Britney Spears ‘Most Searched Celebrity’ Since Creation Of Internet

Published: Thursday 6th Dec 2012 by David

With the likes of Adele and Taylor Swift serving as today‘s mega sellers, it’s easy to forget sales feats scored by ‘Luv The Hurt Away’ singer  Britney Spears.

Welcoming first week sales of 1,319,193 units with 200o’s ‘Oops!…I Did It Again’, Spears- even today- boasts sales that even the likes of Lady GaGa and Rihanna are unlikely to ever see.

Now, after taking’s ‘Scream & Shout’ to the top of iTunes, she has landed a record that makes her run as a global icon all the more mind blowing.

Details below…

Topping the list for the ‘Most Searched Celebrity‘ in the last twelve, The Huffington Post reports that this feat makes her the ‘Most Searched Celebrity’ since the internet’s inception.

They explain:

“Turns out, one person has clearly dominated the top-searched lists for the past decade or so: Britney Spears. She’s topped the lists for a whopping seven of the 12 years. That makes her the most-searched celebrity since basically the inception of the internet (or something *head-flip*).”

Beating the attention seeking Kim Kardashian to the top spot, the Pop legend also surpassed searches made for Michael Jackson, Princess Diana and Brit Pop sensations One Direction.

‘Unusual You’:

This record comes after she was crowned ‘The Next Queen Of Pop’ by That Grape Juice.Net readers, securing the top spot with 81,762 votes cast in her favor.

Three cheers for Brand Spears!

Full list here.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Hush December 6, 2012

    ::: shrugs :::

    • MissBritney December 6, 2012

      That’s what your father did when he found out your mother was a hermaphrodite.

      • BionicBey December 6, 2012

        Take your medicashun Britney, youll be okaaaaaaaaaaay.

    • Onyx December 6, 2012

      If you wanna eat with me
      Better bring an extra plate
      I’m a piggy in a farmhouse
      You gotta feed me the right way

      If you wanna eat me
      Better bring some extra food
      I’m a piggy in a farmhouse
      Collard greens and fried soup.

  2. Lax December 6, 2012

    Beautiful, S***, Talented and Britney could eaisely be the
    Most Beautiful Woman In the World to Me. Britney has
    a very serious Catalog, plus Diamonds in Her Awards

  3. Hi5-Rihanna Remains Atop Hot 100, Adds Radio Songs Reign December 6, 2012

    Congrats Brit.

    • BeeSting December 6, 2012

      When will Rihanna honey?

      • Hi5-Rihanna Remains Atop Hot 100, Adds Radio Songs Reign December 6, 2012

        o my assets honey.

  4. PEACE OF WEAVE December 6, 2012







    • PSA (FAF) December 6, 2012

      F*** is u talken bout h** ?


      • PSA (FAF) December 6, 2012

        1.2 MIL WW !

        Pink friday 2MIL WW !

        Do the math, F*** !

        It dont take her 10yrs to go gold like FLOPERLY !

  5. I Judge Flops December 6, 2012

    Who is she? You mean the crazy psycho who had to have her manager control every portion of her life; finances, children, will? This girl is crazy. She was searched on the internet to be laughed at since she is always flahing hte papz her P****

    • True Tea December 6, 2012

      You’re more psycho than her. BOOM

    • TinaMinaj December 6, 2012

      I see no lies!

    • May 5, 2014

      It’s people like you’s fault that any of that happened in the first place. People like you are constantly using celebrities as verbal punching bags rather than treating them as human beings. She was going through a bad time in her life, such as her aunt dying, child custody issues, paparazzi stalking her (which included breaking into her house on occassion), and people like you being douchebags. Two months before all the trouble began, she went to a baseball game with her sister and when her face appeared on camera the stadium booed. How would you feel if a stadium booed you all at once like that. And it’s only because people thought it made them cool to hate certain people. People who have done nothing to them.

      Even during 2007, Britney tried her best to be polite and nice but people were verbally bullying her, paparazzi were harassing her, they were making fun of her bald head, and just generally being douchebags. Stress can do a lot to you and shaving one’s head is not an attack on anyone it was just a way of handling the stress.

      End of rant but what I’m trying to say is to think about things rather than just hating someone because it’s “cool” to do so.

