From The Vault: Shakira – ‘Hips Don’t Lie (ft. Wyclef Jean)’

Published: Sunday 21st Oct 2012 by David

Alongside  the likes of Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce, mom-to-be Shakira has played a major part in celebrating curvier figures and showing the world that you don’t have to look like a stick-thin Calvin Klein model to be beautiful or successful.

The latin stunner’s 2006 triumph ‘Hips Don’t Lie’, again a reference to her flawless body, is this week From The Vault pick.
Featuring Fugees maestro Wyclef Jean, ‘Hips’ was also helmed by him, Jerry Wonda and saw Shakira herself act as a co-producer as well. The second single from her 2005 English sophomore LP ‘Oral Fixation Vol.2’, the Columbia-meets reggaeton track achieved phenomenal success securing a Top 10 status everywhere it has charted and topping the Singles tally in of over 25 countries including the US (her very first), the UK, Australia, Japan and France. It is among the biggest-selling digital singles of the last decade with sales of over 10 million.
Being a Shakira single, you already know the accompanying visual for such a colorful song will be the business, right? Right! Capturing the essence of Colombian culture, the Sophie Muller directed piece sees the future  ‘Voice’ judge yet again showcasing awesome choreography in a carnival-like setting complete with traditional clothing, all the while Wyclef and his wingmen desperately vie to get her attention.
The gem was nominated for seven moon-men at the 2006 VMA’s and eventually won the ‘Best Choreography’ award. And with good reason too.
With Shakira set to start her most demanding task yet – as a mother, we sincerely hope that when the time has come for her to get back to her what we love her for, she’ll come back to such brilliance as this right here. For while her last English effort ‘She Wolf’ boasted select moments of brilliance, it housed nothing as instant as ‘Hips’. As this song and her world-cup anthem ‘Waka Waka’ proved, Ms. Mebarak has an ability to deliver ‘exotic music’ which appeals to everybody without ever being cheesy.
Put simply, Shakira, we’re ready, whenever, wherever!

Your thoughts?

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  1. The-Truth October 21, 2012

    you guys recently did whenever wherever. Get more creative

  2. NEVER THAT SERIOUS October 21, 2012

    WAIT!!!Don’t go using Shakira and JLo to excuse Beyonce’s apparent weight gain (see below)…Anyway,i loved this video and song too…

    • Virtuoso Intellect October 21, 2012

      You’re either stupid or deliberately trying to be messy. Less than 10 comments in and we already have wasps making this yet another post about Beyonce. Tripe

  3. MC October 21, 2012

    This song was my Jam! I love Shakira.

  4. Gilberto October 21, 2012

    This song still sounds good after all these years. This is what I call CLASSIC. I’m still jamming to She Wolf, this album is the s***!

  5. JuanR October 21, 2012

    Shakira is so beautiful and talented and she is one of the biggest stars on this planet and I don’t know why she is so underrated in the USA and sometimes even in the UK.

    Her latest SPANISH album ‘Sale El Sol’ (2010) sold more than 4 million copies worldwide.
    The first single ‘Loca’ reached #1 in more than 33 countries and has sold more than 5 million copies worldwide to date.

    So I can’t wait for her new album.
    And watching her on The Voice will be great too!

  6. monstarebel October 21, 2012

    This is one of my favs from her

  7. michael October 21, 2012

    This my jam right here. She’s a talented songwriter/producer. She wolf was so underrated that was a good song and that alumb was good. Forbidden Fruits by isiah hurts available on

  8. Benron (King Of The F****** Navy) October 21, 2012

    @Gilberto is right, this song is classic.

    And don’t even get me started on “curvy figures”. Shakira is not stick skin, she is curvy, same for Jlo, Beyonce, Rihanna and he-ara.

    However, since white females are known to have no curves (in comparison to other girls) unless they’re 200+ pounds they don’t have any. So they have celebrated tcalling people like Minka Kelly and Christina aguileria “curvy”, when in actuallyity, the term is overweight.

    • MC October 21, 2012

      Rihanna is NOT curvy. Curvy = boobs, ass, flat stomachache (i.e. J-lo, Beyonce, etc). Rihanna is a model figure – not curvy. -___-

      • Benron (King Of The F****** Navy) October 21, 2012

        Rihanna has all that except the boobs (lol). Thick legs, abs, curvy hips, and she is pretty thick if you get a good look at her. As for ass, the has one but its not going to make your jay drop like J-lo.And Beyonce is much skinnier and shorter than Rih.

