Behind the Scenes: Brandy Rocks ‘Black Girl Rocks’ With ‘Wildest Dreams’

After nearly two decades in the game, R&B veteran Brandy is still putting it down – as evidenced by her showing on last night’s Black Girls Rock!’.

Indeed, amidst a line-up of some of the genre’s best and brightest the 33-year-old still took the crowd to task with a high energy showing of her latest single ‘Wildest Dreams’.

With fans still raving over the stage show, the consummate performer unveils a behind-the-scenes look at her prep for the performance.  Much like the backstage glimpse at her BET Awards set, Bran reminds how the best become just that:

Refreshing to see that someone, who by many people’s standards IS the standard, feels the need to put in so much work behind the curtains.  If only some of her contemporaries would devote half as much time to their performances…

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  1. Monstarebel (RihannaNavy & TeamMinaj) November 6, 2012

    Rihanna Unapologetic, Nicki Minaj Roman Reloaded The Re Up, & Keyshia Cole Woman To Woman all drop on November 19th this has to be the most exciting release date ever!! 3black queens bout to slay the charts with there newest efforts b****** will be slayed #MyFavs >>>

    • Jeff November 6, 2012

      This comment is now getting boring. Ain’t no-one paying your stan a$$ to keep posting this.

      Also, i don’t agree. Keyshia maybe but bleach Minaj and the ho with a soundtrack. No.

    • B**** SHOW ME A DIPLOMA NOT UR NACKED PICS November 7, 2012

      They lucky Alicia Keys Girl On Fire only drops November 27th otherwise she be snatching all ur faves wigs big time

  2. MUSIC ARTIST November 6, 2012


  3. CIARA STAN 21 November 6, 2012


  4. CIARA STAN 21 November 6, 2012

    i have a feeling that soon Brandy will finally get all of the recognition she’s been deserving for years.

    • julesbrownskin November 6, 2012

      Amen 2 Dat..

    • ngobeni glen glenmore November 22, 2012

      hoping sooo

  5. Ayo November 6, 2012

    Love her, very humble

  6. GAslickmouf November 6, 2012

    very disappointed and how slow her team is working.

    There is no reason we had to wait this long 4 a video

    No reason y her album didnt do over 200plus

    No reason 4 her not to have a 3rd single out already.

    Its suppose to b her shine and the light is barely shinning

    Her album is the best this year

    211 only did good by word of mouth alone.

    I love Brandy, this was perfect timing to have kelly ro as a feat.

    They really need to get on they s***!

    211 can really push out bout 3 or 4 more singles bcuz her album is jus that good.

    Brandy mosdef needs to b performing at the nxt 5 award show along with a Thanksgiving special.

    Its only so much the fans can do. I got 3 copies, not buying anymore hun. They rest is up to better decision making.

    211 can easily b talked about for the nxt years to come. Its really a phenomenal album.

    As a star. I did my part to help. The rest is better single choice etc.

    After listing to the album, dont get y wildest dream was a single anyway. Way far more better songs on the album.

    Nxt 3 singles

    Do you know

    Hardly breathing

    Let me go.

    I stay in ATL. Have yet to hear wildest dreams on the radio.

    Its time to b working on nxt single and video should already be done.

    I say a double release with a double video.

    Ciara bout to drop
    Beyonce bout to drop
    RiRi bout to drop
    Kcole bout to drop
    Kelly ro bout drop.

    Brandy and team hurry up and get yo s*** together!!

    211 is a beast. Make sure yall go get it!

    (whr is my T hun)

    • ngobeni glen glenmore November 22, 2012

      amen to that i thougt i was the only person seeing that the team is boring

  7. RoyalKev November 6, 2012

    Brandy has the best attitude. She’s really sweet, humble and always showing other female artists love. I see how hard Brandy is going this era and I know it’s all going to pay off. She’s getting her props! I want to see so much more from this album. I know she’s only touching the surface. I want to see her wrap up with Hardly Breathing and get to all the meaty stuff.

  8. mya November 6, 2012

    the performance was okay, it seemed a little dry.

    • Kenneth Green Jr November 6, 2012

      I thought that a first, but it was the crowd, the audience was very dry thats why. I

  9. Pac-Man November 6, 2012

    I hope she releases these songs as singles in order (yes, i know that she released PID and WD already)

    1. Put It down
    2. Wildest dreams
    3. Let Me Go
    4. So Sick
    5. Slower
    6. No Such Thing As Too Late
    7. Wish Your Love Away
    8. Do You Know What You Have

    She is such a talented woman and i would hate to see this album flop because it is really amazing. Hopefully the next single, will raise her album position in the billboard 200

  10. Pac-Man November 6, 2012

    I hope she releases these songs as singles in order (yes, i know that she released PID and WD already)

    1. Put It down
    2. Wildest dreams
    3. Let Me Go
    4. So Sick
    5. Slower
    6. No Such Thing As Too Late
    7. Wish Your Love Away
    8. Do You Know What You Have

    I hope this album will not flop because this is a well-put, amazing CD and she deserves the success in this era. Hopefully the the next single will raise the album position in the billboard 200

    • Pac-Man November 6, 2012

      ignore this duplicate

  11. DBOY6 November 6, 2012

    WORK OUT!!!!

  12. swerve November 6, 2012

    Loved this! And I think this song will grow with due time. Btw Do you know will be 3rd single!!

  13. MC (Benron is a drag queen) November 6, 2012

    Brandy looks gorgeous and I love her humble personality and her hard-working nature. Much luck B’Rocka.

  14. notsuoh November 6, 2012

    she is one of the greatest female vocalists alive! she is winning even if noone else sees it! The fact that she remains true to herself is ENOUGH to win!

  15. Tasha November 6, 2012

    I wish Beyonce let her perform with her at the SuperBowl! Lol!

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