  6. Hi5-Rihanna Remains Atop Hot 100, Adds Radio Songs Reign December 6, 2012

    Lol. Three of us coming in to post all @ the same time @ 12:05. Lol, heh heh.

    • Girl007Bond December 6, 2012

      you are sweet <3

  7. Lax December 6, 2012

    Say what you will about Britney and the Fact that She
    had sold the Total of many a Female Artist Entire
    Careers by the time She was age 20 Years Young,
    I love and Respect Britney’s Hustle.

    • Girl007Bond December 6, 2012

      I really dont get why she is so huge

      • irene46 December 6, 2012

        especially, since her biggest accomplishments were made b4 she was 20. she done nothing sensational since the early 2000s.

        she stays relevant because the media loves her because they claim she’s sweet and humble.

      • Girl007Bond December 6, 2012

        is she really (still) humble and sweet…

      • irene46 December 6, 2012

        so they claim. i heard someone talking this bs on tv the other day.

        there’s bunch of dirty old men in the entertainment industry who still get a stiff one when they remember britney in those pigtails, short ass pleaded shirt and her blouse tied at the waist with her belly button winking. add to that, blonde hair, and the”sweet, humble” innocent girly persona and there’s an indelible iconic image that ain’t goin’ no where.

        who cares that she can’t even spell talent?

      • Girl007Bond December 7, 2012

        Sad !!! I never understood why she is so popular. I really don´t get the hype …. she is not cute or innocent. I really doubt she was ever. She can not sing. I´m not hyping a singer who can´t sing. The most people don´t appreciate real talend. It´s really sad ….

      • irene46 December 7, 2012

        wow! you’re really hard on the girl. imo and many others she was very pretty in the day. you say you doubt she ever was. you must be really young. even so haven’t you seen old pics of her?

        anyway, she’s never been a singer but she could dance (no janet but i’ll give her some credit).

        i agree few appreciate honest to goodness talent.

      • Girl007Bond December 7, 2012

        Hmm no I´m not that young, I know her since day 1. She was pretty and is still pretty. She can´t sing at all and the dancing she does or done was/ is not that special. It´s not like no one didn´t see something like that she done/does, you know what I mean ? I really don´t get the hype. I mean there are so many huge names, but why Britney ?? Confusing

      • Girl007Bond December 7, 2012

        I´m not hating though …

      • irene46 December 7, 2012

        you may not understand or want to accept the reason why britney was (allegedly still is) huge but it’s been told in the media many times.

        britney was the industry’s first answer to janet. the first pretty blonde white girl who could (almost) emulate janet. janet was/is just as pretty and a much better dancer but…well, you know.

        whenever a white artist emulates an innovative black artist the white artist has a very good chance of becoming bigger than the innovator (not always but many times). i’m not trying to make this a race issue but it is what it is.

        the media fell in love with britney and proclaimed her the next madonna (queen of pop) and like a lot of britney fans are still bat sh!t crazy over her even though she’s only deserves fame for being a ‘teen queen’. and yes they”still” claim she’s ” nice, sweet and humble”.

        no matter how talentless britney is now they don’t care because “it’s britney b****”. and that’s not likely to change. yeah, that’s sad!

  8. MsThing485 December 6, 2012

    That she narrowly beat Kim Kardashian just goes to show what kind of junk gets searched on the Internet. Not impressed.

    • Hi5-Rihanna Remains Atop Hot 100, Adds Radio Songs Reign December 6, 2012

      :0 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Girl007Bond December 6, 2012

      so right

    • JOHNVIDAL December 6, 2012

      LOL excatly! Even before reading that part I was thinking “this is one of those ridiculous “records” like the most viewed on youtube or the most floowers on twitter” but damn, after reading that part… 🙂

  9. Hi5-Rihanna Remains Atop Hot 100, Adds Radio Songs Reign December 6, 2012

    Rihanna unlikely to EVER see these sales boast? EVER?! TGJ staff there is a saying, “careful what you wish for” and in your statement, I will love to be the one feeding you goat milk one day when that happens and not if it happens.

    • HIAM December 6, 2012

      Darling, you are deluded if you think Rihanna will have sell a million first week in this reality.
      Britney is Queen and the best thing for you to do is kneel.

      • Hi5-Rihanna Remains Atop Hot 100, Adds Radio Songs Reign December 6, 2012

        LOL, me kneel?! Come again?! I love Britney but Britney is Queen awright, Queen of tired a$$. Take a look and u c it all over. Over!

