Watch: Ne-Yo Wows ‘The View’ With ‘Let Me Love You’

After months of anticipation, November 6th marks the release of Ne-Yo‘s phenomenal new album ‘R.E.D‘.

Boasting collabs and contributions from Sia, Diddy, Tim McGraw and Wiz Khalifa , the heartfelt piece received a sweet dose of promo today when the singer took to ‘The View’ to perform its lead single, ‘Let Me Love You‘.

Peep the R&B craftsman at work below…

Vocals? Check.

Charisma? Check.

Conviction. Check.

One of the only performer’s in today’s market to improve with every era, performances like these make for extremely enjoyable viewing, especially for any who’ve followed Ne-Yo’s journey from the beginning.

Though he could have done with a brighter set (with it being Day time TV and all), his set today will undoubtedly set the tone for what is shaping up to be a fruitful campaign. A campaign, which already boasts the sure fire hits ‘Should Be You’ and ‘Cracks In Mr. Perfect‘.


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  1. damn November 5, 2012

    thatgrapejuice stuf…It was good….It wasn’t woow.!The problem with the music industry is when someone sings good were surprised..doing your job is not that impressive…your meant to be on key and sing as a singer

  2. Hilly November 5, 2012

    I enjoyed it! The vocals, the dance moves, the musicians were on point!

  3. DragginForBey November 5, 2012

    F***** love this guy.

  4. MrLoverLover November 5, 2012

    This dude keeps slaying.

  5. MC (Benron is a drag queen) November 5, 2012

    Good performance.

  6. JOHNVIDAL November 5, 2012

    He´s a good performer. He lacks something to be THAT big superstar, but he´s good at what he does and it´s true he has worked on his performing skills
    Still what I´m anticipating the most is his new song for Celine Dion´s new album. I loved the one he wrote for her previous album Taking Chances. It was called “I´ve got nothing left”, beautiful music by NeYo + true voice by Celine. His work for Beyonce and others is nothing compared to that

    • Site Full of Children November 5, 2012

      your comment is all types of wrong #icannot

  7. mobwife: wtf is this trash? November 5, 2012

    I like but I’m sure the “BOO BIRDS” will b*tch about this being s dance music track! So what, I think it’s pretty good!

    Oh and let’s pay attention to the fact that Ne-yo STOPPED SINGING YET YOU STILL HEARD HIS VOICE!! Yep folks he was singing LIVE LEAD VOCLAS over a BACKTRACK but I’m sure the media/nay sayers will swear he was lip-syncing!!

  8. Kevin November 5, 2012

    R.E.D. Is an overall good album, nothing more or less. They’re all quality songs that grow the more you listen to them, but there’s no song that REALLY stands out. I miss a couple of ballads. ‘Forever now’ would’ve been a great ballad. What I really miss is the brilliant lyrics from YOTG: ne-yo the advisor – the problem solver. My expectations was that R.E.D. Was going to be a “YOTG Deluxe”, that he was going to bring the same great lyrics and emotion from that album and really step up the melodies. Cracks in Mr.Perfect was the only song with lyrical content that lived up to that. The lyrics from YOTG really taught me life lesson, lessons about love and life.

    Sadly Ne-Yo will always “only” be an average superstar, despite his potential.

  9. Site Full of Children November 5, 2012

    This was not authentic he comes off fake and just a wanna be blah blah blah he need a seat esp talking all that mess about other rnb singers just stop neyo

  10. nickalus Randle November 5, 2012

    he is a talented guy…,

  11. Cado November 6, 2012

    I’m not typically a Ne-Yo fan…but I really enjoyed this performance… and I really love the lyrics of this song

  12. Setra November 8, 2012

    I loved seeing Ne-Yo perform on The View, while the set could have been brighter, I think his talent came through even more in the simplicity. I love his talent as well and agree that he has the ability to seamlessly change with every era, I’ve been a fan ever since he came out. This performance gave me and my DISH coworkers plenty to talk about at work. I’m glad I recorded it on my Hopper because when I played back this recording I was able to start watching on my living room TV and then continued watching on my basement TV right where I left off.

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