind the scenes footage from her experience today, in an aptly named piece named ‘Behind The Armor‘.

Featuring footage of her backstage at the venue, the showing also sees her meet members of her fan base, ‘The Hearts’ and lead a spiritual session with those nearest and dearest to her.


Enjoy below…

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  1. MC October 29, 2012

    Dawn is really talented and very beautiful. Best of luck!

    • Monstarebel October 29, 2012

      i agree

  2. Monstarebel October 29, 2012

    She is one of the most underrated artists in this industry I really wish the best for this girl she makes good music she can sing&dance just needs that big break xoxo much love dawn

  3. PR Expert (HWood Publicist) October 29, 2012

    I like Dawn and want her to succeed. That said, here’s my advice for her:

    1) Be a featured artist in as MANY songs as possible, even if you are just singing some lame hook to a song you hate with a rapper you despise. U.S. music consumers need to see “Title of Song” feat. Dawn Richard over and over until they’re like “Oh, Dawn is an established singer/artist!” She literally needs to be doing an Akon in 2005 and sing the hook to over 100 songs, it’s that serious. I feel this is the BEST way for the more obscure artists to get their name out there.
    2) Bi/lesbian rumors always help. Even alluding to being bi helps record sales.
    3) Be seen with as many A-list celebs as possible
    4) Do NOT associate with any has-beens or have your picture taken with them. This means Sean Combs, Trina, Lil Kim, any member of Danity Kane or the Cheetah GIrls or anyone who hasn’t been able to sell records of have a hit in at least 3 years. Unfollow them on Twitter, delete any photos you have with them, don’t answer their phone calls, erase any email they may send you, etc.
    5) Keep writing song after song after song until you have GUARANTEED hits. You can do it because you’re very talented. If you hire people like Ester Dean or The-Dream, make sure they give you QUALITY songs. If you don’t believe the songs a professional wrote for you or is giving you is good enough, toss it out!
    6) Hire a stylist (someone like Rachel Zoe but not as expensive) who can let you borrow the latest items and thus get photographed all the time and placed in weeklies. Don’t wear street wear like Ciara does – it makes her seem very B-List/C-List. Beyonce is always dressed to the 9s and is treated like the superstar she is. Look at whatever Sarah Jessica Parker is wearing and copy that (if it looks good on you)
    7) This is the hardest one, but you should consider going blonde. Being blonde and album sales have almost always corresponded. Blondes sell magazine covers, even though only like 7% of white people and 1% of AA people are natural blondes. People will initially hate it but they will get used to it and you will see it pay off.

    We love u, Dawn!

    • Monstarebel October 29, 2012

      Gurl no!! She’s fine the way she is she just needs a break out song

    • MC October 29, 2012

      Your assistance is not needed, please exit the stage ——->

      • O_O October 29, 2012

        Not often am I left speechless but this……..

      • PR EXPERT (HWOOD PUBLICIST) October 29, 2012

        Thank you for your comment.

        ~-Hollywood PR Expert-~

    • O_O October 29, 2012

      ‘HWOOD’ Wantia…is that you?

      • O_O October 29, 2012


    • Rihanna black madonna October 29, 2012

      She cannot be seen with A listers because she is too dark and ugly. She will not get A list clothes because she is a no one. Everything else you have said, is factual.

      • Monstarebel October 29, 2012

        wow I find her very beautiful for a dark skin gworl

      • PR EXPERT (HWOOD PUBLICIST) October 29, 2012

        Everyone is bashing me but I know my advice is sound! Thank you for your support, Rihanna Black Madonna.

        ~-Hollywood PR Expert-~

      • MC October 29, 2012

        You disgusting, homophobic, racist, mulatto, monkey-looking b****. She is a beautiful, dark-skinned, talented, independent BLACK woman who doesn’t need a white-ghost-monkey-looking man to make her successful. Not everyone worships white people like you do. We all know you and @PR EXPERT (HWOOD PUBLICIST) are the same people. Drink bleach and die you w****. Scum of the earth.

      • DR October 29, 2012

        self hatred is a b**** @Rihanna black madonna you are trash

      • ENOUGH ONIKA October 29, 2012

        @RihannaBlackMadonna You know, I really thought you had a good head on your shoulders until I read this. I’m not even full black and I’m just disguised and appalled at your comment. What is wrong with you? You really must hate yourself or have major insecurity issues to talk about yourself and one of your parents or whoever’s black in your family the way you do. You think just like those racist white people and hollywood media what you to think, ignorant, dumb as f*ck and racists against yourself or “half” what the f*ck ever. Your such a Rihanna stan, but do you think Rihanna would like your racist ass? That b*tch would clock your ass out.

      • MELODY2012 October 30, 2012

        @RihannaBlackMadonna why is Rita not making it if thats all it takes to succeed? Why did Kat Deluna flop and dropped? Why is Adreine Bailon not making it?

    • DR October 29, 2012

      Thanks but she’s find with out your advice

      • Rihanna black madonna October 29, 2012

        The model ( naomi, jessica and iman) are the only pretty for dark skin women. Add Gab union to the mix too. Dawn is ugly and lacks zero s** appeal. Deal with it.

        I am proud to mixed.

