Watch: Brian McKnight Belts ‘Star Spangled Banner’ For ‘NFL Pro Bowl’

Published: Sunday 27th Jan 2013 by Rashad

R&B veteran Brian Mcknight may not have had the best year in 2012, but if his stunning performance at the 2013 NFL Pro Bowl is anything to go by, his 2013 is set to be much better.

Indeed, in a time where recent performances of the historic number have been landing atop many-a-headline, the ‘How Your P*ssy Works’ hitmaker worked over the crowd of anxious football fans in Honolulu with a soaring performance of the ‘Star Spangled Banner’ – bringing to light his oft-praised vocal stylings.

While we anxiously await the forthcoming ‘Super Bowl’ rendition from Miss Alicia Keys, we know that if her showing comes close to this one, we’re in for a treat:

Thank you Mr. McKnight for reminding fans why you are the celebrated singer that you are!  Sometimes known for his overuse of melisma, the ‘Anytime’ performer lent a tasteful rendition of the number while still showcasing his undiminished skill.

While some may want to discredit him for his ‘P*ssy’ catastrophe, performances like this prove that to deny his talent would be ill.  We can’t wait for more from the R&B veteran in the coming months.

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  1. JUELZ January 27, 2013

    I Love you Usher but, this man right here, Mr. Brian McKnight, is the “Prince of R&B”.

    This man’s voice is crazy… He always reminded of a Male Mariah in terms of tone and texture with abit of Whitney in his belts. The TRUE male vocalist of my generation.

  2. Qazzo January 27, 2013

    Did he make any p****** squirt?

    • IDK January 28, 2013

      CTFU!!! FUCKN FOOL!!!!

  3. LouLou January 27, 2013

    He killed! Very, very nice. I wish singers like this could be heard more on radio. I miss the 90’s 🙁

  4. Music Soul Harmony January 27, 2013

    LOL I could tell he was feelin himself a little bit too much when the crowd went crazy and he started running and riffing. But wow that was good and I’ve always thought him to be a great singer. Im just in awe over that ridiculous song he made show me how ur p**** works. Lmao. Smh.

  5. Music Soul Harmony January 27, 2013

    Joe has a better voice in my opinion in terms of control and range but Brian and him had two of the best male r&b vocals of the 90’s and early 2000’s. No doubt.

    • IDK January 28, 2013

      I like Joe’s a lot too but I think thats VERY debatable all day.

      • Music Soul Harmony January 28, 2013

        Well I just think Joe’s voice control is better. Plus sometimes live Brian’s runs can be too many.

      • IDK January 28, 2013


  6. CBrownGurl January 27, 2013

    Meh!!! Not all that hunny! Breezy and Bruno Mars are waaaaaaaayyyy better than this old clown!

    • GRANDROSE January 27, 2013

      Still mad cuz Brian called your boy out? Don’t get it twisted hun, Brian could sing both Chris and Bruno off the stage and right out of the building.

      • Lax January 28, 2013

        lmao calling Brian “Old C***” so
        dang funny, but true. Brian makes
        good music though.

    • Lourdes January 27, 2013

      Lmao goodbye little girl.

    • NaQu January 28, 2013

      You know nothing about talent, obviously. Ignorant ass 90’s baby. Was probably still in grade school when 9/11 happened. Go back to your awful iPhone playlist that’s probably filled with tacky EDM and twerk music and let the grown folks continue talking.

      • Lax January 28, 2013

        @NAQu right on i heard that,,,these Youngins.

    • Music Soul Harmony January 28, 2013

      Bruno Mars is overrated tho.

  7. Vandrea January 27, 2013

    This was exception AND didn’t even seem like him at 10. I’m still annoyed at him for that ‘P****’ song, but this reminded me why I was once a fan.

    • Vandrea January 27, 2013


  8. Emptytvr January 27, 2013

    I hope talent like this comes back in 2013 so that we can scrub the s*** stain that was the world of music from 2008 to 2012 out of our memories forever.

  9. King B>Rihanna January 27, 2013

    Every time I see him…All i can think about is….Let Me Show How Your P**** Work.

  10. Jay Jay January 27, 2013

    He slayed those LIVE vocals!!! Yes!!

  11. King B>Rihanna January 27, 2013

    Brian has the record for the most grammy nominations without a win.

    • THE GREAT LACEFRONCE. January 27, 2013

      Maybe if Brian had a family member on the Grammy panel he could win wayyy more. But that would make him a FRAUD and a THIEF.