    • BeyWhoUWanna December 6, 2012

      Poor lowly Rihanna goat with big dreams. Rihanna can’t even sell HALF a million on her best week let alone 1 million. The day Riwhore sells a milli is the day Christina Aguilera admits that she and Miss Piggy are one and the same.

      • PSA (FAF) December 6, 2012

        Rishitta has 5 plat 1 gold album !
        Britney has 7 plat ! certified by the RIAA !

    • Hi5-Rihanna Remains Atop Hot 100, Adds Radio Songs Reign December 6, 2012

      Riwhore, Rishitta AND STILL . . . . . RIREIGNA. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • TinaMinaj December 6, 2012

      Loooooool! Delusion keeps spreading like wild fire in the navy! I can’t!!

      • irene46 December 6, 2012

        maybe rihanna hasn’t sold 1 million the first week but taylor swift has. and taylor sold her 1 mil in a week while record sells are in the toilet. britney sold hers when record sales were going bat crazy after mj pulled sales out of the slump with ‘thiller’.

  10. IDK December 6, 2012

    Wow, thats whats up Brit! I remember some years ago Janet jackson was the most searched person in the world. Congrats Brit!

  11. HOTSTUFF December 6, 2012

    “the next queen of pop” by tgj LMAOOOOOOOOO……anyways congrats Brit !

    • MissBritney December 6, 2012

      You laugh but miss b**** got 80 thousand votes. Did Rihanna even sell that with Unaflopletic this week. Did she? No. i didn’t f****** think so.

      • PSA December 6, 2012

        DEATH !!!!!!!!!

      • HOTSTUFF December 6, 2012


        How much did FemmeFloptale sold ??? b**** sit the f*** down….. Britney fat ass can’t dance or sing live anymore, she is no use to herself ….

      • HOTSTUFF December 6, 2012


        Im sorry , she never sings live****** from since ever .

      • HOTSTUFF December 6, 2012

        @ missBritney

        I like Britney for the autotuned, edgy, shaving head pop star that she is, but im not gonna have a britney fan calling Rihanna a flop. No just No, Britney been flopping so hard, so lets not talk about it….

      • TinaMinaj December 6, 2012

        LMAO!!!! *CRIES*

  12. Flop Cheeta Whora gave Rob an STD from her 20 guys December 6, 2012


    You are feeling like s*** right now. Since Cheeter Whora Slora got exposed, you pushed into a corner. Now, you are mad that A HUGE A LIST AMERICAN NETWORK has picked up styled to rock. You are scared that style network and E! are gonna make it bigger and better and expose Rih to more whites in MIDDLE AMERICA. This will hurt Beyonce and RITA WHORA SLORA.

    This is why you did not mention Styld to rock being picked up for the USA. You have been making fun of the low ratings in the UK for months. But…..IT STILL GOT PICKED UP AND REMADE FOR THE USA BY STYLE NETWORK – A HUGE NETWORK OWNED BY E! Now you are scared. You know, that Rihanna lives in the USA, which means, she can be available more . the only reason why is had low ratings, was because Rih was in it 3 times for only 5 mins. That girls aloud girl was too involved and that turned folks off. This time Style will do it right.

    You are scared that Style will get the big name American movie stars to be guest etc. You are scared that America will get see more of Beautiful Rihanna face and personality – as well, as Fashion style. This hurts Beyonce Rita Whora. As Beyonce and Rita Whora will not be allowed on this show, this affects THEIR CAREER. You are mad! WHY DID A BIG AMERICAN WHITE NETWORKS ( NOT BET 0 GIVE HER ”FLOP ” SHOW LIFE? In a year when old fat desperate housewife is making a make – or – break – comeback in an age where RNB is dead and singers are dropping off like flies.

    You are scared that E! are gonna MAKE THIS SHOW HAPPEN WITH ALL THEIR best execs, marketers, commercials etc – THus, making RIH EVEN MORE powerful. Powerful beyond music. Too a point where Beyonce will have to start asking Rih for help. You have no pwer, Sam, you are just a black man in London who runs a small ghetto blog. Rih is now doing meetings with some of teh most POWERFUL JEWISH MEN on earth who have the power to shut careers DOWN!

