‘Die Young’: Ke$ha’s Mother Sparks ‘Illuminati’ Controversy

Published: Wednesday 19th Dec 2012 by David

Yesterday, ‘Warrior’ singer Ke$ha received the news that her latest single ‘Die Young‘ had been pulled from some US radio outlets, as not to offend any affected by last week’s Sandy Hook elementary school massacre.

However, in what saw the upsetting story rear another ugly head, the star sparked confusion when she tweeted that she agreed with the decision to pull the song, and that she had been forced to sing the song’s lyrics against her will.

Deleting that tweet minutes after posting it, she then found herself quizzed on what she had meant by the remark, which many believed had been aimed at long time collaborator Dr.Luke.

Now, her mother has gotten in on the action- retweeting a number of disturbing messages sent in to her by her fans.

Details below…

Via the Twitter Handle ‘Kesha’s Mom/GrannyWrapper’, Patricia Sebert retweeted the following:

Unfamiliar with the infectious number?


Your thoughts?

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  1. Suicide Blonde December 19, 2012


    • Una December 19, 2012

      Why do think its b*******? Just wondering cos I don’t really believe it either

      • Suicide Blonde December 19, 2012

        I don’t believe in that.

      • Clearly not here for it December 19, 2012

        im not forcing anything on anybody it’s there if you wanna look into it stop being such sheep’s that is all ……..

      • Clearly not here for it December 19, 2012

        And idgaf what you dont believe in ….

      • Una December 19, 2012

        I read it, still dont believe it. Its all marketism to me. Its not logical that ‘secret occult society’ that ‘kills people’ for exposing them would then go ‘oh yeah lets put a bunch of triangles and eyes in the video because people wont notice. Simple things like just arnt logic. But you can believe what you want to believe. But remember, theres a reason its called a ‘conspiracy theory’.

      • Suicide Blonde December 19, 2012

        @Clearly not here for it
        I don’t believe in Illuminati.

      • alex December 20, 2012

        your sooo dumb i guess your name ses it all

    • LndoftheBlind December 20, 2012

      Your ignorance is telling. Whether you believe in it or not doesn’t make it non existent. There are people that don’t believe in Satan, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t exist or that he’s not currently active in the world today, the same can be said for the Most High, God the Creator. It seems to me that you are fearful of it and you don’t want your perfect image of your idols to be tarnished so you would rather find comfort in a lie.

      Countless actors singers and comedians have exposed this secret organization, and the information is there for you to research. Former high ranking military and government officials have also shared information. This organization does not only function in entertainment but in every facet of society including religion, but you wouldn’t know that. The symbols are a part of their pagan religion, inserting the symbols and subliminal messages into their music, clothes and videos is how they worship their gods and is also an indication to others in the know they are on the same team. Had you done proper and thorough research instead of reading a couple lines from an article you would know that. However your head is so far up these celebrities’ asses that you cannot see or think logically. This information is out there right know because God is waking up his elect. There will come a time when it is no longer freely available and people will be thirsty for the information but the Gov will shut it down. It is real son!

      • Loyalty December 20, 2012

        I’ve watched countless videos on it and still don’t believe, not because I am in denial, but because logically it doesn’t add up. People are allowed not to believe it does not make their opinion any less worthy! Now go start a revolution or something instead of writing essays on blogs trying to prove a point lol.

      • Heavy Heavy December 20, 2012

        PREACH….These non-believers will see the truth in due time.

  2. Love on top December 19, 2012

    So true bout the illumanati that s*** exist

    • Elite Navy S***(Rihanna Navy)S***!!! December 19, 2012

      Oh really!!! i heard beyonce is the queen of that mess.

      • Lala December 19, 2012

        @Elite Navy S*** B**** like your faves any better!

      • alex December 20, 2012

        rofl yer right more like the people that print the money and the richest of the rich beyonce is at the very end of the line same with most celebrities

    • Peter G December 19, 2012

      *Last sentence was massacred by spellcheck. Killed the joke b****!

