Sales Forecast: Rihanna’s ‘Unapologetic’ To Enjoy Record Breaking Debut

Published: Saturday 20th Oct 2012 by David

For any familiar with Rihanna‘s career, it’s a well known fact that the singer has never enjoyed ‘top heavy’ sales upon the release of new albums.

Instead, by way of single releases and carefully calculated media onslaughts, her numbers tend to grow with time- oft outselling artists who launch more favorably than her, but fail to push as consistently as she does.

Now, the folks over at Hits Daily Double have shared pre-release label forecasts for a number of select albums, indicating what Fenty’s label believe her new LP ‘Unapologetic‘ will debut with in its launch week.

Numbers below…



Misha B performs Rihanna‘s ‘Diamonds‘:

Yes, in what would mark her greatest first week numbers since her 2005 debut, Fenty is projected to move 275,000 units.

If accurate, it means the album will best its 2011 predecessor by 77,000 units and 2010’s ‘Loud’ which currently boasts her highest first week digits with an impressive 207k moved upon launching on November 12th of that year.

It should be noted that HDD’s ‘official’ sales predictions won’t emerge until after the first day of release, giving a far more accurate sales picture.

So, considering ‘Talk That Talk‘ only moved 198,000 copies despite the benefit of ‘We Found Love‘s chart run, do you think she’s capable of shifting 275k this time around?


Let us know!

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  1. Rihanna Smashed Da Homie October 20, 2012

    Rihanna’s a bigger star than Beyonce right?
    Is that why she’s NEVER sold more than Bey first week. Even Bey’s worst first week sales slashed and slayed Rihanna’s best by 100k.

    4 sold 300k first week and Loud did 200k. THE SHAME!

    • Luis October 20, 2012

      And then 4 ceased to sell another unit besides first week, when Rihanna’s went to sell 2MM.

      T H E S H A M E !

      • ++++ October 20, 2012

        bey was pregos at that time so she had to slow down while little ms NO TALENT was not

      • Lewis October 20, 2012

        Oh please ‘4’ was No.1 for 2 weeks? Does Rihanna even have a No.1 album…hmmm and the fact that Bey had a No.1 album with no top 10 hit is amazing. Its cause Bey actually had music on her album not euro pop dance s***.

      • Lax October 21, 2012

        Rihanna Says……
        I,m not concerned with people
        Who prey on the wealth of their fellow man
        Cause they only want to know you, enroll you
        Only for the things ya had
        I just think its so sad

    • FAF October 20, 2012

      This article is a f****** lie! 🙂 🙂

      Where is keyshia?

      Rishitta aint even got a video out for that single 🙂 🙂


    • Beyonce’s Weave October 20, 2012

      Well, if I look at the figures, I see

      GGGB selling more than B’Day WW

      LOUD selling more than I am…SF WW

      Talk That Talk selling more than 4 WW

      Oh and Rihanna selling more singles than Beyonce WW and also getting more VEVO views than Beyonce. If we even had to look at radion airplay plus Pandora, we would see Rihanna also getting more radion and Pandora play. I think that is enough for me to confidently state that Rihanna is a bigger star than Beyonce.

      • Lax October 20, 2012

        @BEYONCE’S WEAVE Thanks I am breadking it down
        City slicker style for the Lames You buy their asses Books
        send them to school and they eat the books!!!!!

      • Gilberto October 20, 2012

        DEAD @ Loud selling more than IASF. There’s no motherfuck way, b****. IASF sold in US alone 1.4kk more than LOUD; 300k more in Brazil; almost 200k more in Japan. In other words, in only 3 countries, IASF sold 2kk more than Loud. Keep delusional!!!

      • Beyonce’s Weave October 20, 2012

        Gilberto, how many copies did I am…Sasha Fierce sell in Europe?

      • Beyonce’s Weave October 20, 2012

        Beyonce always sells more than Rihanna in US, that is not something new, we already knew that.

      • I almost crashed my car into Rihanna’s forehead October 20, 2012

        …well since the U.S. is the largest, most important and most dominate music market in the world…I’d say Bey outselling her here is a lot more impressive than what Rihanna sells abroad. The world is watching what’s going on in the U.S. music scene, they’re not watching Europe or the U.K. And then there’s Bey’s wealth and overall creative control compared to Rihanna’s. The bigger star has the bigger say and the bigger bank.

        All of these factors tell us who is TRULY the bigger star! 😀

      • Beyonce’s Weave October 20, 2012

        Actually, worldwide figures is what matters, not just US. And Rihanna sells better than Beyonce worldwide.

      • Gilberto October 20, 2012

        @Beyonce’s Weave
        “Gilberto, how many copies did I am…Sasha Fierce sell in Europe?”
        The last report of IASF sales in Europe was back in early 2011, it sold around 2.5kk.

        “Actually, worldwide figures is what matters, not just US. And Rihanna sells better than Beyonce worldwide.”
        Rihanna sells better in Europe, especially in UK. In Japan, Brazil, US, she doesn’t even come close to Beyoncé. In Oceania and Africa, both have similiar sales.

      • NaQu October 20, 2012

        The US and Japan are the 1st and 2nd largest music markets in the world, and Beyonce outperforms Rihanna in both places. Think about that.

      • Beyonce’s Weave October 20, 2012

        However, if we counted Europe as a continent then it all changes,

        Europe > US > Japan.

        Remember, Europe is a continent and Rihanna performs better than Beyonce in Europe.

        Beyonce is only relevant in the US and maybe Brazil, her albums and singles sales prove this, everywhere else, she struggles.

      • tru October 27, 2012

        Rihanna mayb bigger than Bey if you go by figures that true. Bur Bey has quality vocals and quality music.. sadly Riri is pure quantity.. But why argue about.. the more money riri make more funds for Roc nation and who owns that.. say noo more.

    • JD October 20, 2012

      Why is Beyonce being brought up?? This about Rihanna! “4” underperformed big time!! TTT slayed

      • Lax October 22, 2012

        @JD Why do the haters bash Rihanna so hard
        for working Her ass off. Beyonce’s name is in the mix Because Beyonce has a WORTHLESS fan club called
        the Bey Hive who prides themselves on trying to BELITTLE all of the Other Artists In the Industry and RIHANNA more then any of the Others Because Rihanna has mopped the dang floor with Beyonce’s ass and didn’t even bust a Sweat,,,Son. Now take yo lame ass on the last Rihanna post where Shes wearing the Daisy Dukes and go on that post and ask RICHANBLACK Why they are TRIPPIN like the Ass Wipe they are and others BHIVE
        Praising Her /him for Getting the Navy told off OKAY….

    • rigo November 7, 2012

      you have to remember bro Beyonce first 3 albums came out before 2008 when the music business started to suffer from low sales its hard for any artist to even sell 1 million units and guess what she does that with even more and if 4 and loud came out the same time and rihanna sold more that should tell you something plus rihanna has more number ones in european countries than beyoncy rihanna also has more number ones in the US sold more singles and rihanna sold more in europe in both albums and singles .

  2. Say What? October 20, 2012


    • B**** YOU DEAF. October 20, 2012

      cause ya’ll hood hive will be bootlegging her s*** with ya’ll fan in denial selves

      • Ugh October 20, 2012

        she has over 26 million twitter followers. why does she always have these small numbers?

        i’m happy for Bruno he deserves all the success. true talent

      • Lax October 20, 2012

        Ugh we know her twitter followers is Killing
        yo hateful ass and If not a single Twitter follower buys anything Her twitter followers will still climb and that is good in many ways Just ask Gaga,,,
        And if you want to get serious about It, Why Did She sell
        504,00 in her first week with Talk That Talk, and even at that
        I wonder how is that possible when You and the likes of yo ass or always talking that smack about Rihanna can’s sing good can’t perform good and can’t dance…
        If Rihanna is SUPPOSED to be all of the things you and the likes of you dislike then,,, why are you here in the first place.

      • FAF October 20, 2012

        Where did her album sell 504,000 first week???

      • James227 October 20, 2012


        With re-union of Chris & Rihanna you can bet that Chris fans will buy because they like Rihanna. But it sad to say that the Navy don’t feel the same way about buying Chris’s songs. Most of the Navy really hate Chris but it not stopping Rihanna for loving him.

      • WendyTeambreezy October 20, 2012

        Chris fans & Teambreezy better not buy this b****** CD so she can get #1 album. S*** the way the Navy talk s*** about Chris and the hate they have for him. The Navy talk big s*** about never buying Chris music. all this on twitter. Yes we like Rihanna but we are not dumb.

      • Lax October 20, 2012

        @James,,, Many navy Officers has grown up also
        right along with Chris and Rih and to Me the Hate is going to come either way Just as long as You, Mob, Zania and a few Others are cordial than I will make it a point to do the same BECAUSE to tell you the truth I am Over It ,,,I say let them get on with their Lives. And like I have said before the more We Pour Gas on the Fire the bigger It will get… I am loving both of their Music was Pissed when It Happened But I have Turned the page a long time ago. I even told XYZ That I was finished, Life is to short,,,
        PS Many will support Rih & Chris and many want I say let them stay in their closed world nobody gives a care.

      • Lax October 20, 2012

        @Wendy no one and i mean not anyone of
        Rihanna’s Navy could Ever talk as much Shyt as Blue Kid and XYZ so yo ass can put a sock in it, sugar!

      • James227 October 20, 2012


        Thank you for that. I bough tickets for Rihanna’s concert for myself and my sister next year here in Brooklyn NY


        Please grow up. Life is to short and yours will pass you without you even knowing it. Live your life

      • Lax October 21, 2012

        @Beyonce BHive, Haters, …What’s Interesting with
        The Track List is that in 2007,,,, Rihanna was #1
        Umbrella ft. Jayz with 8,160,000 copies sold
        #12 Beyonce Ft. Shakira 4,416,000
        #18 Beyonce Irreplaceable 3,724,000
        #20 AKeys 3,556,000

        You have the Link ,,,now go on what or you waiting on look
        and see whos selling what,,,,

  3. Licious October 20, 2012

    I don’t see why not…

  4. Joseph Vryheid October 20, 2012

    Naw, she’ll pull in about 180k again. #2 debut…

  5. RUDE NAVY October 20, 2012

    gooood 😀

    i still can’t deal with that album cover though.

