Fantasia Announces New Album Title & Release Date

Published: Tuesday 8th Jan 2013 by Sam

With today marking the release of Fantasia‘s new single ‘Lose To Win’, the American Idol has gifted her fans with the title and release date of its housing album.

The project, which serves as the singer’s fourth studio effort, has been described by the singer herself as boasting a “rock soul” sound.

Find out what’s it’s been christened and when you can buy it after the jump…

In an interview with The Steve Harvey Morning Show today, the 28 year old revealed that the project will arrive on March 13th 2013 and is titled…

The Side Effects Of You


What’s more, the mother of two revealed that the album was almost entirely produced by British hitmkaer Harmony – who has helmed chart smashes from the likes of Chris Brown, Ne-Yo, and Keyshia Cole. The reason for this? So as to cultivate a sonically cohesive body of work. Fantasia also confirmed that she wrote most of the songs on the project – a liberty she’s oh so thankful to her label for.

 Needless to say, as long time appreciators of Ms. Barrino’s talent, we’re all sorts of amped for the album. Are you?

Your thoughts?

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  1. FOLLOW ME @gdboyratedloud January 8, 2013


    • Jasmine January 10, 2013

      If she is cowriting most of the songs on the new album it is definitely going to flop. Her lack of education mixed with strong sense of backwardness, ghetto, and country just does not spell commercial success when it comes to writing. Hence, her label must have already decided to put out 1 single with an album that is released with limited distribution and hope for the best.

  2. My forehead tho January 8, 2013

    this dude -_-

  3. Shu January 8, 2013

    I’m super excited

  4. SHA (I have DESTROYED Rita WhOra now PAIGE THOMAS) January 8, 2013

    she wrote most of the songs on the project……………..Hopefully it will make sense to the educated listeners lol

    ☈oman III
    GAY, 20yrs of age #RihannaNavy, #TeamMinaj, #Marijuana ┌П┐(◣_◢)┌П┐


    • MusicLover January 8, 2013

      If an educated listener can’t understand what they deem is below them, then evidently they aren’t as clever as they thought themselves to be.

      • tim3495 January 9, 2013

        I have to say that comment was life. Took his Shade and slapped it right back in his face. YAS!

  5. Jahlal January 8, 2013

    Can she even spell that album title….

    • MusicLover January 8, 2013

      I’d say as bout as good as you spelled “JahLal”…*shrugs shoulder*

  6. Gary C January 8, 2013

    I know this probably sounds petty… i can’t look at her now without thinking about her judgement of the gays.

    I’m all for personal opinion and belief systems, but she’s the last person on earth that should be out there judging others – considering her history and the platform she has.
    She’s an amazing vocalist but i’m not sure she has a shred of apathy.

    Most creative people (myself included) feel for others and that often allows people to connect with our output. I just can’t buy into what she’s selling anymore.

    • My forehead tho January 8, 2013

      “I’m all for personal opinion and belief systems”

      B****, grow the f*** up and stop contradicting yourself. Everything after “but” was unnecessary. -_-

      • My forehead tho January 8, 2013

        I shouldn’t have called you ‘b****’….I apologize

      • Gary C January 8, 2013

        I AM ‘all for personal opinion and belief systems.’

        BUT she tried it with “the Bible speaks about we should not be doing. Weed legal in some places. Gay marriage legal BUT YET IM JUDGED!!!”

        Then came the backlash, the inevitable publicist back-peddle, and then with her stating the cliche: “some of my best friends are gay” defence. Gay clubs and pride events pay well. Pay cheques she might soon be without. I’d put out a statement quick too – especially with album number four on the way.

        How can I relate to or admire a person who has publicly knocked me? I bought the first 3 albums but I can’t get hyped about “The Side Effects Of You” or her right now.

        There’s no right or wrong. I’m just saying (for me) she’s lost her shine.

    • CHUDDS January 8, 2013

      And how did she judge us?

    • MusicLover January 8, 2013

      Question, was the last time u supported Tasia? Probably hardly ever so I don’t see why people like you would make a difference seeming as how you are ‘sometimey’ consumers as it relates to her.

    • MusicLover January 8, 2013

      Gary C I hear you but i think there is serious misunderstanding of Fantasia statement on a lot of peoples behalf. To me it is clear this was a defensive statement aimed directly at specific hypocritical person or group. I interpreted it as her checking self-righteous bible thumping folk whom preoccupy themselves with Tasia’s supposed sin when there is more pressing issues that a supposed christian could be concern with. Additionally fantasia has not only performed at gay events but spoken favorably on their behalf. Check this clip from at least 3yrs ago as she speaks encouraging words.

      • Gary C January 8, 2013

        Thanks for understanding what I was trying to say and posting the video. It was great! She really is amazing live.

        If the singing ever dried up, churches will be calling out for her. I’m not particularly religious, but even I was feeling her words and praise.

        Again, it’s a shame people feel the need to go in on her dress/her intelligence in the comments. It is what it is.

        It it’s true what people say. She moves people to places where many great singers don’t.