      Least he sings live tho 😉

      • Teacher January 27, 2013


      • Lax January 28, 2013


      • King B>Rihanna January 28, 2013

        girl i really don’t have time for you..i was given a simple facts for people who didn’t know about that but since Beyonce is your religion you can keep on darling because you really don’t phrase me.

      • King B>Rihanna January 28, 2013

        and the big joke is on you because Brian was never nominated alongside Beyonce but you basic b****** on here don’t know those facts.

    • Music Soul Harmony January 28, 2013

      Funny how Beyonce got so much s*** just becuz it was bought to light that she LIPPED THIS TIME but the bish can still SING and the halo acoustic version on youtube proved that.

  12. WhoNeedsADegreeWhenYourShadingLife January 27, 2013

    I still want him to show me how my p**** works, I didn’t know that I could squirt.

  13. OMG Just Google Kelsnetwork and see what happens… January 27, 2013

    damn… singers are lately slaying the national anthem LIVE! From Beyonce to Brian…

      • Lax January 28, 2013

        Stop trying to stir in shyt to “Make It Stink”.
        That Hero Song” laught if you may is the Bridge
        Rihanna built and Crossed that sucker and is
        a Millionaire many times over for it.

        Remember it’s not always how good of a singer
        you are at the time, because they all improves with
        time , then some or born with it and others tend to be able
        to at least carry a tune if they have it in the bag the right way
        and that is what RIHANNA is has been able to do, and get paid very well for it. Many with the best voices, best everything and still not doing shyt with it, Duh! Don’t hate

  14. BeyFRAUD Armstrong (Beyonce’s Weave) January 28, 2013

    OK, this is one weird fight

    TMZ Chris Brown was involved in an all-out brawl with Frank Ocean Sunday night, and sources connected with Chris insist Ocean started it.

    Chris was at Westlake Studio in the L.A. area listening one of of the artists he represents. The sources say as Chris went to leave, Frank Ocean and his crew blocked Chris from leaving. The sources say Frank said, “This is my studio, this is my parking spot.”

    We’re told Chris went to shake Frank’s hand … and that’s when one of Frank’s people attacked Chris. Sources connected with Chris say one of Chris’ friends jumped in front and hit Frank’s friend.

    Sources connected with Chris say Frank then came at Chris … Chris pushed him away and they started brawling.

    The police were called and are on scene now.

    Read more:

    I think Francine is trying to reaffirm his masculinity, either that or Fistopher might be bi and did the dirty with one of Francine’s boo’s. WHO KNOWS….

  15. aishaaguilerakeys January 28, 2013

    “While we anxiously await the forthcoming ‘Super Bowl’ rendition from Miss Alicia Keys, we know that if her showing comes close to this one, we’re in for a treat:”- You can’t be throwing shade at Alicia when ur fave couldn’t even sing the national anthem live at the presidential inauguration of all places ! Alicia will be fine, her recent performances (which u hypocrites have praised) show just that. She just needs to rest a little with all the promo so that she can be in shape for the SB.

    • Lax January 28, 2013

      Beyonce did lip sync the National Anthem, according to an Inauguration official who spoke to CNN.

      “She did not sing live,” said the official, who refused to reveal their identity. A prerecorded version of the “Star Spangled Banner” was played instead, and that’s what people heard.

      According to the official, the decision was made by Beyonce herself, and might have been informed by her late arrival on Sunday, which didn’t allot her enough time to rehearse with the U.S. Marine Band.

      • Music Soul Harmony January 28, 2013

        ^Keep spreading lies. It was already proven she sang over a prerecorded track. You could hear both the recorded version and her voice in the video someone posted just days ago.

  16. antertain January 28, 2013

    When he wants to put in a vocal MASTERCLASS he does.
    He may not have been the biggest star of the 90s male singers but his vocal range and skill is/was hugely rated amongst his peers.

    This guy is a SANGGGGER!!
    Diction, clarity, tone, simplicity and then his signature riffs for the end.

    His vocals needs not to be wasted on songs that don’t suit him.

    GREAT version

  17. nick January 28, 2013

    all rite Brian!!!!! he did that.,

  18. MUSICHEAD January 28, 2013

    Support his new single “Sweeter” on iTunes now

  19. IDK January 28, 2013

    Despite that BS he let off on youtube “squirting ish. I always like Brian’s music. His “Superhero” album is a CLASSIC! Sing that s*** ‘B”

  20. Casual January 28, 2013

    The male vocal bible of the 90s, and I think he had a lasting impact that extends to today.

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