Confirmed: Natina Reed (From Group Blaque) Killed

Published: Saturday 27th Oct 2012 by David

In news that can only be deemed the most tragic of tragic, various sources are confirming that singer Natina Reed from R&B group Blaque (center) was killed in Atlanta late last night (October 26th).

Details remain sketchy at present, however a number of notable Atlanta figures state that Reed died after being hit by a car as she crossed the street. The car in question is said to have then sped off.

Reid, who is survived by 10 year old son Tren Brown (whose father is rapper Kurupt), was just 32.

The tragedy will see many look to the untimely passing of TLC’s Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes – who many will remember championed Blaque upon their debut in the late 90’s. Lopes died, aged 30, in a car accident in 2002.

Tomorrow would have been Reid’s 33rd birthday.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Natina’s family and friends.



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  1. damn October 27, 2012

    R.i.P – I hope the family is able to come out of this situation. may god bless them amen

    • Atlanta$$$$B****** October 27, 2012

      I knew this b**** in real life, and she was on welfare.

      • RG2 October 27, 2012

        your heartless calling a dead woman a b****.

      • Mi Mi January 25, 2015

        U must have been at the welfare office with her , just waitin to hate, instead of telling her how u feel about her to her face while she was alive, u wait till she dead now u swoopin in the attack just like a Vulture , what a true COWARD U r , u wack shill B****

    • michele willis October 28, 2012

      So what does that have to do with the price of tea in China?

  2. TC October 27, 2012

    How tragic. Blaque was always an underrated group given Natina’s spunk and charisma. Our hearts and prayers are with her and her family, and for Shamari & Brandi.

  3. LegendTina The Goddess October 27, 2012

    Prayers to her family and son! Thats crazy 🙁

  4. Viciousss October 27, 2012

    Oh my God…I was just listening to their music on YouTube. They were one of the groups of my childhood. I’m more mad she seemed to have her life together, didn’t end up living trashy on drugs, had a family and was minding her business only to have this happen.

    Smh, I’m sure it will come out that the person was drunk or on drugs.

    R.I.P. To her…God bless to her family and especially to her son.

  5. IOTA October 27, 2012

    I am hoping that this is not true 🙁 so sad

  6. bede October 27, 2012


    • sisa sly October 29, 2012

      how is she a legend? how?

      • an0nymus June 22, 2013

        She is a LEGEND to many because of her contribution not only to music but also in movies.

        You may not have listened to their music, but a lot of others did, so pay a little respect and keep your negative opinions to yourself…As your mama should have taught you,”If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all”.

  7. Lady M October 27, 2012

    So sad to hear that she passed and in such a violent way. I feel the most sorry for her son. Prayers and thoughts go out to her family. And then she passed the day before her birthday so sad R.I.P Natina Reed

  8. BrealK October 27, 2012

    So sad. Rest with the angels. I pray for her family, especially her young son. The driver need to come forward. I hope there was at least one witness that can give a good lead.

  9. GivingAwayFreeChairs _/_/_/ October 27, 2012

    R.I.P! Terribly sad! U were the little cocky one along side gabrielle Union in the Movie Bring It On! Me and my brothers liked u, and her.ha! I hate this happened….

    • GivingAwayFreeChairs _/_/_/ October 27, 2012

      Yo, I hope they find the idiot responsible. smh!

  10. CURLY SUE October 27, 2012

    Why post unconfirmed info? I hope this isn’t true!

  11. MC October 27, 2012

    I am not too familiar with them, but still its a tragic event to take place. This is really sad. RIP Natina Reed and condolences to her kid and family. Tomorrow would have been her birthday 🙁 May God be with her family.

    • wrinkle flop ora October 27, 2012

      They were dope. Much better than the s*** that is out now. Even had a cute song with N sync

  12. MISHKA October 27, 2012

    Sad news, gone too soon. RIP

    My favorite song by BLAQUE was “As if”.

    PS: “Unconfirmed” means sh+t, TGJ. Her wikipedia page has been updated already.

  13. GAslickmouf October 27, 2012


    I blame the foxy one

    Foxy Brown!.

    Its sad to any death. But R.I.P.

