People’s Choice Awards 2013: Christina Aguilera To Perform & Be Honored

Published: Wednesday 19th Dec 2012 by Sam

Having wrapped her stint on The Voice (for now), Christina Aguilera is turning her attention to new album ‘Lotus’.

Clearly in need of a potent push, the project is being dosed just that next month. For, it has been announced that the 32 year old will not only perform at the People’s Choice Awards 2013, she will be honored with a special accolade at the January 13th show too.

Details after the jump…

As per a freshly released press statement, Aguilera and Country star James Aldean have been announced as the show’s first performers.

However, it appears the ‘Your Body’ singer has been selected as the bell of the ball, as she will also be receiving the People’s Voice Award which “recognises (Aguilera’s) outstanding achievements in the music industry, and celebrates her ability to reach millions of fans both at home and abroad, across pop, soul and R&B genres”. Waterford Crystal will design the custom trophy

Executive Producer Mark Burnett, who is also at the helm of the The Voice US said: “I am thrilled to announce that Christina Aguilera is joining Jason Aldean as a performer at the People’s Choice Award. Christina is one of my dearest friends and lights up literally every stage she steps onto. And I am so glad that I get to work with the amazing Jason Aldean again. I cannot wait to see these performances live on show night!”


Congrats are in order Xtina, who definitely could do with such a high-profile slot to revive the underrated ball of amazing that is ‘Lotus’.

Regardless of what drama is going on behind the scenes (and believe there is drama), this is a ripe opportunity to leave that in what’s left of 2012 and kick-start/push-on with promotion in the New Year. Echoing earlier sentiments, a comeback in the true sense of the word is rarely as automatic as is often hoped. Hence, she’s tasked with using her time off of The Voice to milk and shake the project for all it’s worth. For, if she does, she places herself in a much stronger position for commercial ‘Emancipation’ ala Mariah with her next project.

Put simply, it’s time to work!

Your thoughts?

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  1. King B>Rihanna December 19, 2012

    Christina I know you will never get back the amount of greatness your voice once had but please see a vocal coach please before this performance and save the little that is left back of your voice.

    • becky December 19, 2012

      leave xtina alone she was SICK on her AMA performance and she had dress call rehearsals for that AND her voice performance the next day

      • Touché December 19, 2012

        Christina has been losing her voice over the past years simply because she used and continues to use bad vocal technique. Being sick or overstressed on occasions can not do as much damage as compared to using terrible vocal techniques for many years.

      • King B>Rihanna December 19, 2012

        Stop making excuses because many artist have been sick and still pull out good vocals. Hell Mariah Carey voice is not what it was but she still sounds better than Xtina today so bye.

    • mr.m December 19, 2012

      Xtina >>>> SLAVE.B >>>> Negrohanna

      • King B>Rihanna December 19, 2012

        In only your f****** b**** so have every seat.

  2. A.MILIAN December 19, 2012


  3. Suicide Blonde December 19, 2012

    Christina Aguilera To Perform & (Be Honored).

    I realize that the last artists that let a legacy of influence million of people, those who created the trends come from the 80’s and early 90’s, those from the 00’s have nothing, no legacy, no influnce, no impact, nothing, take for example Christina she has no legacy, her only salvation is her Voice, that’s the only thing for what she’s gonna be remenbered, don’t get me wrong, i love her but, what i mean is that we don’t have anymore Musicians that left a legacy like the likes of MJ, Madonna, Prince, Whitney, Mariah, ect, ect…each one of them bring something to Pop Culture, each one of them have an extraordinary and eternal legacy, we can’t say the same for Xtina, Beyonce, Rihanna, Gaga, even Alicia Keys.

    • ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ December 19, 2012

      I agree, its nothing against these artists, its just that they could never measure up to those that influenced them. Its sad really though…….

    • Touché December 19, 2012


    • I Judge Flopz December 19, 2012

      f***** get a life all you do is post comments. your probably 20 years old just a in the closet f*****.

    • mr.m December 19, 2012

      MY ASS!!!!

      Xtina is going to be remembered for her voice (you said that) and YES she WILL ..and that what makes her a legend, idiot LOL!

