The Female Flop: Tulisa Tanks On UK Charts

Published: Sunday 9th Dec 2012 by Sam

Money can buy many things, but unfortunately for Tesco Value Tulisa it simply wasn’t enough. For despite a huge promotional campaign and weekly exposure on The X Factor, the 24 year old has scored a UK chart double. A double flop.

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In news that will stun few, the N Dubz front-woman saw her debut album ‘The Female Boss’ debut at #35 . However, it’s the set’s sales that’ll likely cause many a “gasp”. For, the ‘Young’ led LP could only manage to sell through less than 11,000 copies first week.

Its third single ‘Sight Of You’ also flopped something vicious on the Official UK Singles Chart – debuting at #18 despite ample exposure. The track’s predecessor, ‘Live It Up’, also tanked, peaking at #11 earlier in September.


On the merit of what Ms. Contostavlos represents as an “artist”, this is sadly deserved. Not to be confused with kicking one while they’re down; this merely re-enforces the fact that Tulisa should never have been placed on such a tall pedestal to begin with.

Everything about her product spells both “basic” and “local”, as such it was entirely laughable that she was being pitched as a “premium Pop” act and clocking in studio time with “top US producers”. Even more of an LOL is that, despite all of this, she still ends up with the steaming pile of poo that is her latest single ‘Sight Of You’. Who works with The-Dream, the same man who crafted mega-smashes such as ‘Single Ladies’ and ‘Umbrella’, and ends up with…’Sight of You’? Tesco Value Tulisa, that’s who.

Hence, for that reason and many more, her solo run will be an infinite “LOL”. Let’s pour out a little liquor, because this farce is all but finished…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Monstarebel (Tamartian) December 9, 2012

    ok your calling it the female flop yet it outsold your fav Alexandra Burke 6k? hmmmmmmmmmmmmm……

    • Cheryl The New Janet December 9, 2012

      You are a fool.
      Did Alexandra get radio play? Did Alexandra have a starring role on the country’s biggest show? Was she allowed to perform anywhere and everywhere? No she was not. Tulisa is a s*** bag.

      • RebeccaFergusonIsQueen December 9, 2012

        Monstarebel needs his medication. Alex may be a confused girl but her flopping wasn’t her fault. She was literally BLACKlisted by the industry. They wouldn’t even let her perform on shows that RIVALLED the x factor.

      • Monstarebel (Tamartian) December 9, 2012

        Excuses ^^^^

      • Gaz December 9, 2012

        Thank you! Please don’t compare Tesco value Tulisa to Ms. Alex…alex got a number 3 hit out of stone!! no support whatsoever…tulisa on the other hand…

      • mr.m December 9, 2012

        Tulisa is A FLOP
        Alexandra is A FLOP TOO!
        Her album is s*** .. period

    • veo99 December 9, 2012

      Guess who was hating on Misah B and FLOPPED!!!! Hmmmm!!! Karma’s a B****!!! Thats what!!! Arrogance gets u no where people!!! She will now be having several seats at the X Factor studio!!!!!

    • Jeff December 9, 2012

      @Monstarebel you need to realise the truth, Alex is blacklisted by all types of media and still did okay and besides all of that the product that Alex can become with both her dancing and singing skills already outdoes anything Taramasalata tries.
      TJG you’re wrong for showing that video again. LMAO

      • Flop Cheeta Whora gave Rob an STD from her 20 guys December 9, 2012

        Why was alexandra blacklisted ?

  2. jamilaa December 9, 2012

    shut up SAM! u r such a terrible person….tulisa is young and can sing….she gonna do better next time!!

    • JessieJ/Emeli/Ware December 9, 2012

      How can she do any better than she’s doing now. She had the world at her disposal and flopped.

      • Girl007Bond December 9, 2012


    • Dev December 9, 2012

      Sorry, i’d be surprised if she gets another chance to create such noise

  3. 1D>>>>YourLife December 9, 2012

    Oh no! Poor flop got what she deserved.