  3. gest December 19, 2012

    Beyonce is the illuminati queen

    • Peter G December 19, 2012


    • Danny B December 19, 2012

      And Rihanna is the illuminati bike.

      • Elite Navy S***(Rihanna Navy)S***!!! December 19, 2012

        beyonce is the the s*** of them all

  4. JJFan1814 December 19, 2012


  5. MaZ December 19, 2012

    I told ya b!tches!!! You heard it by her mom herself!

    • Common Sense December 19, 2012

      Is her mom some sort of scholar LOL? You people really need to stop believing in fairy tales.

      • MaZ December 19, 2012

        She knows her daughter better than you asshole!

        What do really know about those people and behind the scenes? YOU should stop believe in fairy tales. If Ke$ha confessed she was forced to sing the song’s lyrics and mother give some clues you should then STFU or have a seat somewhere!

    • mob December 20, 2012

      And they voted you down! LOL somene said they are not called Illuminati but “globalists”. Eiher way, they are a scary bunch and ppl need to wake up and realize wtf is really going on. Media manipulation is real, ruthless and diobalical!

      “And once the artist exposes the Illuminati, they try and sabotage their career. Ex, Michael Jackson, DMX, Tupac.” And those that don’t go along wih the plan or try to escape will be CASTDOWN and/or SYSTEMATICALLY DESTROYED *cought* Chris Brown and eventually Rihanna if she does not stay in line!

  6. Peter G December 19, 2012

    Wait, did she mention Ke$ha in the same sentence as MJ and 2pac! Now she has a death wish!

  7. Louise December 19, 2012

    THIS Illuminati s*** is a load of b*******! Its all to get ppl talking and the fools are falling for it! Why aint Kanye West and David Icke dead yet then? LOL. In fact, they should all be dead cos everyone done knows about it now lmao, secret society my BACKFOOT!

    • Clearly not here for it December 19, 2012

      you sound dumb ass f***

      • Common Sense December 19, 2012

        No. The only dumb f**** are the idiots that fall for such utter nonsense. It’s nothing but scare tactics meant to make people distrust others. I suggest you stop drinking the Alex Jones kool-aid.

      • PSA (FAF) December 19, 2012

        @louise hun

        if you cooperate you wont die.. LOL

      • People are stupid December 19, 2012

        No, actually anyone who believes in this Illuminati nonsense sounds dumb as f***. It’s embarrassing. I refuse to debate with anyone who believes such idiocy – far better to let them wallow in their own ignorance.

      • Clearly not here for it December 19, 2012

        @Common Sense b**** i dont drink anybodies kool aid so f*** off

        @People are stupid fine you ain’t gotta believe in a damn thing and the ignorance is that what you just displayed dont believe ignore it simple ass that b******

    • alex December 20, 2012


    • LndoftheBlind December 20, 2012

      Only some ignorant foolish c*** who hasn’t researched the NWO and thier globalist one world government, one currency and one religion would plan would say it is b*******.

      First of all Kanye is in it neck deep. His mother was a sacrifice. He says politically controversial things in a superficial means to get blacks supporting him when in reality he’s a shucking and jiving puppet on a stick who prides himself in devil worship (he’s confessed it with his own lips). David Icke is working on the same team as well. He exposes half truths in an effort to lead you away from the one truth that is Christ. Alex Jones and Jesse Ventury are also working for them. At this point their plan is set in stone and there is nothing the human population can do to stop it which is why you have them exposing their plans on documentary shows on the History channel. God predicted all of this in the bible but people want to call his word a fairy tale.

  8. Danny B December 19, 2012

    This b**** was probably drunk or high.

