Exclusive: Kelly Rowland Talks New “R&B” Single At VH1 Divas 2012

Published: Monday 17th Dec 2012 by Sam

That Grape Juice was on hand at VH1 Divas 2012 last night, chatting it up with many a star on the purple carpet.

One of the divas we caught up with was ‘Ice’ singer Kelly Rowland, quizzing the Grammy winner on the follow-up to the Lil Wayne assisted cut.

Watch above as Ms. Kelly coyly dishes on the second release to be lifted from her forthcoming ‘Year Of The Woman’ LP.

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  1. DOSSOME December 17, 2012

    Good luck with that but i’m not expecting much….by the way where is LeToya Luckett,the most talented Destiny’s Child member?????

  2. my forehead tho December 17, 2012

    Why even bother if it takes her a year to make a music video and never promotes the song?

    I’ve yet to see a. live performance of ice -_-

  3. Dirty Diana! December 17, 2012

    Im sooo excited And I think Kelly should leave it as is I am a long time fan and the best Kelly songs are always by herself. Yess collabs does give lots of hype and buzz B*** quality wise her best songs are truly the ones she has made on her own. Turn it up, Bad habit, Better without you, Heaven and earth, Feeling me right now, Just a minute away, Unity, Love Again.. is better than Ice, lay it on me, motivation ect..

    If it all else fails make a remix!! But please try it on your own. For the first time in her career I want Kelly to absolutely SURE of herself! No 2nd thoughts.

  4. Lax December 17, 2012

    @KELLY ROWLAND,,,I love your song “ICE’ its better then
    Many a song here as of late. I wish you nothing but the Best

    • williNalli December 17, 2012


  5. LAWWWWWDD December 17, 2012

    Wait…..Did yall see sister Kelly scratching her neck??OH LAAAAAAAAAAAWD ,SHE DONE CAUGHT THE BIRD FLU FROM KERI OLE UGLY A**!!!

    • williNalli December 17, 2012

      please, don’t…That’s unnecessary, please.

    • BABY T December 17, 2012


  6. Settoz December 17, 2012

    I wish kelly can be able to promote that single with tv appearances perfomances also a speedy video cause a single with a delayed video doesn’t help at all as much as I like Kelly she lacks promotion of her lPsI wish her all the success and I know it will be a killer

  7. Touché December 17, 2012

    I hope it works out for her.

  8. baybii britt December 17, 2012

    who cares!!! she has already proven that she is not a solo artist. she cannot sing live, she’s boring, she doesn’t promote and her singles are lackluster. i see why beyonce always stood out because she is a star. kelly rowland is not! even michelle williams is better at least she can sing live!!!!

    • GREG December 17, 2012

      Did Kelly do something to you???…sheesh….lol

  9. Chester December 17, 2012

    She’s banging !!!!
    Honestly I pray she lets Ice go & call it a promo single or whatever because that shouldn’t of been the 1st single honestly that was more of a 3 or 4 single..
    I pray this next single she PROMOTES it and SLAYS Worldwide !

    • BABY T December 17, 2012

      R&B singles don’t slay worldwide anymore

  10. Dev December 17, 2012

    After that preformance i’m now not interested in anything she has to release unless she can cut it live.

  11. gio88 December 17, 2012

    wow 5 months have passed and she can’t talk about the second single….

  12. IDK December 17, 2012

    Go Kelly!!!!

  13. Sierra December 17, 2012

    I love that dress Ms Kelly. Good luck with the new single #lovingICEsingle 🙂

  14. Pretty in Pink December 17, 2012

    Kelly sucks. I was rooting for her when Motivation dropped, but she always seems to fall short!!! Ice sounds like a watered down Motivation and it’s a huge flop. Kelly needs to seriously sit down and reevaluate her career because people aren’t interested.

  15. credits December 17, 2012

    ” I haven’t heard a collaboration on it yet…”

    Just shows much control these artists don’t have over their music.

  16. Monstarebel December 17, 2012

    Kelly just needs to hang it up….

