Nicole Scherzinger Confronts Cheryl Cole On Autobiography Claims

Published: Sunday 9th Dec 2012 by David

It seems there’s no love lost between ‘Ghetto Baby‘ singer Cheryl Cole and ‘Boomerang‘ belle Nicole Scherzinger.

Yes, despite their shared ‘passion’ for Simon Cowell‘s ‘X Factor‘ brand, the pair are fast becoming Pop’s latest rivals, following interesting claims made by Cole in her 2012 autobiography, ‘My Story‘. Claims, which saw her detail an awkward encounter with Scherzinger.

Now, the latter has confronted her on these claims via a spread in Fabulous Magazine.

Drama below…

An excerpt from her spread below:

” Apart from, that is, when the topic of Cheryl Cole’s less-than-complimentary descriptions of Nicole temporarily raises the Scherzinger hackles. In her autobiography, Cheryl accused Nicole of pitching to Simon Cowell for her judging-panel job on The X Factor in America.
But even more bizarre was the Girls Aloud star’s claim that the first time they met, Nicole launched into a full rendition of Cheryl’s No.1 single Promise This. It was, she said, embarrassing.

“I swear to God the woman sang the whole song, to my face,” wrote Cheryl in Cheryl: My Story. “It was just so awkward, and every time I stood next to her she started singing it again.”

Nicole’s response?

“What I read didn’t seem like it was written to make me look very well. But I never know what to believe.
“I’d like to give her the benefit of the doubt and hope that she would only have spoken highly of me because I’ve not spoken poorly of her.”

But the quotes were in Cheryl’s book. You don’t get more horse’s mouth than that.
“I haven’t read the book, but the quotes that I have seen…”

And then something in Nicole seems to snap.
“No,” she says definitely. “No. The story is I met her once at The X Factor and I wanted to make her feel good. I said I’d heard her song on the radio and I think I sang the words ‘promise this’. But I really don’t know any lyrics after that.

“And then that is made out to be something else and I don’t understand why. I don’t understand why anybody would do that. It’s been blown out of proportion and it’s silly.”

Nicole is now probably as close to angry as she’d ever allow herself to become in public. She narrows her eyes and talks as if addressing Cheryl directly.
“I’m a very nice girl. So, be nice to me. I’m a credible artist. A very credible artist. I’ve sold a lot of albums in-ter-nation-ally. And that is the key word.”

Wow. And that, we guess, is Cheryl Cole well and truly told.”

Your thoughts?

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  1. Navy Queen December 9, 2012

    The PCD sold albums worldwide not you b****,that’s why you failed as a solo artist

    • Jeff December 9, 2012

      And thats how you serve Nicole a Zingerburger

      • GET FACTS December 9, 2012

        Nicole WAS THE VOICE of the Pussycat Dolls.. She was the lead singer.. if not the ONLY singer in the “group”

      • CHUDDS December 9, 2012

        Yeah, but she was still the member of a GROUP! What has she done without the Pussycat Dolls? Exactly. NOTHING!

      • Jeff December 9, 2012

        @get facts. Sorry but Melody sang some parts and even when she was just singing runs she was getting praise so it clearly wasn’t just about Nicole.
        Think about it, Nicole was in Edens Crush with others and had success, then PCD and had success and when alone, nothing, nada, nowt! People don’t like her! She’s better doing a Milli Vanilli and letting a likeable person front her vocals because it isn’t going to happen

    • TinaMinaj December 9, 2012

      Oh please. Lets not make things look like Nicole wasn’t part of the groups success!

      And besides, this just seems like Cheryl pulling a publicity stunt after those depressing album sales….

      • Cheryl The New Janet December 9, 2012

        Sweetheart, don’t lie to yourself. Nicole may have been the voice of the group but the operative word in that is GROUP. She sold millions in PCD but 0 by herself and that says a lot.

    • benjamin December 12, 2012

      funny that PCD sold so much albums when she was mainly the one singing and writing the songs. that’s the problem with the music industry. s** sells and that’s a pretty sad thing. nicole is definitely more geninue as an artist. cheryl’s so fake, insulting this person and that person and always landing herself with a black guy.

  2. Monstarebel (Tamartian) December 9, 2012

    Well atleast Cheryl has a more successful solo career….Nicole is just salty as always….