        ALSO GUESS WHAT. The RATED R vibes continue for Rih, the RUSSIAN ROULETTE video director is filming #Diamonds today. 😛 Its Rated R 2.0

      • MC October 21, 2012

        Rihanna doesn’t have an ass or boobs. She is model thin and there is nothing wrong with that. Rihanna has never been thick or curvy; she has always model figure (thin, tall, small boobs, and flat/small ass, etc).

        “The RATED R vibes continue for Rih, the RUSSIAN ROULETTE video director is filming #Diamonds today.” -__- I hope the video is good, but I am still doubting Rated R 2.0…..I see you are working hard to convince me to be on board with this album.

      • Benron (King Of The F****** Navy) October 21, 2012

        Im working harder then Def Jam.

      • Benron (King Of The F****** Navy) October 21, 2012

        Rihanna has always been thick! She is not that skinny, she was breifly skinny from like Jan-Mar. but she isn’t really anymore. She used to be thicker, but she is still kinda thick.

      • MC October 21, 2012

        Benron she has never been thick. The words thick and curvy are created for women who are robust in all the right place. Neither of these words describe Rihanna. JS

      • Benron (King Of The F****** Navy) October 21, 2012

        And Im telling you, Rihanna was during the Loud Era, she is 140+ pounds, as opposed to models usual 90. She lost weight and then gained some back so now she is kinda skinny.

      • Benron (King Of The F****** Navy) October 21, 2012

        I guess he isn’t thick anywhere but her legs, I still think she is s***.

    • Benron (King Of The F****** Navy) October 21, 2012

      Lol, right now Im in twitta jail for rt some of the NINETY THREE MENTIONS THE BEYHIVE SENT ME FOR CALLING BEY A S***!

      • MC October 21, 2012

        I don’t have a twitter but whats your twitter name err address or whatever?

      • Benron (King Of The F****** Navy) October 21, 2012

        @BenronOfficial I can’t tweet though when you’re in twitter jail you’re not allowed to tweet cuz you’ve tweeted too much.

      • MC October 21, 2012

        1. Your Rihanna background is so slutty 😉
        2. You tweet a lot!
        3. I love your little description bio (totally fits my perception of you)
        4. Is your photo (avi) Photoshopped? Your hair is blue and your lips are pink!
        5. You’re growing your hair out?
        6. You’re tall? I can tell from your face and neck (lol I am a creep)
        7. Damn! I see your inhaling all of the oxygen in the world with that nose! (JK!!!) — I don’t care for people’s looks so….it does matter to me.
        8. What does it feel like having a big ass nose?
        9. I can totally tell your Ethiopian/half-Ethiopian even if you didn’t tell me.

      • MC October 21, 2012

        These damn stans are so mean to you ;( I would help you out if I was on twitter.

      • Benron (King Of The F****** Navy) October 21, 2012

        1.) I told you she was thick!
        2.) Yup! Im bored today!
        3.) LMFAO!
        4.) I edited the lights which made my lips look pink and played with some colors to change my hair blue. Other than that all I did was airbrush lol.
        5.) This year I have a plan. I am going to gain weight and muscle, plus grow my hair out into twists/dreadlocks. I stated over since then and now have a bit less hair, my sister is urging me to start over because she hates my hair.
        6.) Girl, what are you even talking about I am 14 and Im like 5’6 LMAO, The picture is wider than before when I took it. (I was bored editing and I’ve been trying to gai nweigh, I don’t like being smaller. Im not too skinny, but Im pretty small. Im like 5’6 and weight 100-125 pounds, closer to the higer number probably.)
        7.)/8.) My nose isn’t shaped like that, since I edited the photo You can’t tell Im scrhunching up my face. My nose is pretty big though (not very ethiopian.) I’d say its slightly bigger than My fave Rih’s. (People say its huge, but I barely notice cuz my mother (Jamacian) has an even bigger one.)
        9.) How? LMFAO! Is it the things I tried to photoshop from under my eyes?

        You should make a twitter LOL, and now Im curious to see what you look like now that you’re observing me like a detecetive.

        And the stans are so funny, I got over a hundred tweets for saying Beyonce was a s***. They’re so funny they think I care I was laughing with those c****. Arguing with me about pointless Rihanan stuff and editing her stats. Lol She went from 217 awards to 78 and 85 million records to 20 because they changed it.