  9. kingbey December 19, 2012

    Arghhh not this crap again the illuminati the secret society everyone knows about smh

  10. Evan December 19, 2012

    Rih & Bey ARE THE QUEEEEEENS OF THE ILLUMANTI and Jay Z is the King! yaaaaaaaas! i live for all 3 of them

    • Hunny December 19, 2012

      LOL! and Gaga

    • alex December 20, 2012

      lol if you truly belive that you need to check yourself in to the nearest hospital or mental clinic you need help

    • LndoftheBlind December 20, 2012

      Actually Madonna is the High Priestess witch of the illuminati. Beyonce and Rhianna are still earning thier stripes. I don’t think they’re at the point where they’re drinking child’s blood in order to stay young.

  11. Hunny December 19, 2012

    Oh Ke$ha you better get the b****** talking cos ur s*** aint gonna be played on the radio. Smart move 😉

  12. PSA (FAF) December 19, 2012

    My cousin is a conspiracy theorist & she has me reading all this s*** … !

    I used to believe it but now I’m too worried about my own salvation to care if someone else is in the illuminati !

  13. Common Sense December 19, 2012

    Is it really that difficult to open a wikipedia page to look up what the illuminati really were? They were a (secret) club of enlightened men. Freethinkers that discussed subjects ahead of their time. Basically the opposite of what people accuse the supposed “current illuminati” of being.

    • Banx December 19, 2012

      Exactly lol. There was even a MOVIE about it but yet Hollywoods supposed to be one of the main sources. The illuminati did exists but they were nothing like the occult conspiracy thats fashionable today. They stopped around the same time Napolean conquered Europe. The problem with conspiracy theorists is they they think they have it all sussed and make people feel stupid for not believing in it. The music industry know what the f*** they are doing and if you listen to what tupac said in an interview he thought the illuminati theory was b******* when he learned about it in prison and a cop out to blame all the struggles going on in the world and what the were the name ‘killuminati’ derived from. Oh and btw the worlds gonna end on friday did you know?

      • Banx December 19, 2012

        thats where the name*

    • LndoftheBlind December 20, 2012

      You cannot trust wiki. You must research outside of wiki, they can put anything they want you to believe in it just like the movies that are about it. They are an evil group who worship the devil and sacrifice little children. Making yourself believe in a watered down version of who they really are is a coping mechanism for you because it is too hard to fathom.

      • Loyalty December 20, 2012

        @lndoftheblind Her point was why would you be able to research it ON Wiki fool.

  14. yuppitsme December 19, 2012

    s*** is real i been saying this about this song as well as britneys dance until the world ends i believe in the illuminati

  15. SliqNick December 19, 2012

    You can see over 10 signs staring you in the face in the video. I picked it up the first time I saw it and it is quiet open. They are not trying to hide it at all. The triangle, the upside down cross, the two fingers forming a V around one eye, the eye in the pyramid, the focus they put on her hands when she imitates baphomets hand signals. The lengths people go to for success.

    • LndoftheBlind December 20, 2012

      The upside down cross the most satanic symbol, more than the pentagram. It represents the anriChrist who is the opposite of The Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. People wearing upside down crosses (except for the foolish ignorant followers who copy just to be cool) are 9 times out of 10 involved in occult satanic practices.

  16. Fierce P**** December 19, 2012


  17. CBE December 19, 2012

    People shout illuminati! illuminati! and they dont even know what they are talking about, the most popular answer: THEY ARE A SECRET SOCIETY?

    Like thats all they know, I am tired of hearing this word, it makes us awakened people less credible or like the Media calls critical thinkers “Conspiracy nutjobs”

    I wont get into a debate on a gossip site but I will say anyone who understands this stuff will know artists are forced to sing these songs, even your beloved Rihanna, Beyonce, Gaga, Katy Perry etc etc so this doesnt surprise me. Globalist Elites(as we call them) control everything!

    Have nice day.

    • Gemma December 19, 2012

      I sure hope you work in the music industry to know they are ‘forced’.

      • CBE December 19, 2012

        Well…I did not want to do this and I still wont waste my time as it would take couple hundred posts to explain these things, so aside to enjoying music! some from my favourite artists, did not mean I would stay dumb down and I have so many articles from historians and independent news media I could show you but…I chose a video as starting point! if you understand it then I can help move to the next phase, step by step.