  4. hsghjs December 9, 2012


    • nate December 9, 2012

      calvin harris? lmaoo he didnt produce it. STL did who is fazer from ndubz

    • Mrs Robyn Brown (Beyonce’s Weave) December 9, 2012

      LMAO “Young” was not written by Calvin Harris, it was written by Fazer. You tried though,

  5. ARTOPPINIT December 9, 2012

    Who is this woman?

    • Dev December 9, 2012

      I wouldn’t worry, save the brain space for someone important with talent

  6. BOOM December 9, 2012

    Sam you tried it with that BGT performance

  7. Gaz December 9, 2012

    The female jobseeker

    • Peter G December 9, 2012

      My sides literally hurt!

    • Dev December 9, 2012

      Too funny

    • skintightjeans December 9, 2012

      LMAO!! see….

  8. Matthew Charlery-Smith December 9, 2012

    Sam, when did you get so mean? Ok yeah, she’s having a disaster right now but I don'[t think we should count her out. These British business women are savvy (following Victoria Beckham) regardless of their questionable talent. Personally I’ve never been into either N’Dubz or Tulisa. I had the misfortune of watching one of their concerts once and was bored silly. HOWEVER, your stance promotes bullying, Sam.

    Shall we go into how your more talented faves can’t get hits? Where’s Kelly Rowland who’s last album was more like “Where Am I?” and Alexandra Burke’s “Help Me on Hold”? As for this go round let’s not act like Kelly’s getting hits here now. “Motivation” did not ignite this side of the pond and her new Christmas jingle “Ice” feat. Mr Frosty has drifted back tho the North Pole, not even the Americans want it.

    Just be fair. Don’t promote bullying through your words. Young people (high school kids) are reading this blog and will think it’s ok to call others “Tesco Value _____” and “Chav” because what they see a major blog with educated (supposedly) people doing.

    • veo99 December 9, 2012

      TULISA = TESCO VALUE + CHAV!!!! U will deal – just get some kleenex already!!!

    • Dev December 9, 2012

      I would like to agree with you but Tulisa’s problem is the same as Nicole. Tulisa is unlikable and bullies people on TV with the guise of “keeping it real” Well, were just keeping it real with her. She flopped and hard!
      To be honest she could be forgiven if the music on the album was any good but it was crap and thats part of the reason she flopped. Tulisa could never be victoria beckham, she doesn’t possess the skills. I don’t mind seeing real talent “flop” because real talent can get it together (Alex, Joss Stone) but mediocre talent with rubbish music is karma.

      • Matthew Charlery-Smith December 9, 2012

        I’m not talking about the quality of music on the album, I’m not checking for her. My point is that we can clearly articulate something without sounding like a playground bully…or can’t we?

  9. DreamsAreLikeAngels December 9, 2012

    Can’t say i feel bad for her. She has an alright voice but she’s not meant to be a huge superstar. You can put pig on a lipstick……

  10. WTF December 9, 2012

    Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t the woman she likes to shade and the one they set up for a fall (Miss Kelly Rowland) flop @ #40 with 20,000 copies and “Down for what ever” score #6? With hardly ANY promo.

    • Mrs Robyn Brown (Beyonce’s Weave) December 9, 2012

      On MARS yes, “Here I flop” sold 20,000, in the UK however, it sold 8,000.

      And Kelly Rolwand promoted the hell out of that CD, she was on Norton Graham, on Dateline…etc. She was performing everywhere so you cannot say she had no promo.

  11. YOOSONDALOOSE December 9, 2012

    Kesha deserves this title, she came in at 66 with her new album in the UK!? I am not even throwing shade, I like Die Young.

    • mr.m December 9, 2012

      Ke$ha is A FLOPPPPPPPPPP

  12. Mrs Robyn Brown (Beyonce’s Weave) December 9, 2012

    Well at least she sold more than Kelly Rowland’s UK release of “Here I FLOP”. Also at least all her singles charted, I am still trying to spot “Ice” on the charts? Where is “Ice” on any chart? Ice is not even on the R&B charts and anyone can chart on those charts.