      • MC October 21, 2012

        1. -__- You are stubborn and so am I…..we make an in-pairable match (I’m a Libra and you’re a Scorpio (Nov 3) -__-)
        2. Nothing wrong with an active online life lol
        3. 😉
        4. I thought so.
        5. Ahh, the plan of every high school boy: to become muscular, taller, faster, more attractive, etc (keep me updated!) — go through with your plan but don’t try to hard, be yourself (even if it means being a skinny-small guy 🙂 )
        6. I’m 5’6” too! ( You looked taller for some reason)
        7/8. Yeah, Ethiopians tend to have smaller shaped noses and distinct faces from the rest of Africa. (My mom has a big nose too….not too big)

        Maybe someday I’ll make a twitter and share my pic….I’ll just describe myself (I’m 16, 5’6″ – 110Ibs, etc). I hated crazy stans.

      • Benron (King Of The F****** Navy) October 21, 2012


        You din’t say why I look eithiopian (My dad says I look just like his dad who dies like 40 years ago). And remember you haven’t see the half of my stubborness, I like you so I tone it down but even though I’ve gotten better I am very blunt, abrasive and rude. I have so much attitude I can cuss you out in a hot flash and not feel bad about it at all.

        Im not puny, But Im not big either, its not even for muscles, I just don’t like the longer face look. And aww you remembered my birthday, when is yours LOL? You’re very hotheaded aswell so its really funny, I feel like if we were around each other 24/7 eventually we would cuss each other out and hate one another lol.

      • MC October 21, 2012

        1. Its not to hard to tell an Ethiopian apart from others. I guess your skin tone and long face (I have a long face too!…I think) You just have that Ethiopian look….to me. My dad say I look like my grandfather too (he’s also dead — its a compliment since he was a good looking, serious man)
        2. I can imagine. Remeber when I was new to this site? I cussed you out on more than 1 occasion. I could have sworn you were the worst perosn on the earth, but then we found a common ground 🙂
        3. I have never cussed anyone out. I don’t need to. I am respectful towards people and embrance everyone. If you’re nice to me, I’ll be 2 x nice back to you, however, if you’re a b**** to me I’ll be an even bigger b**** to you. I am loyal, honest, and friendly but the moment you betray me, you’ll have to find an exit route to escape me. I have never cussed anyone out….my words cut without the use of profanity (I have recepts….the guy who used to live with us left our house after what I did to him……he actually left the state…….yeah….I think I was a little to harsh…..maybe)
        4. I understand the long face struggle….I have a long face to (or so I think). Long-faced people unite!
        5. I remeber people’s stuff (B’days, favorite color, favorite books, things of that nature…..) My B’day was on Septemeber 27th…..I told you this on another post (alongw with my name……)
        6. So, you picked up on my hotheaded-rash-responsible-ordinary-carzy personality? It’s weird becasue I am a responsible, clam person but I am also hotheaded, stubborn, strong-willed, dominating, hate-being wrong, and a know-it-all sometimes (I try not to be though)
        7. If we were around each other 24/7 I think one of us will die (you….while you’re sleeping…..). I don’t like being wrong, I am subborn, strong-willed, at times dominating, etc…..

      • Benron (King Of The F****** Navy) October 21, 2012

        1.) Now that you mentioned it all my ethiopian relatives (few of the mare here in the U.S.) have long faces.
        2.) When you were new I was pretty much new aswell so it was funny, I thought you were just like Johnvidal, who comes of as pretentious but I realized you were kinda funny and started replying to your posts!
        3.)I get the phrase “cuss out” from my friends Jamehl, (he is from Jamacia). I dont really mean Swearing at someone but just yelling at them or tellign them off.
        4.) *Does the Dragon ball Z fusion dance with you* (Please tell me you know that show? (dragon ball))
        5.) Happy belated Birthday, I feel bad for not knowing! YUCK, i suck!
        6.) Im the same as you except I am TERRIBLY unorganized .I get it from my cousins (Jamacian) to be so strong-willed and hate being wrong. I love to take leadership roles and if Someone else s chosen for them I will be the bittter guy criticing everything they do. I also sarcastically poke fun at people ALLLLLLLL The time, and am not afraid to go in on someine if it loosk like they need to be put in check. Some people find it mean but I don’t care, I dont do it if people dont like it!
        7.) Thanks for killing me in my sleep, I appreciate it, the pain of dying would suck. I hate being wrong, if my school had a debate team I would be on it and definitely win every match. Are you ethiopian orthodox? (Im SDA but I most ethiopians are Orthodox.)

