New Song: Alicia Keys – ‘Unlock Yourself’

Published: Friday 26th Oct 2012 by David


Alicia Keys is in the giving mood.

Yes, tonight saw the gifted vocalist share a brand spanking new cut ‘Unlock Yourself’, pulled from her new app- The Journals Of Mama Mae and LeeLee,  now available for both iPhones and iPads.

So, before she releases her forthcoming album ‘Girl On Fire’, ‘Unlock Yourself’ below…

‘Mama Mae & LeeLee’ allows fans to play music, create journals and get up to all kinds of creative trouble in the latter’s interactive room.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Joseph Vryheid October 26, 2012

    She was channeling Mariah, BIG TIME.

    It was ok. Not her best, not her worst.

    And it won’t be the album, so that’s all that matters.

    • Jasmine October 28, 2012

      I agree. All she does is scream on every song released lately. That does not work because she has no vocal range and can only carry a tune. That other song “Girl on Fire” was almost unbearable for me to listen to because she is screaming through the entire song and off-key the entire song.

    • TinaMinaj October 29, 2012

      People are just not feeling her new material at all…And then there’s the percentage of people who have realised just how shady she is….just look at her cutting nicki from the video when nicki has helped the sng ALOT!!

  2. Humberto October 26, 2012

    The lyrics are soooooooooo cliché. The song is boring as hell.

    The video is GREAT tho…

  3. Monstarebel October 26, 2012


  4. NEVER THAT SERIOUS October 26, 2012

    YAWN….She better get another solo top 10 hit soonest or she will be considered a has-been…..Yes,she hasn’t had a solo top 10 hit since No One (5 yrs ago)

  5. HALF AMAZIN October 26, 2012

    *Yawn*…..Alicia hasn’t been the same since “Diary…” You need Kerry back. This is a mess!

    • lol October 26, 2012

      Alicia & Kerry is still a team. Stop speaking on what you don’t know.

  6. JuanR October 26, 2012

    Nice one. But just 2 minutes? And I want to hear a live version of this falsetto! lol

  7. Boss October 26, 2012


  8. MC October 26, 2012

    Quite frankly, this song is dry, boring, and her voice is raspy and struggling. I was waiting for a song that would pull me towards this album, but this song didn’t do that. I like the lyrics of this song though. Best of luck to Alicia.

    • JOHNVIDAL October 26, 2012

      It´s not for the album

      • MC October 26, 2012

        No, I am saying I have yet to pulled in by a song (other than New Day) towards this album and this song isn’t helping regardless of whether its on the album or not.

  9. Fashionable Jewelry October 26, 2012

    Beautiful Song. She would of looked great with some of the accessories from here.

    liasophia (dot) com/angelinegabriel

  10. Lioha October 26, 2012

    What is wrong with her voice?(((
    sounds so constrained and hoarse

  11. Gilberto October 26, 2012

    Horrible vocals. She sounds like a f****** cat being struggled. Urgh! WTH? There is no motherfucking way of her singing this live. NEVER. She couldn’t even deliver good vocals on studio let alone on stage… I can’t wait to see it, it’s going to be hilarious. * grab my popcorn *

  12. lol October 26, 2012

    Nice song Alicia. You are one artist that’s not going anywhere ppl love you. I wish they stop posting ur good music on these ghetto Blogs! With these D List followers.

  13. Die October 26, 2012

    It is a positive song to help children express themselves through journal entry and explore new cultures and sounds of different backgrounds.

    Most people are just are very bright. It is meant for children ages 6 -12 with more intelligence than most who post here.

  14. The real xoxo October 26, 2012

    Love this!!!

  15. Dre October 26, 2012

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    • MC October 26, 2012

      I love your avi

      • IKing821 October 26, 2012

        Thank u!!…Now go follow!!!!

  16. DOSSOME October 26, 2012

    I won’t judge it since it isn’t for her album BUT i miss the alicia that made beautiful piano ballads…plz ms.keys,stay away the heavy drum machines that do nothing to your music.

    • MC October 26, 2012

      I agree. I really appreciate her efforts and her strive to do some good. Although I like the lyrics to this song, I am waiting for Alicia from “Songs in a minor” and “The diary of A.Keys”

  17. STR8FACTS October 26, 2012

    this 2 minute song is beautiful and it reminds me of her ‘As I Am’ days. The fact that all of you are here saying ‘yawn’ and ‘boring’ shows so much and is pretty much why your favorite artists are struggling today. Because this isn’t some dance, techno, electro mess or a booty shaking gum popping anthem you won’t give it a chance. This song gives me more than ‘Girl on Fire’ and ‘New Day’. I love this type of A. Keys music, it has so much more substance and her vocals sound better like this. It wasn’t supposed to be an album cut BTW so you guys can relax.

  18. best performer alive October 26, 2012

    I fear this album will not do as well. She is just not releasing songs that u want to listen to more than once.

    Cmon Alicia….. Where is the old Alicia. I miss the Songs in A Minor & Diary of Alicia Keys era.

  19. Twhist October 26, 2012


  20. Renee October 26, 2012

    You can tell that the musically challenged are commenting on this post. I guess when you are accustomed to listening to trash 24/7 you have no clue what good music sounds like. SMDH!!!!!

  21. Todd October 27, 2012


  22. DanielJ October 28, 2012

    Unfortunately, her voice hasn’t sounded good since her first two albums. Always very hoarse and struggles. Her song writing is phenomenal, however I haven’t heard a lot of recent tracks that really sound on the same level of Songs in A Minor. And—what’s with her only playing the piano briefly during performances?

  23. nigelahmad October 28, 2012

    I havent been feeling her music since “As I Am”
    Idk with this new album it sounds like she is singing to her child..which isnt a bad thing, but it’s not good for an album. IDK what im saying lol

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