      Xtina IS legendary .. she inspired (and still inspiring) a lot of artists!!!
      Beyonce (even tho i hate her) IS legendary
      Britney (for her first 4 albums) IS legendary

      They inspire many artists!!
      You’re just hating, h**!!

      • Touché December 19, 2012

        @ Mr. M, Either you’re just delusional or you seem to be mixing up an icon with a legend. Legends will be remembered for years. Those girls will not be remembered decades from now(except maybe Britney). Music legends are people who have inspired whole generations and continue to do so which those girls haven’t fully accomplished. Music legends are extremely influential which they aren’t ( Britney is very close). Music legends have made revolutionary, creative, original, innovative, music which none of them have made. Lastly, Legends always dominate in their genre of music ( which only Britney has done temporarily). So no they are not legends. However, they are icons.

    • Mark111 December 20, 2012

      The 80’s was the birth of POP and the MTV era. Back then there was no man killing the stage like Michael, they was no singer singing like Whitney, no other chic was dancing like Janet, no one shocked or wowed the world/media like Madonna and Prince. Now, you have Usher doing his thing, but so is CB, Neyo, JT and others. Yea, Gaga and Rihanna is on top, but so is Swift, Katy and other pop chics. My point is, there’s no standout. Plus we have everyone rival everybody, even when they don’t fit in the same genre or gen. There’s no reason why Rihanna’s name come anywhere near Beyonce’s (and I’m a fan of both), but they are two different generations. Bey be rocking since 97, not to say Rih isn’t doing anything, cause she’s killing the charts since 05, but they’re not the same nor rivals or even the same age. I get why people put Britney and Xtina at each other, same age, came out the same time and blah blah blah, but you shouldn’t have Gaga’s name near Brit or Christina cause they been out a whole ten years before Gaga. Another thing is that back then, you worked with a producer on the whole album, now everyone running to different hit makers on one album and everyone work with the same people, making their music sound alike and boring. That’s why Keys will always be in a lane of her own cause she don’t work with the top 40 hit maker, or the same song writers.

      • irene46 December 20, 2012

        christina could very well be a legend if the media stops creating the wicked witch image for everyone to hate of her. also if she releases more mature albums such as b2b and fights off the obsession she has with screaming and grunting so much. she has a great voice and could be around many years from now. a lot depends on how the media treats her.

  4. Jer December 19, 2012

    And the award for Fat C*** of the Decade goes to… XXLtina for her continuous acheivements in the field. This years Peole’s Choice Awards brought to you by Krispie Kreme.

    • Rob December 19, 2012

      What a jealous c***!

  5. BABY T December 19, 2012

    Beyonce was honored at the 2011 Billboard Music Awards
    Britney was honored at the 2011 MTV VMAsChristina is getting honored at the 2013 People’s hoice Awards

    • BABY T December 19, 2012

      ^^ F*ck this comment above. I messed up! lol

      • Touché December 19, 2012


  6. BABY T December 19, 2012

    – Beyonce was honored at the 2011 Billboard Music Awards
    – Britney was honored at the 2011 MTV VMAs
    – Christina is getting honored at the 2013 People’s Choice Awards

    The Pop Icons of the 2000s! 😀

  7. ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ December 19, 2012

    Congratulations to Xtina. Some of us forget but she was once one of the “it” girls and her “Stripped” + B2B eras are both great, so I have respect for her artistry even though sometimes I dislike her attitude and her fans.

    I saw somewhere that yesterday was her birthday, so happy belated birthday Xtina.

    • mr.m December 19, 2012

      She was once one of the “it” girls? LOL
      SO what we can say about Mariah???
      ONCE A UPON A TIME, she was one of the “it” mans?
      #DEAL H**

      • ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ December 19, 2012

        Well, Mariah was never an “it” pop girl as in Britney Spears etc pop girls. Is there something wrong with what I said? It means that she was popular once and her sales prove that unlike now where we have “Bionic” and “Lotus”.

  8. @_NoFucksGiven_1 December 19, 2012

    Christina is no Icon cause if she was an icon her album would debut at #1. I would not call little kids dancing a tribute. Brittany tribute was pathetic. Now Beyonce was the best tribute anyone can have. Beyonce have had a tribute so many times. From Soul train awards, International awards, To billboard awards. People Choice awards are for white people. Ain’t no black t.v show won nothing last year.

