Hot Shots: Leona Lewis Up’s Her Diva In ‘YOU’

Since blazing onto the scene six years ago, Leona Lewis has become just as synomous with “talented” as she has “quiet”. Yet, the X Factor graduate turns the volume all the way up in this stunning new shoot for YOU magazine.

The feature forms the latest promo stop for the singer in the push for her third LP ‘Glassheart’, which debuted at #4 on the Official UK Album Chart in October. ‘Lovebird’, the second single to be lifted from the set, is released today.

Entirely aware of her “nice” reputation, the 27 year old addresses it her interview with the publication.

Peep an except and another stunning snap after the jump…

On being perceived as quiet:

“I think a lot of people in this industry did kind of dismiss me because they thought I was too nice. People would say, “Oh my God, why are you so polite, why don’t you do anything interesting or scandalous like take drugs?” It’s weird in the music industry because you are damned if you do the bad stuff and damned if you don’t.”


Do you agree with Leona?

Your thoughts?

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  1. Aaron December 3, 2012

    Her album debuted at #3, not #4…..

  2. Monstarebel (THE UNAPOLOGETIC PRINCE) December 3, 2012

    She looks cute in the 2nd photo…

    So in the UK is that a flop or what?

  3. MC December 3, 2012

    She is a gorgeous lady, too bad she is boring too. Good luck with your project girl!

    • Monstarebel (THE UNAPOLOGETIC PRINCE) December 3, 2012

      first pic screams t***** but atleast the outfits are cute…

  4. Nika December 3, 2012

    YAWN!!!! This chick hasn’t woke me up in 6 years….. #back2sleep

  5. skintightjeans December 3, 2012

    She’s super talented but she bores the fukk outta me. Leona, why don’t you pop out a tittay or drop it like it’s hot or something. You know you want to but just scared!

  6. HOTSTUFF December 3, 2012

    horse face

  7. Pop Royalty December 3, 2012

    she’s ah-mazing !!! anyone who want her to show some tits or ” drop it low and pick it up slow” is simply a W****, so being polite and classy is WRONG now ?

    and you wonder why the music got so low ?

    it is because of your f***’d up standards of what’s “interesting” and what’s “boring” !

    if you are not showing skin or taking drugs then you are boring ? oh well ……..

    • Nika December 3, 2012

      basically; yeah! Let her get-to-it, lol.

    • JOHNVIDAL December 3, 2012

      Yeah yeah all that is great and I would agree… but your favorite is Rihanna!!!! lol

      • skintightjeans December 3, 2012

        Pop Royalty, Good God shut the fukk up! No one said that being classy is wrong because I know you’re referring my post. Some of you hags on here who write these dissertations are a trip. She’s still boring. And don’t you like Rihanna????? Yeah that’s you but yet you’re trying to make a back handed slick ass comment about me telling Leona to pop out a tittay but you like people who do it all the time???? I can’t……

      • Pop Royalty December 3, 2012

        @John :


        @SkinTightJeans :

        Y U mad ?

    • MC December 3, 2012

      Okay, this is the second Leona post that I said she was boring and then you write something along those lines? If you want to ask me a question and/or disagree with me then directly respond back to me, don’t go around it. I am not talking about her dropping her clothes to be interesting (since when have I said that?). The fact of the matter is that she shows very little emotion and connection to her music and her fans. Elegance, classy, etc =/= boring. She is simply a boring person who doesn’t know how to captivate her audience and there is nothing wrong with that. I personally think Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, etc have a very fiery and lively personality and they didn’t need to drop their clothes in a hot minuet for me to consider them not boring/ entertaining.

  8. HOTSTUFF December 3, 2012

    she looks like one of the horses from Rihannas (the queen) diamond video ! lmao

  9. Kyle December 3, 2012

    Boring or not, at the end of the day there is no denying this woman’s talent. Who cares if she’s NOT an attention w**** because we have plenty of celebs who are doing that right now anyways. “Spirit” showed us all what she was capable of, “Echo” was a step backwards because it didn’t really show any depth but I think “Glassheart” is progressive and a step in the right direction. I hope the album does well for her. It’s definitely her best one yet IMO.

  10. Christina Aguilera December 3, 2012

    Oh this wanna-be Mariah is still around?

    • MC December 3, 2012

      “Oh this wanna-be Mariah is still around?”

      CHRISTINA AGUILERA :O :O :O *speechless*

      • MRDIVABITCH December 3, 2012


  11. SHUH December 3, 2012

    Oh f*** up! Boring or not, this girl still can sing circles around most artists these days, and at least she’s not out in public making a d*** out of herself because she has respect for herself. Y’all can label her boring all you want, but you ain’t gonna be out partying or hanging with her so it doesn’t mean jackshit. As long as her music is doing it for me I’m happy. And she’s a fine looking girl, she’d make any man happy!

    • skintightjeans December 3, 2012

      LOL@ you. Yeah but she don’t sell records. She hasn’t done well since her first album. She’s boring. Nobody gives a f*** if she can sing circles around Jesus. She’s still boring and will never be a megastar. And nobody wants to party with her. Hell, she’d put me to sleep hanging out with her BORING ass. Now what?

  12. TinaMinaj December 4, 2012

    This girl is the biggest FLOP ARTIST EVER!!!! She has soooo much talent in her but always seems to pass up all chances for her to be a big superstar and that gets to me! Case in point ditching ‘we found love’ for that other song! Who knows, she could have been the one with a monster hit! Her and her management need to get it together ASAP! But maybe she just needs to get with the right record label. Its sad to see someone so talented and with potential to be a great star letting it all go to waste…..Just wish i could slap her sometimes…

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