Must See: B.Smyth Covers Rihanna’s ‘Stay’

Published: Wednesday 6th Mar 2013 by David

As far as Urban music goes, very few newbies can say they shine as bright as Ne-Yo‘s artist, B.Smyth.

Dominating Urban airwaves with his debut single ‘Leggo’, this year has seen him fast become one of his genre’s fastest rising stars, after being picked by 106 & Park’s video rotation.

Now, as to showcase the voice that spearheaded his label rise, he has taken on Rihanna‘s ballad, ‘Stay’.

Peep the hearth throb in action below…

With R&B’s current dilema leaving many of its supporters disheartened, performances like these breathe hope back into the field- and more specifically, its male arena.

Of course, while his take on the cut would have been perfect had he shown more restraint, the quality of his tone is enough to have us anticipating his debut album and how  the coming months will see soar even further.

So, until he does…

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  1. FentySoSnatched March 6, 2013

    He sounds good.

  2. OVOForever March 6, 2013

    He’s like Chris with class.

  3. HausMuthaAdele March 6, 2013

    Mutha approves

  4. BeyWhoUWanna March 6, 2013

    My little sister is in love with him but I never liked him until I saw this. Don’t end up like Chris though, start off nice but then f*** up later. You’re too talented for that.

  5. QueenCeline March 6, 2013

    I like him, but he was yelling too much. Some songs need a gentle touch.

  6. AzealiaBankable March 6, 2013

    Why do half the song though. Do the whole thing.

  7. LLASAP March 6, 2013

    I f**** wid it.

  8. OVORyan March 6, 2013

    I like him.

  9. JanetXone March 6, 2013


    • Mark111 March 6, 2013

      This kid has more vocal rage in his farts then Chris Brown. Brown can barley carry a note.

      • CHUDDS March 6, 2013

        Whatever!!! I am no Chris Brown stan, but the boy can hold a note….and very well. He’s no Luke James, but he can hold his own.

  10. AQueenLikeB March 6, 2013

    How long before he gets to tap the industry schlong pleaser aka Rihanna.

    • RitasLipstick March 6, 2013

      He did it last night gurr.

      • MarinaWantsTheD March 6, 2013


      • Lana Del Slay March 6, 2013

        He already has. Right after she let Matt Kemp hit it.

      • BionicLotus March 6, 2013

        Oh girl you ain’t know, he’s been hitting that. ALL the guys have. That’s why I call her Ritraina.

    • FOLLOW ME @gdboyratedloud March 6, 2013

      typical pressed bey h-i-v. They keep Rih’s name in their filthy ass mouths

  11. only the truth nothing less March 6, 2013


  12. IV March 6, 2013

    wtf horrible my ears bleed

    • Chazavon March 6, 2013

      Its probably because he changed the key of the song a bunch of times. So it was a little off from the original.

  13. Junior in Jamaica March 6, 2013

    Ne-Yo signed someone that mirrors his ugliness. 🙂

  14. OrkanTan March 7, 2013

    He screams too much and trys so hard. Didnt work homie

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