  14. Robert October 27, 2012

    So sad… I immediately thought about TLC (Left Eye) because Blaque looked up to them as Idols and they were mentors for them. Especially Left Eye. For both of them (hoping its not true in Natina’s case) to die tragically in car accidents is beyond… I don’t know. It’s just sad and tragic. I loved them when they first came out and till this very day. Very talented group. Honestly… better than TLC but they never got that shine or credit they deserved. They had potential to be one of the biggest female groups of all time.

  15. yeah October 27, 2012

    omg I know left eye’s mom is shaking right now it was her younger half sister that’s why she promoted the group heavily.

    • CURLY SUE October 27, 2012

      Ummm no she wasn’t… but RIP to her 🙁 so sad that both her and her mentor died in automobile accidents 🙁

  16. FAF October 27, 2012

    Damn I was Hoping it was Nicki Miniaj Tragic death….

    • Sleazy October 27, 2012

      Lil kim stans like you will rot in hell a new low for you guys #disgusted

      • FAF October 27, 2012

        shut the f*** up may your mom decay in Hell while licking rotten P**** c*** juice God damn N*****

  17. wrinkle flop ora October 27, 2012

    She was beautiful and talented too. Pray, people. We need god

    • Quetta October 27, 2012

      You spelled, God wrong. NEVER put a lowercase g. He’s not a fake god.

      • WRINKLE FLOP ORA October 27, 2012

        Shut the F*** up!!!!! god god god god god!!!!

      • Kenneth August 29, 2013

        Okay, thank you. Someone please exhibit SOME class. For crying out loud. There’s nothing funny about someone passing away. Quetta, you are intelligent. Wrinkle Flop Ora or whoever you are, you really shouldn’t use the Lord’s name; especially if you don’t even know that God is personal pronoun. It is His name. Don’t ever forget that!!!

  18. Quetta October 27, 2012

    I loved her in bring it on. I pray that they find the person who did this. #RIP at least she would be able to spend her bday in paradise.

    • FAF October 27, 2012

      she gone to Hell buddy, the bible says without holiness no man shall see the lord

      • CIRENJ October 27, 2012


      • GivingAwayFreeChairs _/_/_/ October 27, 2012

        You are sick! You don’t even deserve a seat!

  19. number1k9 October 27, 2012

    This is such sad news.

    Blaque was like my favorite group from childhood. I always wanted them to reunite and release an official followup album that got a U.S. release.

    How sad. RIP Natina, now you get to be with Left Eye. Feel bad for her son.

  20. B_STANNING(BEY STAY WINNING) October 27, 2012

    So very sad especially for her son. What is this world coming to? I pray the person who did this is found.


  21. OprahsProdigy October 27, 2012

    Very sad news! My condolences to her family and friends.

    Side note – What’s odd is that this article reads almost WORD FOR WORD as another larger site that posted it first. TGJ — We wouldn’t be plagiarizing at a time of grieving, would we?

  22. antertain October 27, 2012

    Oh gosh what a shame

  23. mobwife October 27, 2012

    Oh yeah, I remember them from back in the day. They were pretty good! The lead singer had a nice vocie IMO. They were being groomed by Left Eye to model TLC. Natina was consdered o be “baby” Left Eye. I think she is the one who was in a bitter “FEEMC” War with Foxy Brown over Kurupt who I believe left Fox to date and/or marry Natina……0_o??……. It was “D-List hood news” but I remember the bantering i.e. “jawin”!

    Anywho, this is terrible news! I feel bad for her family and friends especially her son! My God rest her soul and hold her son close!!

  24. Lax October 27, 2012

    Such sad NEWS,,,,,may God keep lifting the
    Family up in hard times like these she was you young
    Time does heal all wounds but this loss hurts and the
    Feeling I have is just as real as if some one in Our Family
    Passed On!

  25. PrettigurlrockD Bitchess October 27, 2012

    Thats sad. She was funny as hell in that movie bring it on. Smh.

  26. im going to upset yall October 27, 2012

    WHO? im sorry for her family and friends,
    but dont act like y’all never googled.

    • Kenneth August 29, 2013

      How can YOU be the judge of who is going to heaven or hell? Refer to your own comment; that’s if you know anything about the Lord.