    • veo99 December 9, 2012

      FOOLS!!! Kelly was in Destiny’s Child so she can retire if she bloody wants to but broke ass Tulisa cannot do so anytime soon. Oooops!!

      • WTF December 9, 2012

        Poor Kelly need to be Beyonce’s back up singer to make money HAHAHAHA
        POOR Kelly flopland

      • Mrs Robyn Brown (Beyonce’s Weave) December 9, 2012

        So??? Tulisa was in N-Dubz, she can also afford to retire.

        Plus Kelly’s input in Destiny’s Child was 0%, she contributed absolutely nothing to Destiny’s Child and her solo career, or lack of it proves this. She was Beyonce’s back-up singer, her errand girl and her tea girl, she leached off of Beyonce the whole time. They kicked out the most artistic person in Destiny’s Child and that’s Letoya.

      • Flop Cheeta Whora gave Rob an STD from her 20 guys December 9, 2012

        It is true. Destiny child was all beyonce vision, creativity and artistry. Beyonce recorded 95% of the vocals and concepts. This is why Beyonce has a career and the back up singers do NOT.

    • mr.m December 9, 2012

      LAMO!!! XD Kelly is a has-been since 2004

  13. I AM BLUE THE REAL HIVE December 9, 2012


    • Flop Cheeta Whora gave Rob an STD from her 20 guys December 9, 2012

      we do not care we are near platinum and already been certified gold in 3 countries.

  14. TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! December 9, 2012

    Even Taylor swift is above her… 7 weeks after being out Taylors album is above hers

    Taylor is also number 13, up 11 with her single “I knew you were trouble” wich is released in full tomorrow!!!

    • Peter G December 9, 2012

      I know, so good queen Tay tay is succeeding!

      • TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! December 9, 2012

        Yes Peter., its amazing to see that the uk has good taste, and is supporting Taylor.

  15. MISS REAL December 9, 2012

    Flop ass mess Tulisa. She spent too much time sucking d*** backstage and not enough time getting good songs. She deserves to flop. I can’t at these basic rats bringing Ms. Burke into all this mess. AB was snubbed and blocked from promoting her CD in the UK. This Tulisa has been sitting on a major TV show for the past 10 weeks and she done went performed her single on that very show. How much promotion does this chick need. She begged for the sales and nobody was interested. Flop your way to the door b*tch. No1currrr.

    • Mrs Robyn Brown (Beyonce’s Weave) December 9, 2012

      Oh please, the excuses with Alexandra Burke, Alex was on every major station, she was on every major TV station including Dateline performing “Elephant”.

      Alex was on Koko Pop TWICE performing “Elephant” and “Let it go”, the whole “she was snubbed” rubbish is total BS.

      • Dev December 9, 2012

        Radio did not play Alex’s songs, they did not mention Alex’s album. Yes she was on those shows hence Elephant did well, Let it go not no air play and next to none on any music channels.

        All that aside the album was pants until she sang on TGJ but the thing is she can sang rings around Tulisa and Kelly so she just needs to get her songs together

  16. Peter G December 9, 2012

    I kinda feel sorry for her. Most of her album consists of her boasting about how she isn’t flopping. Maybe she should’ve touched wood, and I ain’t talking of the kind from her tape. I think her label is to blame though, if she was on a more mainstream label like Cheryl, Nicole or Gary Barlow’s they would’ve made a lot more out of her. All the songs sound like they’re unfinished demos.

    • Dev December 9, 2012

      I disagree, this is the direction she wanted. She wanted to be the baddest b****!….. urban

      • Peter G December 9, 2012

        But a good label would’ve gave her better guidance, let her release only dance pop singles before the album release, got her better producers and billboard advertising. Her current label is home to one hit wonders.

      • Peter G December 9, 2012

        After all that’s what Cheryl does one dance hit, then release an album full of tracks that would never reach top 10.

  17. king December 9, 2012

    we should not revel is peoples failure its not becoming i dont like tulisa but karma is a b**** if you enjoy seeing someone fail so i wish her best of luck

  18. mkigz December 9, 2012

    I actually do feel sorry for Tulisa. I think the music on the album are crap TBH. I see Tulisa more as an Urban act, making a similar type of music that she was making while she was in N-Dubz. This Pop route that she took did NOT work at all. She needs better music and more work on how to perform on her own.