  3. Monstarebel (Tamartian) December 9, 2012

    Somebody said everyday was gon’ be sunny skies
    Only Marvin Gaye and lingerie, I guess somebody lied
    Started discussing it to fighting then don’t touch me please
    Then it’s let’s stop the madness, just come lay with me
    Truth be told, I’m waving my flag before it goes bad

    Cause we made it this far on for better or worse
    I want to feel it even if it hurts
    If I gotta cry to get to the other side
    Let’s go cause we gon’ survive

    We stay on the frontlines, yeah but we’re still here after the bomb drops
    We go so hard, we lose control
    The fire starts, then we explode
    When the smoke clears, we dry our tears
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    Sometimes you’re my general
    You gotta let go of this place
    Sometimes you’re my enemy
    And I’m throwing grenades
    We’ll just be chillin’ and laughing
    And im laying on your chest
    Dont know what happen, cause things just went left
    But here we go back down that road
    That’s just the way that it goes

    Cause we made it this far on for better or worse
    I want to feel it even if it hurts
    If I gotta cry to get to the other side
    As long as you’re there i’ll survive

    We stay on the frontlines, yeah but we’re still here after the bomb drops
    We go so hard, we lose control
    The fire starts, then we explode
    When the smoke clears, we dry our tears
    Only in love and war

    As long as we walk out that door every fight and when its over
    You know im going home
    Right back where I belong
    I take it up inside me

    And We stay on the frontlines, yeah but we’re still here after the bomb drops
    We go so hard, we lose control
    The fire starts, then we explode
    When the smoke clears, we dry our tears
    Only in love and war

    • Jeff December 9, 2012

      Gurl please! You got too much time

    • TinaMinaj December 9, 2012

      Bet it feels a whole lot better to actually support an artist who is actually talented 🙂



  4. the real xoxo December 9, 2012

    Well done Nicole for putting this talentless b**** in place.
    PCD sold records worldwide Girls aloud never sold records past ireland!

    • PrincessTweedy December 9, 2012

      Eat my p**** if you please. GA made great music that all could enjoy and spoke about a lot more than s** ok. Listen to Life Got Cold if you don’t believe me. All PCD are were well rehearsed s**** who incorporated 8 counts into their suck, shake and swallow routine.

  5. Peter G December 9, 2012

    The last bit, I’m dead! But Nicole you’re solo albums haven’t exactlly sold in-ter-nation-ally eh, and the US are still waiting for that debut album! Pot, kettle?

    • ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ December 9, 2012

      Okaaay? Two hags fighting over b*******.

      • Peter G December 9, 2012

        I think the classless and chavy Cheryl wants a fight with everyone. How many people that have more star quality than her has she offended! Even a subtle swipe at Britney in that vid.

  6. Peter G December 9, 2012

    What a b**** tho, Cheryl’s face and Nicole’s hand need to meet!

    • janet1814 December 10, 2012

      DEAD! LOL

  7. Hip hop star December 9, 2012

    Well Cheryl started it and Nicole got her together. I can’t blame Nicole.

  8. Peter G December 9, 2012

    Oh, I just caught the Pinocchio gif lol!

  9. Hip hop star December 9, 2012

    At least at her best, Nicole sounds somewhat decent live. Cheryl always sounds like a long drawn out fart live.

  10. ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ December 9, 2012

    What is this? Greatest egos battle? They both suck, one is talentless and the other is a hopeless case who probably will never make it solo.

    • Jeff December 9, 2012

      I’m with you. Nicole is beyond herself and Cheryl is beside herself, the two shits need to be friends.

  11. CHUDDS December 9, 2012

    Nicole seems like an arrogant b****, and for what; I don’t know! She’s a FLOP. One of the biggest FLOPS I’ve EVER seen. Outside of PCD, she has NO hits, NO album, NO fanbase, NOTHING! Stick to being a judge (she couldn’t even stay on X Factor in her home country), or go back to PCD! I don’t even know who the other woman is…..

    • benjamin December 12, 2012

      & your cheryl doesn’t seem like one? may i remind you who was it who started the insult. get a life.

  12. J December 9, 2012

    lmao Cheryl lets be real, Nicole, like the rest of the world, dont know the lyrics to your songs so baai.

  13. SHA (F*** The Navy and LAX) December 9, 2012

    LOL Cheryl gurrrrllll bye Nicole gurrrrllll bye Im not here for none of them but I will say Nicole can sing something Cheryl lacks but the reason why Cheryl is more capable of having a career is because she is RELATEABLE there is always something off about Nicole and I cant put my finger to it she tries to act nice and friendly but comes off conniving!!!!!!

  14. Blah December 9, 2012

    Loooool at Nicole selling a lot of albums internationally.

    • skintightjeans December 9, 2012

      She has with her group. Cheryl hasn’t even sold alot of albums solo OR INTERNATIONALLY. Take a seat.

  15. khdjk December 9, 2012


  16. Mrs Robyn Brown (Beyonce’s Weave) December 9, 2012

    LMAO Dead at this, ““I’m a very nice girl. So, be nice to me. I’m a credible artist. A very credible artist. I’ve sold a lot of albums in-ter-nation-ally. And that is the key word.”” end quote. Uhhhmmmm Nicole honey, didn’t Interscope practically shelve all your albums because your singles were flopping harder than “Ice” on the Hot 100? Have you actually released an album because I have not seen these albums? Are they even certified anywhere?

