Explosive: Frank Ocean and Chris Brown Brawl At L.A. Studio?

Fans of R&B bad boy Chris Brown are very familiar with his verbal showdown with ‘Pyramids’ performer Frank Ocean some time ago.  While most thought that beef had cooled, it now appears the two hitmakers have taken their hits from the charts to each other.

Indeed, as reported via a number of sources, the two were engaged in a physical altercation earlier tonight.  Details below:

Via TMZ:

“…sources connected with Chris insist Ocean started it.

Chris was at Westlake Studio in the L.A. area listening to one of the artists he represents.  The sources say as Chris went to leave, Frank Ocean and his crew blocked Chris from leaving.

Chris went to shake Frank’s hand … and that’s when one of Frank’s people attacked Chris.  Sources connected with Chris say one of [his] friends jumped in front and hit Frank’s friend.

Sources connected with Chris say Frank then came at Chris … Chris pushed him away and they started brawling.”


As ever, we expect the truth to come to light in the coming days.  What ever the truth may be, this is definitely not a good look for any of the parties involved – namely Brown.  Here’s hoping this is just a simple misunderstanding being blown out of proportion.

Your thoughts?

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  1. CUNTY252 January 28, 2013


    • F****** Hairy (Lana & Gaga schoolin’ h***) January 28, 2013

      Umm did you read? They said according to TMZ, a close source said this stuff.

      • CUNTY252 January 28, 2013


    • BlueKid January 29, 2013

      Yes, this is more than likely a civil case against Frank Ocean, due to the fact his sworn statement attacks the character of Chris Brown. Such an attack can damage the career of Chris Brown as an entertainer due to his popularity. I havent been following Chris Brown events recently, but I do understand law. If Chris Brown is found innocent then he could indeed refile a civil case against Frank Ocean. If this is a publicity stunt on Frank Ocean’s part then its pretty dumb?!

  2. FOLLOW ME @gdboyratedloud January 28, 2013

    Normally I like Frank and dnt care for Breezy (love FAME/Fortune is trash) but it sounds like Frank is a messy kween and started it.

    • Common Sense January 28, 2013

      “Sources connected with Chris insist Ocean started it”
      Yeah as if they’d rat out their employer even if he had started it.

    • MOB January 28, 2013

      FRANKS ASS IS A MESSY QUEEN and White America and it’s large gay community will side with Frank no matter what!

  3. Ace all January 28, 2013

    Sounds like sexual tension *shrugs

  4. Kreayshawn January 28, 2013

    TWO black n****** acting like f****** monkeys thats why blacks can’t get a decent job always fighting smh I’m glad I’m white

    • BeyFRAUD Armstrong (Beyonce’s Weave) January 28, 2013

      LMAO, You’re so messy.

    • Regina January 28, 2013


    • Bwhahaha! January 28, 2013

      Rotfl! You’re probably black , looking for dislikes and attention. It was funny though!

    • KEVO January 28, 2013

      A lot of you all really need to stop using EBONIX and talk proper. All this queen this and rachett this, and whats the T that, sound so horrible. It’s ok be to gay and educated. Just saying. As far as the white person who posted the comments about blacks…not funny, it’s not that serious to post ignorant s*** like that. I like Chris and Frank and hopefully it was a misunderstanding, but if it wasn’t let them fight and move on, they still make good music and that’s all I watch them for….their music. Food 4 thought!!!

      • Riley on 1 January 28, 2013

        I agree with Kev, But there young and dumb so know one anit listening.

  5. BeyFRAUD Armstrong (Beyonce’s Weave) January 28, 2013

    Why is Chris Brown always hitting women? He clearly has a problem. Yes we know Francine is a messy queen who started it all but gurl you need to know when to sit.

    I think either Francine is trying to reaffirm his masculinity and prove he’s a “top” or Fistopher is bi and got it in with one of Francine’s beu’s. Either way, not a good look for you Fistopher, yet another woman you’ve hit.

    • Common Sense January 28, 2013

      You’re f****** retarded. Get a brain before you connect to the internet.

    • MOB January 28, 2013

      Trick please! Someone blocks your car and strikes you for no reason and you are just going to TURN THE OTHER CHEEK?

      Jesus is that you? Cause it damn sure aint me!

  6. SHA (I have DESTROYED Rita WhOra now PAIGE THOMAS) January 28, 2013

    LMAO I would suggest Chris send some n***** who like n***** to f*** Frank in the ass but he would love that s*** Seems to me Frank and his PR want some attention for that flop album and build his media presence ahead of the Grammys!!!!