    • Rihanna Navy October 20, 2012

      i hate it also, not my cup of tea but i love diamonds tho.

    • James227 October 20, 2012

      No I’m not feeling the cover also. With that one eye s*** again makes it awfuly scary. Diamonds I really like.

  6. whocares October 20, 2012

    I will be buying. Love or hate her she does good music. Can’t wait to get this album.

    • JOHNVIDAL October 20, 2012

      She doesn´t do anything…

  7. whocares October 20, 2012

    And luv the album cover.

  8. jacon October 20, 2012

    Hell no!!!

  9. Jay Jay October 20, 2012

    Her first week sales should be that amount with the amount of twitter followers, her fan base, and promo her team does for her.

    • RUDE NAVY October 20, 2012

      Really B**** ?

      best believe 30% of those twitter followers were generated in DJ technology Labs , the same goes to 40% of gag’s twitter followers !!!

      u can’t measure her fanbase accurately and u know it. cuz believe it or not , big proportion of the consumers who buy albums are casual fans , not stans , most stans don’t buy s*** , they just lie about buying 10 copies of someone’s album , but in reality , they can’t even afford buying the damn album booklet !!! that’s why they are on blogs 24/7 , they are kids ” mostly” and they don’t make their money , they only TALK !

      • Lax October 21, 2012

        Me, Myself and I has never stated or
        wrote down how many copies I was going to buy
        and I take OFFENSE to any B****** trying to assume
        what and how I am going to Support Rihanna and Her Efforts. And even if She did not go Number 1 with Loud
        She still sold Her ass off and as compared to all of them When Billboard names Her #2 of the top Artists behind Adele BYTCHESSSSSS THAT IS THE BUSINESS….

    • Lax October 21, 2012

      So now we know what and how the Navy
      will support Rih, Well keep that thought
      in mind, the best is yet to come, Deery.

      And what ever the Navy did it’s clear that
      according to the facts and figures as
      they or recorded by Global Chart Archives
      Talk That Talk,,,,,moved in excess of 3.2
      million and had some Singles that also
      did very well. Keep right on trying to read the
      PASLMS of Her Navy because We just like
      Rih is in it to win it….
      Many who dropped around the same time as
      Rih did only wished they could catch Her mega
      star ass, case n point Beyonce & Rita O…

    • Lax October 27, 2012

      Jay Jay Rihanna is the Social Networking Queen and
      that bugs so many folk, I wonder why. Could it be because
      Rihanna is a black chick and she is the most populat Musician dead or alive is that what send you and others into a tail spin.

      If we questioned Other big girsl so to say the Question is why isn’t any of the other black artist as Soaially Popular as Rihanna is…

  10. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) October 20, 2012

    I don’t think this is valid tbh. Not even the predictions based on one-day sales are 100% accurate, so it’s impossible to trust the predictions that are published a month before the album’s release! I’ll wait until the album is actually out.

    That said, I think it’s going to do well if she promotes this time around. Maybe 210-220k, her best opening week. But probably not #1. Maybe top 3.

    • RUDE NAVY October 20, 2012

      RIHANNA will be fine , and no one take those predictions seriously and i don’t think too much about first week sales , they just measure how much your BUZZ is strong , nothing else , cuz some can have good first week sales , but then their albums spend centuries collecting dust on some supermarket’s shelf.

      • ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) October 20, 2012

        Rihanna always has buzz, noone questions that 😉 Although realistically there’s no chance the album will debut with over 250k, it will go on to be certified platinum and maybe even double platinum, if they don’t mess the era up like they did with ‘TTT’

  11. Mad-On-Her October 20, 2012

    What’s more interesting is how high Taylor Swift’s are predicted to be. If she does even more she might break Gaga’s record. It wouldn’t surprise me.

    • Lax October 20, 2012

      Yeah I saw that there’s no telling what’s going to
      happen , we know something is cooking I suppose We will have to wait to see what Jumps out of the Hat…So much new Beautiful Music dropping this is good as always,,, And We know, the show must go on.

  12. my hip, my back October 20, 2012

    Good for her.

  13. TheTruth October 20, 2012

    I think she’s gonna top the album chart this year. i dont feel like there’s any competition to stop her :/

    • RUDE NAVY October 20, 2012

      _/ , almost everyone considered to put an album out in the same week/month as her ! how is that not a f*****’ competition ?!

      despite being a navy , in US , i predict TAYLOR swift will be the big winner (#1) ! not RIH ! RIH is #1 WW and her albums always have charts-longevity potential !!!

      • I AM BLUE THE REAL HIVE October 20, 2012


    • Lax October 20, 2012

      Would every one close their eyes I’m going to
      spray that Bug spray, I see ,,,I am Blue,,,,,In the House….

    • Lax October 21, 2012

      As long as Rihanna is in the race!!!!

    • Lax October 27, 2012

      Diamonds is off to s great start.

  14. I AM BLUE THE REAL HIVE October 20, 2012


    • Lax October 20, 2012

      We will gladly accept what We get, Deery.
      We are so happy that Rih is in it , in the
      first place, Rih is a hard working Chick…

    • Lax October 20, 2012

      @Blue and beyonce is ashamed of yo
      ass going after One of Her & Jay’z meal
      tickets, u idiot…

      • Lax October 20, 2012

        Rihanna Talk That Talk
        World 3,000,000
        US 981,600
        Uk 850,000

        Beyonce “4″
        World 2,100,000
        Us 1,169,000
        Uk 472,421

        Jay says it best,,,,Numbers don’t lie…

      • I am BLUE THE REAL HIVE October 20, 2012

        Ur an idiot and I don’t have time for idiotic time 4 surpass TTT US sale

      • I am BLUE THE REAL HIVE October 20, 2012


      • I am BLUE THE REAL HIVE October 20, 2012

        4 has now sold 840k in the uk and TTT have 1.007m

      • Lax October 21, 2012

        Blue if you don’t have the time, then tell Me
        why in the Hell or you here?

      • Lax October 21, 2012

        Blue I know it’s hard to give credit where credit is
        due and that my Deery Is why you and yo Generals
        keeps trying to shoot Rih down from Her climb to
        the top of the charts. All of the proof is right in front
        of you and you still act a dam fool! With Rihannas
        many Accomplishments.

      • Lax October 21, 2012

        Why is it that yo ass will believe the numbers
        for Bey and not believe the numbers for Rih?
        We know that all of the BHive wants Bey at the
        top all of the time but yall forgot that God is the
        one in the blessing business and He can Bless
        Rihanna if he want to and He has been Blessing
        Rih and many Others right along with Beyonce.
        And just so you’d know no amount of bad talking
        Rih is going to stop progress, but u know that
        already, now don’t ya.

    • Lax October 27, 2012

      As long as She Debut.

  15. HeavyHeavy October 20, 2012

    How is One Direction gonna out sell Rihanna. That is shameful. Anyway Rihanna always ends on a high in the U.S and Worldwide so who cares how she starts because she always goes platinum.

    • Lax October 21, 2012

      It’s okay if they out sell Rih that will just help
      Rih & Her navy to work harder and smarter!

    • Lax October 27, 2012

      We are going to see who out sells who because
      there is so many dropping around the same time and its great.

  16. DIGGER BEY October 20, 2012

    Ill believe it, when I see it. And Kesha probably wont do over 100, 000. Pop female artists like Kesha, Rihanna and Katy never debut with high first week sales. Because theyre fans only by singles n droves, not albums. All 3 are Queen of singles. Not albums and lmao @ somebody always dropping albums during November and December, trying to benefit from the holiday sales lmao. What? Scary h***, scared to drop albums Jan – August lmao. That sh*t still gonna flop, like the last one lmaoooo. Because we all know who comes bac next year and my bish isnt scared of dropping albums anytime! Shes always going #1! Whether its February or October! #2013…THE YEAR OF BEYONCE

    • Teacher October 20, 2012

      Rihanna’s highest selling album, GGGB, was released when? Yeah I thought so….

      • Lax October 21, 2012

        @DIGGER BEY,,,,Things like….
        Going #1 World Wide With “Talk That Talk.

        Things Like having Her album & a single to be #1
        two times in the same year in the UK….

        Things like having 5 # 1’s in consecutive years like Elvis
        did years ago.

        Things like selling 198,000 in the US Her first week in the
        US and then go on and sell 504,000 and go #1 WW With

        AND,,,,,,Thrust this is something Realllllllly Huge for
        Rihanna since YO ASS and the likes of you tries to cut Rih off at every path with yo hate, slander and lies to try and somehow make Beyonce seem or look bigger then Rihanna!!!!!!!

      • Lax October 27, 2012

        Love how passionate the bey hive is in supporting Rih so passionately, in everything she does.

    • Lax October 21, 2012

      DIGGER BEY,,, We know about Beyonce and Her
      run with the charts, but its clear that Bey hasn’t had a Hit in
      quite a while and I know it Pisses you and yo generals off to see Rihanna pulling further and further ahead Of Beyonce in sells, popularity, Awards, Accomplishments and Rihannas
      His-To-Rih making Features,,,,Deery

    • Lax October 21, 2012

      DIGGER,,,,Rih who’s supposed to be some how scarred of the power of Beyonce, well i’ll tell you Rihanna might not be as big in yo books but you can bet that RIHANNA is up for the task and shes ready to tap dance on any one who’s doing the same thing Shes doing and that is making music and it don’t matter a dam if she drops oin christmas day as long as she drops,,,,, Its not Rihanna’s fault that beyonce has only dropped 4 albums and 6 reloaded & remixed that is Beyonce’s Business and Rihanna dropping New Music sure in the f** Is Rihanna, Her Team and the Navy’s Business and YO ASSES AND YO HATEFUL ASS BHIVE WILL DEAL….OR SQUEALL!!!!!!

