JLS Perform New Single ‘Hold Me Down’ On ‘Strictly Come Dancing’

JLS continued the promotional push for new album ‘Evolution’ last night, taking centre-stage on BBC1’s Strictly Come Dancing.

The X Factor alums are gearing up for the release of their new double A-side single ‘Give Me Life’ and ‘Hold Me Down’ – the latter of which they performed on yesterday’s show.

Watch Aston and co in action below…

Solid enough, yet somewhat of a syrupy nod to their sound of old. A shame, as their album actually boasts cuts more deserving of the single treatment; tracks which show legitimate progression.

Still, in the vein of what’s been a hit for them in the past, this fits right into the mix. Hence, they should be set for another top ten come the track’s release on December 23rd.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Hop-Scotch December 3, 2012

    Marlon = Straight!

    J.B = A BLATANT Closeted Gay!

    Ashton = A HUGE bottom Bi-Sexual!

    Ortse = Bi-Sexual!

    • NavyKisses December 3, 2012

      Oh come on that is so mean! We don’t know if any of them are straight or gay for sure BUT if i had to take a guess”

      Marvin = Straight, formerly bicurious.
      JB= Gay.
      Aston= Bi
      Oritse= Situational.

      Doesn’t matter either way because it’s really none of our business and they seem like really kind boys. Besides it really is impossible to tell sometimes so they might all be straight.

      • Dev December 3, 2012

        Your comment just contradicted yourself.

    • stony December 3, 2012

      are u living with them to know their sexuality? really? stop it people

  2. Dev December 3, 2012

    I’m sorry but they are basic singers. that Marvin guy cannot sing

  3. Belladonna December 3, 2012

    Well they did do amazing job singing that song, but I do miss the POP Divas they once were, where they would dance there ass’s off and where amazing s*** outfits lol and sing dance/pop song’s but this is the look and sound there going for now so if they like it then fine. Lol p.s There’s nothing wrong with being Gay or Bi and until male artist Straight or other wise start to understand that and let people know that they will never really make it in today’s world. Millions of People in the world are Gay,Bi or Q**** in Some way that’s the (Reality) .

  4. mobwife: All hail the chrome & bow December 3, 2012

    The 1st guy does not have a strong singing voice. However, the second guy has a nice voice. He must be the Justine Timberfake of the group? …….So which one of the four has come out of the closet?

  5. Casual December 3, 2012

    Cool, catchy song.

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