Justin Bieber Unwraps ‘Believe Acoustic’ Tracklisting

Published: Friday 28th Dec 2012 by Sam

“If at first you don’t succeed…”

It appears Justin Bieber is still feeling the brunt of being shut-out from the latest list of Grammy nominations. For, the Pop pin-up’s team have commissioned a new acoustic take on his third studio album ‘Believe’.

Aptly christened ‘Believe Acoustic’, the re-tooled set arrives on January 29th.

Peep the tracklist below…

Believe Acoustic Tracklisting

1. Boyfriend (Acoustic Version)
2. As Long As You Love Me (Acoustic Version)
3. Beauty And a Beat (Acoustic Version)
4. She Don’t Like the Lights (Acoustic Version)
5. Take You (Acoustic Version)
6. Be Alright (Acoustic Version)
7. All Around the World (Acoustic Version)
8. Track 8 (Acoustic Version)


Phenomenons such as Justin aren’t accidental, they are crafted by clever and attentive teams – something Team Bieber clearly are given the swift cooking up of this project.

Yes, it appears bolted on. And, yes, it’s a transparent attempt at forcing a brand of “respect” which continues to elude Justin (despite of all of his success). However, should he actually deliver and not sound like puberty in motion (as he can at times), he could well nab nominations at the Grammy’s after next. Put simply, it’s a smart move.

Tidbit: Since going on sale in June, the original ‘Believe’ has sold 1,141,000 copies in the US.

Your thoughts?

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  1. King B>Rihanna December 28, 2012

    This female heifer did not die yet.

  2. Belladonna December 28, 2012

    I can’t wait for this to come out! I already pre-ordered this on iTunes! And Again for thos saying he looks like a girl !!!!!!! Thats not a bad thing lol Justin looking like a Guy & a Girls is so damn hot!

    • King B>Rihanna December 28, 2012

      To you..don’t force your sexual preferences any other people.

      • Belladonna December 29, 2012

        Yeah Ok??? Because Sriaght people never try to force there sexualality on others on Tv,Movies and Music and then tell you if your not like them your going to hell at the same time thinking everyone in the world must be Christen lol Yeah get the f*** out of here with that I’m not some weak minded ass guy who gives a s***. Thanks tho.

  3. Touché December 28, 2012

    Wow Sam. His post are like the equivalent to Rita Ora. You just put anything up about them cuz you know we’ll drag them lol.

  4. JB December 29, 2012

    Actually Justin Bieber is no stranger to recording acoustic versions of his songs and there was talks of him releasing an acoustic version of Believe way before the Grammy nods were even released.

  5. Remey December 29, 2012

    Teams and artists set agendas and goals before every era. You better believe that his Team was shocked with the Grammy shrub.

    They are working overtime to make sure people see he is a credible artist. However, I think Justin has a lot of work he needs to do to his image.

  6. Belladonna December 29, 2012

    The more he cares about what the Grammys think the less he will be himself. Britney Doesn’t have alot of Grammys ( I think she has 1) lol and look at how big she is! Madonna didn’t start getting Grammys until late in her life. Yes Beyonce and Whitney has lots of Grammys but Britney and Madonna are way bigger stars then both of them. It comes down to do you want to have 30million selling CDs and the love of your fans or do you want the approval of a bunch of people who would never understand you anyway.

    • The c*** juice.com December 29, 2012


  7. King Bieber December 29, 2012

    Yes! The King showing off his true talent! I cant wait

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