Madonna Slammed For ‘Distasteful’ Malala Yousafazi Tribute

Published: Saturday 13th Oct 2012 by David

Last Thursday, Malala Yousafazi was shot on the way home from school, as part of as assassination attempt by the Taliban- who targeted the 14 year old for speaking out group’s oppression of women in her homeland of Pakistan.

Shot in the head and then again in the neck, she currently remains unconscious and in present danger with the Taliban threatening to target her again for being a ‘symbol of the infidels and obscenity‘.

So, in what marks a strange twist in this tragic story, ‘Ray Of Light‘ icon Madonna has ‘honored’ Malala with a strip tease carried out during Wednesday’s showing of her ‘MDNA Tour’ in LA.

An act, which has now been billed as distasteful.

Details below…

In response to the strip tease, users of social networking site Twitter took to the medium to weigh in.






So what do you think?

Was her tribute inappropriate?

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  1. the real xoxo October 13, 2012

    although its just another desperate publicity stunt, at least she is bringing awareness to an important subject.

    • You October 13, 2012

      What does that say? It’s okay she’s close to death so let her support as she only can? No! To begin this was an important woman to those people and for r***** to come in and disrespect her as she did, has no name. She knows how conservative those countries are, why would she do that? Especially at her age, you would think time and money will being class to someone but guess not.

  2. damn October 13, 2012

    keep your clothes on. Aint none tryna see that But the cause was good to it kinder eradicated the negative

  3. truth(chile i will SL-LAP the DOG S*** out a B**** ASS nicki stan) October 13, 2012


  4. JOHNVIDAL October 13, 2012

    This world is so f****** disgusting (talking about crazy and intolerant people, not Madonna). But madonna, you could use another way to do this right? Come on

    I thought the girl died today after a few days. Maybe I understood wrong when I watched the news this morning. Hope I´m wrong

    And anothe rthing: do Americans know about this girl or any other thing like the Russian girls in jail at all? Cos Americans are short minded for damn sure. Most of the audience were probably wondering what the hell Mdonna was talking about. At least she teached them that

  5. JOHNVIDAL October 13, 2012

    Another thing to prove my point: what the hell is the dude doing when saying “angry Madonna b****…” at 5:35 like it was nothing? Like it´s all about your stupid superficial moment of aroration for Madonna when the woman is talking about such vital issues? Are u f****** ignorant and superficial? or just retarded?

  6. Stacey October 13, 2012

    I didn’t even know MDNA sold enough for her to go on tour.. At any rate she’s always been controversial and inappropriate. so why is anyone surprised?

    • DJ Taj October 13, 2012

      This tour is about to break the record for highest grossing tour of all time beating out U2… Just a little FYI.

  7. prettigurlrockD bitchess October 13, 2012

    Queen of whores.

    Why are her arms so muscular like a man?? Makes Ciara look anorexic 😀

  8. Stacey October 13, 2012

    but I do understand and agree with her message. The delivery was just a little……tacky.

  9. TheTruth October 13, 2012

    This b**** needs HELP !!

  10. That B*tch (I can’t with these delusional stans) October 13, 2012

    Madonna girl, how was this dance of any relevancy? I really dont get it. Hang up the boxing gloves girl cuz these publicity stunts are not needed.

  11. DOSSOME October 13, 2012

    N******,b***,guns,gaga & now this,all in one year…such a shame these publicity stunts don’t make front-page headlines anymore like before…or is it that people simply just don’t care?

  12. NOPE October 13, 2012


  13. J October 13, 2012

    I respect Madonna as shes a music legend, but girl..c,mon a strip tease to honor a dead 14 y/o ..rly?

    • Blackman October 13, 2012


      • prettigurlrockD bitchess October 13, 2012

        Agree w/ both comments.

  14. DJ Taj October 13, 2012

    Did you guys actually watch the clip? She actually spoke a pretty heart-felt speech about the girl and about how lucky we are to live in a country where we’re free to express ourselves. The very same reason she was shot! You guys can criticize her all you want but at least she’s taking a stand… And guess who else she’s pissing off more than any of you guys by making this bold statement in the way that she did… The very same people that shot this girl for speaking out in what she believes in… The Taliban!

  15. Bea K. October 13, 2012



  16. tits mcgee October 13, 2012

    Iconic s*** puppy..

  17. RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE BEY) October 13, 2012

    This is nothing but a tralier park trash C*** with no talent , yeah I said it, the epitome of TRASH, DIRTY DOG SMELLING WHITE C***.