    • Lax October 21, 2012

      @DIGGER bEY That might be true in some ways but not true in all of the ways Deery We by just as many albums as beyonce fand buy and the proof is in the sells for 2011 that has gone by already, Rihanna sold for 2011
      #1 Adele 15.3 “21”
      #2 Gaga 5.4 Fame (Monster)
      #5 Rihanna 3.4 Loud
      #10 Beyonce 2.1 “4”
      #18 Rihanna 1.7 Talk…
      Therefore Stop lying to ya dam self and face the truth
      before Mr Lies Kick you in yo ass for being so Hateful
      I realize that the truth Hurts you and Ya Generals from the BHive but why is it so hard to see and believe that Rihanna can sell Albums? Is it just to dam much for Rihanna to be selling Albums & Singles and yall can’t stand that at all.

  17. NEVER THAT SERIOUS October 20, 2012

    TGJ WORST POSTERS (UPDATED)…I will keep printing this list til guyz here grow up..

    1.BENRON…His comments on MJ places him 1st.he might be juvenile but stupid all the same

    2.BLUE THE REAL HIVE…do i need to explain this one?

    3.FAF/F**…if this b**** grows up,that’ll be awesome..i still think this clown could be nicki minaj alter-ego

    4.KELLY…B**** S.T.F.U

    5.MR.M…Hope the medication works

    6.MONSTAREBEL…no comment

    7.TRUTH (I DRAG S*** NICKI MINAJ MY ASS BLAH BLAH BLAH)…a lesson on being civil is needed for this mental case…couldn’t remember her name

    8.WHITE GIRL MOB…i kinda tend 2 believe no.7 is the new no.8 coz no.8 will never come back

    9.DBOY6…why this fool is allowed 2 comment beats me

    10.KRYS…N****,we don’t understand french

    • I AM BLUE THE REAL HIVE October 20, 2012


      • Lax October 20, 2012

        Blue u stfu somebody tagged yo dumb ass just right.

      • FAF October 20, 2012

        3.FAF/F**…if this b**** grows up,that’ll be awesome..i still think this clown could be nicki minaj alter-ego

        ^^ YUP SHOLE IZ … U MAD?

      • Lax October 27, 2012

        Rih knows how to throw a party.

    • JOHNVIDAL October 20, 2012


      • Lax October 20, 2012

        @HATERS I am as nice as I can Be
        or as you will let me Be, BUT I Will go from Zero To Bytche In Less than 60 Seconds,,,try Me!

      • Lax October 27, 2012

        No matter what and who’s on top
        Rih still holds her own.

    • monstarebel October 20, 2012

      Thats right b**** yo wack ass better not have no f****** comment!!!!!!

      • my hip, my back October 20, 2012

        “I will slap that dog s*** out a b**** ass nicki minaj stan”


      • my hip, my back October 20, 2012

        b**** shut up he was right about your fake phony ass

    • Benron (King Of The F****** Navy) October 20, 2012

      Getting number ones just like my fave.

      And was I even on the chart last week? I slay with debuts

      • MC October 20, 2012


    • commanderofthedancefloor October 21, 2012

      This right here, has me rolling on the floor.

  18. CRUZ CONTROL October 20, 2012

    You guys are so hang up on rihanna having a number 1 album on the US chart..there are countless artist who got number 1 album and have’t even hit platinum HELL even gold but unlike Riri she has longevity and people check for her music over time which matters in the long run js

    • FAF October 20, 2012

      Longevity? Girl……………….

      Rihanna is known STRICTLY for her style & music

      She has no record label, no other outside ventures other than a perfume and a flop reality show which is part of her 360

      We see w/ Queen Britney that ppl can own a star’s career

      Where will she be left when she wants to retire?

      She won’t leave a legacy!

      • Lax October 21, 2012

        Welllllllll thus far it’s going on 7 years
        and counting…

  19. Cee October 20, 2012

    once again she is using this whole Chris Brown drama to sell records.

    • I AM BLUE THE REAL HIVE October 20, 2012


      • Lax October 20, 2012

        They sure in the Hell do and that Deery is
        why Beyonce’s Ass Is so Huge Of a Artist
        & Rihanna HAS STEPPED outside the box on Bey’s Ass, ha, ha, ha,

      • Lax October 20, 2012

        Rih know how to throw down with Her
        Lyrical Delivery, Rih could no doubt
        Rap Her ass off if She Wanted to, Rude boy
        & S&M aNYBODY… For the Grown & S***…
        While Beyonce is in NURSERY SCHOOL
        Songs and working that Ass Like a STRIPPER…

    • CzarM October 20, 2012

      What else is there?

    • Lax October 20, 2012

      CEE why not….She and Chris Has History and they understand
      each other, and even thought they have gone through
      a lot they are still Friends,,,,,The white Media is Bagging Back pay close ATTENTION here lately start watxhing I mean they might start up going after Chris or Her again
      But it seem they have lossed Steam here lately,,, Perhaps them doing Birthday Cake together have quiet things down some, I hope It has because its their Personal life not Ours,,,
      And folks like you who love to dig in shyt to make it stink or lame and loves trouble, Son…

    • Lax October 21, 2012

      Rihanna keeps doing the dang thing and it have
      got the Bey’s humming a tune with Bitterness…

  20. I AM BLUE THE REAL HIVE October 20, 2012


    • Lax October 20, 2012

      Now how many moons ago was By Day, Son?
      Rihanna first week World wide sales 504,000 and if Rihanna
      is all of those colorful names yo ass calls Her then I wonder how did Rihanna even Place on that chart in the first place,,,,
      Blue this shows who was , what in these different Years and Just so you’d know ….There is a calendar with Rihanna on it, clikc at the bottom where it says Year-end-sales
      Rihanna is Gracing a calendar for the year of 2007,,,,lol

      • KingBey October 20, 2012

        B****, 4 sold Over 150K WW In theFIRSTDAY. imagine how much she sold in the first week. AND She debuted at number one in 25+ countries. RIH RIH COULD NEVER.

      • I am BLUE THE REAL HIVE October 20, 2012

        4 sold 854k first week now STFU

      • Lax October 20, 2012

        Bytche this in the year end tally i don’t give a fat Phuck
        what you say and how you turn your lips up the FINAL
        year End sells of “4” Bytches,,,,Beyonce “4″
        BEYONCE’S “4”
        World 2,100,000
        Us 1,169,000
        Uk 472,421

        Tell Me why you bytches MAD, though?

      • Lax October 21, 2012

        King bey but what did “4” do at the end of the year,
        Deery? What?

    • Lax October 21, 2012

      It is great to know that even though, Bey is well established and Bey’s BHive always down each and everything Rih does Its really Refreshing to see DESPERATION come and Light on the BHIVE’S Shoulders…

      • Lax October 21, 2012

        Rih Says……
        They keep evil thoughts in their hearts (what you dont know)
        You can,t let them knock your hustle
        Not letting them know how much you struggle
        They turn green with envy when your on top!!!!!

  21. NaviTiliDie October 20, 2012

    She can! Diamonds is receiving great reviews from CREDIBLE sources…. However if Def Jam doesn’t start promoting it could very well not match that prediction.

    This album seems like it’s going to have more of a genuine emotional feel to it and less of the arrogance-oozing Talk That Talk.

    I’m still in favour of the album dropping next year, but alas my opinion doesn’t really count.

    • Lax October 20, 2012

      I am trusting and praying that Rih
      got this She’s not on Tour and She
      is in a Very Different Place in Her
      Life Now. I hope she promotes the
      Hound Dog Hell Out Of This Ablum!

  22. RoyalKev October 20, 2012

    I would be surprised if Rihanna did get those kind of sales, but anything seems possible with Itunes. People land at #1 mysteriously all the time on the singles chart (Flo Rida, PSY, etc). It won’t be long before the album chart has that same unpredictability. Rihanna managing to reach her highest first week total, despite the fact that she hasn’t scored a 10 weeek #1 (the way she did for TTT) seems about right in 2012.

    I’d be so curious to see a breakdown though of the digital + physical sale purchases. If 275K happens, then I predict 205K will be from digital slaes. If it turns out this way, then that’s good news for Rihanna!

    I must say that lately I’m starting to think that MOST stans would be better off getting their favs albums from stores to see the best results. The charting of releases coming out later in the year will be more telling though.

    • RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE BEY October 20, 2012

      Yep that’s what I say go and buy the albums from the stores, I never buy albums on Itunes only singles.

  23. JJFan1814 October 20, 2012

    I really can care less. Rihanna is a longevity artist, always has been. If she debuted with 180k I’ll be fine because she’s going to release singles that’s going to stay on radio for months and allows her to sell millions of albums worldwide instead of dropping off the charts quickly.

    That’s how Rihanna is. Longevity > Huge Sales at once

  24. Lax October 20, 2012

    @ The BHive, haters, lames and loosers I left you some MESSAGES for food for thought on the post where Misha .. Covers Rihanna ..lead single “Diamonds” feel
    free to read and get Enlighten,,,Loves,,, Tihis will Take Roots and spread like a running vine up the charts Its just a Feeling I have got….

    Rihanna has some of the best looking Legs in the Game, long, lean and
    just perfect for WRAPPING around Her Loves Back,,,,,Smiling To Myself,,,,

    • Lax October 20, 2012

      @Blue Why don’t you grow up and less make BLOGGGING fun instead of Tit for Tat and stupid cursing all of the time, I
      know I clowns also but dam less try and take it to the wire without loosing out Minds, Loves…

      • I am BLUE THE REAL HIVE October 20, 2012

        I don’t have time for idiotic talks now STFU

      • Lax October 21, 2012

        Rih Says……about the haters……
        They not there for you
        They dont care for you
        Trust me cuz i know its true
        They or always trying to fade You….

      • Lax October 21, 2012

        2006 Year-End Tracks…..
        #9 Rihanna 4,539,000 S.O.S
        #10 Rihanna 4,507,000 Unfaithful
        #17 Beyonce 3,674,000 Check On It Ft/Slim Thug
        #37 Beyonce 2,531,000 Deja Vu

        2006 Was the Year Rihanna got started Assaulting The Charts……..

  25. CzarM October 20, 2012

    In what universe would 275k be record-breaking? For many artists, that number would be enough to start worrying…

    Anyway…Rihanna has major competition.