      • Lexi December 19, 2012

        You do realise people are not going to watch this hour long video LOL, its still a conspiracy theory not a fact luvy!

      • Noel ‘opinion’ December 19, 2012

        Typical conspiracy theorist bending over backwards to prove a point ‘i wont waste my time on a gossip site’ yet you come back and copy and paste videos into it. Not everyone believes in the illuminati just like not everyone believes in religion now deal!

    • CBE December 20, 2012

      Im a typical conspiracy huh? well…lets leave the educational videos about “illuminati” and give you whats happening in the real world in US of A, I dont live there but I have through websites and youtube built connections and subscribed to many individulas who are awake! we leave in tough times…

      Check this passionate friend from the United States:


      • Loyalty December 20, 2012

        No ones watching! Get on with your life or do something about it your so passionate stop shoving out down peoples throats who choose not to be believe!

  18. ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ December 19, 2012

    Whack family.

  19. It’s Utterly Bizaar! December 19, 2012

    I’ve read about this thing (illuminati) and it may be true. But when you start telling ppl around you about it. They think you’re CRAZY, and just might turn ppl against you. It’s a lost cause if you ask me. Ugh

  20. HIP HOP STAR December 19, 2012

    LOOK if they do exist, I doubt they would kill ke$ha’s mom. Or atleast anytime soon, that would be a dead give away for some of the general public. I’m not saying they do exist or they don’t exist. All I know is this is one creepy ass world sometimes.

    • Gemma December 19, 2012

      They already are a dead give away if they even exist!

  21. Carl December 19, 2012

    Ya’ll f*** are ignorant as hell, why would somebody’s mom say something like that out of the blue? There’s no prior knowledge of her being a conspiracy theorist.. Or anything like that, maybe there’s actually a reason for her commenting or retweeting. Get wisdom, get knowledge and get understanding you dumb ignorant f***

    • Gemma December 19, 2012

      Marketing & promo. Even the parents get involved cough MATHEW KNOWLES lol.

  22. Monstarebel December 19, 2012

    I think it does exist kesha mom wouldn’t have said that for nothing but let’s make something clear people like beyonce Rihanna lady GaGa & more aren’t queens of illuminati there nothing more than puppets of the illuminati mind control slaves the real people behind it are faceless..

    • CBE December 20, 2012

      exactly! 100%

  23. Queenie December 19, 2012

    Attention seeking?

  24. Fierce P**** December 19, 2012

    Wgaf about bs illuminati. The real issue is keshit’s body does not look that good. Photoshopped the f*** outta that. Lol. I can’t.

  25. TinaMinaj December 19, 2012

    The problem is people don’t understand what the illuminati is and ridicule everyone that believes in its existence. There is definitely more substance to what has happened/happens concerning this whole thing and the music industry as a whole.

    • Lexi December 19, 2012

      More like the other way round. You are called a sheep if you don’t believe it!

      • mob December 20, 2012

        That’s because mose ppl are sheep! They follow the heard to wherever the POWERS THAT BE dictate without question. At this point in time, every “sane” person should begin to see the nasty patteren of behavior the POWERS THAT BE form.

      • Loyalty December 20, 2012

        No more sheep than the people that chose to believe it. You following one way or the other. Its a matter of opinion and interpretation not fact.

  26. Lexi December 19, 2012

    Ke$ha has such a masculine face ew.

  27. Vidiii December 19, 2012

    And why are Ciara, Kelly Rowland, keyshia cole less succesful?
    Because they arent in this s***! It exist people!
    M.J wanted to tell the world about this satanic s***!
    Look on the dollar gone bad. Rihanna was not even popular then , afyer that gggb album..
    R.O.C nation says everything. be, jayz, ri, gaga, britney, william, kesha, chris brown..
    chris brown has a f****** illumination tatoo!! says enough> music videos

    • Pop Royalty December 19, 2012

      they are not successful cuz their s*** is not interesting enough for people to care about what they do , PLUS lack of decent promotion and label support = they don’t believe in their talents.