  17. thetruth December 17, 2012

    I’ve supported Kelly since DC & right now after that lack luster performance last night I really don’t give a danm no more about her music or her upcoming projects! It’s almost like she doesn ‘t care so why should her fans.The only thing thats really saving her is her looks. Thats it! Honestly she has definitely lost a fan! I’m so tired of cheering this chic on and she disappoints every time with her live performances…

  18. CHUDDS December 17, 2012

    I loved me some Beyonce, Kelly & Michelle but Kelly does not BRING IT like she should!! I was extremely disappointed in how they handled the Here I Am era, and it looks like they will handle YOTW in the same manner. Kelly needs to get it together! Michelle has been slaying her recent performances, and we all know that Bey is in her own category. But Kelly just seems to not care! Why even waste her/our time by releasing another single and album with NO promo?

    • GREG December 17, 2012

      LOL, i havent seen Michelle anywhere….you must be a hater on here trolling just to say bad things about Kell…lol

  19. Truth December 17, 2012

    And you have proven that you are a dumb f***

    Kelly has proven that she can get Grammys solo, Have a #1 solo, star in a movie “seat filler”, and have a pilot show on tv, while your faves can’t get a roll or a sing on the radio. Kelly’s “flop” outsold most of her peers. Billboard top rnb song on 2011 was not by King B, it was Ms Kelly honey

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • BABY T December 17, 2012

      but Billboard Top R&B Song of 2012 is by KING B! Ice was like at number 94 lol

  20. Taey December 17, 2012

    Look. Kelly girl, you are over 30 years old! You’ve had enough chances to try and make a strong solo name for yourself and failed. You are not 25 girl. Singing about gettin f***** in a window seal. I can’t! Ice, Motivation are good enough songs that should have went to younger up in coming Female and male homosexual R&B singers. Imagine Ice by Teirra Mari or Teyanna Taylor. Instead they give money and good music to this old woman who needs to hang it up! That goes for all you commercial failures! Got the struggling music industry wasting money on old used up flops instead of investing money into younger more commercially viable singers.

    That doesn’t mean put all your eggs in one basket assuming they will smash ala Rita Flopwhora. I cannot believe the amount of money they put into her project for her not even scan 500k yet. Yikes!

    • GREG December 17, 2012

      Most of the women out there are over 30, whas your point??

  21. Tootie December 17, 2012

    Kelly is such a f****** flop that it’s disgusting. Her music is cheesy booty call music and she can’t even control her vocals live. She sounds like shes rolling around in a washing machine when shes singing live. Maybe she needs to stick to being beyonces back up dancer because she sucks and her second single will flop like Ice. F****** nasty vile FLOPPPP!!!

  22. FINE ASS girl December 17, 2012

    kelly boo…. you know i love you right??? so if you does not want to FLOP, you better release this single early on JANUARY or just wait the summer!!!! because we all know THE HURRICANE is about to come in the end of january!!!!

    SO your team & you better have a great STRATEGY!!!!

  23. williNalli December 17, 2012



  24. williNalli December 17, 2012


  25. Natasha Upshur December 17, 2012

    Kelly b**** you’ve had ample time. Beyonce is back so return to your corner you flop!!!

  26. IV. December 17, 2012

    Y’all so mad at Kelly and for what? She’s not Beyoncé. She’s Kelly F****** Rowland. Allow this b**** to be her own identity and stop comparing to other artist because if everyone was the same this music s*** would be boring.

    And who the f*** are any of you to tell someone to give up on their dreams? You bums are sitting behind your computer doing NOTHING with your lives.

  27. Kelz December 17, 2012

    I see the haters are in full effect. While yall hate Kelly will continue to make millions

  28. Steph December 17, 2012

    #YOTW will be buying!!!! Can’t wait for the next single. LOVE you too! Keep up the great work and thanks for the interview TGJ!

  29. DIGGER BEY December 17, 2012

    Lol @ u FAKE ASS B*STARD OF A SUPPOSE TO B FANS! Kelly don’t need no fake f****** and h*** stanning for her anyway! Goodbye! None of u probably have never supported or bought a Kelly album anyway! This won’t STOP Kelly n no shape or form! I’m mad to @ the progress of the album too but I know Kelly has what it take to b one of the Greats! Other than KING B and Gaga, who else has great stage presence like Kelly!! No f*ckin body! She owned that stage last nite! Her voice just wasn’t up to parr! Kelly is still gonna serve SLAYAGE with this new album, so hate bishes. U can’t stop Destiny! #THE NEXT GREAT DIVA…..KELLY ROWLAND

  30. BABY T December 17, 2012

    Why has it taken her this long to release a new single? Is she waiting for Beyonce to release hers? Lol smh. Beyonce got big promo plans for 2013. This isn’t gonna be another RTW vs. Motivation ok Kelly! And she better not pretend ICE wasn’t the lead single from YOTW because it flopped…

  31. Jay4kelly December 17, 2012

    Kelly I love but you’re in no position to be holding back,you should be serving us music until it comes out of our ears.People don’t even recognize or appreciate your extraordinary voice because you’re too busy treating yourself like an established artist and you’re not,not yet anyway.