  18. Gilberto October 13, 2012

    That’s why I don’t have any respect for Madonna. She’s a pure gimmick. She doesn’t have any talent. She uses everything and everyone for publicity. Thanks God that King Bee doesn’t even cite this basic b**** as one of her icons.

    • prettigurlrockD bitchess October 13, 2012

      ^ Oop well. You gotta love beyonce for loving everybody. She’s never been such a B*tch like Mariah. But I mean I agree w/ u about Madonna. Never liked her.

      • Gilberto October 13, 2012

        @S****** Blonde
        I knew about this video, b****. She was asked to talk about Oldonna. Beyoncé herself never said that Madonna inspired herself. If you think Bee cares about her music, you are completly delusional. King Bee is actually on the opposite side of Madonna. This old b**** is all about gimmicks, publicy stunt, controversies, s**, generic dance songs, botox, dating young boys who could’ve been her grandsons, PhotoShop, etc. On other hand, Beyoncé is about real music, live performances, vocals, choreographies, talent and class.

      • S****** Blonde October 13, 2012

        What about the interview in her B-Day era when she say that Madonna was an inspiration to her musically, she even praised J.Lo in the Pepsi commercial they did but don’t act like if Beyonce is Prince coz she’s not and never would be.

      • MC October 13, 2012

        @prettigurlrockD bitchess
        You cannot go on a day without talking about Mariah, I thought I was the stan but clearly you are way into her. *kisses from Mariah, dhhhharling*

  19. monstarebel October 13, 2012

    Top 10 pop Queens
    1.Britney Spears
    3.Katy Perry
    5.Nicki Minaj
    7.Lady GaGa
    9.Jessie j
    10.Christina Augleria

    • RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE BEY) October 13, 2012

      That’s crazy cause the TOP 5 have no talent While 6-10 are the ones with Talent,…..that list is a HOAX

      • monstarebel October 13, 2012

        lol hater they slay

    • Legendtina October 13, 2012

      Dead @ Nicki Garbaj, Tra$ha, and that Katy Perry clone being higher than Xtina

      • monstarebel October 13, 2012

        There more POPular than Xxltina sorry hun xo

    • Hd live October 13, 2012

      Yes but jessie j is better than nicki kesha and lady who

    • prettigurlrockD bitchess October 13, 2012

      Britney Spears is trash. Beyonce should be before them all.

      • monstarebel October 13, 2012

        it’s not based on talent sweetie

  20. Legendtina October 13, 2012

    It would have been more meaningful if she kept her clothes on

  21. S****** Blonde October 13, 2012

    I was at her second show in LA, if you didn’t take the time to heard her speech then you can’t talk s*** and she wasn’t paying honor to the girl with a streaptease, it’s part of the show, when she supports somebody she writes her/his/their names on her back like she did with P**** Riot and Obama, Madonna receives lots of heat for everything she does and i love that, people are still mad at her, instead of make this irrelevant article why don’t make a post about something related to music like that her Tour is set to become in the highest grossing tour of all times beating out U2. Almost half of the celebrities in Los Angeles was in the concert. Stay mad b******, she’s a wonderful performer, great singer, great dancer, her energy, strength and charisma on stage is impressive. I have seen many artists live and she’s definitely one of the best, for example, Lady Gaga is 26 and Madonna 54, I’ve seen them both live, and I’ll give Gaga her props where singing is concerned, she’s got chops. GaGa can sing, but Madonna outshined her in literally every other aspect of performance. Gaga can’t touch her live…Madonna is so slick and polished. She’s perfection. I think what we admire in Madonna is her strength, her power to survive…and that she puts on the best live show EVER.

    • prettigurlrockD bitchess October 13, 2012

      Gaga’s 2009 VMA performance was most memorable and gaga can sing and dance. She got those white girl moves. Lol.

      • S****** Blonde October 13, 2012

        Lmao!….Madonna/Britney/Xtina kiss 2003 VMA performance is unmatched, no to mention her Like a Virgin 1984 performance, Gaga is good singing when she is playing her piano but when she’s dancing, she sounds worse than Britney Spears.