      • PSA (FAF) December 19, 2012

        @Pop Royalty

        if its not interesting how do you explain their previous success ?

        Why did R**** not get big until she threw her hand over her eye and went bad ?

    • mob December 20, 2012


      Chris Brown’s tattoo HAS NOTHING TO DO with being in the ILLUMINATI! His tattoo exposes it


      He’s in the YEAR of the Snake, being born in 1989 (May 5). His characteristics all scream KNOWLEDGE AND WISDOM. The eye is a penrose triangle (the impossible triangle). The penrose triangle is an OPTICAL ILLUSION, a mirage. This is an ANTI-ILLUMINATI TATTOO!

      Explaining chrisbrown’s new tattoo The impossible triangle: Year of the snake .. see here> http://pic.twitter.com/JLCEII4Z


  28. SOLANGE NOALS (THE BEST ROWLDOG) December 19, 2012

    dis is REDICKILOUS
    complete devestation 2 da nation

  29. FOREVER YOUNG December 19, 2012

    rihanna and beyonce are probably laughing at all the illuminati delusionals from their cancun condo, tweeting and sipping on million dollar brandy

  30. Pop Royalty December 19, 2012

    seriously ?!!!

    not this s*** again , I’m Egyptian , I don’t believe this s*** , what’s wrong with pyramids or the eye of Horus or even triangles ?!!

    ke$ha’s mother is trying to put her daughter out “there” after she was ignored with her single !! she want to make her some kind of a hero , ok it is understandable , we all saw it before !!

  31. TinaMinaj December 19, 2012

    Even Emeli Sande kinda sheds light on this issue to some extent. Watch her ‘clown” video and what she has to say about it.

    • Hayley December 19, 2012

      That same Emeli Sande said one of her dream collaborations would be Beyonce. Is she confused much?

      • PSA (FAF) December 19, 2012

        She’s very spiritual “next to me” is about Jesus Christ !

      • TinaMinaj December 20, 2012

        But you never hear Beyonce singing about death and very dark things..

  32. Hayley December 19, 2012

    Did anyone see that episode of the Cleveland show lmao.

    • Lala December 19, 2012

      I saw a clip, complete mockery! LOL

  33. Jeff December 20, 2012

    When the single was released and before the shooting she was in high praise of the song. On a T4 interview she was asked if she was a devil worshipper, watch the interview and see her response.

    • LndoftheBlind December 20, 2012

      Kei$ha or whatever her name is a witch! She’s a powerful witch as she writes the lyrics to her music and the music of other artists. Most writers are witches, that is where all the subliminal messages laden in thier songs come from, the witch who has taken an oath. Most of the songs are lyrics dedicated to Lucifer. He can be in the form of a man or a women because Baphomet is hermaphrodite, so a man singing to a mysterious women or a women singing to a mysterious man is actually about satan. Listen to the lyrics. They call him/her a fallen angel, a beautiful nightmare, a prince, a king a lover from another realm, an angel from the heavens, a bad influence, a bad habit, an alien and a host of other names. All the songs are about the same person just written differently.

  34. #TEAMKEYSH December 20, 2012

    ****ATTENTION: I dont normally judge nor am i a hater….but i JUST watched this video for the first time and the illuminati symbols are a little overboard! The eye, the upside down crosses, demonic symbols…..And the choice of firearm the police had at the end along with GREEN light flashing (as they shoot) which is the colors of the school where this horrific tragedy took place. Im totally outdone, and im not trying to pursuade anyone to believe it but just watch again and u may notice what i did. Think America….its not a coincidence that the Aurora theater shooting was after the Lil Wayne video… and now this. Be blessed everyone! always

    • LndoftheBlind December 20, 2012

      The shooting at the school was a ritual sacrifice. These pagans sacrifice the young to thier God Molech. Ke$ha’s video was a foretelling of the school shooting just like Lil Wayne’s video was a foretelling of the movie theater massacre. In the video there was 12 skeletons in a movie theater representing the 12 victims. That boy did not shoot up those kids alone. He had professional help, there are reports in the media of another shooter but the information is being repressed by mainstream media.