    On the same day she’s releasing her album, Kid Rock, AC/DC, Coldplay, Phillip Phillips, Keyshia Cole and Pitbull are releasing theirs. If I was vindictive enough, I might pick up ALL of those albums that week…except hers. But it’s not quite *that* serious. I’ll definitely make a point to scoop up at least one of her competitors albums that week though.

      • Lax October 21, 2012

        Rih Says…..About the Haters…..
        Ya see they smile in your face and make ya think they down
        Then they turn against you when your not around
        Its just jealousy and dishonesty
        So hold on to your sanity and keep right on doing you…

    • Lax October 20, 2012

      Bytche we love competition, the more the better!

    • Teacher October 20, 2012

      And you are the Definition of a HATER LOooool #Pressed

    • Lax October 20, 2012

      CZARD you r always on Rih post talking shyt…

    • RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE BEY October 20, 2012

      yep I will be buying Keyshia cole

      • Lax October 20, 2012

        I will support Keshia and Rih,,,and some
        Others that I like,,,

  26. vanny October 20, 2012

    Like are u serious?? how can u predict something like that?? if scientist with all that technology cant seem to get the weather right how can u possibly predict album sales , thats a bunch of bull , first of all she rihanna is not an artist that opens up with those kinda numbers on the first week, and she has had better first singles on her previous albums with much more success to hopefully give her that #1 album and she has failed miserably… only time will tell but NO stop with these stupid predictions!!

  27. HoneyBooBoo October 20, 2012

    To the people saying this isn’t record breaking, i have to say that comprehension is key.

    This will be record breaking for RIHANNA!Because she’s never sold that much.

  28. the real xoxo October 20, 2012

    how on earth can you expect it to crack 200k? TTT barely cracked 200k and that had a #1 hit before the release. alot of people have gone off rihanna in the past year.
    I predict 150-180k.

    • JJFan1814 October 20, 2012

      TTT had no promotion besides an Ellen interview where she didn’t even perform.


      • Black China October 20, 2012

        She was on her loud tour, and a tour is the biggest promo that any act could ask for. Plus if I recall she was in the magazines/ and on the logs every other day around that time (which is PR aka Promo). She also did viral videos “Road to TTT” which believe it or not is promo. X Factor performance (Promo), One of the biggest hits of 2011 = Promo.

        JJFan please understand that Ri’s fans are mainly internet based so why would her label waste money putting her all over TV to promote her album when the majority of the Navy stay on the internet and on her Twitter page?

        I can’t believe you guys can’t see how marketing works

      • Vegas Girl October 20, 2012

        Totally agree @Black China, between blog presence and radioairplay she had plenty promo.

    • Lax October 20, 2012

      Everybody and their dog know that Rih
      was on tour out of the country when Her album TTT dropped and there are the links to what Rih and all of them did at the end of each year and I know that Rih can sell Albums and another thing She sold 198,000 copies don’t yo hateful asses know that Rih could have bought enough albums to by pass her last sells If She thought She had something to Prove.

      • Lax October 20, 2012

        @Black China JJFAN Means in the US
        Every one know that Tour is Promos right on But People are used to seeing the artist on 106 & Park , the morning show You know sort of like Beyonce promotes and the way brandy is doing right noiw,,,, Ant at the same time I know what u r saying, Love!

    • Lax October 20, 2012

      @BHive, Haters, Lames and Loosers,,,,Don’t get Me wrong If
      You will notice I try Very Hard to not find Myself saying that Rihanna
      is good, better or best but what I do say all of the time off and on is this,,,
      Rihanna Deserves a Chance to be Good in Her Career just like all of the Other Artist that is out there Working their Asses off. Its just that the differences comes up when
      Many of Her Haters don’t want to Give Her a Chance to do good, They are always saying She Can’t, Want, She is not as Good as Beyonce is and Bey was further ahead when She was Rihannas Age…. Well that might be But Beyonce started in 2003 and Rihanna came two years later and if Beyonce came out 9 years ago that would Make Beyonce be 22 years of age and at 22 years old , BEYONCE DID
      NOT Have as many Accomplishments and His-to-Rih as much as Rihanna has
      If that be the case All one would have to do is take the age and look at the Cnharts and Beyonce’s Impact on them and theres nothing to say that Beyonce was near as Popular and had sold as much as Rihanna has now sold, no way hosea…If Bey started in 2003 which She would have been 22 and 2004 Bey 23 years of age and 2005 beyonce would have been 24 years Young…. and for the years of 2003-2004-2005 is well Documented and there for all to see, read and share and as you all know Thje Truth Will Set Yo Asses Free….
      Now look up Beyonce’s Achievenments for 2003, 2004 and 2005 the year Lil Ms Sunshine Came on the Scenes,,,,, I mean Rihanna is far from being the Best artist But Rih Isn’t at the top and She dam sure isn’t at the bottom All I can say to
      Rihanna’s Many HATERS IS THIS,,,,,,Jay Picked Her And all I got say about that is
      Blame Beyonce’s Honey for Picking/pulling that “Ace”…

      Jay is One of the Luckiest men Ever, He Married One Of the Hottest Chicks in the game and then He has Trained, Taught, and Guided The SUCCESSFUL CAREERS OF ONE OF THE BIGGEST MEGA INTERNATIONA ARTIST, EVER,,,,,,RIHANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNAAA!

      Beyonce in Action and Rihanna keep right on Being INSPIRED by Bey….



  29. alonzo wilson October 20, 2012

    Rihanna wlll never get a #1 album

  30. checkingbitches October 20, 2012

    *in my Linda Perry voice*

    It’s popcorn music. The album will only have 2-3 songs that their fans will download from itunes and never buy the album itself.

    Anywho, how can you predict an albums first week sales performance a whole month before its release? I get how you can do it with Taylor Swift because all the promo songs she’s released leading up to her new album have all debuted in the top 10 on the hot 100 but Rihannas Diamonds has sat still between #8 and #10 on itunes and hasn’t even cracked the top 10 on the Hot 100 and its already been out a few weeks. This new album won’t fare any different or better than her previous just because of the holidays.

    That site only did that because there was a trend in her first week sales between rated r and talk that talk. Rated r sold 180k, loud 207k, talk that talk 198k, they’re predicting this one will outdo Louds first week by a landslide. B*******

  31. Kyle October 20, 2012

    I think it’s possible. I mean, she’s a household name at this point. Then again, we all said that last year when “Talk That Talk” was released. I think she’ll do over 200K though.

  32. KingBey October 20, 2012

    Ya’ll Know Taylor is about to Swoop in , and Steal Ya Girl’s number One.
    Even though that’s a low FW, Good for Rih. She’s never been an album seller. ESPECIALLY First week.

    • Lax October 20, 2012

      @KING/BEY you can shut yo hating ass up because at the end of the year sells “Talk” Out Paced and Out Gunnnnnned
      “4” and yo Scumbag ass know this,,,
      Rihanna Talk That Talk
      World 3,000,000
      US 981,600
      Uk 850,000

      Beyonce “4″
      World 2,100,000
      Us 1,169,000
      Uk 472,421

      • Lax October 20, 2012

        Rihanna Total is 4.8 million Talk
        Beyonce Total is 3.7 million “4”

        Then ,,,, the singles,,,,

      • KingBey October 21, 2012

        N****, 4- R&B Album
        Which will sell better?
        AND Why don’t you s***** ass stans ever compare Beyonce’s Old albums, Which out sold all 6 of rihannas BTW, TO RIHANNA’S S***** ALBUMS? like i said, Taylor is going to steal ya girl’s number one, and you’re scared of that. She’ll never be number One. DEAL.

  33. Tj⚓ October 20, 2012

    Come on guys. Nobody is taking into account that nickis album is released on the same day. Unfortunately people that would ri’s album but Stan for nicki are going to buy nicki’s instead. Don’t think she will debut that high, but as other readers were saying. With multiple singles on the charts for months that will help the album in the long run. ⚓

    • Jer October 20, 2012

      Who the f*** is Nicki???

    • Jer October 20, 2012

      LMFAAAOOOO. Ohhh Nicki Minaj sorry she just slipped my mind

      • Tj⚓ October 20, 2012

        I’m not a nicki fan either. Just sayin

      • FAF October 20, 2012


        IT WILL GO

        1. Keyshia (210k)
        2. Nicki (200k)
        3. Taylor (190k)
        4. Rihanna (180k)
        5. 1 direction (95k)
        6. AC/DC (90k)
        7. Kelly Clarkson (70k)

      • monstarebel October 20, 2012

        @FAF I love Keyshia just much as I love Rihanna and Nicki but she will not outsell them you seen brandys numbers right what makes you think she’ll sell over 200k ugly h**?

      • FAF October 20, 2012

        Check the statistics! Keyshia lowest debut without a single on BBHot100 back in 2010 was 180k!

        She has debuted with over 300k in sales before!

        Let’s not, QUEEN!

    • Lax October 20, 2012

      Rihanna will sell 990,000 her first week world wide…

      • KingBey October 21, 2012

        Subtract about 900,000 , and it’ll be accurate.

  34. JER October 20, 2012

    Um you cant forcast first week sales based on nothing other than a hunch. Thts not forcasting, thats guessing. F****** idiots.

    Theres no way Rihanna will sell more than 200k opening week. This b******* was posted just to say “SHE DIDNT SELL WHAT SHE WAS FORCAST TO SELL!!!!!!!!!! OMG SHES A FLOP!”

    Show me the receipts. What is this based on? Who is making such a bold prediction??

    Anyone whos followed Rihanna should expect this new album to sell somewhere between 175k- 225k and thats based on MY OPINION so i guess thats my FORCAST. Because you know, meteorologists wake up in the morning and just guess the weather and thats the forcast for this week

    • FAF October 20, 2012


    • Teacher October 20, 2012

      “This b******* was posted just to say “SHE DIDNT SELL WHAT SHE WAS FORCAST TO SELL!!!!!!!!!! OMG SHES A FLOP!””

      EXACTLY!!!!!!!!!! TGJ is pathetic and predictable!

      • Lax October 20, 2012

        They can Huff & Puff all they want because the best
        is still yet to come, bytches!