      • JOHNVIDAL October 13, 2012

        As if Madonna could sing at all when dancing…
        At least you got it right: Gaga sings 10 times better than Madonna. Madonna can be better at the other things (she has more experience though, it´s not like her first years in the business she made this amazing performances, Gaga has time to improve even more). I also think Gaga dances better though.
        Overall Madonna has such an impressive collection of tours and performances in which she displayed so much artistry. That´s why you adore her, I understand and I respect. But I think you value her current performing skills more cos of all that baggage and image we have of her entire career than the real current performing skills. I don´t believe Madonna is a better performer than Gaga right now. it´s impossible. But that means nothing. Don´t worry. I know the fatcs. But comparing them all the time is unfair to both, they are on a completely different vital moment of their careers and such a different age
        Wasn´t this post only about Madonna? 🙂

    • S****** Blonde October 13, 2012

      Actually i say Gaga can sing but i don’t think she sings 10 times better than Madonna, no way, they’re both average singer, Madonna vocalls during her Evita days s*** on Gaga’s vocals now, no to mention her 1991 Oscar performance, that was flawless and she wasn’t vocally trained at that time like in her Evita/Ray of Light era, about dancing, Madonna was a dancer before, a ballet dancer, i guess you haven’t seen her dancing, i mean the woman could be part of a Circus, she jumps, make Yoga moves that Gaga can only dream and all that a 54, no way Gaga is a better performer than her, Madonna on stage is like Bowie “ART”.

      • JOHNVIDAL October 13, 2012

        Yoga is not dancing hun! 🙂 But you proved my point. Madonna is not a better performer than Gaga nowadays by posting performances from decades ago. That´s impossible and understandable. So no shade
        My reply was completely friendly and I praised Madonna enough

    • NOPE October 14, 2012

      Oldonna doesn’t have ANy talent, stay mad

  22. rozay October 13, 2012

    that lady is damn to old to be doing s*** like thatt like hello open your eyes

  23. mobwife: scene of the crime October 13, 2012

    Those that hate Madge will always find fault in everything that she does. Though I don’t think this was the best way to honor that poor little girl, I do understand M’s rational. She is going for the part of the story that classified the little girls actions as obscene. I think M was saying “I’ll so show you obscene” …LOL! No, but honestly, the story of the little girl is just tragic. Madame M could have found a better way to tribute her IMO!

  24. mobwife: scene of the crime October 13, 2012

    And before ppl judge based on fake media headlines, they should really listen to what she actually said “coz” they were deep and true. We are our brother’s keeper no matter how imperfect!!!

  25. RUDE NAVY October 13, 2012

    I Love Madonna , Like for real i love/will keep on loving anything has madonna’s name on , but i don’t support such acts from anyone !! first of all , nudity/striptease/taking off your clothes on stage will never be a respectful tribute to dead people , whether this girl was from middle east , US , UK , the f*** , this can not be considered as a proper respectful tribute !!

    BUT i only Judge by intentions , and considering that Madonna used her OWN known way to make ppl care and talk about “MALALA” , then THANK U madonna for making ppl who are in everywhere know about this girl !!! we can all agree that Madonna know how to make ppl talk that talk !!!! QUEEN OF POP.

    • S****** Blonde October 13, 2012

      It’s that my cyber boyfriend?.

      • RUDE NAVY October 14, 2012

        yup i’m POP 😉

  26. MaZ October 13, 2012

    Attention w****!

    Controversy, controversy and again controversy!

    People will say, that’s ok; “the delivery was just a little tacky”, “that was awkward”

    The b**** use people’s story and drama to make headlines.

    At the end of the day, she succeed making people talk about her.

    She wants to be the main subject. B**** ain’t relevant!

  27. asif M October 14, 2012

    Condemnation is appreciated but this striptease is highly inappropriate, rather it is itself condemnable…! the day followed by this incident , there was a drone strike in the tribal area bearing 18 casualties.. How many of children died there and how much innoncent were they…! Americans won’t realise ever coz they are bound by interests not emotions!

  28. asif M October 14, 2012

    there are a thousand ways to triubute someone and especially those who are in critical situations should be hailed with required sentimental decency,..
    But what else we can expect from a stripteaser….!

  29. My Inner Chick October 14, 2012

    I LOooooVE Madonna. In fact, I have tickets for her show on Nov. 4th in Minneapolis…but I was Appalled by this ask of support for activist–Malala.

    This is not called being PRO-ACTIVE–This is called “Getting publicity for Madonna.”

    Yes, she is bringing awareness, but why in this manner? I don’t get it.

    Talk about b*******.

  30. HBF82 October 15, 2012

    It’s funny with these self-absorbed Amricans. First they bomb you then they feed you.

  31. HBF82 October 15, 2012

    What about support to young girls that were hurt by American bombs in Japan, Vietnam, Iraq, Serbia…
    “Humanitarian Stripping” Too much even from this hackneyed member of the sect.

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