  35. The real xoxo December 20, 2012

    This is all to start controversy for her flop album

  36. RoyalKev December 20, 2012

    Sign of the times. There are some things people refuse to take notice to even if it’s right before their eyes. People will ignore the smoke, but wait to get caught up in the fire. Believe what you choose, but there is a lot artists of today have to compromise.


  37. SASHAY December 20, 2012

    The discussion about the reality of this organization is interesting. I don’t know if it exists or not. But it’s not difficult for me to believe that it does. From reading the Bible it tells you that Satan is a great deceiver and one of the greatest tricks he will play on mankind is tricking them into believing he does not exists. People are worshiping him without even realizing it…I don’t need a you tube video to explain anything about the origin of evil to me, I have the Bible.

    • CBE December 20, 2012

      I understand you have the Bible for guidance but we are not living within that right now, you will have to deal with alot of things…you will need to understand how they manipulate the Economy, Media, Music Industry, Hollywood and Military Industrial Complex to push an agenda! they have people on mind control and people dont even know it, most of these artists and insiders are controlled using a mind control technique which is now declassified(Im not saying its the only one) as I wouldnt really know no other technique. Look up MK ULTRA, if you have info about it good for you! Americans(some) cant even see the Pyramid with the all seeing eye on their Dollar paper, this symbol is suppose to be one of the popular “illuminati” symbols…they using money and dont even notice its there.

  38. Nay nay December 20, 2012

    I thought u had to sell more than 85k to be apart of the illuminati??? FLOP

  39. Viciousss December 20, 2012

    My take?

    There’s a secret society controlling the world and the best it can do is a hippie white girl who’s best known for a song where she ‘feels like P.Diddy’.

    It’s a secret society where they work through SINGERS, so everytime someone flops that’s what? The almighty Illuminati forgetting to pay a bill? When these people screw up and get photographed drunk, or fall down some stairs, or say stupid s*** that’s all a global plan for them to look dumb as f*** for the purpose of what…?

    If I was Illuminati and the best I could do is HALF the names people ‘claim’ are in that group: Rihanna, Ke$ha, Beyonce, Beyonce…I’d be embarrassed as f*** because those people screw up on the REGULAR.

    Just saying, all this triangle b******* but when you REALLY look at the members I’m laughing at them being part of a master plan. Ke$ha was going to flop 2 singles from this anyway (like she did before) at least now she’s got an excus.

    • Loyalty December 20, 2012


  40. Loyalty December 20, 2012

    If people don’t want to believe, thats their right! Stop demeaning them. Not everyone believes in the bible do they? (I am a Christian) Not everyone believes in the Big Bang theory dammit! Therefore not everyones has to believe in the illuminati! Thats why its called a CONSPIRACY.

  41. Kara February 22, 2013

    If there is any truth to the illuminati, then they will get what’s coming to them. Satan and all of his followers will be cast into a lake of fire for the rest of eternity. Light will overcome darkness. And if you don’t believe in god, then who cares? According to you god and satan arent real anyway. And this is only if the illuminati are in fact real, which i dont think i believe.

  42. bid ninja April 9, 2013

    Hey admin, extremely informative blog post! Pleasee continue this awesome work..

  43. sugar dough May 25, 2013

    >Discreet symbolism/airplanes crashing into buildings before 9/11 depicted in music videos, movies, TV shows and card.games.
    >Discreet lyrics from artists singing about “them” coming after you for your soul and being trapped and the end being near etc.
    “Oh come on guys its just a coincidence! Y’all are crazy.”
    >Music videos with blunt symbolism
    And pyramids and church stuff and eyes and egyptian stuff and satanic horns and s***.
    >Celebrities openly use word Illuminati.
    “Oh come on guys they wouldn’t be this obvious about it, y’all are crazy.”

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