  7. Um January 28, 2013

    I’m gonna need Queen Cqris & Queen Fhrank to sit the f*** down.

    & I love Fhrank, but she needs to chill with this ratchet, ignorant mhess.

  8. CzarM January 28, 2013

    I’m not a fan of Chris — at all — but I hope he beat Francine’s ass like his middle name was “Rihanna.”

    • Lax January 28, 2013

      My Goodness,,,,

    • WHAT? January 28, 2013

      Who Is Francine? Is That A Gay Joke?

  9. Common Sense January 28, 2013

    I’m sure this fight was just as big as the Mariah/Nicki Idol fight. Neither one looks like the fighting type so I doubt it was more than a few shoves.

    • SHA (I have DESTROYED Rita WhOra now PAIGE THOMAS) January 28, 2013

      Neither one looks like the fighting type
      Looks can be deceiving I found out about that in 2009 when Chris damn near killed the model

  10. Kreayshawn January 28, 2013

    Guys there is NO need to give this post 200 comments ok it’s just to KFC Kool-AID DRINKING n****** fighting over fame & money it’s a everyday negro thing I’m white I see negros in my city fight all the time over stupid s*** like a chicken leg

    • Common Sense January 28, 2013


    • Nana Yaw January 28, 2013


    • Lax January 28, 2013

      @KREAYSHAWM,,,,Why don’t you shut yo Black
      ‘Ass Up Already, We know Yo Ass is Black as Tar!

    • Bwhahaha! January 28, 2013


  11. B. Hill January 28, 2013

    LOL@Frank trying to be a man.
    That letter, dog…that letter… Ain’t no going back now.

    • Common Sense January 28, 2013

      Last I checked he is a man. LOL@retards like you that think all gay guys are prancing queens. I dare you to insult a gay marine; he’ll break your bitchass in half a second.

  12. Kreayshawn January 28, 2013


    • EnRanc January 28, 2013

      Hey I bought Kreayshawn’s CD yesterday.

      Sike…no I didn’t. LOL

    • CBE January 28, 2013

      You such an ignorant b****! I hope you get f***** in the ass one day till you can hardly walk.

    • Lax January 28, 2013

      No Kreyshawn, THAT’S WHAT YOU R.
      Like i said Black As Tar!

    • MOB January 28, 2013


  13. Monstarebel January 28, 2013

    Lmao poor Chris he’s always in some s*** whether he starts it or not the dude has bad luck 🙁

    As for Frank girl your a f****** con artist I have no respect for you using the gays Just to sell an album & now your being a s*** starter sit the f*** down

    • Lax January 28, 2013

      Frankie Mae Is tryin to Drum up some
      more paper for y-k-w,,,,

  14. UMo January 28, 2013

    Watch the phony, bleeding heart, gay-coddling media immediately rush to Frank’s defense, while making Chris out to be the villain in this story.

    • Um January 28, 2013

      please remove “UM” from you username, “O”

      thank you.

      • Um January 28, 2013

        oops, I meant *your, “O”.

    • CBE January 28, 2013

      You are 100% right, they will take Frank Ocean’s side, I may not know Chris personally but he gets on well with almost every mainstream black artist and he is immature but doesnt start s***…remember when Odd future dissed him on twitter after he was endorsing them?

      GAY People are treated like royalty in entertainment and most famous artists & Industry moguls are on the down low.

    • MOB January 28, 2013


      You got it babe! They are going to coddle Frank and crusify Chris!

  15. Jay Scorpio January 28, 2013

    oh dare why can’t dese gurlllllls jus get along…… i wonder which one fukkn wit de next man dats causing dis tension….. Christina prob spinning pun Francesca’s man dikk lololol

    • BeyFRAUD Armstrong (Beyonce’s Weave) January 28, 2013


    • Lax January 28, 2013


  16. HoneychildPlease January 28, 2013

    Frank wanted the rihannas d***, and chris wasn’t having it!

  17. SHA (I have DESTROYED Rita WhOra now PAIGE THOMAS) January 28, 2013


    • Lax January 28, 2013


      • Lax January 28, 2013


  18. savt1st@aol.com January 28, 2013

    ROCK NATION stand up! …dont be fuckn over RiRi and think u can get away with it

    • Lax January 28, 2013


  19. HoneychildPlease January 28, 2013

    I wonder during the fight did Fransine try to grab chris brawl d***?

    • Monstarebel January 28, 2013

      Lmao of course

      • Lax January 28, 2013

        MY, MY MY.

