Hot Shot: Keri Hilson Joins ‘Gillette’ For ‘Kiss & Tell’ Experiment

Published: Thursday 17th Jan 2013 by David

Keri Hilson stepped out in style at the Santa Monica Pier yesterday, helping Gilltette launch its national ‘Kiss & Tell‘ experiment to prove that ladies do prefer a clean shaven kiss to a rough stubbled one.

With results from the test ready to be published on Valentine’s Day, Keri spent the day with couples rocking Vahan jewellery and posing for a number of snaps before she continues work on her third studio album, which we’re hoping touches down later on this year.

So, until that happens, lock lips with Ms. Hilson below…

Your thoughts?

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  1. JAKE January 17, 2013

    The epitome of F L O P.

    Kiii. 😉

    • yooooooooo January 17, 2013

      C’mon, no need for the childish hate. I mean seriously she aint even a flop and why do you feel the need to waste your time and comment on a post ONLY ABOUT KERI. I mean according to you, she’s just a flop. smh

  2. yooooooooo January 17, 2013

    DAYYYYYYYYUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMM Keri is looking good 🙂 nice to see her making her way back into the public through appearences. Just happy to see more photos of her lol. SO EXCITED FOR THAT THIRD ALBUM TO DROP.. EVEN THE FIRST SINGLE hahaha she knoows how to make some top quality R&B!!!

  3. cali January 17, 2013

    if i dressed up like that, i would not i repeat not leave the house!

    • yooooooooo January 17, 2013

      so childish. she looks perfectly fine to me. sad that people waste their energy posting hateful comments like this one.

    • mindgames January 17, 2013

      i bet you never leave the house anyway

  4. Savannah January 17, 2013

    She ALWAYS looks a mess!

    • Music Soul Harmony January 17, 2013

      Hmmm let’s see how you look in comparison….Keri is a pretty girl.

    • yooooooooo January 17, 2013

      So immature, why would you comment if she’s that much of a mess. so damnn childish, she makes amazing music,, that is all. SHE ISN’T A MODEL, SHE’S AN ARTIST.

  5. Music Soul Harmony January 17, 2013

    I don’t care bout her endorsements. I just hope to hear new music from her! I miss her!

  6. yooooooooo January 17, 2013

    Why are people judging her on looks… some people are just so childish. its probably the same people that dont even bother giving her music a chance yet are the first to comment on her posts

  7. Savannah January 17, 2013

    Ummm did I say she was ugly? I said she always looks a mess! Her outfits! I never said the child was ugly. Fall back h***!!!

    • yooooooooo January 17, 2013

      misinterpretation 😉 my bad lol just sick to death of the keri hate

  8. Sleazy January 17, 2013

    What happened to flawless keri “I like” keri? She looks wack

  9. Nay nay January 17, 2013


    • yooooooooo January 17, 2013

      Yet you waste the time to comment on an article ONLY about keri . smh, stop spreading negativity and go somewhere where you have something positive to say because im pretty sure Keri AND her fans are sick of the constant negativity

  10. Career Ender January 17, 2013

    Where did that trolling keri stan go to?

    I like her though

  11. Career Ender January 17, 2013

    Where did that trolling keri stan go to?

    I like her though (Keri Hilson)

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