Hot Shots: Lucky Magazine Issues Apology For Ill-Received Britney Spears Cover

Published: Sunday 28th Oct 2012 by Rashad


‘Lucky’ singer Britney Spears covered the latest issue of Lucky Magazine, much to fan delight.  However, after copping a gander at the finished product, luck wasn’t exactly with the lady as the media and fans alike hounded the cover for its airbrush abuse and unwelcomed wig-atry.

With some even citing Spears as “unrecognizable”, the backlash hit such a feverish pitch the editors of the magazine took to Twitter to offer an apology:

Click below and tell us…was it really that bad?

Why is this suddenly a big deal like we haven’t seen stars airbrushed to the heights of attics on Mt. Olympus before? Especially in the case of Miss Spears, whose recent photos have all seen the cuts of photo doctor extraordinaires.

Le sigh…much ado about nothing.

Read the magazine’s feature story in its entirety here.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Joseph Vryheid October 28, 2012

    No matter what they did, I wouldn’t be satisfied.

    Just don’t like Britney.

    She’s a little snot. She always look weird.

    • KNUCK October 28, 2012

      I mean, Brit is serving a bit of mess these days.. her smiles are so fake and her facial expressions and mannerisms are so awkward it’s not even a GLIMPSE of her former personality.. how can we expect a photo to look after all?! she always looks like she doesn’t want to touch the AIR around her. her hair hasn’t been right since she shaved it.. girl bye..

      • jack October 29, 2012

        oh f*** off

  2. JAKE October 28, 2012


  3. MC October 28, 2012

    *rolls eyes* Everyone uses airbrushed photos and Photoshop so I don’t see what the big deal is.

  4. Sasha October 28, 2012

    With 130 Million records sold at the ages of 29……. WHO THE F*** CARES ABOUT HER AIRBRUSHED PHOTOS?




    • mr.m October 28, 2012

      She’s 30 .. going to be 31 .. looking 41
      Thats the sad truth, b**** 😀

      • jack October 29, 2012

        but with more money than you’ll ever see in your sad, deprived life. STAY MAD

      • irene46 October 29, 2012

        yeah. well, money wasn’t enough to keep her from becoming a head shaving, weak ass performing, meth using mess.

        money’s not everything.

  5. Yc18 October 28, 2012

    It’s not lucky fault.. Britney is a meth user which made her age

  6. Benron (King Of The F****** Navy) October 28, 2012

    Almost as atrocious as Rih’s vogue cover, these people call themselves professional photograpers but cannot even edit a photo as well as an instagram stan.

    • MC October 28, 2012

      I think we might be related. This is uncanny.

      • Benron (King Of The F****** Navy) October 28, 2012


      • MC October 28, 2012

        Why do I think we are related? We think too much alike. We both have similar behaviors and responses to things. Why is it uncanny? You freak me out; we are TOO similar.

        Please hold on for second while I go get a life.

      • Benron (King Of The F****** Navy) October 28, 2012

        We just must be about that #EthiopianLife Lmao. The only difference is you come across as WAY less sarcastic than me.

        And you hated the vogue cover right? They did the impossible and made Rih look hideous!

      • MC October 28, 2012

        I agree. I am not as sarcastic as you are but I am bit more sarcastic I originally realized. Yeah, I didn’t like the Vogue cover. I said she looked classy and s*** without being slutty. I thought they made her face look like Frankenstein’s love child, all pointy and s*** (I got attack by that psychopath Kelly from the Navi and got accused of being jealous by that mental-case LAX). I didn’t know you hated it?

    • Benron (King Of The F****** Navy) October 28, 2012

      Its terrible. I’m actually salted because I swear to my freind Rihanna is gorgeous and she swears Rihanna is just average, and then she puts this out. She does look like frankensteins love child, her skin just needs a green tint.

      Kelly and Lax might be the same person though, I actually only pay attention to Kelly though, bcuz At first I though she was a dif person but Lax’s, 5,000 word, no paragraph, punctuation missing, essays are too much.

      Oh and guess what J.COLE is eithiopian (I THINK)

      • Benron (King Of The F****** Navy) October 28, 2012

        @MC whoops forgot to at you!

