Rita Ora Embraces Political Activism: “I Fight For What’s Right”

Published: Sunday 30th Dec 2012 by David

With a back story far richer than the gossip that she’s oft burdened with, Rita Ora is undoubtedly head and shoulders above the rest of the Pop pack as far as heritage goes.

However, by way of the ever present Rihanna comparison, sharing that heritage has at times been a mission impossible for the starlet. Now, in a recent interview with Zurich’s ‘Music Talk‘, she has opened up on that heritage and why- even though it hasn’t always been safe to do so- she finds it important to fight in defence of her country, Kosovo.

Watch below…

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  1. SDF December 30, 2012

    Oh really?!!!Kosovo is part of Serbia, Albanians stole it.They came and killed Serbian people,r**** women ,and were selling their organs.SO SHUT up ,Rita Whora . Go and look for someone’s ass to climb in.

    • KosovoIsNotACountry December 30, 2012

      Exactly!Kosovo IS NOT A COUNTRY!!!It’s like someone takes a part of your territory and says it’s their own and claims it’s a state!The reason some certain nations back it up because they have advantage as in oil and mines.She should stick to singing,if she wants to build a career out of it,and stay out of politics!!

    • El Santo December 30, 2012

      Albanians did nothing… USA made this…
      After every f***** crime in Kosovo there are USA, the same thing for Israel…
      I lived there so stop talkin about things you dont know.

  2. Evan December 30, 2012

    Booooooooooooooring. IN other news, Rihanna donated 2 Million to enhance a cancer facility at a local hospital in barbados in honor of her grandmother.

  3. GREG December 30, 2012

    Whoever her record label is is payin that grape juice some big bucks to keep her name in the press because every other news story is her……its gotten to the point that you get an attitude because it is so blatant whats going on here. And to those who say “well why are you here”, its because i usually read all the posts, not because im interested in them all but just to keep up on who’s doing what.

  4. Bryan Dossome December 30, 2012

    Outside this blog…this girl could be a dinosaur and nobody would bother

    • Lax December 30, 2012


  5. QueenOfTheNavy December 30, 2012

    I don’t know what this girl would do without this blog. I really don’t.

  6. Shawn242 December 30, 2012

    B**** what yo ass need to be fighting for is them hits.

  7. Lax December 30, 2012

    @SHAWN LMAO,,,

  8. fifty shades of gay December 30, 2012

    She still can’t string a sentence together, and the fact she looks bored as well makes it all the more uninteresting.

  9. Nick December 30, 2012

    stay in your lane rita you don’t know how to talk or even sing for that matter, your minutes on the meter is running out.

  10. JJFan1814 December 30, 2012

    Sam can’t make an article with Rita without Rihanna. That’s why Rita won’t be a big star….Mediocre

    • KingB. Queen Nicki December 30, 2012

      We meet again. Janet still looking for a hit?

      • MissImpartial December 30, 2012

        Beyonce had a Top ten hit since?????

      • Bryan Dossome December 30, 2012

        a beyonce and nicki stan coming for queen janet…oh ok..as if janet was desperate for a hit………..

  11. bibi93 December 30, 2012

    RIP rita…

  12. Benron (King of The Phucking Navi) December 30, 2012

    Queen Rita strikes again

  13. wrinkle flop ora December 30, 2012

    EEWWWWW On te white blogs, there is a story about this h** sleeping with model Care Delvinge. Looks like Rob was right

  14. Cream December 30, 2012

    that grape juci why y’all posting in this fake ass Rihanna y’all should b posting on Beyonce 12 Roses rumar song b******

  15. mobwife December 30, 2012

    YAWN….this cat doesn’t even know this girl. I hate the fake media!

    I 110% co-sign her comment about the fake as* media making up horrible lies to try and take down different artists. It’s sad when ppl’s family, friends as well as fans have to read, see or hear some made up bullsh*t story floated out in the media in an attempt to sell advertising space – it’s really all about money! These as*holes in the media could give 2 sh*ts about the truth. They just want to generating traffic to their blog, vlog, magazine, radio, or TV program.

  16. Beyonce’s Bush December 30, 2012

    She is just so basic. Ora was a horrible album. It lacked any identity, was boring and sometimes just painful to listen to. I can see why Thiefyonce endorsed it. I think Whoral is best being a cover artist. The only thing I ever liked by her were her Swim Good and Gotye covers.

  17. The Female MJ (Beyonce’s Weave) December 30, 2012

    Oh now this w**** is a humanitarian?? Did she donate free blow jobs to the men of Kosovo? Rihanna donated $1.7 million worth of equipment to a hospital in Barbados, when will this Rita Whora w****??? When???

    • Benron (King of The Phucking Navi) December 30, 2012

      free blowjobs.

      When you look like Rita you have the pay the people you blow.