  35. R****** Navy: Broke,Ugly & bitter October 20, 2012

    Mark my words, she won’t even come close to those predictions. Sound-scan will get the final word. Rihanna isn’t confident enough to release her album anytime of the year. She stays releasing all her albums around November period. Taylor is about to snatch all wigs .

    • Jer October 20, 2012

      Not confident enough to release 4 albums in a row during the busiest and most competitive season? You are clearly mentally ill. Its people whos album is DONE READY TO GO that wait until The spring that arent confident. Gurl bye with our ratchet ass

      • FAF October 20, 2012

        Its busy, however Rihanna knows that’s the only time her records will see high #s
        Nicki released RR in April & Still slayed first week 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • monstarebel October 20, 2012

      If Rihanna wanted a number 1 album she’d get it Chris Brown’s & Trey songs lastest CD went number 1 selling under 160k…so please hush

      • FAF October 20, 2012

        With no competition 🙂

      • Lax October 20, 2012

        Lax Replied:
        October 20th, 2012 at 3:05 pm

        Nov 18,2011 Talk That Talk the album
        Aus 1xplatium
        Ger gold
        Ire 3xplatium
        Nz 1xplatium
        Swi 1xplatium
        Uk 2xplatium
        Us 1xplatium
        We Found Love
        Aus 5xplatium
        Ger gold
        Nz 3xplatium
        Swi 2xplatium
        Uk gold
        Us 4xplatium
        You Da One
        Nz gold
        Us 1xplatium
        Ttt ft Jay
        Aus gold
        Us gold
        B/Cake ft Chris
        US gold
        Where Have You Been
        Aus 2xplatium
        Nz 1xplatium
        Uk gold
        Us 1xplatium

        I Am not trying to be this or that but We must post the FACTS from time to time and WHILE I know that Rihanna can not and will not Ever Win them all because to Me and the biggest/best that Rihanna’s NAVY has to offer do know this much and that is : Rihanna might not be at the top, but RIHANNA sure in the hell is in this game to keep doing the very best that she can do. And no amount of your name calling and nasety ass vile comments is going to stop or slow Rihanna down from her part that she is “Playing To The Hilts In The Game”, Bastards, Suckers, ass holes, naysayers, and Doubters,,,,

      • Lax October 20, 2012

        @Rihanna Haters, BHive, Lames
        Count the Gold and the Platium
        and see what you get I got
        Rihanna “Talk That Talk”
        28 Platium
        8 Gold

        Beyonce “4”
        8 Platium
        7 Platium

        Who’s album Out Performes Haters & BH ive
        and don’t all of you talk at once…

    • Lax October 20, 2012

      Bytche She might not but She still did better then Beyonce ass did with four, bum bytches..
      Beyonce’s Album “4′ Up to now BHive
      June 24, 2011 This is what “4” did around the world!!!
      Us 1xplatium
      Aus 1xplatium
      Can gold
      Ire 1xplatium
      World 2,100,000
      Us 1,169,000
      Uk 471,421
      Run The World Girls
      Us gold
      Aus 1xplatium
      Can 1xplatium
      Nz gold
      Best Thing I Never Had
      Us gold
      Aus 1xplatium
      Can gold
      Nz gold
      Love On Top
      Us gold
      Aus 2xplatium

      I Know that Beyonce works very hard and has been working non stop almost since she got started and that is good, I also know that Rihanna who has not been in the Industry not even half as long as Beyonce has been in it Is still holding Her own. And no matter how Beyonce’s BHive uses all kinds of “S***** TATICS” to try and bring Rihanna’s career goals down to the ground it isn’t working BHive, Never has and never will From This Day Forward… There’s just to many Other Artists who are working their asses off ALSO, not just BEYONCE’S ASS…

      • RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE BEY October 20, 2012


      • Lax October 20, 2012

        Rich Beyonce don’t Crap on no one and nothing but Her stool in Her Mansion, Deery!

    • Lax October 20, 2012

      Proud of Rihanna and what Shes Stands for because All of Us who enjoy the BLOGGIN EXPERIENCE here at That Grape Know that I do not go into ATTACK MODE
      UNLESS they are going over board with their b/s and we all tripps from time to time It’s the Nature Of the Blogging Beast….

  36. Frankie October 20, 2012

    Call me a conspiracy theorist but people who run the music industry are cooking up these numbers, all of a sudden white artists are pulling these numbers? Taylor swift last 2 albums have pulled close to a million and I have been researching and following her and she is pushed by the establishment no doubt…her singles debut at number 1,2 on itunes in an instant(on release day ALL HER SINGLES!) , people always go back to the argument “Black,latino people” dont support their artists which is b*******! white people do illegal downloads too and they also I found have RnB hip/hop artists on their playlists on rotation…so WTF?! and oh Rihanna! b**** that illuminati cover is way too obvious with all the scribbling and leaving out the left eye..we know you are a devil worshipper.

    • Lax October 20, 2012

      Taylor is doing good because Her fans supports
      Her Taylor is getting more then Lip service from Her
      Fans and Just like the Hateful a/h who follows this site they are waiting and looking for leaks so they can Illegal download Rih’s music and still talk a hundred miles of shyt.
      And another thing as bad as Rihanna is talked about on many blogs It’s only by faith that She sells as much as she does in the Us. Her sells are by far much Bigger Over seas.

  37. TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! October 20, 2012


    So predicted 900,000! Though last album Taylor was predicted 850,000 and sold over a million.

    We’ll see.. though the album has leaked…

    • Gilberto October 20, 2012

      I think Taylor is coming for S****** Spears’ record. I see it selling over 1.1kk because she made a cheap deal with Papa John’s Pizza. They’re selling her PHYSICAL album for less than $5 if you order their pizza. And I clearly see the white trash people buying this s***. I know all this sounds fake, but it’s the damn truth. She’s pathetic, fake and desperate. She’s doing tricks to make her wack ass records look better. Unfortunately, nothing can save her from her boring fake-ass-country music. She just put a banjo on her generic dance songs and call this s*** as “country”. I can’t.

      • Benron (King Of The F****** Navy) October 20, 2012

        All the whtie girls do it.

        Lady gaga sold hers for 1$ on amazon, GAVE AWAY a PYSHICAL and a DIGITAL copy if you bought cell phones at from many major brands, and sold them 2 for 1 at many major retailers.

        Without these gimmicks their sales would be like
        300k for Taylor and 200k for Gaga.

      • TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! October 20, 2012

        @Gilberto Taylor’s last album sold over 1 million and no cut price deals.
        Also, if that pizza deal is true.,. how many people do you think are gonna order their pizza just to get a album for $5? a few thousand at the most.

        Benron (King Of The F****** Navy) not sure why you’re bringing race into this.. I guess you’ve a problem with white girls.

      • GivingAwayFreeChairs _/_/_/ October 21, 2012


    • Lax October 20, 2012

      @Taylor Fan I am happy for Taylor and please don’t start sounding off like many of these mean spirited people See don’t brag Just be happy and fight them ALL RIGHT BACK THAT TRIES TO TELL YOU ANY DIFFERENT.

      Be glad that Beyonce isn’t dropping right about now because if She was then That BHive would be calling Taylor all sorts of nasety names like they do Rihanna from time to time…

      • TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! October 20, 2012

        @Lax. I supose so, I’m just so happy Taylor’s new album coming out, and cant wait to see it do well:)
        Yeah, Taylor gets called a lot of nasty names from some of these stans on here.

        Gilberto sounds really nasty!

      • Lax October 20, 2012

        @TAYLOR S #1 FAN Yes Gilberto shows their
        ass each and every time they get a chance, they
        are just Pissy because they want Beyonce to be the only WINNER, EVER.

  38. B**** October 20, 2012

    She pushed 190k with the biggest hit of her career and a top 10 hit promo and controversy…… Diamonds is STILL in the top 20 I’m not sure

  39. Black China October 20, 2012

    I work for one of the major record labels and yesterday I had to list ALL of the albums coming out in November (as I have to do every month, I hate it, it takes forever), but anyway, Rihanna has got STRONG competition from the Rock bands (And not no indie rock bands, I’m talking Areosmith and Coldplay) who actually tend to sell better than pop, so I still don’t know about that number 1 album or 275k in sales.
    However if the good folks down at Billboard continue to rig the charts the way they have been doing over the last month or so, then then Miss Fenty might be in with a chance.

    Oh and a quick side note, all of those pictures of her at the studio are FAKE, that album will be sitting on my desk in 2 weeks time for sure, and no artists is still recording 2 weeks before the listening party and press releases are sent out. The Chris Brown stuff is FAKE, how comes before all of the album promo there were NO pictures of the pair even though they admit to having seen each other, but as soon as Rih’s album is due to drop there are pictures and videos all over the place, don’t buy into the hype my friends, support the REAL!

    • My hip, my back October 20, 2012


    • HOTSTUFF October 20, 2012

      B**** you just soud like a pressed fan of some other artist ! stfu with your nonsense and have several seats….

      • HOTSTUFF October 20, 2012


    • JOHNVIDAL October 20, 2012


      • Lax October 20, 2012

        @HOTSTUFF Thats what i’m talking
        about we have to keep right on doing
        our job of schooling the Lessors!!!!!!!!

    • RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE BEY October 20, 2012

      what dept you work in ,,,,,I’m in A&R

      • Black China October 21, 2012

        @RICHANDBLACK11 I work in PR and Marketing!
        And to the Navy…. don’t be mad, I’m just stating facts! I’m sory that this upsets you, but the truth is the truth.
        And @Lax, you need to find a REAL job opposed to “schooling the Lessors”. OKAY…. Thanks 🙂

      • Lax October 22, 2012

        @Black China, I do have a Job and part of it is Schooling the lessors, Love. It helps me pass the time away and it’s soooooooo relaxing…

  40. Cant Play Piano But Am S*** And Not Gangham October 20, 2012

    When’s the baby due?
    Will the tour be cancelled because of her pregnancy?
    Why does she not smile when she leaves the recording studio?

  41. My hip, my back October 20, 2012

    and sam you need to take that video of misha singing diamonds this isn’t her post! lol

    • Lax October 20, 2012

      @MY HIP,,,,I heard that!

