Chart Check: Drake’s ‘Take Care’ Heads To 2 Million

Published: Thursday 14th Feb 2013 by David

He may not have performed at last Sunday’s Grammy Awards, but with the release of his new video ‘Started From The Bottom‘ dropping on the same night, Drake ensured his name stayed hot on everyone’s lips as the star studded night went on.

The best part about this is though, that while the video’s launch comes as part of the push for this third studio album ‘Nothing Was The Same‘, it’s arrival has gone some way in rekindling interest in his 2011 LP, ‘Take Care‘.

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Sure to leave many of his detractors all flavors of distressed, ‘Care’ kicks dust in their faces when combined US sales of 1,996,634, placing him just 3,3666 units away from hooking up with the 2 million units sold mark.

Kind of epic, considering it’s set to nab this figure without a US #1 single despite its lead single ‘Headlines’ hitting the Platinum mark for sales of over 1 million units after peaking at #13 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Elsewhere in Chart land, Chris Brown‘s ‘Fortune’ edges closer to Gold status with 423,637 units shifted since June 29th, while Usher’s ‘Looking For Myself’ sits in similar territory with 459,980 albums sold in the market.

As far as the ladies go, Rihanna’s ‘Unapologetic’ holds a spot in the Top 20 with 23,729 units sold this week- bring her combined US sales for the album to 679,537 while Nicki Minaj‘s ‘Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded’ continues to soar outside of the US with a sweet 1.5 million purchased since April 3rd.

Well done to all!

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  1. the real xoxo February 14, 2013

    The first picture made me laugh – Aubrey, you are a jewish canadian degrassi actor, not a thug.
    Nas’ album was better.

  2. Cream February 14, 2013


  3. TurntUp4Cici February 14, 2013

    I wonder how many times he turned Riwhore out?

  4. BeyBeyKing February 14, 2013

    Only 600k for UPL? Step your cookies up girl.

  5. No Son… February 14, 2013

    “Well done,” my ass. All of these numbers are terrible. These overcelebrated, over-hyped and overexposed tarts albums are in the hundred thousand range–as opposed to the MILLIONS range that hit artists are SUPPOSED to be. Drake’s album has been out for almost a year and a half and is ONLY “nearing” the 2 million mark????? He should be at least 5 or 6x platinum. People act like they’re “the s***,” but their sales ARE s***.

    And don’t give me that s*** about illegal downloading. That’s just an excuse. The truth is that these sorry ass “hitmakers” of today aren’t compelling people to wanna buy their albums. They’re all flops. Maybe if they spent less time on Twitter and more time physically promoting their albums, they would sale millions instead of thousands.

  6. COCKINESS February 14, 2013

    that 1.5 million is wrong on so many levels and you knows it sam, b**** learn to count

  7. ,. February 14, 2013

    Gratz to him.

  8. QueenBey February 14, 2013

    Lol, tell the real sales of Nicki’s RR and the ReUp… combined US sales are at 800k after almost a yr out! Lololololol! Flop B****!

  9. PRINCE MACHIAVEL February 14, 2013

    Yeesssssss I Do See Queen Drakisha Wannabe Thug, Girl Pleeeeaaase!!!!!!

  10. SlayDeleAdkins February 14, 2013

    He looks stupid as hell in that pic!

  11. Mika February 14, 2013

    This site enjoy dragging Rihanna in to every post..with shades. If you’re going to mentioned worldwide sales then Rihanna already surpassed 2million two months to be exact according to the World chart. Yet, you tend to mentioned Nicki worldwide stat but not Rih! C’mon now!!!

  12. philly….new york…. February 15, 2013

    for a new artist to sell 2million records without heavy promotion….not on every magazine cover…no tv specials…not being talked about everyday on TGJ and other sites and he still sold 2 milli…there are artists who are on every magazine, hbo specials and last album only sold 2 million world wide..

  13. MISHKA February 15, 2013

    Well done to all???

    Well done to Drake only. Obviously he’s able to sell without stunts and gimmicks. And he beat The Throne for the Gr

  14. MISHKA February 15, 2013

    Well done to all??? H*ll to the no.

    Well done to Drake only.

    Obviously he’s able to sell without stunts and gimmicks. Plus he just beat The Throne for the Grammy for Best Rap Album. Let’s face it, he is on his own lane now, Thumbs up, Aubrey.

  15. lexi February 15, 2013

    when an album goes platinum it is sucessful or even gold to me, and then going on a huge tour. drake had the highest grossing hip-hop tour of 2012.

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