What’s Next For Christina Aguilera? TGJ Weighs In !

Despite recent efforts to downplay her legacy, those who have truly followed Brand Christina Aguilera know that she is nothing short of iconic.

Rising to success via the quality of her voice and material, her ability to craft cuts that were both inspiring and radio ready saw her soar in the face of undying comparisons to Pop golden girl Britney Spears, billed as the Krystle to her Alexis.

However, the handling of her latest album ‘Lotus’ has left some fans a little frustrated with her and concerned for the future of her career.

Indeed, despite hitting stores in November, this week saw her hint that she had pulled the plug on its campaign, much to their dismay.

So, as fans of the RCA belle, TGJ gets creative and shares ideas on how we feel ‘Queentina’ can reclaim her spot atop this generation’s leading ladies.

1. ‘Loving Me For Me’.

We’re not sure how you guys feel about it, but we’d say Christina’s biggest mistake was to ‘lend’ to the ‘Angelic Britney Vs Unpredictable Christina’, when she accepted the Xtina’ moniker. This, literally stripping her brand of the All American corporate appeal that worked in Spears’ favour for so long.

Indeed, while her stint as Pop’s reigning bad girl added to her weight as a layered act, it did make those pesky ‘she’s a b*tch’ reports all too easy for the press to play on, tarnishing her public image and giving her detractors ample opportunity to bash her.

In her next era, Christina would seriously benefit from a promo run that placed emphasis on her playful nature during televised and radio interviews and more importantly…via social media.

Though a star’s personality shouldn’t affect the way we hear their music, in today’s world it does. With her fan base oft dominating the network with trending topics forged to sing her praises, Christina would benefit from Twitter far more than she already does.

It may seem silly from her perspective, but sharing the trivialities that go on in her day to day life would no doubt create a stronger bond between she and her fans…and more importantly, the general public.

2. Ditch Dance…Embrace Romance.

Ok that line was corny but you know what we mean.

As it stands, it’s clear for all to see that Christina is over structured choreography on stage, which may explain why we never got a full flavoured live showing of ‘Your Body’.

If she can secure the financial support afforded to Pink‘s ‘The Truth About Love’ and Justin’s ’20/20′, we’d say an Adult Contemporary driven album would be a sure fire way to win over a far less fickle audience.

Sure, while EDM cuts may nab a few Top Twenty spots on the Hot 100, the genre does all of nothing for an artists on an album’s front (see Ke$ha‘s ‘Warrior’). With the genius Claude Kelly in her arsenal, there’s no reason she couldn’t craft a romantic mid tempo LP, laced with jams akin to the gems below.

As the forthcoming sales of Timberlake’s latest effort proves, full support from a label can ensure the success of any material of any genre and considering the capital the likes of ‘Stripped’ generated for her label, there’s no reason Christina shouldn’t be a priority act.

We’re talking the works! national radio tours, week long late night residencies and performance slots on the likes of ‘Ellen‘, ‘Wendy‘, ‘Idol’ andX Factor‘.

In short, launch an unashamed force feeding of her project to the masses. If it works for Rihanna, why not Christina?

3. ‘Easy does it’.

If you know anything about TGJ, you’ll know one of our favorite Christina performances took place at the 2008 Grammy nominations concert when she took on the Gershwin classic, ‘I Love You Porgy‘.

Though we love Christina the belter, nothing’s sweeter than when she shows the restraint as she did above- showcasing the velvety tone we don’t get to hear enough of.

The fact of the matter is that the entire world is aware of her power as a belter, but would no doubt fall deeper in love with her if she employed the ‘less is more’ approach and served more Eb3s and B4s and kept her more ‘imposing’ notes for when the need really arises.

So, let us know…

Do you agree?

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  1. My Forehead Tho March 22, 2013

    Hopefully vocal lessons. This b**** has been in the industry way to long to not know how to sing properly.

    • Mother Monster March 22, 2013


      • TaylorWins March 22, 2013

        A Gaga fan talking about voices? Have a seat on those high notes she DOESN’T know how to reach.

      • HausMuthaAdele March 22, 2013

        But you stan for Taylor sis, the only time she uses her voice box is when its tickling Alist peen.

      • Pon_de March 22, 2013

        What you will NOT do is shade Gaga when your fave sounds like hot steaming caca straining for notes across the street. Have a seat!

  2. tits mcgee March 22, 2013

    i think she should do more fun pop songs, than ballads. she should show a more fun and aproachable side with her music and her demeanor.

    no more straining when singing, just ride the beat with smooth vocals.

    it might help to change up from the blonde bombshell thing too….

    also, promotion for her singles is neccesary… it mistified me as to why she did not promote “your body”. the song and video rocked, but she performed it like once on jimmy fallon.