  19. Rita Slays December 9, 2012

    Damn TGJ yall went in on her. Not at all surprised she underperformed. She doesn’t seem into her music to me. It shows in her performances. Almost like she doesn’t want to be there

    • SHA (F*** The Navy and LAX) December 9, 2012

      B**** Rita WhOra about to kill herself after they dropped her ass after this basic f****** tour kiiiiiiiiiiii FLOP

      • Rita Slays December 9, 2012

        You dumb c***, what does that have to do with my comment or this article? Stay on topic b****.


        Rita is a flop!! therefore her stans should not shade anyone! !

  20. king z December 9, 2012

    i barely know who TULISA is and gasped at this post! lol. yall went all the way in on this chick! jeez

  21. Gabriella December 9, 2012

    :”””D !! Nawt Tulisa serving me Nelly Furtado teas !

    I really thought Alicia flopped when she debuted at #15 last week :’) or Ne-Yo’s R.E.D. Which sold 18,000 copies debuting at #17… Tulisa making me feel like my faves didn’t flop :”)

    I used to stan for N-Dubz. She was so flawless in that group. Idk what happened though. & not her shading ppl who do better than her commercially. Gurrrl bye

  22. Poor old SAM December 9, 2012


  23. Godra December 9, 2012

    FLOP! Just like Kelly Backup Black Monkey Rowland. To think my girl can outsell these two h*** of a DEBUT when they literally are (were) in front of the Nation on a daily basis. I just CANNOT @ how PATHETIC that is.

  24. skintightjeans December 9, 2012

    The b****’s swag is not mean enough. You call yourself the “female boss” then be a boss b****. Don’t perform in ballet flats. Strut the s*** in heels. That’s all I’m saying……

  25. NFG (No f**** Given) December 9, 2012

    Y is everyone going in on Kelly Rowland? At least she’s somewhat famous…never even heard of Tulisa….soooo

    • mr.m December 9, 2012

      Who’s Kelly?



  26. Taey (Queen Bey and Princess Riri STAN) December 9, 2012

    Honestly not everyone will be a big seller. Even former big sellers struggle. Tulisa’s music just wasn’t good enough but she is young so maybe things can turn around. Why is Alexandra Burke supposedly blacklisted?

  27. Beyonce’s Bush December 9, 2012

    Not ya’ll shading Queen Bey’s back up singer on here .

    Kelly learnt from the best and she may not be as flawless as the Queen, but she has more potential to be a moderate achiever than a Britney spears impersonator. #35 for a local act is just poor. I hope she loses her job for this.

  28. Special Delivery December 9, 2012

    Wheres @Ms Robin Brown? She likes Tulisa and loooves talking about flops!

  29. Oh Baby(B****** Will Deal) December 9, 2012

    TGJ! What is it you have against this girl? she hasn’t done anything wrong to anyone and y’all always talk smack about her. oh well. good luck Tulisa,i like her.

  30. James December 9, 2012

    She should stop trying to be an American gangsta wannabe. The female boss? WTF!?



  32. jay4kelly December 9, 2012

    Kelly Rowland’s solo debut album went straight to #1 in the UK , Here I Am was released a week before the X factor performance.Please just because she was Beyonces back up singer doesn’t mean her career is a flop.Commander,What a feeling,and Down. For Whatever from Here I Am went to top 10 .Tulisa can’t even get a second top10 hit.Kelly a gets 3 or 4 top 10 hits per era on the UK.

  33. diva December 10, 2012

    Karma is a b****, she bullied a 16 year old black on national TV because she was scared of Misha B’s talent well well well who is the boss now? She will never be on Kelly,s level at anything and I bet Misha B, Amelia Lilly and Janet Devlin will have a better debut tthan this arrogant cheryl cole wannabe

    • Makagnoni December 11, 2012

      Who the f*** is Misha B

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