    • BeyFRAUD Armstrong (Beyonce’s Weave) January 28, 2013


    • CBE January 28, 2013

      you stupid 🙂

    • MOB January 28, 2013

      Of course! LOL Chris was probably going to let it slide until he tried to get a little feel & pull in! 🙂

  20. BeyFRAUD Armstrong (Beyonce’s Weave) January 28, 2013

    Why is everyone going in on Francine?? He’s the only one brave enough to reveal to the world that he’s a “homosexicle” and has outsold the recent RnB flops (Trey, Fistopher, Miguel).

    • MOB January 28, 2013

      B**** again, he started the damn fight and if you have to come out of the damn closet just to sell a f****** CD then damnnnnnnnnnnnnnn……really?…the f*** outta here!!

  21. All :) January 28, 2013

    It’s funny how kreayshawn talks about black people like that. Not sure what rock they crawled from because they obviously haven’t seen how many successful, educated African Americans there is nor has he seen our President. Each race have its ups & downs or bad seeds. I’m proud to be a young African American…and with you saying things like “two black n******” you must be your races’ idiot! You sound stupid…especially talking about two celebrities lol. You shouldn’t talk about them especially being that you’re a white nobody. #Still 🙂

    • George January 28, 2013

      Black americans are monkeys! They would always be our slaves!

      • MOB January 28, 2013

        KrazyBrokeAssShawn under a new handle! B**** sit the f*** down and shut the f*** up!

    • Lax January 28, 2013

      There’s no white person in the world who act like that clown, period. Read between the line their black ass is black i tell you all, black as ace of spades, trying to be funny!

  22. BeyFRAUD Armstrong (Beyonce’s Weave) January 28, 2013

    I forgot Fistopher had a fight with my gurl Drakeisha, that means this is the third chick Fistopher has fought with.

    • Lax January 28, 2013

      Beyfraud,,,,lmao they know Chris is Quick tempered and they try to Provoke Him , did i spell that big ass word right,,,lol.

  23. Uyun January 28, 2013

    Stop hitting women Chris.

  24. SBC19 January 28, 2013

    Oh so this girl is trying to be hard now? GTFOH with that s***. Frank just go hang out with Ricky Martin and Clay Aiken, and leave the something-to-prove wannabe thug act alone because no one buys it. I’m mad this queerosexual got me wanting to root for Chris.

  25. Tiana washington January 28, 2013

    Well I think.chris brown needs to sit his ass down somewhere with his always in some kind of trouble ass it was Rihanna then drake now frank ocean I hope hope he get it togather cause people will get sick of his ass quick I hope Frank beat that ass

  26. christinastherealtalent January 28, 2013

    If this is true Chris got a taste of his own medicine and he can walk around shamed a gay dude whupped that ass

  27. L21480 January 28, 2013

    So is this Frank’s attempt at trying to affirm his manhood or something. Nah girlfriend…

    I generally don’t side with Chris on anything, but in this case I may have to make an exception.

  28. DDN January 28, 2013

    Chris got beat by two queens Miss Aubrey Drake and Francine Oceania lls punk b****

  29. CBrownGurl January 28, 2013

    If what was described is true, then Chris didn’t get beat by Frank. Frank had “his crew” step to Chris. Frank wasn’t man enough (ha!) to step to Chris w/o an ensemble, which makes him the gay ass “d*** up the booty” b**** I always said he was. I don’t believe for 2 seconds that Chris couldn’t waste Frank in a one on one fist fight.

  30. Blue January 28, 2013

    Y is it always chris…
    first it was a women, then a gay guy(drake), then a bi guy (frank)

    baby steps before u know it he will be fighting real guys

  31. xedos January 28, 2013

    I bet that idiot tyler. Was present

  32. IslandBoi242 January 28, 2013

    Chris know is career is over right…I swear him and Rihanna are the new bobby n Whitney without the legendary talent

  33. lol January 28, 2013

    Tisk,tisk,tisk…seem like somebody can’t avoid drama.. and just like a rat that throws stones and then wants to hide his hands he sent his b**** made goons to cry to the media like the biooottchhhh his is. I don’t belive for one second Frank instigated that brawl this is Chris Brown were talkin about dude is full of himself anybody that nows Frank knows he is nonchalant-laid back kind of dude, Chris on the other hand by many UNBIASED account stay high of some UPPERS, probably caused all types of unreversible side effects to his low count brain cells.