  18. I can’t, just give it up Ciara *no1gonnabuyursongsgurl** December 30, 2012

    Why didn’t the Albanians just go back to Albania? It’s not right! What if all those Poles living in the UK try the same s***! The United Kingdom should never have excepted that s***! When Scotland, Wales and North Ireland seek independence. And all them Polish peopls and South Asians in England seek territorial gains s*** will hit the fan! And the United states will quickly recognise Their independance to weaken the British. I wish Russia would make a military stance against Kosovo and support Serbia with its army again and not just with words. I don’t think United Kingdom understands that’s its United States policy to tear apart ethnic home lands making them weaker while divided to be better controlled by our massive economy, military and resources. The United States supports the Partition of The United Kingdom, France and Spain to weaken Europe! Germany won’t be able to do anything because of her weakened military and most likely partitioned again among closer linguistic lines as the German language has many dialects that are different to the point where they can be reclassified into different languages especially the Lower German dialects and Swabian. Then territory will be given to the tens of millions of Turks living there! Europe will have hundreds of new weak puppet countries with small populations by the new millennium… The great ancient and proud Kingdoms of Spain, England etc will be reverted to feeble states. Spain and the UK better wake up! Their ripe for ethnic conflict and United States to betray them to continue our policy of manifest Destiny. This is real! Manifest Destiny is our policy to dismantle the old Kingdoms and absorb them into our influence! I’m a pro British monarchist. I don’t wanna see the House of Windsor destroyed by American cultural expansion! House Bourbon of Spain stand up! House Glucksburg of Denmark stand up! House Oranje-Nassue of Netherlands stand up!

    • Kosovo is ancient Albanian land! October 28, 2013

      What the f*** are you talking about? Rita is Albanian from kosovo. Kosovo was ancient albanian land, previously called Dardania. This is a fact know by all, Serbs seem to believe differently though. Why did millosevic of SErbia try to ethnically cleanse Kosovo of Albanians? Kosovo has been populated with over 90% Albanians since the begnnning of humanity in Europe. How does this explain kosovo being a part of Serbia originally? – It doesn’t! The only reason serbs want kosovo is because it is incredibly rich in terms of coal and minerals, the 2nd in Europe and 4th in the world! During yugoslavian times Kosovo was the region that supplied the entire of yugoslaia with electricity etc… This is why serbs want kosovo. They make excuses about kosovo serbs being treated unequally when in fact they have better rights that albanians, they have access to serbia – wtf is this? why should this be allowed when the countries are separate ! Albanians under serbs were massacred and tortured which is the reason as to why the USA and western countries invaded – they are not bias, but simply wanted to protect lives. Next time, please think deeply and carefully because you sound like a f****** moron who knows NOTHING

  19. I can’t, just give it up Ciara *no1gonnabuyursongsgurl** December 30, 2012

    The Serbs have a proud an ancient culture centered in Kosovo which was once the Capitol area of the Serbian Empire in the medieval ages! The Albanians converted to Islam so they could rise in the Muslim Ottoman Empire after their invasions. The Serbs stood behind Christ and suffered for it. Albanians are a treacherous group of people who need to be content with their own lands! Please God do not let This illumanti agenda destroy Christian Europe! By weakening her against the American illumanitists who seek to divide and conquer! Royal families of Europe must stand against this and preserve their cultures and not let this homosexual, globalized, American culture where it’s fashionable to be gay and being religious is looked down upon! I’m so afraid! I’m an American and black and voted for Obama and now I regret it! The illumanti is attacking our Black men making it cool to be gay and making it cool to dis black woman in favor of other race females. Rita Ora and Rihanna are the princesses of the illumanti Rihanna is to make black woman think its ok to deal with weak black men who disrespect them and Rita for being the look black woman should aspire to be considered attractive to black men. Obama there is to make it seem like its cool to give into desires that aren’t of god and be excepted this is all a ploy to destroy our morals and respect and weaken our Christian beliefs! I don’t think Rita and Rihanna are aware of that their being used by the illumanti so I don’t blame them.

  20. Kosovo May 2, 2014

    To everybody here what are you talking about you need a history book slammed in your freaking face idiots! Kosova was a part of jugoslawien like the other countrys and not to serbia! we’re more a part of the country albania and not a little bit to serbia ok! i know it because i’m albanian and don’t f****** tell me albanian killed serbian we have storys you ugly people and i know they are true so shut the f*** up and sit down¨because you f****** serbians don’t know what we were going trought ok? you think kosovo is a part of serbia f****** no! we ain’t nothing like you readicouls people shut up!

  21. berat September 3, 2014

    Kosovo = Kosovo, we fight for our country and we never back down and we may have lost the battle back then but we won the war and it’s keeping an eye out for the future that is important

    so for all the serbs that still whine like babies = go cry somewhere else and don’t forget if you do try to invade again you wil lose the battle and te war

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