    • Dunno January 9, 2013

      As a gay man, I understand where you’re coming from. But I think she poorly wrote what she was trying to say. What I took from it was this:

      People constantly talk about her for fornication and participating in an adulterous relationship, citing the Bible, religion and their God for the criticism. But if they were chastise everyone not following in lock-stop with the Bible, they would have to do the same to those who alter their natural state with marijuana, as that is not allowed, as well as those like you and myself. But she doesn’t participate in such judgment, nor does she condone it.

      I think she would’ve been better off saying people judge me using the Bible as their cover, but I bet you enjoyed some bacon this morning or didn’t wait until marriage to consummate. But alas, as much as I love her, I know her ability to express herself articulately is certainly limited.

      I know she loves and supports our community; while this gave me pause, I had to re-read it for a clearer understanding.

      Sometime’s you gotta lose to win again!

  7. King B>Rihanna January 8, 2013

    Interesting Title

  8. CHUDDS January 8, 2013

    The spelling jokes are getting old. Fantasia has RAW talent and that’s ALL I care about. I cannot wait to get my hands on this album!

  9. PSA (FAF) January 8, 2013

    Why not “Lose to Win” ?

    • CHUDDS January 8, 2013

      I’m guessing the album is dedicated to that Antoine guy….either way I’m VERY excited about this one!

  10. ras January 8, 2013

    will everybody just look at her talent god she explain to yall about comment and you gays still dont want to let it go and the reason for that cause yall are not forgiving people and yall dont have god in your life

    • Gary C January 8, 2013

      It’s hard to be forgiving when you are judged daily by religious organisations (and others) – just for being yourself.

      That said, gay churches exist and many gay people have God in their lives. It’s the judgemental old school christian values most gay people do not have time for. It’s 2013 after all.

      I get what you’re saying though. Her talent is hard to challenge, because she’s a star.

      • CHUDDS January 9, 2013

        I do not talk about religion, but I grew up in church (an Apostolic church to be exact). I stopped going at the age of 14 for my own reasons….and I cannot understand for the life of me why black gay guys love church so much. They give sooooo much of their time (choirs, ushering and so forth) to an organization that clearly cares nothing about them. What are old school Christian values anyway? I was taught that the word never changes. I no longer live by the bible, but if I did, I couldn’t pick & choose just to make it fit my lifestyle.

  11. Cream January 8, 2013

    So is the grandad looking B**** go hate or is he go keep it cute because we all know how f*** up he look? And y’all need to follow @Peggy on Instagram her baby is so cute @peggyhyls5

  12. Trey January 8, 2013

    Not here for it…

  13. Girl. BYE! January 8, 2013

    This whole “Fantasia cant read or spell” s*** is getting SOOOOOO old!!! Find something else to talk about you pre-mature queens!! This woman is talented and she will bring the noise come March!

  14. MusicLover January 8, 2013

    I don’t see where Label has given this song enough time to impact. I am not sure if 2 months is enough time but lets see how this works. If it were me, due to the volatility of the consumer market, I’d want to give audience a two single look. I just hope label is behind pushing this single. Cant wait to see how cross-over audience respond to it. *goes to research this producer*

  15. Sierra January 8, 2013

    Can she even write a sentence let alone a song?

    • CHUDDS January 8, 2013

      Obviously she can if she wrote the majority of her album. 🙂

  16. Sierra January 8, 2013

    I’m really wishing her much success. She looks cute in that pic as well

  17. Music January 8, 2013

    The “she can’t spell” jokes are so tired. Instead of putting her down, we should be supporting her. This woman was a high school drop out, she couldn’t read, attempted suicide but YET she has found the strength to overcome all of these things. Most people would be stuck in depressed mode so I applaud anyone who has the guts to keep it moving in order to better themselves when times are tough.

    A lot of artists dropped out 10-20 years ago, couldn’t read and still can’t.

  18. Mark January 8, 2013

    She should rock this look, it balance for face. Not saying this in a mean way, but when her hair is short, it’s disportion her face, making her lips look huge (NOTHING is wrong with big lips, it just don’t look good with her huge lips and little head.) She’s very pretty in this pic.

  19. Angela Wesley January 8, 2013

    Some of you stupid people who keeping saying that Taisa can’t read .
    Didn’t watch her reality show. When she graduated from High School
    and received her diploma. I bought her last album. I want to hear
    another single before I make a decision.

  20. brotha1461 January 9, 2013

    How could you let hate direct your life that says more about oyu than the people you talk about. That young lady is all about love and if you cant see that than it on you .Fantasia let them hate sometimes you gotta lose to win again.

  21. musicgossipmore January 9, 2013

    I don’t know what to make of this situation. Hopefully, she will do better this time around. Great voice, but her personal drama seems to prevent her from gaining a greater following! She is going to need huge promotion for this project to be successful!

  22. Sierra January 9, 2013

    Whoever wrote that comment can she even write blah blah under my name needs to go jump off a bridge. I love tasia if pple wanna know and she’s been through alot !!! #supportTruetalent!!!

  23. NICK January 9, 2013

    AMEN, LETS SPREAD LOVE people, FANTASIA is human just like you & I-come on nah, CANT WAIT FOR ALBUM!!!

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