      • I Judge Flopz December 19, 2012

        lmfaooo this is a xtina post. why does beyonce always have you f****** mad? f****** f**

      • mr.m December 19, 2012

        Who’s that old granny??
        She can’t even sing a note .. LOL!
        Gay h**

      • King B>Rihanna December 19, 2012

        Sorry Beyonce kills Christina vocally any day because it is simple Christina had naturally great voice with horrible technique so her voice is lost as of today while Beyonce does not have the naturally great voice but has very great technique hence why her voice keeps getting better over the year.So deal you white piece of s***.

    • @_NoFucksGiven_1 December 19, 2012

      @Suicide Blonde b**** please… Beyonce has destroy that chick career just like b**** riri you stand for

  9. Monstarebel December 19, 2012

    Good for xtina

  10. miss marvel (the avengers) December 19, 2012

    Congratulations to pigtina

  11. MUSIC HEAD December 19, 2012

    I see they making up awards now. I wonder how much her label had to pay to get it…

    • Suicide Blonde December 19, 2012

      Ask Beyonce, she probably knows.

      • @_NoFucksGiven_1 December 19, 2012

        B**** you mad cause xtina sound like train. Beyonce the queen you s***

      • MUSIC HEAD December 20, 2012

        You’re right. Beyonce and her team have been making up awards to give her for the last few years lol.

        That special Billboard award she got last year was fake as hell. There are many other artists who made more impact than her over the past 12 years yet she got the award. Wow!

  12. I Judge Flopz December 19, 2012

    I guess she’s being awarded for being the fattest b**** in the game.

    • ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ December 19, 2012

      Are you same person as “RIHANNA”?

    • mr.m December 19, 2012


  13. It’s Utterly Bizaar! December 19, 2012

    Congrats to X-tina!

  14. soulmusiclover December 19, 2012

    congrats chrissy! she deserves that! such an unforgettable voice! she brought a lot to music but her last 2 albums bionic and lotus were’nt that great! i really miss the stripped and back to basics xtina

  15. Honestly December 19, 2012

    Adele Christina and Mariah are examples of raw singing with absolutely no technique. Adele has had to have surgery, Mariah is just not the same, and Christina is next. Go get a vocal trainer while you can still use your voice. Being mediocre is better than not having a voice at all.

    • mr.m December 19, 2012

      Yeah they sing without technique (f*** Adele)
      Mariah and Xtina build their OWN vocal legendary schools
      Their voices are the ones who others copied and learn from
      #DEAL H**

    • Touché December 19, 2012

      Um… no. Please do not speak about things you clearly don’t fully understand. Now, Mariah’s voice has become weaker and more fragile over the years because the nodules have affected her voice. It was NOT due to vocal technique whatsoever. In fact, she is known for her phenomenal vocal technique so there was no valid reason for you to group her with amateur singers like Christina and Adele. When Mariah’s voice is well rested than she can perform her songs. She does not in any way need a vocal coach (unlike Christina who desperately needs one if she wants to preserve her voice).

    • King B>Rihanna December 19, 2012

      Mariah Carey has great vocal technique so i don’t where you that from. Her voice would never be the same at her age compared much younger years because no matter how musch training you have the voice is a muscle and naturally loses strength as you age plus year od wear and tear from touring and recording always contributes so her voice now is not a matter of technique because if she had bad technique her whistles would not have gotten stronger.
      Adele had surgery not because bad technique you can develop those plops on you chords naturally again misinformed
      Christina is the one who always had the bad technique so you got that right.

    • Mark111 December 20, 2012

      They fell off at the ten year mark. MC’s voice is GONE! That what happens when you over sing too much. Better take notes from Beyonce. You can go ahead and throw A-Keys on that list with over singing and f****** up her voice. Better stay in your rang like Monica, MJB, Brandy and Patti (who been doing it for decades and still has a voice, now THAT’S a legend!) Beyonce is the only entertainer that will be known and be in the know for years to come, hate all ya want. I say that and I’m a Rihanna fan, but I’ll be the first to tell ya Bey is IT!