      • MC October 28, 2012

        Kelly is a racist, homophobic, obsessed b**** who told me that I was upset because I was a “dark-skinned” black person who didn’t have a European parent to fall back on if/when I went to jail or some s*** like that. LAX is just crazy and posts random s*** that has no relevance or point, so I just don’t even bother. J-Cole does have that Ethiopian look, but I don’t know. I think Rihanna is a pretty girl (even beautiful) but I don’t think she is gorgeous. That word is overused. There are lots of beautiful people out there; the media just loves to through “beautiful” and “gorgeous” at any celebrity that is famous at the moment.

      • Benron (King Of The F****** Navy) October 28, 2012


        They will call anyone gorgeous (at times i think Ri can look gorgeous, but beautiful will do) But, They will call anyone gorgeous.

        RITA ORA STAN told me she was GORGEOUS and that she made Rihanna look like a swamp monster?

      • Benron (King Of The F****** Navy) October 28, 2012

        And Kelly is one of those crazy sad black people who hate other blacks and love to be seperated from them, I started catching on when she kept ranting about how ugly darkskin guys are and how rihanna (and everyone) should date white men. Like for real, it became crazy!

      • MC October 28, 2012

        Rita Fenty Ora aka Rihanna’s twin brother aka the man is gorgeous? If so, then I qualify too! Rita has very “guy-ish” features and if she doesn’t take pics a certain way then she can find herself in the “possibly man” categories along with all the drag queens and Lady G………..I mean some other celebrities.

      • Benron (King Of The F****** Navy) October 28, 2012

        She really looks like a deformed Mexican boy strugglign through puberty who was hit by a bus.

        And don’t forget to add one more person to the category.. .Ciar…. Im kidding.

        They really did rant to mean about how Rita is the younger (debatable) prettier (wrong) sexier (omg) more talented (debatable) Rihanna. I cried real tears, for real!

      • MC October 28, 2012

        Yeah there is an odd quality in Rita’s looks, she does look boyish sometimes. Oh I forgot to add Ci…….and a couple of others. I am not buying that Rita is 30, she looks much older than that. She is def not prettier than Rihanna and def not sexier (but I guess beauty is in the eyes of the beholder—so a blind man judging?) In terms of talent Rita can sing, but her material is BEYOND generic; they all sound like Katy Perry, Rihanna, Ke$ha, etc rejected songs.

    • Scars October 29, 2012


  7. my hip, my back October 28, 2012

    Is she wearing one of Kim Zolciak’s wigs

  8. my hip, my back October 28, 2012

    something looks wrong here!!!

  9. christinastherealtalent October 28, 2012

    She looks like s*** with or without the wig

    There was an episode of the xfactor when she told somebody they sucked and couldn’t sing and I just wanted to reach through the tv and slap the b**** out of her. If you cannot sing or dance u shouldn’t be judging somebody elses talent.

    • jack October 29, 2012


      • irene46 October 29, 2012

        you might think christina’s a b**** too but least she can sing and wouldn’t look like a fool slamming on someone’s singing talent.

  10. Suicide Blonde October 28, 2012

    People are so mean with this girl, i can only imagine how she feel when she read bad things about her, for what exactly, she’s not a bad person, people keeps attacking her, they won’t stop until she surrenders and decides to end her life. The cause she always looks tired and with more years than she actually have is a result of all her suffering, her pain is reflected in her face, if only people could see beyond, would notice that this girl is very unhappy , too bad she is a weak person it takes a person like Madonna to survive in that business. Given all the s*** that have been said (and continued to be said) about Madonna when
    she first started out (cannot sing, flash in the pan, s***, w****, etc), I am not surprised that she is not a very nice person. It takes someone of a certain temperament and thick skin to survive all that criticism and emerge relatively unscathed. Look what happened to the “nice” celebs like Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston.

    • MC October 28, 2012

      “I am not surprised that she is not a very nice person.”
      You hit the nail on the head. You are not a survive for being nice, you are a survivor for being a tough b****.
      I would, however, argue Celine is a “nice” celebrity and she is just fine. <—- Everyone just forgets her.