    • Kenneth August 29, 2013

      IM GOING TO UPSET YALL; Boy or Girl; please get a life, get some friends. You obviously have nothing else to do but see how you can get attention. They have reality shows, even blogs where you can state some of your small absent-minded comments. Keep them to yourself in a time of grief. I can tell that you’re young too. So sad. You have so much of your life ahead of you. Oh….how can I tell that you’re young? Do the mental math, Baby. If and whenever I want to know how old someone is; I just wait and listen to them talk. Or in your case; just see what they post.

  27. MaZ October 27, 2012

    R.I.P Natina. This so sad and crazy at the same time.

    She was the rapper of the group like her mentor Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopez.

    Who died around the same age and with a car involved in their death. 10 years later…Crazy!

    Story is repeating over again…

  28. Cocobutta October 27, 2012

    Plays BOOM like an 808

    R.I.P Natina

    Would’ve been nice for Natina, Brandi & Shamari to re-group as I really liked Blaque (aka Blaque Ivory) & left eyes vision for them. They broke up way too soon (for various reasons)

    • ME SO HORNY!!!! October 27, 2012

      who cares!

  29. bam bam October 27, 2012

    Listening to 808…RIP

  30. CIRENJ October 27, 2012

    I take it back, maybe her stank p**** is burning in Hell, sorry FAF!!!

  31. ME SO HORNY!!!! October 27, 2012


  32. ri ri 4 ever October 27, 2012

    r.i.p broke b****

  33. Gulliver’s N**** Travels October 27, 2012

    Burn in Hell with Left eye, Whitney, Michael, Aaliyah, Biggie, 2pac, and all them Golden Calf Idols!!!!!!

  34. Atlanta$$$$B****** October 27, 2012

    This b**** was with the Illuminati….she had a phat ass p**** tho!!!!! Hope she like roasted c***, cuz dis H** is a burning sensation right about now.

  35. danny b October 27, 2012

    The parallels between her and Left Eye in this situation are bit shocking. They both died by a car. They both were in their early 30s. And Natina was seen as the “Left Eye” of Blaque pretty much. Left Eye died in 2002. 10 years later Natina is killed. This is ridiculously saddening. Prayers to her family and her on. :'(

    • Google me H*** October 27, 2012

      hey you! shut theeeee f*** up, this b**** was bi-polar

      • danny b October 27, 2012

        obviously you’re the bi-polar b****. Maybe you shouldve been the one to get hit by a car instead of her. insensitive c***.

  36. SHARON October 27, 2012

    R.I.P. God Bless her family and loved ones. @)–,–

  37. Pucci October 27, 2012

    I’m not surprised by the negativity… Most you aren’t even of age to drink let alone to have and show an amount of compassion for someone who has lost their life.

    R.I.P Natina, I’m Good was my jam!

  38. bibi93 October 27, 2012


  39. RG2 October 27, 2012


  40. The Joker October 27, 2012


    • Google me H*** October 28, 2012

      NO talent B****!!!!! me too

    • Mi Mi January 25, 2015

      That’s because ur a devil worshipping Coward Shill.

    • Mi Mi January 25, 2015

      Because ur a troll, COWARD

  41. class of fitness October 28, 2012

    This is very shocking, now you might see things of blaque that you never have seen before?

  42. money bags February 16, 2013

    f*** that b**** i think the world is a better place with out her i could give a f*** less about her

    • Mi Mi January 25, 2015

      Ur a satanic COWARD

  43. London February 24, 2013

    Ure a f****** asshole .. Ure life here on earth is useless .. And u shouldn’t have even been Even a creation between ure parents to be the selfless worthless uncaring person u r … What a Shame .. I guess god made u an example of filth .. So thank u for making converse with god about a waste iof humanity like u

  44. Mi Mi January 25, 2015

    Shills! Anyway I’m still trying to figure this 1 out, especially because of her sister Niesha Reed Stevens death 10 months or so later , still looking 4 the cause of death on Niesha but it’s been 2 year’s later & can’t find any ……. ( blood sacrifice? ? IDK) but i truly hope all the details will come out and that Natina & Niesha can Rest In Peace. ♡

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