  32. WTF December 17, 2012

    I DO NOT WANT R&B from her!! I know she reads this blog so I hope she or her sorry ass team read this and do better for her.

    “Turn it up” “Each other” where stand outs and had hit single written all over them. I had even staged and choreographed her performance to a mash up of the two instead of that awful thing she did on X Factor.

    The reason I say this is because there was something so new age disco about those tracks that had Kelly LIVING on those beats in a way she never has before. She had a chance to create her own sound and dominate her own lane like she did for a second with David Guetta.

    Now. Now she wants to market herself R&B shaping herself like the R&B chick with the fat ass to gain the attention or approval of a certain market. The R&B lovers have that girl who performed the Whitney tribute last night and the two who came back from claiming “that by is mine” only to find that the R&B MARKET WOULD RATHER NOT PAY FOR THEIR MUSIC!! It may be generalising but it is fact. Our community do not legitimately support their artists, they’ll download leaks and say “thank you ma’am” and it it moving.

    Look at Rihanna. Out here sounding a fool for most of her career, but after 7 years of being bashed, she’s working on her live vocal dropped her Banji thickness in favour of a European body (the body Kelly once had) and…. BOOM…. in that same year, she gets her 1st US #1. But Kelly is ass backwards. After 15yrs she’s still struggling with the live vocal. Yet wants to give you R&B. I do not want R&B records from someone with a limited none lifeless vocals, the people who BUY music do not want to buy that and will not buy it from someone with blah vocal performances. They will, however, come out their pockets if they admire, connect with or are captivated by you.

    So that leaves the question. Does Kelly have the personality to get peoples attention, the vocal to gain respect and admiration and the material to captivate or inspire? If she does, then she can go make what ever music she wants. But she doesn’t so until she does I want her to be dedicated (boot camp style) to reaching her full vocal potential and the confidence to command a stage and an audience without being upstaged and out sung by the likes of Tulisa, Keri Hilson, Rihanna and Miley Cyrus.

  33. WTF December 17, 2012

    Keep your “R&B with no features that I know of” single. Nobody here for it, unless you stole a real sangers vocal box for that session..and plan on using it every time you perform live.

  34. muni December 17, 2012

    I love Kelly!!

  35. Lucinda December 17, 2012

    Kelly I know you aint in no competition with ya sister and all that but please stop hyping up your fans and then letting them down it looks so lazy! You either need to go all out or just don’t bother. Do you think Beyonce would wait that long to release a video for a new single HELL TO THE F****** NO! Which is why nobody can blame her for Kellys misfortune because Kellys proved shes half hearted, Beyonce is passionate, competative and determined even still now she got a kid! Kelly just doesn’t have that fire in her. I get the feeling she is comfortable where she is, fine. But girl thats not enough when you have people rooting for you. You shouldve kept your ass on X Factor UK panel you were building up a nice reputation over there!

  36. keyamino December 18, 2012

    Not gonna lie……now I love me some Kelly Rowland, but many of these negative comments are true. I understand why her fans are fed up. Now, I’m rocking with ICE…but she sucked at promoting the video/single. Damn, if I didn’t stalk her life, then I wouldn’t have known about it….jk. seriously though….get it together! You’re amazing KR.

  37. Beyhive December 18, 2012

    Kelly is not a serius girl,we are all wishing she will do well when she is not even tinking of doing well,later ppl wil blame beyonce & her father for making her a flop when she makes herself a bigger flop

    • Makagnoni December 18, 2012

      Co signed

  38. Angela Wesley December 18, 2012

    Tulsa cannot sing if her like depended on it. Keri is good vocally but her stage
    performance is lacking. Like I said on a another bogs Kelly
    and Adam Lambert were exciting and entertaining to watch
    on Divas. Kelly have proven that she can sell albums and singles,
    plus win Grammy s Alicia Keys is a prime example she is on
    the level on Beyonce , but her album is selling slowly.

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