        And happy bealted ethiopian new year (from like sep.6th lol). And Yi’qirta (whatever that means)

      • MC October 21, 2012

        1. I have no direct relative in the U.S. (so sad…but I live in an Ethiopian community so its not too bad). Ethiopians do have long faces.
        2. I like John, he’s just a person with really high quality taste and into legendary stuff (I can relate). I did think you were funny but my dislike for you was pretty overpowering….
        3. I don;t generally “tell people off” in real life either….I don’t attack without being attacked (in real life)
        4. I know the show, but I don’t watch it……I don’t watch TV…I used to watch Grey’s Anatomy religiously until Lexie died last season…..I haven’t watched the new season.
        5. Aww, thanks! Its okay, I told you my b’day and name a couple of weeks ago….
        6.Lol. I am organized and tidy, especially for school work, I tend to be the leader as well; if someone else is chosen, I’ll try to work under them but if they are doing a terrible job, then I’ll appoint myself leader….I’m not a sarcastic person, I just tell it like it is ~ in a nice way (for the people that I like); I’ll tell you in a bitchy way if I didn’t like you. I like making people people comfortable around me and its physically hard for me seeing others in pain.. I’ll fight for my morals and principles if I need to.
        7. I am a physically weak person (no really! I think an 8 year old can beat me up….that weak), so killing you asleep is more for me than you. I also hating going throw pain and hate it when people go through pain over me…..OMG! I was in debate a years (9th grade) ~ Its not as easy as you think! It requires lots of research, case study, evidence, etc…..I was a Lincoln-Douglas debater and I was awarded metal with high 120 speaker points and was a metro-finalist for y county. I also had the privilege of helping host the annual Nationals debate in the USA in Washington, Dc Marriott Hotel that same Debate is like another class….it takes time and [patients. year.

        I am an Eastern Orthodox (went to church today)

        “Yi’qirta” it meas sorry……and its okay ;). Sorry for these long as paragraphs 🙁

      • Benron (King Of The F****** Navy) October 21, 2012

        1.) The telling people off and sarcasm is what I get from my Jamacian mother, Jamacains are so sarcastic some people can not even bear it it is hillarious and I got it from her.
        2.) Dragon ball (not Z) is the show!!!!!!
        3.)I think Im stubborn in a different way then you, Im generally positive but Im so irritable sometimes I get into funk when you can;t tell me anything.
        4.) I didn’t know what It meant, s I gues Yi’qirta for using it in the wrong way
        5.) Rih and the Russian roulette director are filming a vieo, she got a new hair style and is wearing a long classy dress!
        6.) Just so you know Im not as outspoken IRL till I get comfortable, which can take a long time. I do not act like here and run around tlakign about how Rihanna is the next Messiah and wil raise all the RastafaRIHs up to heaven via rapture to others. Im pretty chill about it. But when I buy unapologetic and the Loudtourdvd All my freind will be forced to hear about it all through december lol!

      • Benron (King Of The F****** Navy) October 21, 2012

        Diamonds will slay:
        (remove spaces I cant post pics here)

        Pic of the set: http: //p ics .lockerz .com /s /255 103248

        Rih: http: //in sta gram. com/p /REUTl YKyaN

      • MC October 21, 2012

        1. Ethiopians tend to be timid and very shy people as a whole, but they can be very shady people. Since its rude to come out and say stuff about others, Ethiopians use shady means to take jabs…..they also read between the lies a lot. Would you like to learn more about Ethiopia? You should explore it….
        2. Okay?!?
        3. If that’s the case then we are identical twins. If I am in a bad mood there is no undoing it and you’ll be on the line of fire… parents say I’m impossible. In case you haven’t noticed, it doesn’t take much to p*** me off…..I am also very impatient and have no tolerance for b*******.
        4. Its okay; nice attempt though. You should ask your dad about this to learn more or I could teach you 🙂
        5. o_O Receipts please?
        6. Same!!! I don’t really approach people first and it takes time for me to warm-up to people…..after you get to know me a little you get to see the whole me. I am an honest person….not by choice….my face tells it all (I, unknowingly, make A LOT of facial expressions and they express my distaste, horror, dislike, irritation, etc….).

        I just noticed that we always have long conversations on this blog on almost every post lol

  9. Suicide Blonde October 21, 2012

    Shakira is not skinny but she is still less curvaceous than J.Lo and Beyonce, J.Lo is all b*** with chicken legs, probably the best body in the game since Selena Quintanilla and Beyonce is all thighs, she don’t even have natural curves like J.Lo, she looks more curvaceous because of her tight waist.

    • MC October 21, 2012

      I love Selena. She was a gorgeous person inside and out. Hers and Aaliyah’s death gets me all the time. Tragic.

  10. Stan for the one you love October 21, 2012

    I always LOL when Shakira’s attempt to sell out in the US always flop, like that Lil Wayne song she did that no one cared about and basically every other song she released since then.

  11. bibi93 October 21, 2012


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