      • King B>Rihanna December 20, 2012

        Monica voice is not as complex as MC but I guess it okay for to keep singing the same damn eight notes for albums so that she can’t lose her voice.Really are you that dumb?
        Brandy voice has change fool you would realize her voice is more raspy than it once was so you don’t have a point.

      • Mark111 December 20, 2012

        The point is that Mo and Brandy still have a voice, MC don’t, get over it! Have you seen her in the past 7 years? It’s gone! Yes they’re voices changed, but theres a different between changed and GONE! Don’t get all b*** hurt cause these over singing singers f***** up their voice.

  16. mr.m December 19, 2012

    YAAAAAAAAAAAAAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LEGENDTINA <3
    3 months, 3 honors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAS YAS YAS YAS AND YAS
    When will your fav????

    • King B>Rihanna December 19, 2012

      Super Uber Over Everything Delusion.
      Far from Legend and She is the Noise our our Generation.
      #Truth #Fact #Deal

    • Touché December 19, 2012

      Nope. She’s a Struggling icon, Queen of screaming/ straining, and most importantly, The flop of our generation so you will deal.

  17. reality December 19, 2012

    Christina is here to stay.

    Its funny how haters think the more they continue to bring Christinas weight and voice down, she will finally cave but truth is if Christina was going to let the critics change her, she wouldve done it 10 yrs ago.

  18. Gilberto December 19, 2012

    At least she’s getting honored when she’s still alive. We can’t say the same to Whitney and Michael who were treated like s*** when they were alive. But honestly, I don’t think she really deserves that. First, that b**** is cocky and arrogant. Second, nothing that she recorded become iconic and legendary. Third, she was always on the Britney’s shadow.

    • irene46 December 19, 2012

      ‘beautiful is definitely iconic. imo ‘fighter’,’lady marmalade’ collab (no disrespect to pattie labelle) and even ‘genie in a bottle’.

      she’s not the only female who’s allegedly cocky but she’s the only one that gets hell about it.

      christina has a good heart as is proven by her humanitarian efforts which the media totally ignores. they’d rather rip her about being “cocky and arrogant”. even her award from secretary clinton was overlooked (except for the snark about hillary gaping at christina’s boobs).

    • lola December 19, 2012

      The only “legendary” records she has are Beautiful and Fighter. Everything else….. hardly anyone, but her stans, remembers.

      • irene46 December 20, 2012

        having even two records worth remembering is good for an artist since most have songs that are real forgettable.

  19. all4u1 December 19, 2012

    It’s about time Christina is being recognized! I don’t care how much people try to bring her down, she will always be known for having one of the greatest voices of all time.

    Congratulations Christina!!!!!

    • MUSIC HEAD December 20, 2012

      Of all time? Not even close but nice try.

      • all4u1 December 20, 2012

        Her accolades and peers prove other wise.

  20. reality December 19, 2012

    Britneys shadow?

    Sounds like people are still bitter about Christina beating Britney as Best New Artidt at the 2000 Grammys. Or that Christina became a judge befire Britney did. Or that Christina wasnt declared a mental case uder a 5150 or still has custody of her child or hasnt had 2 failed marriages in less than 10 yrs

    • irene46 December 20, 2012

      i 100% agree. imo, a lot of the reason the media started attacking her so savagely was when ‘b2b’ began closing the gap between christina and britney’s record sells. britney’s record sells were falling at a bigger rate. maybe because of britney’s breakdown.

      anyway, the media took the knives when ‘bionic’ was released. they hacked and hammered christina relentlessly for everything she did. when they weren’t butchering her they ignored her. i guess it’s surprising she was able to sell even 73,000 copies of ‘lotus’.

  21. lola December 19, 2012

    I am starting to believe that the record labels pay for these types of recognition and awards because Christina is no way, shape, or form a legend or even close to one. When she’s on break, no one even talks about her. Five years from now the upcoming generation will not know who she is or even care. You have 2 years old who know who Michael and Madonna are. What I dislike about this fat cow is that she’s a b****. Her stank attitude on The Voice was uncalled for and I don’t understand why she always put out her s** life to the public, mainly when she was “married.” Back then she had a very powerful and unique voice, but now-a-days, it’s strained, abrasive, and embarrassing. LOL at the People Choice Awards really “honoring her.” That makes no sense.