    Rih has the POWER TO MAKE A PHONE CALL AND SHUT A B**** DOWN. RIH is beyond MTV. SHE IS HOLLYWOOD. Hollywood do not care if her movies or TV have low ratings. SHE IS POWERFUL – SHE is getting deals ANYWAY. This scares you, cos BLACK WOMEN DO NOT HAVE THIS GOOD,THE FACT THAT RIH IS THE MOST POWERFUL BLACK WOMAN IN THE SHOWBIZ WOLRD, MEANS SHE WILL USE HER CONTACTS TO FINISH BEYONCE. WHORA AND M ETC OFF , and you in your London CANNOT DO shot about it. You just have to sit and watch.

    Have U noticed ? The more Beyonce gets ready for a comeback – the more Rihanna ups her game! Rihanna is releasing her new SONG in Jan – a month before Bey at superbowl. Rih is NOW DOING HER TV SHOW, TO F*** BEYAWNCE HBO, which is the same as the one VH1 from last year.


    • SuperbowlFinnaSlay December 6, 2012

      See here b****. You may have convinced yourself that everybody is scared of Rihanna, but the only thing scared of her is her gynaecologist whenever she calls to make her daily check up.

      H*****. Chlamydia. The P**** Funk are all things that can be found in the depths of her overused p**** so its pretty rich of you to come for Ms. Reuh like Riwhore isn’t one d*** anyway from serving Subway teas with all those trains she lets run through her.

    • TinaMinaj December 6, 2012

      The fact that Beyonce just breathing and not saying a word gets her attention that Rihanna has to get nude for is just SAD!

      Please come back when Rihanna wears something and there is a big spike in sales of the item. Until then please take your meds 🙂

      • Flop Cheeta Whora gave Rob an STD from her 20 guys December 6, 2012

        she is not getting any press or attention from the white media.

  13. PSA December 6, 2012

    Queen Brit better slay!

    But ppl voted on this? Why didn’t they just use evidence collected over the last 12 yrs from search engines ??

    I remember back in ’99 when she first came out, the white boys would go crazy looking for naked pics of her after the “Sometimes” video came OWT! OOP!

    Been slaying over 12 yrs & counting. . . #BOOM! & I love how she took the QUEEN on tour w/ her when she was a new artist . . . she’s so sweet !

    #ITSBritneybitch !

  14. Flop Cheeta Whora gave Rob an STD from her 20 guys December 6, 2012

    Week in and week for 12 weeks MIDDLE AMERICA AKA WHITE AMERICA will get see Rih’s star quality personality, beauty, s** appeal, passion and artistic creativity. They get to learn about Rih outside of music and personal life. Thank God, they are REMAKING STYLED TO ROCK AND NOT USING THE UK VERSION. This is great! It will show Black american sweetheat, Rih, GVING AMERICAN KIDS AN CHANCE TO FOLLOW THIER DREAM – AMERICA WILL FALL IN LOVE WITH HER.

    After the 15 superbowl – THAT WILL BE THE END OF BEYONCE. WHO WILL GIVE A S*** ABOUT HER ?

    RIH 2013: RIH will saturated the USA AND TAKEOVER LIKE SHE OWNS THIS B****.




    • Flop Cheeta Whora gave Rob an STD from her 20 guys December 6, 2012

      Music, Fashion, TV, Internet. Rih has got a choke hold on the game. Your flop w**** and old fat housewife CANNOT / WILL NEVER BREAK THROUGH.

  15. J December 6, 2012

    Well Done Britney!! looking forward to album #8!

    • scars December 7, 2012


  16. OMG (Celine Dion) December 6, 2012

    its britney B****!!!!

  17. Belladonna December 6, 2012

    You know even tho Im a Beileber/Little Monster and I hate Madonna for being a MOTHER F****** B****! Lol I have never disliked Britney ever she is so sweet and lovely she is the nicest person in Hollywood. She’s a Pop ICON yet she’s a nice person at the same time and for that I will always wish her well and Love her forever! #GoodPeople

  18. Monstarebel (WARRIOR) December 6, 2012

    awesome oh wow like totally freak me out

  19. OueenBritneySpears December 6, 2012


    • Flop Cheeta Whora gave Rob an STD from her 20 guys December 6, 2012

      I like brit and brit and rih had a song together. Rihanna IS MORE TALENTED, Artistic and creative than brit. Rih voice is way more diverse. Rih can sing ANY BRIT song, Brit can sing any rih song.