  42. THE FIX FACTOR October 20, 2012


    • Lax October 20, 2012


  43. MC October 20, 2012

    Umm, this is just plain out guessing. We need to see how well “Diamonds” performs and how she promotes her stuff before cooking up numbers. We’ll see I guess.

    • Lax October 20, 2012

      @MC,,,,so true…

    • Benron (King Of The F****** Navy) October 20, 2012

      I think they knwo something we dont, maybe she will open the Ama’s? Go to Xfactor, do interviews, we never know what she will do. Diamonds is projected to go top 10 next week, its at 11 already, it got a boost last time after the video, but Rihanna clearly doesen’t want ti to get a boost.

      • MC October 20, 2012

        WFL was #1 for 10 weeks (biggest hit of her career); she did mag covers, YouTube (Road to TTT) promo, twitter & Facebook promo, interviews, X-factor, Loud tour exposure (promo for TTT), etc however TTT sold 198k 1st week so…..I really am doubting 275k debut for this album. She seems more disorganized and all over the place than she did during TTT era. How can you expect her to sell more than Loud’s debut with so little promo and much confusion? We’ll see, but I highly doubt it. Even if she goes on AMA’s or whatever, it will only push her singles not her album…..

      • Benron (King Of The F****** Navy) October 20, 2012

        Girl, that was all within a year, and WFL went number one like 2 weeks vefore #WFL came out. Loudtour promo was for Loud and in the U.K. only, facebook promo only convinces fans to buy an album (which they should be doing anyway).

        She could quite easily flop, she was super clumsy last era and its only getting worse. So far she has one mag cover, and one song. She is asking to flop. If she goes on a radio tour and a talk show tour Im sure she could sell 225k, she was been a media force all year and she is gaining new fans.

      • MC October 20, 2012

        I do believe she will flop this era, honestly. Your second paragraph summarized my sentiments. Will you be buying her album or will you wait to see if it caries stuff that you like?

      • Benron (King Of The F****** Navy) October 20, 2012

        Um.. are you serious, Im the KING OF THE NAVY, I will be buying it when it is released at midnight after the AMA’S (hopefully she’ll perform).

        I am going to support her either way, if you didn’t like Triumphant would you just not buy Mariah’s album altogether?

      • MC October 20, 2012

        I like Triumphant so its a bad example lol. I will support Mimi either way, but she has never released a bad album even though MOIA sounded rushed and unfinished she had some really good songs in there (Angels Cry, H.A.T.E.U, I wanna know what love it, Inseparable, etc). So all in all, I would support her just cause she’s my fave but also because she makes good music (for the most part) even in her worst eras.

      • Benron (King Of The F****** Navy) October 20, 2012

        Also, when she puts her loudtour DVD out on dec.4/8thand is making a deluxe album edition where you can buy both for like 20$, people who went ot the tour will wanna buy that so her sales will increase, don’t doubt her but dont get your hopes up either.

      • MC October 20, 2012

        I lost hope for Rihanna after the release of LOUD and then the release of TTT, so if she doesn’t get it right (musically) this time around, I believe she will enter the point of no return.

        Its a smart choice to hold the Loud DVD until the release of her Deluxe edition (boosting sales) because I know a lot of the Navi (including you) were TRUSTING, LUSTING, STARVING after it. 😉 I hope its everything your looking in the Dvd.

      • Benron (King Of The F****** Navy) October 20, 2012

        BUY IT! You will love it, she got MC’S vocal coach and was giving vocals that day! And will you buy unapologetic if you like the songs?

      • MC October 20, 2012

        IF its like Rater R then yes, if not then I won’t buy it. 😉

      • Benron (King Of The F****** Navy) October 20, 2012

        I mean the DVD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She got Mc’s vocal coach!

      • MC October 20, 2012


      • Benron (King Of The F****** Navy) October 20, 2012

        Yes or no?

      • MC October 20, 2012

        Nah, I’ll save my money for albums that are coming out soon….

      • Benron (King Of The F****** Navy) October 20, 2012

        I see how it is.

  44. I mop the floor with your favs weave October 20, 2012

    Given the way Rihanna pays Sam’s bills, everyday, I’m sure Sam drives the latest Cadillac Escalade SUV and is Bill Gates neighbor! Yes, Rihanna is the only reason this blog is!!!!!!

    • monstarebel October 20, 2012

      lol exactly

    • Lax October 20, 2012


  45. JOHNVIDAL October 20, 2012

    No way!
    This time she doesn´t even have a hit single (compared to her previous albums). Which proves again people only want to hear some easy danceable songs from Rihanna (well from her producers)
    And what has this world become when such a bland artist can sell a million or nearly like twice (or more, I don´t remember) first week? Yeah I´m talking about Taylor Swift. Thanks to the kids I know, something like BackStreet Boys and all that s***. But still. Couldn´t it be an uber talented artist? I know we had Gaga doing it but it´s not enough. So many people should be doing better numbers (and Rihanna, Katy and Kesha just dissapear). People please support real talent

    • Benron (King Of The F****** Navy) October 20, 2012

      Boy, she is gfoing in the top 10 next week, the same happend with WFL, it went number #1 after the video hush immature child.

  46. John October 20, 2012

    Although I don’t really understand how they can make these sales forecasts before the album is even dropped, I think those sales are possible. Rihanna has had a string of less successful singles than she’s used to (Cake peaked at 24, TTT at 31, WHYB at 5, and Diamonds is currently at 11). Maybe these singles have caused people to want her albums, not just her singles. I don’t know, I guess we’ll find out.

    Oh, and btw…people need to get off this whole B vs. Ri. That is damn beaten horse. They both doin’ their own thang, and doin it well.

    • Gilberto October 20, 2012

      I find this prediction very innacurate. R******’s new album is like a month away from its release, so it’s almost impossible to say how much it’ll sell. Based on R******’s history on Hot 200, I think it’ll sell around 150k to 200k at best. Talk That Flop which had We Found Love and she came from Loud era, didn’t sell 200k. So how this new flop album will sell close to 300K? Hell no! I see S*** coming! Diarrheamonds is flopping in US like s***. The only way of it selling that well is if DefJam is preparing a discount for it. Like I said, there is something rotten about this fake ass story. We’d better open up our eyes and see the tricks that DefScam will do to fake R******’s numbers.

    • Beyonce’s Weave October 20, 2012

      They use past sales figures, current single figures plus other factors. From that, they then most likely use a regression analysis plus other statistical methods to forecast such sales. This is not uncommon, it is used in all industries including, especially the manufacturing industry so as to not overproduce…etc.

      That said, I think tha

      • Beyonce’s Weave October 20, 2012

        I think that prediction is way too high.

  47. truth tea (take a sip) October 20, 2012

    This album will not sell any more than 190k. TTT had WFL and only sold 198k, “diamonds” isnt nearly as big as WFL was.
    what makes them think this will sell more than LOUD first week??
    also, rihanna has lost alot of fans this year and alot of people are getting tired of her.
    i think it will sell 160-180k

    • monstarebel October 20, 2012

      Girl only hating ass f*** like you are getting tired of her…. Since when does ssomeone that people are tired of get a number 1 single in the UK with her latest single….hmmmm? And she’s bout to get her 23 rd top ten hit in the US honey stay pressed

      • Gilberto October 20, 2012

        B****, are you retarded? truth tea (take a sip) is talking about USA sales. U-S-A. Why did you bring UK??? I can’t. I love to see rihtards bringing UK’s sales, because they know it’s the only place that her numbers aren’t THAT pathetic. BYE!
        P.S. Stay on topic, basic weak ass b****!

      • Lax October 20, 2012

        Gilberto have you taken yo MEDS TODAY, HON?
        The UK COUNTS, Deery and if you don’t believe Me
        themn ask Beyonce, adele, britney, adele, RIhanna…and others.

    • Lax October 20, 2012

      @TRUTH TEA,,,,,Follow the Links and that global
      chart so you can see what happened at the end of
      each year and wait with the rest of your Low Life Friends to get Bytche SLAPPPED By Rih and Her Navy as soon as Her New Music Drops!!!!!

  48. monstarebel October 20, 2012

    If She sells that much her first week I’d be so happy….xoxo

  49. monstarebel October 20, 2012

    And wtf Taylor swifts numbers make everyone elses look pathetic

  50. Anyon October 20, 2012

    Remember Justin biebers sales predictions 500k he sold like 370k that’s Justin biebers rihanna will be lucky to scrape 200k and she’ll come in at #2 or #3

    • My hip, my back October 20, 2012

      your avi… really B****!!

    • Lax October 20, 2012

      Kind of like Beyonce’s Dad perdicted that Bey’s
      I Am Sasha fierce where Her dad Perdicted she’s sell about 1 million or rather 750-1 million and She sold 480 something less the She did With BDay….Its hard to tell about these things,,,

  51. A October 20, 2012

    I’ll wait and see.
    something tells me this is a labels move trying to push the album

    • Gilberto October 20, 2012

      I see a discount coming…

    • Lax October 20, 2012

      discounts are always good.

  52. RG2 October 20, 2012

    According to Chart News ‏@chartnews ON TWITTER:
    US album sales: @Beyonce, “Dangerously In Love” 4,846,664/ “B’Day” 3,300,000/ “I…Am Sasha Fierce” 2,900,000/ “4” 2,225 (1,259,523)
    TOTAL U.S SALES: 12,306,187

    US album sales: “Music of The Sun” 594,000/ “Girl Like Me” 1,330,000/ “Good Girl Gone Bad” 2,700,000/ “Rated R” 1,017,000/ “Loud” 1,954 (1,687,270)/ “Talk That Talk” 3,002 (1,017,918) by @Rihanna.
    TOTAL U.S ALBUM SALES: 8,346,188

    • RG2 October 20, 2012

      “4” STILL OUTSOLD “TTT”.