    • irene46 December 20, 2012

      christina has been around more than a decade so how do you form your mouth to say she’s not even close to a legend?

      the media doesn’t talk about her because they’re xtina haters like yourself. they blather about jessica simpson as if she’s somehow relevant and she’s sold about 12 records in her entire career. that’s because they like her.

      christina will probably be around because unlike many of these females with studio enhanced voices, she can sing.

      • irene46 December 20, 2012

        britney’s record company must have been shoveling out $$ by a$$ loads because after her breakdown and it looked like her album ‘blackout’ was flopping (right after that atrocious vma performance), she started getting more awards than she ever did.

        btw did you know there was a special people’s choice award made up especially for britney.

  22. Love on top December 20, 2012

    I llove xtina! But I don’t think she really cares bout music She would always be ready for an ERA but Lotus she payed it dust lmao its kinda funny cus she was like Oh I have a single and album out OH?

    • irene46 December 20, 2012

      isn’t it up to the record company to set up promotions for the artist?

  23. irene46 December 20, 2012

    you dislike christina because of what you call a stank attitude but madonna has one of the rankest stinking attitudes in the industry. also pink, avril lavign, nikki minaj and others have attitudes in bad need of douches.

    she was very good with the contestants and gave very good and truthful advise. no one said sh!t when britney was trying to come off salty and attack contestants on the ‘x factor’.

    i do wish christina would talk about something else beside her s** life and not go on so much about the content of her music (ditto for gaga).
    it would be nice if they would talk about her personal life to give her some dimension.

    btw, two year olds may know mj but i don’t know of any that know madonna. they may have known about janet if the media hadn’t decided she was on their hate list for not kissing up after the super bowl debacle.

  24. reality December 20, 2012

    U haters are funy as f***. Britney was even bigger d***** and b**** on the xfactor than xtina was on the voice and yall thought she was so funny and cool bevause of it but when Chrisittina did it she was the biggest b**** and too arrogant what artist doesnt think theyre the s***? Rihanna is cocky and arrogant as f*** but yall think shes so cool. Christina deserves to be honored for al her hard work over the past 14 yrs.

  25. jarel December 20, 2012

    I think Christina deserves it. The last few albums I havent enjoyed, so my interest has waned but she still deserves the award. She does have one of the best voices of her generation.

  26. Nay nay December 20, 2012

    The b**** can’t sing never could! All she did was a bunch of out of place & out of tune runs, screams and grunts. A wannabe soul singer with no soul. She deserves every FLOP she gets stupid fat b****! FLOP!!!

  27. Fierce P**** December 20, 2012

    I like xtina but to call her a legend is reaching. She hasn’t done anything legendary except strain out her throat to the gods. And imitating an already successful legend like mc doesn’t help either. She’s a hasbeen if she had two albums do p*** poorly. Tsk tsk.

  28. Fierce P**** December 20, 2012

    Gilberto, bad press in the tabloids will always overshadow positive attributes of a person. MJ and whit still have plenty of honorary accolades xtina probably may never see. And Xtina is still treated like s*** too about her weight even tho her private life isn’t that controversial.

  29. Fierce P**** December 20, 2012

    She is fat

  30. irene46 December 21, 2012

    no matter how hard christina works it won’t do her any good if the media scumbags throw shade or ignore her (like most did her birthday).

    i hope i’m wrong but it’s probably too late to undo the damage the media’s done to christina. her career is probably pretty much ruined. there’s no way they’ll endlessly prop her up the way they did britney when britney’s career started sliding down a rat hole along with her talent.

    between the media jocking and loyal deluded fans britney suddenly became this reborn musical phenomenon (without a drop of talent…what a joke).

    it’s obvious that artist’s popularity and record sales are manipulated and manufactured and the media determines who’s popular and irrelevant. ‘no talent required’.

    • MRDIVABITCH December 24, 2012

      The album is already a f*****’ flop, deal with it.

  31. soutache April 18, 2013

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