      95% OF why Brit made it was because she was teen white blonde, marketed as America’s sweetheart and she was in the right pace at the right time, with the spice girls heralding the reintroduction of POP in the lates 90’s. I watched a white journalist say this. 2012 now Brit is washed up. If she went head to head with Rih, WW, now, Rih will crush. Brit does not have 90’s pop and her teen blonde looks anymore.

    • Flop Cheeta Whora gave Rob an STD from her 20 guys December 6, 2012

      The real question is why Brit outsold Beyonce and diamond LP over Beyonce.

      • OueenBritneySpears December 6, 2012


      • irene46 December 6, 2012

        @ queenbritneyspears

        sorry, but you’re the one that needs to ‘sit’. ff was released in mar 2011 and by oct 2012 still had not sold 1 million in the u s. it may have sells of 1 million in the u s by now but it took almost 1 1/2 years.

        for some reason riaa certified ff platinum after it sold only 440,000 copies (it hadn’t even reached gold status).

        oh, btw, someone talking sh!t about rihanna not selling 1/2 million in her first week’s release. femme fatale only sold 273,000 in the first week.

  20. OueenBritneySpears December 6, 2012


  21. bibi93 December 6, 2012

    Congrats Britney!!

  22. Lolax December 6, 2012

    Queen will always be the queen three decades one star queen B forever

    • scars December 7, 2012


  23. NFG (No f**** Given) December 6, 2012

    A random TGJ poll of her being Next queen of pop doesn’t mean s***. Her peak was in 2003. And she is no where near to be the next queen if she can barely perform anymore and doesn’t look interested in her music as it is and can make mediocre songs like scream and shout. BYE. And the “most searched” yeah I’m pretty sure it was cuz of her nasty ass naked p*ssy, and shaved head. Doesn’t get anymore controversial than that. BYEEE.

    • NFG (No f**** Given) December 6, 2012

      oh and to any psycho ass spears fan who replies to this who gives a s*** what you think about my opinion cuz what I said is true. She sucks now and will never be better than Gaga. Bye auto tune Stiffany.

    • JOHNVIDAL December 6, 2012

      You didn´t lie! I agree with your comment

      • NFG (No f**** given) December 6, 2012

        ^^good 😀

      • irene46 December 6, 2012

        wish i could vote numerous ‘likes’ for this comment. comments don’t come any more true.

    • scars December 7, 2012

      and whitney??

      • irene46 December 8, 2012

        whitney may not have been able to hit the high notes but she could still sing in low tones. britney has never really sang and lost her dancing ability so she has nothing except some fans who live in the past.

  24. It’s Utterly Bizaar! December 6, 2012

    This is nice to know, congratz to Britney. And also can’t wait for a new album of hers.

  25. Suicide Blonde December 6, 2012

    It’s Britney, b****!…… me she was the hottest chick on the planeth back in the day, say whatever you want but this girl was the s***, nobody was above her, only Madonna and they love each other, her beauty, her s*** moves, i mean Gaga can only wish to have the charisma this girl had, she was at the top of her game, she is likely, the most famous female Pop star, alongside Madonna and will remain like that forever, She marked trends, she was the first to come with the “Lolita” image that turned everyone crazy, she was every man dream and every girl wanted to look like her, that s*** has not happened since the days of Madonna and to be honest, who wants to look like Gaga or Kesha, there’s no inheriting anything, You have to earn it and Britney has done it.
    Long Live The Princess of Pop!

    • Truth December 6, 2012

      Why are u so pressed about Gaga? Gaga is a Britney Stan , she loves Britney. Whats the purpose of trying to pit them against each other? hateful f**

      • Suicide Blonde December 6, 2012

        She loves Britney as much as she loves Madonna, lol.

    • It’s Utterly Bizaar! December 6, 2012

      I totally agree with what you said! Yep!