    Cheryl Cole has sold lots of albums in the UK and all over Europe. She is one of the UK’s biggest acts and she was right about you, you cannot cut it as a solo artist. Nicole, you’re a loser, a flop and a has-been who relies on sucking Simon Cowell’s c*** to get your 15 min. You’ll never have a successful singing career, you’ll be judging talent shows like the Sing off and X Factor for the rest of your career because the singing thing just isn’t going to happen for you.

    Cheryl had one of the fastest selling singles this year, she had a #2 album (displaced by Justin Bieber) and has gone on an Arena tour, when will you ever Nicole? When will you ever??

    • benjamin December 12, 2012

      cheryl cole is well known to be both the britain sweetheart aww, and a great mime! she’s better known for that than her singles! hahaha.

  17. Rai December 9, 2012


    Cheryl is a bigger solo popstar then her, and that’s internationally too. Only 3 Words and all the singles form that era has sold more than double than Nicole’s solo effort…

    Cheryl has had 25 top 10 internationally… Nicole? less than 10.

    So Cheryl, even without trying is a SOLO bigger artist than Nicole internationally.

    • skintightjeans December 9, 2012

      Stop lying. Cheryl is NOT international. Try again.

    • mr.m December 9, 2012

      MY ASS!!!
      Nicole >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Snooki >>>>> Cheryl

      • benjamin December 12, 2012

        obviously rai you’re a cheryl cole fan. go live in your own pathetic world and sing promise this to yourself and stop insulting other artist. shoo now.

  18. liqiourrrr December 9, 2012

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL i find it so incredibly hilarious that Cheryl Cole is criticizing Nicole when she herself has the weakest vocal ability in girls aloud. Under the surface, people fail to realize that Cheryl lacks vocal ability. How can she say Nicole might not make it , as if her career was based offf talent. Cheryl, u made it because of ashley cole, no one knew who you were before that very public divorce. You used to the like the backup singer because they all knew you could not sing. Sit Yo no talent having ass down and thank ashely cole for the career that you. god knows you cannot sing to save your life boo.

  19. ARYO December 9, 2012

    cheryl was so jealous cuz that was probably the first time she heard promise this live, f***** b**** better go take some vocal lessons instead of shading my queen
    and yeah pcd was 95% about nicole and 5% about melody, so that kinda means nicole sold 52 mil records WW and she had written a lolt of their songs while other dolls were busy with lifting their legs up

    • Rai December 9, 2012

      Do you mean PCD? I don’t recall Queen Beyoncé counting Destiny’s Child sales as her own, neither does Cheryl when talks about top 10 and all.

      If Nicole was PCD then why is her solo career such a FLOP? because people cared about all the PCD, not her.


      • aryo December 9, 2012

        its her label that cant get their s*** tgether
        remember last year when she performed a new song on xfactor but her label decided to not to release it? smh

      • benjamin December 12, 2012

        it’s because people like you don’t know how to appreciate real music with real talent. that’s why it flopped. now the music industry is ruined. s** sells, auto tune sells – but when an artist bear her heart and soul into it, it doesn’t. and that said, i DO care about her so shut your trap. you’re not representative of the population. wait till you dare to have the balls to flop and STILL try like her then you can speak.

  20. skintightjeans December 9, 2012

    Get her Nicole! the b**** said INTERNATIONALLY! Cheryl is a local UK flop that talks about any female artist that is prettier and more talented than her. I mean she doesn’t talk bad about Rihanna because she’s trying to get in her panties claiming she’s her girl crush. And she doesn’t talk about Beyonce. But the non singing, shower singing autotune b**** will talk about anyone else. She’s a jealous hater who’s latest album FLOPPPPPPED and she was dropped by the X Factor. Jealous heaux.

    • Mrs Robyn Brown (Beyonce’s Weave) December 9, 2012

      Cheryl Cole’s “3 words” album is certified Platinum in Europe, I’m trying to find Nicole’s certifications, anyone to help me out, does this Nicole b**** even have an album out?

    • mr.m December 9, 2012


    • spain29 December 11, 2012


  21. MISHKA December 9, 2012

    Nicole can saaaang, dance and perform. Plus, she’s sassy and fierce. Her solo career hasn’t work ed so far still she’s one hit away to blow up again.

    Cheryl is cute and pretty. That’s all she got. And she’s a beystan soooo basically, I can’t go too hard on her. She needs to be nicer to people though.