  34. mc the place to be! January 28, 2013

    Blah I need more details on the fight to really say who’s the bad one this little story doesn’t make any sense

  35. lol January 28, 2013

    Chris knows he is on the way out of the industry, I bet he s*** bricks when Frank’s ALBUM NUMBERS came in(that damn near matched his own) AND got 6 grammy noms (not bad for a newbie) … After SEVEN I REPEAT SEVEN !!! YEARS in the industry Chris career has STALLED… he reached his climax , their nothing left in his arsenal , he did he best Mj rip off moves (see Turn up the music-no one gave a s***),he croaked, I mean tried to sing live ( *crickets) ,he leaked dicked pic (he got teased for obvious reasons 😉 )he jumped on remixes with Rihanna ( the general public washed their hands of the foolish ness and moved on), he bleached his hair ( *rolls eyes) and he still didn’t generate buzz to make him the Prince of rnb/pop that he so wants to be …and now this Kid named Frank Ocean put out a critacally lauded album that was so consistent and well thought out he made his Chris Brown entire discography seem like elementary in comparison.

    • CBrownGurl January 28, 2013

      Frank had to tell the world he was into d*** before anything other than tiny underground urban blogs reported on him. Critically lauded my b***. Frank is as much of a stunt queen as the rest of them. If Frank didn’t reveal the world that he lusts after other men, he would be getting about as much commercial attention as Ledesi and Anthony Hamilton.

      Who cares about Frank’s opening week numbers (which didn’t even surpass or match Chris’s)? Frank’s album has gotten all this critical praise, attention and has been touted as being a hero for coming out and talked about like he’s part of some big new wave of something…but is it even gold? As celebrated as he’s been, it should be multiplatinum by now. Proof that he’s all hype. People would rather say “You go girl” to him but are hardly buying his album. Even after all the showering of critical acclaim.

      Chris’s current album is his worse selling and is barely being promoted, and yet Frank’s album…for all its promotion and over hype…ain’t doing better than it. Holla back at me when Frank at least matches what Chris’s first and second albums did. Hell, get back at me when he at least sells as much as Fame. Til then shush.

      Beside empty hype from a tree hugging liberal media that wants to give fake kudos to gay folks, Frank ain’t owning Chris in any way, shape or form when it comes right down to it.

      • BeyFRAUD Armstrong (Beyonce’s Weave) January 28, 2013

        It’s at around 400K right now, which is better than Chris Brown. It’ll be Gold soon enough.

      • CBrownGurl January 28, 2013

        Less than 100k more isn’t a significant gap. When Frank’s album sells MILLIONS more than Chris’s is when people can start acting like he’s outdoing him.

      • CBE January 28, 2013

        Actually Fortune is closing on 400k also and it had less promotion then Frank’s fake ass album, Chris didnt need to announce his gay so the world would take pity on him.

      • Lax January 28, 2013

        Shiiiiiit would somebody please throw me my
        dam booths its getting deep in here.

  36. lol January 28, 2013

    He can’t handle Frank successs, he was talking hella s*** on twitter around a yaer ago callin people small time n***** and s***. In a year Frank surpassed his ass .He’s Mechanical Dummy alright.. what the f*** is a mechanical dummy anyway I hate when dumb people try to be deep and think to hard.. Chris Brown is a Functional R*****

    • Lax January 28, 2013

      You wait till Mob Wife get through boxing yo ass, my goodness. Is that all right?

  37. cdmansc January 28, 2013

    so drake must be frank ocean mystery man and he was getting back at chris brown for whipping drake ass last year.

    frank ocean is very over rated though.

    • Lax January 28, 2013


    • NYSC145 January 28, 2013

      OMG I just DIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lmsao!

  38. F****** Hairy (Lana & Gaga schoolin’ h***) January 28, 2013

    I see Chris Brown is up to his c*** antics again. That explanation from this supposed source sounds so fake. First Drake & now Frank Ocean? These fights aren’t going to help sell that flop album Chris. Him and his disgusting girlfriend Riherpes belong together, smh.

    • Lax January 28, 2013


  39. F****** Hairy (Lana & Gaga schoolin’ h***) January 28, 2013

    The other half of this story is that these fools were fighting over a damn parking spot! According to Frank, he said he got jumped.
    I cant.

  40. Tiana washington January 28, 2013

    For all the white people making racist comment it really not needed if if u dont care then dont comment cause what black.people do is not half as bad as ypu crazy white people always going shoting up.school killing ypur famiy and s*** crazy as honkys

    • Lax January 28, 2013

      They are black pretending to be white Deery!

  41. Sterling Infinity Will Save Us January 28, 2013

    These queens….

  42. TEAM FRANK January 28, 2013


    • CBE January 28, 2013

      So you like d*** then? just because someone is uncomfortable around gay people doesnt make them homophobic(which is a hate term) Im so sick of gays trying to force people to accept their bullsit! GET OVER IT!