    • JOHNVIDAL December 6, 2012

      Really? Again with this? How is it Whitney or Mariah have bigger sales and more awards than Britney Spears then? I guess you forgot them and some others when you said only Madonna is above her
      Do u think when Britney dies people in Dubai and all around the world are going to pay homage? To what contribution or talent? She was the most searched, basically cos of her mid 00´s breakdown. Get over it. I agree she was a bigger star than Rihanna or Beyonce (and I´m saying bigger in popularity, nothing else), but once again you are intentionally forgetting bigger things that happened before her

      • Suicide Blonde December 6, 2012

        You need to understand that when i mention Britney, i’m talking about Pop, W and M are another thing, Madonna is Pop, so of course i’m gonna mention her, every Pop act is a competition for Madonna, not for W and M, that’s why i say that Madge is above her, named other female other than Madonna in Pop music that had the impact of Britney, no even Gaga come close and yes!, she will be remembered forever and people will pay respect to her.

      • JOHNVIDAL December 6, 2012

        LOL ok only Pop! But who is only pop apart from Madonna, Britney and Gaga????????? I don´t know any oteh rpure pop artists to be honest. Well Ke$ha if you want 🙂

      • NFG (No f**** given) December 6, 2012

        Ummmmm Beyonce and Gaga will SLAY her in 2013 unless she steps her performance game up and looks more alive. She cannot perform anymore and she’s only 31. Hell, even Janet was still slaying at that age. And I think Madonna will probably be more admired for her work than Britney who was auto tuned, hardly wrote her music and was tired of her music career post 2003. To me, that sounds like someone that truly does not have their heart and soul into their music. Only reason why she would in the first place is cuz she’s getting paid.

      • MC December 6, 2012

        You have to realize that Britney is primarily in USA and Europe the rest of the world won’t care.

    • Peter G December 6, 2012

      Suicide, too much truth they can’t handle it! Every b**** in the game wishes they had what Britney & Madonna had in their peak!

      • irene46 December 6, 2012

        if whitney and mariah aren’t pop, what are they? if you claiming they’re not pop because they’re black you’re wrong. is pop music is not defined by skin color it’s defined by sound.

        i suppose you consider amy winehouse was ‘pop’ because she was white.

      • Girl007Bond December 7, 2012

        MARIAH is not black

      • irene46 December 7, 2012

        oh please! her father is a black venuzuelian. her mother is white.

        if mariah was a crack h** she would be considered black. anyone with traceable black roots was considered black. now that so many biracial blacks are living on the high side whites want them to disavow their blackness and some of them are more than willing.

        the president refers to himself as a black man but some want to deny him the right to do so.

        most blacks have a blood line to some other ethnic group. does that mean they’re not black either?

    • Llcoolg December 7, 2012


  26. Truth December 6, 2012

    Congrats to Britney, she’s made it possible so people like Rihanna and Gaga can have the space to claim grounds in the pop world. There’s no need to insult anyone though, at the end of the day, they stay making money and irrelevant has-beens like Madonna remain unmentioned. Respect the Queens I do, but this is a new generation. Hear Madonna or Britney sing “LIVE” and tell me im lying.

    • Suicide Blonde December 6, 2012

      Madonna a has-been, unmentioned, laughs. In what world are you living, oh yeah!, the Monster world, the most talked about celebrity of all times, i see she’s still pissing people off and having the attention that Lady Gaga wants so badly.
      Have you heard about this news of the has-been?

      “Madonna is playing some of the biggest venues around the world and selling them out … It’s putting other summer tours, including J.Lo’s first tour, to shame. What is so impressive about these numbers is she’s playing far fewer shows than previous tours by the Rolling Stones, Cher and Lady Gaga, and grossing more.”

  27. Nikko December 6, 2012

    Congratz to the Queen!!!

  28. Bey Fan December 6, 2012

    Britney has broken more relevant records…. this is just ……just…… i dunno.

    But congrats

    • irene46 December 6, 2012

      this is just…another way of making her seem far more relevant than she actually is.

  29. Tbozfan10 December 6, 2012

    It says “since the internets inception” but also says “in the last 12 years.” Apparently they didn’t bother checking searches pre-2000.

  30. 9 December 6, 2012

    so happy for britney shes the true pop princess

    • irene46 December 6, 2012

      maybe she WAS a true pop princess!

      • scars December 7, 2012

        youre right now she’s the queen

      • irene46 December 7, 2012

        yeah, right! she no longer has talent so now she’s the queen. okaaay.

  31. scars December 7, 2012

    hope a new album in 2013 #britneyb!tch

  32. Queen Brit Brit December 7, 2012

    The Queen of Pop has h*** pressed I see. Good 😀

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