    • spain29 December 11, 2012


  22. Dunk December 9, 2012

    Cheryl f**** for tracks, Nicole is real talent, she may have been a b**** in PCD but lets face it she was the lead singer and she wrote the majority of the songs so she really was PCD (thats no disrespect to the other girls as Nicole never allowed them to breath) so she did sell a lot of albums internationally, as for Cheryl , she f**** for tracks

  23. ENOUGH ONIKA December 9, 2012

    Two flops shading each other…#WhoCares

  24. mr.m December 9, 2012

    Nicole have it ALL
    She can SANG, DANCE and she’s incredibly HOT!!
    BUT, somehow she’s not lucky! The market is full of other competitors
    Haven’t said that, she already had an INTERNATIONAL success with PCD
    STILL own millions and her name is WELL KNOWN WORLD-WIDE!!
    + Her debut album >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Cheryl + GA whole career
    Cheryl who?
    That b**** would flop harder than Brook Hogan without the X Factor
    X Factor introduced her as a solo artist
    That’s why she returned to GA after they kicked her ass from the show

  25. MISS REAL December 9, 2012

    This is the same Cheryl that got caught whispering along to her new song because her miming vocal FAILED. YES whispering. This b**** is a fake stuck up fraud. Nicole ain’t been lucky in the business, but she has the talent. Cheryl is a nasty person, she is so jealous of Nicole. Cheryl can’t sing to save her life, this b**** is so bad it’s just funny. She makes Heidi Montag look like Mariah. Cheryl needs to sit her plastic ass down and accept that her album flopped. Who has a song like Ghetto Baby? Drop it like it’s hot? WTF. She FLOPPPED. Bye b****.

  26. BEYONCE4LIFE December 9, 2012

    Did she just compare Britney to Nicole vocally?….um Sheryl..Hunty, sit your ass ALL THE WAY DOWN

  27. Tika December 9, 2012

    Nicole sold a lot of what? Where? And Cheryl should never question anyone’s vocal ability. Both non-factors need to sit down.

  28. Young Prynce December 9, 2012

    nicole is a f****** flop and why dont she sit the f*** down, we only bought pcd albums and singles not yours nicole and thats cause your wack and a waist of time

    • spain29 December 11, 2012

      its basically nicole’s album cause she wrote all the freakin songs there,she even send one or two songs that she is supposed to have on her album

      • benjamin December 12, 2012

        it’s because people like you don’t know how to appreciate real people with real talent with real passion. period. people like who do not know how to appreciate but quick to insult. face it, s** sells – that’s why PCD sells but when an artist bares her heart and soul and passion into her album without showing skimpy outfit, it fails. pop music is all about auto-tune so anyone can release an album now. the music industry is just wrong; and that’s why i’m supporting nicole because she’s one of the rare gems who have passion for the things she does.

  29. I came 4 The Infinite One Sterling Infinity December 10, 2012

    0 factors to each….

  30. mobwife: Easy, Breezy & Beautiful just like him December 10, 2012

    1st let me start by saying they are both really attractive women!

    Okay…..DANNNN they went in on her. What is the orgins of this fued becuase I would have been all over these chicks long ago if they had tossed me under the bus like they did Nicole. LOL 🙂

    Cheyl really hasn’t a leg to stand on b/c her solo career is also noexisting! Nicole finally got at the ass though…LOL 🙂

  31. Tbozfan10 December 10, 2012

    I don’t see what’s so bad about Nicole singing this chicks song. Isn’t it supposed to be flattering when someone knows the lyrics to your music?

  32. ken December 10, 2012

    Cheryl’s insecurity at her own vocal standard plays havoc and to boot Nicole probably sounded better!

  33. Maestro J December 10, 2012


  34. benjamin December 12, 2012

    first of all, despite the fact that cheryl has a more successful career than nicole doesn’t give her the right to insult others like that. it says a lot about cheryl, about the way she has commented about nicole – whereas nicole have never insulted her until now.. and besides, cheryl HAD a more successful career than nicole. she’s pathetically trying to get the fame again through releasing her retarded book which shows how much of her personality which sucked. nicole is WAY better. she doesn’t mime – and EVEN if she isn’t as successful as “poor old cheryl”, she puts in her hardwork passion and is MORE real than cheryl cole and she delivers after each and every performance.

  35. Blahlalala June 27, 2013

    Urm, sorry but Nicole CAN actually sing, she has TALENT, that’s something Cheryl is missing, how and why are we even calling Cheryl an Artist, we should name her a MIME instead, she only mimes can’t sing a tune if her life depended on it, the only reason she was put in to GA was because of her looks (just watch judges comments on her pop idol audition, where the judge talks about how pretty she is)! Nicole sings, has talent, and has shown through the live shows of The X Factor UK that she has a personality, so she is the REAL STAR!

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