      • Pop Royalty January 28, 2013


      • TEEAM FRANK January 28, 2013


  43. The real xoxo January 28, 2013

    Handbags at dawn, ladies.

  44. aurora January 28, 2013

    So what happened to chris FAME ERA things were looking up winning a grammy less media negative attention yes he had his moments of craziness but generally things were going good for him fastfoward 2013 n his career is in the shits the only thing keeping him relevant iz rihanna n them tired ass collabs they keep doing fortune is a failure the album is not even gold yet and is he even gonna tour in the US what entered his life or shall i say who entered his life and its been nothing but downhill from there *sips tea

  45. cake like lady gaga January 28, 2013

    Chris? How you gon’ go and fight with a f** tho?

    I sounds like queen Franklin started it tho.


  46. Gary C January 28, 2013

    No matter who started it. Someone needs to tell Chris Brown the phrase “fight your way to the top” is just something people say.

  47. MISHKA January 28, 2013

    Franck Ocean should not win the Grammy over Miguel otherwise all h*ll will break loose, okay???

    That being said, we all Chris Brown and his Chrickets started this. Me no need no receipts.

    Come on now, it’s like taking the garbage can from the front door to the kitchen then to the living room, then still wondering why it smells nasty in the house.

    • MISHKA January 28, 2013

      *we all KNOW

      • sierra January 29, 2013

        truth! ^

  48. CBE January 28, 2013

    I will just wait and find out what really happend(not holding my breath though), if this is a publicity stunt I wouldnt be surprised but Chris is right every rumour or altercation always leads to him being picked as the bad guy just shows the stae of American society and their brainwashed bubble foam brains who cant think for themselves…funny that the Media cant let go of something that happened 4 YEARS AGO NOW! and surprise surprise people are singing the same old song, I heard ” if that was your sister what would you do?” like a million times now and my hypothetical question is if the whole world was against you for a mistake you made what would you do? probably kill yourself like many cyber bullied kids nowadays and still I tend to think society isnt evil? glad I dont live in that place you call the “land of the free and home of the brave”

  49. cake like lady gaga January 28, 2013

    Sexual tension!!!!!!

    Someone tell Frank that you can convert straight man and make them gay.

    Frank isn’t bi, he is a raging queen that wanted chris’s d*** up his ass, but chris isn’t about that life, now the queen is mad.

    Frank needs to take a few seats in the Chilllle aisle and chill!!!!!


    • cake like lady gaga January 28, 2013

      **Someone tell Frank that you CANNOT convert straight man and make them gay.

  50. DIGGER BEY January 28, 2013

    Just heard that Breezy and his goons jumped Frank. Chris will u sit ur ass down somewhere. I’m so tired of hearing him acting all ratchet as hell. This is not a good look for your career. And even if Frank started it, which I doubt, Breezy ass stays n sh*t! People was getting over this Rihanna Beatdown, then The Drake Bottle Fight and now this. Boi haven’t u learned anything from that other Brown. Breezy needs help before it all falls down! Cause its on the way there.

  51. DIGGER BEY January 28, 2013

    And the Gays will come after him for jumping Frank. Frank is a media durling and we all know the media haven’t forgiven Chris of his past. This boi needs to found the nearest Rehab and join. And take ur own and of girlfriend too.

  52. Sleazy January 28, 2013

    First he beat rihanna. Then had a fight with drake and now he and his friends attacked Frank……. Ugh chris is a messy kween always fighting girls

  53. Sleazy January 28, 2013

    Chris beats 3 people. Fights woman on twitter and everyone else.. Had a altercation at the GM show and his fans still defending his abusive ass Have you seen how your Fav look recently? He looks like a home a Homeless coke head!! Stop feeding him these lies!!! Its fans like you that lead your fav to their ultimate destruction Be REAL with him this is not okay!!!!!!

  54. He January 28, 2013


  55. Pop Royalty January 28, 2013

    Chris Brown is so Violent , he make it hard for me to support Him , he knows so well they are trying to trash his image and still he can not avoid the drama , so bad he make headlines for his violent s*** more than his actual job.

    and I’m so over frank Ocean’s Kweeny antics , can’t wait for this bandwagon to fade …….

  56. NYSC1458 January 28, 2013

    Chile Government Block Free Cheese….Miss Frank Ocean is one ole Crafty Stunt Queen for having his skittle crew “attack” Mrs Brown so he too could taste the rainbow …What the gurlz wouldn’t do now and days to stay relevant even while not needing too carry in such a matter ! Oh well ,it makes great hearsay thou! Lmsao

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