Watch: Lady GaGa Accepts ‘The LennonOno Peace Prize’

Published: Saturday 13th Oct 2012 by David

While the bulk of Rihanna‘s time is spent in the club and on Twitter if not Instagram, some of her more talented competitors opt to use their celebrity to push causes greater than themselves.

Causes, akin to Christina Aguilera‘s fight against World Hunger and Beyonce‘s efforts to honor fallen humanitarians. This week, it was Lady GaGa‘s turn to be honored for her charitable endeavors in Iceland, where she was awarded the ‘LennonOno Peace Prize‘.

Moving footage below…


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  2. kimberly October 13, 2012

    These women are more than anmusic….

  3. Lax October 13, 2012

    Lady GaGa keep right on doing your thing, love how you always keep it going no matter what.

  4. Lax October 13, 2012

    Love how these newbie’s are making history and breaking’all kinds of records.

    • im not here October 13, 2012

      Lmaooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! LOL okay

  5. THE GREAT LACEFRONCE. October 13, 2012

    THIEFonce is the worst “humanitarian” EVER

    If she wants to give back, she should give those songwriters’ whose music she stole their royalties !!!!!! 🙂

    • dustin October 13, 2012



    • vel October 13, 2012

      B**** kill yaself u hatin ass h**.. I dont see u doing somethin to help people out don’t knock beyonce. She aint stole s*** u f***** c*** trick

    • TinaMinaj October 20, 2012

      And your proof of this stealing is where?? *crickets*

  6. MC October 13, 2012

    BTW, what the f*** is up with Gaga’s accent? Or I am just hearing stuff that’s no there?

  7. monstarebel October 13, 2012

    Top 10 pop Queens
    1.Britney Spears
    3.Katy Perry
    5.Nicki Minaj
    7.Lady GaGa
    9.Jessie j
    10.Christina Augleria

    • JohnVidal October 13, 2012

      In your f****** dreams that is right?

      • monstarebel October 13, 2012

        it’s the truth honey those top 5 alone are slaying

    • Slayty Perry October 13, 2012

      Britney and R****** are flopping and shouldnt be above Katy. T***** Garbaj shouldnt be on the list at all

      • Likica October 13, 2012

        @Flopty Perry
        H** HUSH!
        Your fav is a flop. She’s a single artist, she cannot sell albums. Her first two albums are big flops. Even though Teenage Dream was reloaded, Loud managed to outsell your fav’s album. Stay pressed. And don’t even mention Britney because she slays all b****** on the list when it come to album sales.

  8. S****** Blonde October 13, 2012

    Congrast to Gaga, every person who helps other is good to me, i’m the only Beatles fan that loves Yoko, it seems every Beatles fan hates her.

    • JOHNVIDAL October 13, 2012

      Have you watched Lana del Rey´s new video and song “Ride”?
      TGJ used to post about her but it seems not anymore(not that they are a credible music source)
      I love her artistry. It´s the “Paradise edition”. It´s going to be relesed in November

      Oh and good to Gaga? Can´t believe it. Back to normal I guess… b****! ahahaha

      • S****** Blonde October 13, 2012

        Yes!..i saw the video and i love it, too bad she is not a live singer, John, i love Gaga, i do love her but i don’t make blind eye to her crazy behavior, all these drugs on stage, saying things like yes my fur is real, i mean, i’m vegetarian and i don’t support s*** like that, not only for her, ok so it’s just no her and yes!…the whole copy thing, makes me sad, very sad.

      • JOHNVIDAL October 13, 2012

        I don´t even know what you´re talking about 🙂 I mean I don´t even follow her that much. You and @pop or whatever her name is now follow her every move way more than me. I´ve not watched a single clip from her Born This Way tour, and it´s been months since it started.
        I defend talent, so many times I find myself defending her, but I am really not that much of a fan as you think. You are more it seems. What I don´t like is people trashing talent, specially coming from people who suppost… I don´t know… models
        Crazy behaviour… it´s all about creating an illusion and something for people to talk about. I don´t know why you don´t like her crazy behaviour but praise Madonna´s one. Plus that behaviour doesn´t take aways the talent from her so… I really don´t have a problem with that. All I know is she seems such a nice person in her interviews
        Only point I can get is the copying thing. I get it. Personally I don´t care but I understand some people can have a problem. But you didn´t seem to have a problem even after BTW was released (you loved it as much as me). You only started to have a problem once Madonna started to talk almost a year later (when she needed to finally release her new album of course 🙂 ). I don´t like or think what my idol likes or thinks. I mean, Mariah has praised Beyonce when she´s been asked (just to be nice but anyway 🙂 ) Should I start to like Beyonce cos of that? No

      • S****** Blonde October 13, 2012

        No, it’s not because Madonna, you know, i’m a fan of her music not her crazy things and you know her fans are really crazy, they hate Madonna and when it comes to that, you know who’s my team, by the way, i love “Born This Way”, i’m the first to defend that album, i follow her but she is becoming something i don’t like, i don’t have a problem with her music but just with they way she’s acting this year.–Amsterdam-course.html

      • JOHNVIDAL October 13, 2012

        LOL at Cher!

      • S****** Blonde October 13, 2012

        16 dhharling, 16.

      • MC October 13, 2012

        Lol Mariah is on point!

    • MACHIAVEL October 13, 2012

      @S******, Wooow B**** Can’t Believe That Your Are Actually Positive Toward Lady G, Ok I Gotta Run Buy A Lotterie haha!!!!!

  9. DOSSOME October 13, 2012

    Jay Z is probably the most charitable of them all,spends millions on Rita Ora and only donates $6000 (six thousand dollars) to his Shawn Carter Foundation

    • S****** Blonde October 13, 2012

      LMAO!…by the way, that man in your avi, someday i’m gonna marry him.

      • S****** Blonde October 13, 2012

        But he still will be my lover.

      • MC October 13, 2012

        He can be my HUSBAND and your lover.

      • S****** Blonde October 13, 2012

        Prince hasn’t accepted my marriage proposal yet, so don’t claim victory.

  10. Belladonna October 13, 2012

    Congrats love! You are a Beam of sun light in a world of Shad,You are the Bright Moon light when some are lost at night! Love you Mother Monster! Paws Way Up for Peace! And I will being doing my part to make some.

  11. MACHIAVEL October 13, 2012

    Well Bravo Lady G!!

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