    • JOHNVIDAL October 20, 2012

      Both pathetic for supposed superstars with at least 4 albums each

      • Lax October 20, 2012

        And Rihanna’s GGGB is still selling and many of you would lie if the truth was choking your ass to death.
        The RIAA tells another truth to and about the sellls, bytces…

      • RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE BEY October 20, 2012

        this is not the 90’s …

    • Gilberto October 20, 2012

      RG2, Beyoncé’s IASF sales are innacurate. According to SoundScan, IASF has officially sold 2,988,375 in late December of 2011. It’s still selling over 1k per week, so it should be around 3,030,000 by now.
      Beyoncé’s catalog is so strong. IASF is selling like 100k per year in US!!! I want her to release an anniversary collection for DIL so it can sell over 5kk in US.

      • RG2 October 20, 2012

        Im sorry i posted what twitter had @chartnews

      • Lax October 22, 2012

        According to Global Charts
        For 2008 Beyonce million
        #7 2008 2.3 I Am Sasha Fierce

        For 2009 Beyonce
        #10 2009 3.2 million
        And I know that there are different Charts and different ways
        of keeping the Charts Counted and I Just FOUND MILLION
        of more Albums that BEYONCE has sold over what RG2
        has posted and I get’s CURSED out and told to Suck My Dead Dad’s Tool now ain’t that some Shyt….There’s even more to go to their counts Besides these Hard Copies for the year,,,GLOBAL CHARTS GOES BACK FOR 50 YEARS…

        This pass Week Charts for the Artist’s…

    • Lax October 20, 2012

      @RG2,,,, U R A lying sack of Shyt….

      • RG2 October 20, 2012

        No IM NOT B**** @chartnews on Twitter is backed by Nielsen Soundscan which keeps record of all album sales since 1990-Present. YOU JUST MAD I POSTED THE FACTS YOU S*** M***** F*****. GO HOME A STICK YOUR FATHERS DISEASE INFESTED C*** UP YOUR ASSHOLE AND DIE A EXCRUCIATING PAINFUL DEATH.

      • RG2 October 20, 2012


      • Lax October 22, 2012

        Global charts is Pass, Recent and Persent, Derry
        Use what you want to use i don’t give a f** just know that no matter how you slice it in Rihanna’s world things are real and not make belief just like yo ass is trying to up the charts and they are every where for yo M***** Ass to dissect… no matter how and where you get the number from a/h my number are as good If not better then yours and i will not be having this conversation on line with yo M***** ass any more, okay,,, and while I am talking Numbers check these numbers out and Stick them up ya ass,,,,
        All Time Charts,,,,,All Time Charts,,,FROM AS FAR BACK AS 2003 hating ass holes…
        #71 9,248,000 We Found Love
        #79 9,067,000 Love The Way…
        #95 8,614,000 Umbrella
        #152 7,568,000 Don’t Stop….
        #156 7,538,000 Only Girl
        #180 7,237,000 Disturbia

        Haters join the Others in the Basement on the floor
        and wait for Rih, Her Navy or Me to give a phuck about what yo HATEFUL ASSES THINKS…..

        Keep Passing Judgement on Her and by all means keep
        right on giving it your best shot to try to DISCREDIT HER!!!

      • Lax October 22, 2012

        @RG2 Show Me the proof that yo Number charts from Nielson/Soundscan which I keep up ,with also is Right and THE GLOBAL CHARTS WHICH HAS BEEN KEEPING CHARTS SINCE FOREVER IS ALL WRONG SOMEHOW….
        official charts company, and Others I keep check on AND besides that Who cares what chart as long as they are correct….

        AND SINCE I can read that I have caused yo weak ass to loose it, I See you or asking Me to go and Suck my dad off tell you what get Me a ticket from the Caribbeans and let Me come and Slob On yo daddy’s since Mine passed away many years Ago, Sweetie…

    • Lax October 21, 2012

      @RG2 Yo ass had better get with the program and go and Find the Global Charts and find out what they are seasoning Rihanna’s chart Casseroles with.

      • Lax October 22, 2012

        @Haters, Lames and Loosers….

  53. Beyonce’s Weave October 20, 2012

    I have to keep this 100%, the US Navy don’t really like to buy Riri’s albums, and with Nicki coming out in the same week, I doubt Rihanna will see another #1. She will however go on to scratch platinum and maybe double platinum if Island DefJam is not as shady this time as they were with Talk That Talk (which should have sold 4 to 5 million IMO if they had let her handle her single choices herself and let her release a video for TTT – Single). The US navy does this all the time, she opens with so so numbers but goes on to sell platinum or double platinum, I don’t expect anything different this time around.

    The International Navy on the other hand are the ones to rely on for Riri. They ensure her album goes on to sell 3 million plus. And if the album is good, I’m expecting to see LOUD figures thanks to the international navy. Rihanna always has good music on her albums, I cant wait to get my copy.

    • Benron (King Of The F****** Navy) October 20, 2012

      I disagree, U.S. navy bring it, the only place that does better is the U.k and thats because of her constant promo/discounts there. She is always unseen and unpromoted here.

    • Lax October 20, 2012

      Cosign You Beyonce’s weave,,,,these scabs always
      trying to raise Beyonce’s numbers with their lying asses.

    • RUDE NAVY October 20, 2012

      call me whatever , but i hate US NAVY , they are BS for real !! they only Liked LOUd and GGGB !! basic fans ➡

  54. HOL UP October 20, 2012

    Shoutouts to you guys whoo actually purchase albums instead of just stannin to start debates because you have no life if you really appreciate an artist buy their music why is taylor swift selling 900k and rihanna is barely touchin 300k yet she has all these stand why did beyonce struggle to sell a platinum album when shes alwys sold multiplatinum albums..because ppl are becoming lazy its not the economy thats b******* ppl r becoing lazy so the music is getting lazy theres no uality because why would record companies take so much time for us if we wont invest in it i love that brandy album she took time and really gave us a banger and she supposed to be sellin barely 70k smh its a shame what we as a ppl have become we can take 10 dollars to buy cigarettes alcohol weed and all this other stuff bt we cant support real artist we gotta do better

  55. Benron (King Of The F****** Navy) October 20, 2012

    Im crying real tears at who ya’ll think is going to beat Rihanna to number one.

    Nicki Minaj? With a stale re-release? Her single has not even made ti too the hot 100, it sucks and everyone hates it, if nobody bought her album the first time no one will do it a second. Her fans will take their limp wrist and somehow manage to buy all the new songs, not the album.

    Keyshia Cole? This girls label thinks she will only sell 98k, if your label only thinks you would sell 98k then you’re pretty much doomed.

    Kid RocK? POSSIBLY, but nobody is checking for him, he has no promo or hit and I basically forgot about his existance. His label predicts like 180k

    Ab/DC. No promo, no single, in fact they’re not even RELEASING AN ALBUM. Its a LIFE AUDIO TAPE FROM A TOUR OF AUSTRALIA in 2009, it will flop so hard.

    The charts will look like this.
    1-3 Rihanna, Taylor Swift and One direction (in whichever order)
    4.) Kid Rock
    8.) Keyshia Cole
    21.) Nicki Minaj
    50.) AB/DC
    68,790.) Beyonce

    • MC October 20, 2012

      You forgot Kelly Clarkson’s Greatest Hits and you are underestimating Kid Rock’s and AC/DC.

      • Benron (King Of The F****** Navy) October 20, 2012

        ABWhoever is releasing an australlian tour audio and Kid rock’s last album sold 180k. He has been forgotten. As for Kelly and Nicki? Re-released/ Greatest hits albums don’t usually sell THAT well. I predict Kelly: 110k and Nicki: 50k. What do you project for Rih?

      • MC October 20, 2012

        Considering no promo and absolute quietness coming from Rihanna&Co. I predict 150k-185k. Here is my reasoning:
        1. Nothing new in terms of music (usual change in hair color, style, talk about CB, controversy-her and CB getting back together-, mag. covers-Vogue- ,etc)
        2. We have only heard one song (without video)
        3. People are more concerned with her personal life (CB) than they are about he music
        4. No promo — (other than CB and Vogue)
        5. No clear direction of music (another TTT)
        6. Too much controversy around her (people tired of her antics — at least I am —)
        7. Where is the track-list for this album?
        8. How is this album different than any of her previous albums (is is emotional and honest like RR or trash like TTT?)

        I really think she’ll flop.

      • Benron (King Of The F****** Navy) October 20, 2012

        Trust me MC, this album will be very emotional I can feel it, She tweeted some lyrics and its going to be another Rated R. But possibly a little more pop freindly. I expect a lot of ballads.

      • MC October 20, 2012

        I’d rather listen to the songs and decide if its another Rater R or not, but if “Diamonds” is anthing to go by <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< "Russian Roulette + Rater R.

      • Lax October 20, 2012

        @MC keep holding yo breath for her to

      • MC October 20, 2012

        1. This was an A-B conversation between @Benron and I
        2. He asked me to predict Rihanna’s first week sales sales
        3. I gave my honest opinion and reasons for why I thought it would flop as I was asked by @Benron (not hating)
        4. If you don’t like my PERSONAL OPINION the you can go f*** off because clearly I wasn’t addressing you but you somehow inject yourself into everything
        5. STFU — no one cares about you or your co-signing-5000-million-comment-pointing-irrelevant-retarded-flaming-ass

      • Benron (King Of The F****** Navy) October 20, 2012

        @MC Eww A picture of some creepy guy came up with my name.

      • MC October 20, 2012

        What picture? Let me see!

      • Benron (King Of The F****** Navy) October 20, 2012

        Run your mouse over THIS @Benron its hillarious.

      • MC October 20, 2012

        LOL. Random white guy….according to the twitter page @MC = Matt Croydon. lol.

      • Benron (King Of The F****** Navy) October 20, 2012

        LMFAO! We have new identities! Use that to buy the LOUDTOURDVD!

      • Benron (King Of The F****** Navy) October 20, 2012

        @Mc Their WFL parody is funny too LOL!

      • Lax October 21, 2012

        @MC,,,,, Shut up Benron don’t mind Me sticking my
        2 cent into the Mix,,, If you know what you was doing then don’t sweat anything I say i am only a navy Officer Deery…

        @MC I must have posted on the wrong comment because you did not say you was waiting for Her to flop at all some one else said that MY BAD,,, I AM Just on Patrol and need some more rest away for awhile, thats all,,,,Carry on..