      • DR October 29, 2012

        Go F*** yourself

      • DR October 29, 2012

        you are lower than trash your scum

    • PR EXPERT (HWOOD PUBLICIST) October 29, 2012

      I just want to go on the record to say that I DO NOT agree with Rihanna Black Madonna’s comments about Ms. Dawn Richard being UGLY or unattractive. Dawn is a stunningly beautiful woman. My comments about going blonde were just based on the fact of…look at Gossip GIrl. THe blonde chick gets all the attention even though she is uglier than the red haired/brown haired chick. Beyonce gets all the attention even tho Solange is more talented. Etc.

      Thank you in advance for your comment. Please click “like” above if you do not agree with my comment.

      ~-Hollywood PR Expert-~

      • Rihanna black madonna October 29, 2012

        Hollywood PR,

        You are stating the mild version of what A REAL PR would state. These m************ do not not what IT REALLY TAKES TO MAKE IT. People like Halle had plastic surgery just to make it.

      • Pressed H*** Like yourself October 29, 2012

        And rihanna had her share of d*** in her mouth and in her ass to make it too and lets not forget her enhanced breast

      • PR Expert (HWood Publicist) October 29, 2012

        You’re right, Rihanna black Madonna – I did not give my full advice because most posters here could not handle it. If you want success and to support yourself in music, you have to sell yourself out a little.

        A lot of artists are in this bubble where they think “Wow, my A&R person really is looking out for me getting me hits from these talented songwriters” whereas in reality the A&R is high on meth and the songwriter is burnt out trying to write everyone hits and will write whatever first comes to mind WITHOUT taking time to carefully craft a song specific to a singer or EVEN an emotion!

        My suggestion that Dawn try blonde shades of hair iS NOT racist. All white women who are blonde in Hollywood were ALSO born with dark brown hair or EVEN 1B (Britney was! Her hair is naturally a black/brown color). Shakira had to go blonde to get attention in the states. The US loves blondes because of our fixation on icons like Marilyn Monroe, Sharon Stone, Madonna, etc. It’s called being an ~ICONIC BLONDE~ for a reason.

      • MELODY2012 October 30, 2012

        PR Expert if thats the case, can you please tell me why are the following beautiful blonde artists are not succeeding:

        Rita Ora
        Iggy Azalea
        Taylor Momsen
        Keri Hilson
        Now Ciara
        Keyshia Cole
        and the list goes on….

    • fub3d October 30, 2012

      hahahahahahah OMG you’r funny, but this is true, and @Rihannablackmadonna your such a loser h**

      • PR EXPERT (HWOOD PUBLICIST) October 30, 2012

        Being blonde, having blonde hi-lights is only PART of my equation when following my guide to Hwood success. Read carefully and you will see I am right.

        Rita Ora and Iggy Izalea are not American and non-Americans have a whole different problem when trying to break into the US market that goes way beyond being blonde. First, There can only be one non-US singer at a time (right now it is Adele, before Adele it was Amy Winehouse). Two British singers have never been able to exist in the States at the same time (think Lily Allen, Duff, etc. trying to sell CDs in America while Amy Winehouse was alive. It didn’t happen.)

        Taylor Momsen did not follow my Rule #6 of hiring a stylist. She dresses in a goth style that turns off American audiences.

        Keri Hilson did not follow my Rule #4 of associating with has-beens and those who are not able to sell records. She often posts photos of herself with artists that have flopped records and/or lost their recording contracts due to low sales. She also didn’t follow Rule #6 and often has rachet hair styles (i.e. wearing quick weaves when she has a net worth well over a million dollars).

        Monica and Keyshia are successful. I don’t follow their careers that closely but I know they have sold lots of units in the past.

      • theman October 30, 2012

        What are you talking about Adele,Leona and Duffy all came were successful when they released their albums near the same space.

  4. The F_____ October 29, 2012

    Back to Dawn.

    Dawn gurl I watched your SOBs opening and you f***** that s*** up. F*** all these broads out here without that Beyonce/Rihanna grind you are second to none for drive, hustle and determination and your stage presence and crowd interaction right now… you’re starting to look like a seasoned super star.

  5. Fresh (NAVI) October 29, 2012

    This was CUTe 🙂 love dawn!

  6. BEEBEE October 29, 2012

    Dawn is going to be just fine, because at the end of the day talent is important. No one comes to a concert just to look at a pretty face, eventually the b**** has to sing. Dawn is beautiful in her own right, and the most important thing is she can sing, dance, and write her own music which makes her a triple threat. I’m going to be in the stores buying her LP on 1/15/2013 because I love her because she is working hard and not depending on anyone, I RESPECT THAT!!!!

  7. DR October 29, 2012

    she is amazing and very beautiful regardless of what her color and what she looks like people just wanna find something to b**** about IMO she better than any mainstream act and that’s a fact

  8. LeesOnTop October 29, 2012

    The fine brotha at 1:00… yeah that’s me. :D. @LeesOnTop
    Dawn is everything. <3.

  9. bibi93 October 29, 2012

    very good

  10. theman October 30, 2012

    Dawn is cool, but in order to take your music in a different direction, you must have a huge and loyal following. She has a few fans, but not enough to do the kinda music she is attempting to. She needs a couple a mega hits.

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