      • Suicide Blonde October 28, 2012

        Madonna is a tough b**** and Celine Dion is a nice lady with brain, Whitney and MJ lost their brains with drugs, you don’t do drugs in the first place because you know it is wrong so why start?

      • MC October 28, 2012

        This! Why it the question. I NEVER understand why people do drugs to “escape” from problems, etc, etc, etc…..doesn’t is just create more problems? Just deal with the s*** and don’t do other things (i.e. drugs) to get away from your problems. I think Madonna is just one of those people who will survive through anything (tough people like my mom) and MJ and Whitney lost their lives in their troubles. I will not be surprised when I die if Madonna is still alive. <— this b**** will never die, just like Prince.

      • Suicide Blonde October 28, 2012

        LMAO!, i think the same about Madonna haha, the b**** is immortal.

      • MC October 28, 2012

        Do you think Madonna will adopt me? She did adopt her last kid from Africa. I don’t require much: just a little food, water, clothes, some of her immortality juice, an arranged marriage to Justin Timberlake, and a sleep over at Mariah’s house. What do you think?

      • Suicide Blonde October 28, 2012

        B**** please!…an arranged marriage to JT, NO, i can’t still forgive her for that 4 Minutes video, i know she f***** him, i know.

      • MC October 28, 2012

        I am not mad at Madonna one bit. Are you telling me that if JT walked by you and gave you “the look” you wouldn’t f*** him? I know I would. The only w**** in this is Jessica Voodoo Biel-Timberlake. I am still heartbroken over this. I found another husband so I am faring off a little better. His name is Jesse Williams.

      • Suicide Blonde October 28, 2012

        I know this guy, he is cute and yes, the b**** now is Jessica Timberlake Biel, i hate her.

      • irene46 October 29, 2012

        @ suicide blonde…

        mj got hooked on drugs after the hair-scalp burning incident while filming a pepsi commercial.

        britney’s has no reason to suffer compared to the way the media beat, slammed and dragged mj’s ass all over creation. i don’t know how he avoided suicide.

        christina has continuously been under the hammer (since she hit the light) from every direction to the point it’s nearly helped kill her career.

        the media and the industry have gon totally out of their way to keep britney from going of edge again. they’ve given her undeserved awards, it’s a positive media event if she sneezes, she somehow was chosen to be presenter at whitney’s tribute with honest to goodness singers (what a joke).

        i could go on and on how this woman is hyped just to keep her relevant, not because she’s talented, but simply because they claim she’s “such a sweet person”.

        she’s thrown contestants off the x factor that have far more talent than she has.

  11. WTF October 28, 2012

    Is that wig one from her meltdown era collection? looks like a gas station chic piece that she stashed in the boot of her truck for safe keeping, it has now been officially dug up and dusted off for 2012, nice.

  12. mr.m October 28, 2012


  13. mr.m October 28, 2012

    She creeps me! That crazy b**** mentally died in 2007
    I wonder if she wears a robot mind under her wig ..

  14. ry247 October 28, 2012

    i dont think fans were mad at the airbrushing so much i think thry were more concerned over that wig it kinda looks like it sliding off or something :/

  15. Beyonce’s Weave October 28, 2012

    Love Britney and I love watching her on X-Factor, I’m so happy she put my boy Arin Ray through. Britney is a strong woman with a good guy as a fiance, she can go through it all. Britney has sold more records than BITCHyonce will ever dream of selling. A true superstar and the reigning Princess of pop (Madonna is the Queen). Good luck Britney and I cannot wait for the live shows on X-Factor.

    • Benron (King Of The F****** Navy) October 28, 2012

      She’s cute on the Xfactor, she is just likable tbh, never really has gotten on my nerves like BITCHonce. And I love Arin too, but he stole my name (Aaron) and spelled it wrong so I like the Rihanna lookalike more.

      • Beyonce’s Weave October 28, 2012

        LOL, But Arin is just so likable and Demi has a huge crush on him. I think just from seeing the auditions, Demi has a thing for Black dudes (that was so random).