  56. Honey CHILD please October 20, 2012

    Humm if you look at it non of those b****** have anything on Tyler Swift. Her fan’s are not overly ghetto, and any where near ratchet as the Hoodhive, or Rihghetto…#, or Need a hit minaj…..#winning

    • Lax October 20, 2012

      Honey zip them up…..Stop being like the other two bit h*** most of the time you read like some one with a working brain!

  57. R****** Navy: Broke,Ugly & bitter October 20, 2012

    Actually all the posted sales figures for Beyonce are outdated, Billboard released an updated info on her sales.

    Beyonce has sold 13 million albums in the U.S., according to SoundScan. That’s in addition to 17.1 million in album sales that’s she logged as a member of Destiny’s Child.

    Here’s how her four solo studio albums have sold:

    4.9 million, “Dangerously in Love” (2003)
    3.3 million, “B’Day” (2006)
    3 million, “I Am … Sasha Fierce” (2008)
    1.3 million, “4” (2011)

    And, here are Beyonce’s top-selling digital songs:

    4,995,000, “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)” ( 5 platinum next week or the week after. )
    3,191,000, “Telephone” ( Lady Gaga featuring Beyonce)
    3,137,000, “Irreplaceable”
    3,123,000, “Halo”
    2,844,000, “If I Were a Boy” (I hope it will be the 3 plat one day.)
    1,691,000, “Sweet Dreams”
    1,597,000, “Crazy in Love” (featuring Jay-z)
    1,438,000, “Check on It” (featuring Slim Thug)
    1,350,000, “Beautiful Liar” (Beyonce & Shakira)
    1,037,000, “Diva”
    1 million (as of this week), “Best Thing I Never Had”


  58. Auntie_Jackie October 20, 2012

    I don’t see that for her, but it would be amazing. 275k the first week is impressive–a high bar. I actually think this album is going to be a flop in the long run. Rated R & Talk that Talk were her biggest disappointments, but Unapologetic might be an even bigger one because using the same tricks to sell her albums is just getting old. We’ll see!

    • MC October 20, 2012


    • Benron (King Of The F****** Navy) October 20, 2012

      “Rated R and #TTT were her biggest disapointments”?

      In which way? Artistically RATED R was her best and both outsold MOTS by a lot. What are you talking about!

    • Beyonce’s Weave October 20, 2012

      Both Rated R and TTT sold in excess of 3 million worldwide, how are they disappointments? And these figures are not even updated, they could have sold a lot more by now, especially seeing that TTT is still in the charts World-Wide.

      Both Rated R and TTT also had massive singles, Rated R had Rude Boy which was massive, TTT had We Found Love and Where Have you been, both massive. Singles are not given out for free BTW, They cost money, how are those era’s disappointments?

      Let’s also forget VEVO views earn an artist money, Rude Boy has in excess over 100 Million views, We Found Love has in excess over 100 million views, Where Have you been has in excess over 100 million views, You Da one has in excess over 80 million views, how is this disappointing? We have also not even touched on radio airplay and Pandora which has earned both era’s more and more dividends. They are not disappointments. The music industry has grown past only selling albums. Times have changed a lot.

      • Auntie_Jackie October 20, 2012

        @ LAX

        UK Navy is SUPER strong. I don’t know, she may have peaked with LOUD? Especially here in the states. Talk That Talk was disappointing because it had only one MONSTER hit. Rated R had only one, Rude Boy. Loud had several! GGGB was her best selling album and paved the way for her success now.

        Like I said, 275k would be amazing for her, she might even get a #1 this time, but I just don’t see her coming out of the gate like that.

      • Lax October 27, 2012

        @Auntie Jackie,,,,True auntie..

  59. FOLLOW ME @gdboyratedloud October 20, 2012

    I love how ppl on here are lying talking bout Keyshia Cole last album sold 180k in the first week LMFAO. It sold 128k Xmas week. LMFAO

    Stop lying to make Rihanna look bad. Its desperate.

    Keyshia Cole is no competition. The only reason Rihanna gets shade is because of her popularity. Look at Pink first getting a number one 10 years in the game. Yet, no one dragged her.

    • Lax October 20, 2012


  60. LoveIt October 20, 2012

    I don’t understand the fascinateion with Taylor Swift……I am a RiRi fan, she always have a nice variety on her albums.

  61. Lax October 20, 2012

    As far as I am Concerned every other Comment is NEGATIVE
    as hell and what I wish of u Hating Ho’s would do for
    Rih & Her Navy is hold yo breath for Her Music to Flop…..

  62. Lax October 20, 2012

    Haters Rih Keeps WINNNNNNNNNIN!!!!!
    RIHANNA EXCITEMENT*******************************************************
    Billboard crowned me #1 top 40 artist of the decade just 7 years into this!! Rihanna tweeted. “My fans just majorly s**t on ur existence. #HistoRIH.”

    Pink landed in second place, while Britney Spears followed at three and Kelly Clarkson at four.

    Katy Perry, Beyoncé, Lady GaGa and Chris Brown are among the other names to feature in Billboard’s Top 40 Pop Songs Chart artists of the past two decades.

    Earlier today, it was confirmed that Rihanna has overtaken Eminem to become the most-liked person on Facebook, with just under 62 million fans.

    Billboard Top Pop Songs Artists 1992-2012 Top 20:

    1. Rihanna
    2. Pink
    3. Britney Spears
    4. Kelly Clarkson
    5. Mariah Carey
    6. Katy Perry
    7. Usher
    8. Black Eyed Peas
    9. Janet Jackson
    10. Madonna
    11. Lady GaGa
    12. Christina Aguilera
    13. Justin Timberlake
    14. Nickelback
    15. Matchbox 20
    16. Beyoncé
    17. Backstreet Boys
    18. Jennifer Lopez
    19. Maroon 5
    20. Avril Lavigne
    Only small minded people are the main Ones who hates on Rihanna

    • GivingAwayFreeChairs _/_/_/ October 21, 2012

      What? _/

  63. Beyonce’s Weave October 20, 2012

    Amazing to see how many people want Rihanna to fail as if she is forcing them to listen to her music or buy her albums. You are checking for Rihanna because you want to check for her, she didn’t force you. She didn’t hold a gun to your head and tell you to check for her, nope you wanted to check for her.

    You call her music generic pop songs and yet you are the first ones to listen to them because you wanted to listen to them, she didn’t force you, you wanted to listen to her music and that’s why you listened to it.

    If you paid this much attention to your fav’s the way you pay attention to Rihanna, maybe they’d still have careers but otherwise, nope, you’re always checking for Rihanna, Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj like anyone forced you to.

  64. bibi93 October 20, 2012

    Good job Rihanna

  65. Lax October 20, 2012

    @BEYONCE WEAVE The more they hold their breath for Her to
    fail the stronger Shes going to spring back to the top of the

  66. Lax October 20, 2012

    They tries their best to try to ride….
    Rihanna’s Back like Rih is TRIGGER….and many from BHive Curses, slander, and throw all the Shyt they can pull from their ass along with their LIES at Rihanna trying their Damnest to try and make it stick and its bull shyt and they all know this,,,,simply Amazing coming from the BHive,,,would some one tell the BHive that Folks who live in Glass Houses should not throw Rocks,,,,

  67. Lax October 20, 2012

    They are ….
    always “Passing First Blood” and then when they get that booty TAPPPPPPED, they Scream like a bytch in Heat….

  68. Lax October 20, 2012

    I Am not trying to be this or that but We must post the FACTS from time to time and WHILE I know that Rihanna can not and will not Ever Win them all because to Me and the biggest/best that Rihanna’s NAVY has to offer do know this much and that is : Rihanna might not be at the top, but RIHANNA sure in the hell is in this game to keep doing the very best that she can do. And no amount of your name calling and nasety ass vile comments is going to stop or slow Rihanna down from her part that she is “Playing To The Hilts In The Game”, Bastards, Suckers, ass holes, naysayers, and Doubters,,,,

  69. Benron (King Of The F****** Navy) October 20, 2012

    Loud was Projected for 180k, as well as Rated R.

    Im curious as too why they think she will smash so hard.

    • Benron (King Of The F****** Navy) October 20, 2012

      ttt too!

    • MC October 20, 2012

      HYPE! (i.e “Loud” the next “Thriller”)

      • Benron (King Of The F****** Navy) October 20, 2012

        But Loud was projected to do 180k a day before the numbers came out.

        Why would they hype her up just to flop?

      • Benron (King Of The F****** Navy) October 20, 2012

        She could have killer promo ready!

      • MC October 20, 2012

        Benron, companies hype up EVERYTHING. Especially with superstars. I highly doubt Rihanna will have a “killer promo” this time around, I mean where is the video for her songs. Isn’t her album due like 1 month away? IDK the thinking behind it, but 275k is really high (considering even Loud and GGGB didn’t get anywhere near that — her best selling albums). Only time will tell.

      • Benron (King Of The F****** Navy) October 20, 2012

        Im not gettign my hopes up, we don’t even have a video yet. WFL video came Oct. 19th, now she has not even announced one for diamonds. She might be skipping out on one again, I think her label really might not be funding her. No buzz, announcement or anything. Im scared for her numers, I feel like she actually might flop so hard. *Gulps*

    • Auntie_Jackie October 20, 2012


      That’s Why. And that fast selling ‘Diamonds’?

      • Benron (King Of The F****** Navy) October 20, 2012


  70. Dollar$ign$kills October 21, 2012

    I honestly expect Bruno & Rihanna to do worse. I just dont see them pulling over 200K on their 1st week sales. I predict higher figures from Ke$ha

  71. Lax October 27, 2012

    Keep right on pushing Rih the sky is Trully the limit.

  72. riandbeyfan November 2, 2012

    I really don’t get why beyonce was brought up and fans are comparing who is bigger worldwide. does it really matter? They’re both two of the biggest stars in the industry who don’t seem to hate each other so there’s no reasons for their fans too! They’re both selling huge amounts of albums and singles whether its in the US, UK, Japan, Australia etc. Just be grateful that they’re both selling great and popular unlike other artists who are struggling to stay signed.

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