        Anyway she is very likeable, I didn’t like her comments directed at Willie Jones but I still think she’ll be a good mentor because of her experience and a good judge. The thing I like the most about her is she isn’t fake like BITCHyonce.

      • Benron (King Of The F****** Navy) October 28, 2012

        Demi has a thing for everyone (in a none h**-ish way). All those boys ere flirting with her at auditions and she was loving it.

        And yah, its good she isn’t fake like Bitchonce, even if I don’t like her music too much I would rather her sitting there than a fake-pregnant Texan s***!

    • Hd live October 29, 2012

      Brit is a queen

  16. Nichole October 28, 2012

    It only takes piece of s*** haters to actually believe Britney did meth.

    When the random drug tests were done, they all came back negative. If Britney was hitting meth, she would a lot worse.

    And it’s funny how morons of TGJ talk s*** about Brit, and Mariah’s airbrushed photos yet didn’t say s*** when 50 lbs was stripped from Christina on her Your Body single cover. Yet they call themselves unbiased…yeah when it comes down to artists they don’t like. Brit and Mariah being two of them.

    They claim airbrushing is no big deal because everyone uses it, yet always poke fun at Brit and Mariah. Imbeciles.

    • MC October 28, 2012

      One-sided, weak, biased journalism at its finest.

      • irene46 October 29, 2012

        @ nichole…

        britney looks every bit like someone who has been on meth. what the else would have her looking 10 to 15 years older than she is. she would be looking a hell of a lot worse if her dad and the court had not intervened.

        you accuse those who believe britney’s meth use are just being haters. that’s because you love her and the truth hurts.

  17. bibi93 October 28, 2012

    Sympathetic cover.

  18. :D October 29, 2012

    Stop with the lies.
    Britney looks almost 20 yrs older than what she is supposed to. One side of her face sags like she had a stroke and the nerves never returned back to lift it up. That wig looks like she got it out of party city(costume store) and her make up looks like convenience store cosmetics. Christina might be fat but she surely can lose the weight. Britney might have to go under the knife to get some things fix.
    You know it’s bad when you’re in make up and you still look terrible. Call Beyonce all the hating ass names you want(@the r***** beyonce’s weave). Still doesn’t change the fact that Beyonce,Christina,Jessica Simpson,Pink,Kelly Rowland,Mya, basically all her peers aged gracefully and she looks haggard and tacky.. This has nothing to do with sales and all that crap. This is about why Britney looks 48 at 31 or however old her ass is. Stone me,hell sue me…with all this ass kissing someone had to say it. Stop blaming the photographers they can only do so much

    • jack October 29, 2012

      britney is a queen though…

    • Hd live October 29, 2012


  19. NEVER THAT SERIOUS October 29, 2012

    Whats the f***** big deal???I doubt Britney uses drugs (she smokes cigarettes,thats all),i think her problems are emotional but i hope she sorts that out soon…People need to start getting used to the “quiet” new britney,the erratic old one is gone…Yeah,lately she looks older than her actual age but who wouldn’t when you go through what she’s been through like losing custody of your little kids (that would’ve finished me)…GIVE HER A BREAK

    • irene46 October 29, 2012

      aah, no. no one looks that dragged out and haggard from just smoking cigarettes. even an emotional breakdown doesn’t tear up ones looks the way britney’s have been.

      mariah had a breakdown too, is over 40 and looks a hell of a lot younger than britney.

      she may be bi polar but she lost her kids because of her partyin’ and druggin.’

      face it. that girl was ingestin’ some serious chemicals.
      it’s too bad she wasn’t thinkin’ about her kids then.

  20. Kernel’s Corner October 29, 2012

    Calm down, everyone. Photoshop and wigs in magazine cover are not new. At least her body wasn’t sculpt that much.

  21. Scars October 29, 2012

    She looks pretty

    • Hd live October 29, 2012

      Yes but too much pothoshop

  22. Hd live October 29, 2012

    The fourth photo just flawless

    • irene46 October 29, 2012

      yeah. from the sparkle in her eyes in photo 4, its looks like they photo shopped a head shot from a 10 year old picture.

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