  3. Mother Monster March 22, 2013

    Truth is she’s tired & a b**** she lost all her fans to gaga kesha & taylor swift… no one cares for Christina lotus hasnt even sold 250k yet Keyshia Cole new album outsold Christina album & that says alot…..

  4. Gaga For Gaga March 22, 2013

    Perez & GaGa ended her career hahahahahaha…

    • TaylorWins March 22, 2013

      The same Perez whose one martini away from spilling the truth about Gaga’s personality? Just no.

    • FentySoSnatched March 22, 2013

      The kiiii in your comment is that Perez hates Gaga because of what she did to Luc and Christina.

    • MarinaWantsTheD March 22, 2013

      But Perez….

  5. dustin March 22, 2013

    i don’t disagree with what you are saying here (thats new). I wouldn’t say that she should completely abandon the CHR or Hot AC market though. If she wants to be what she was in the Stripped era, she needs to do what she was doing in that era. She needs to conquer multiple formats. She needs to have a hot contemporary track hitting CHR and (possibly) urban, while she also needs to service a monster ballad (that ISNT a beautiful rewrite) to the Hot AC, AC, and Urban AC markets. What was great about her image during that era and what WORKED was that she came off as a b**** not to be f***** with, while also being the voice of the weird, the left of center, the ignored, the disenfranchised. What she went through (which you heard about in the material that era) gave her the hard edge, but you still felt her heart. You felt like she understood your struggle. Her problem now is that she isn’t relatable. She is overly tan, shes super materialistic and she did what she shouldn’t do, embraced the DIVA. People didnt fall in love with diva. They fell in love with a flawed human being with a beautiful instrument. We all have seen what happens when you lose touch with reality. You lose touch with your fan base. Ask Mariah and Janet about that. No shad e in that last comment. I am just illustrating a point.

    • tits mcgee March 22, 2013

      um, you say no shade but you did just that… i get the point you were trying to make but, the examples you gave, don’t fit the senario.

      Janet and Mariah are LEGENDS. They both have had very successful eras for well over 20 years. As time goes by, you get less radio play, and record sales, but both have records that still have not been broken, and legacies that are forever…

      Chrissy is not in the same league as these women, so let’s not please…


      • dustin March 22, 2013

        wow… pressed much?

        shade is about intent. i actually own a good chunk of mariahs catalog and i own EVERY janet album and have seen her live several times. the truth of the matter is that they have lost touch. madonna is still selling out stadiums AND selling records. i don’t even like madonna, but your comment doesn’t really hold weight.

        i wasn’t putting christina and those two in the same category. they don’t have to be to have the same things happen to them. its just a reality.

      • Pon_de March 22, 2013

        We all know Madonna SOLD records but her selling NOW?? Do you get your info from lies.com? She can pack a stadium and there’s no pair of medicare cakes that can do a cartwheel quite like Madge but please stop inflating her CURRENT commercial relevance!

    • tits mcgee March 22, 2013

      no one is pressed hun, but you. like i said your opinion does not make anything a fact. i dont care whose albums you own, your senario is ridiculous.
      i knew that madonna argument was coming cause thats who you are a fan of so stop. how successful was her last album compared to the others… exactly.. sales dwindle but legacies remain….
      besides madonna how many women are selling out stadiums that were out in the 80?? None! so she is an exception and not the rule. Janet and Mariah sell out the show they do on a smaller scale, just like aretha, barbara, etc., so they are in good company

      time happens, and you dont sell as much, point blank. your theory on them loosing touch with their fan bases is not true. Comparitive to their comtemporaries they are doing just fine…


      • tits mcgee March 22, 2013

        and yes shade is about intent… compare chrissy to her contemporaries, not two legends and icons, who have no place in your theories… thats the shade of it all…. and you did it on purpose, so own it


      • dustin March 22, 2013

        actually if you read, i said “and i don’t even like madonna”. i’m not shady, and i love both of the b****** that you insist on arguing over. go listen to butterfly and have a million seats.

        oh and pointless hashtags arent a good look. just sayin.

    • tits mcgee March 22, 2013

      actually, i was calling you a liar for saying that you don’t like madonna, but that message like most things seem to go over your head.

      your points are innane you mental midget, so don’t try, to make them anymore. and your jokes are funny, just not for the right reasons.

      carry on you dusty queen


  6. Britney Stan March 22, 2013

    Floptina is done son….

  7. BionicLotus March 22, 2013

    Read this one the train home from work but couldn’t wait to get home so I could comment. Christina is miles ahead of all the girls but she needs to force Rca to help her out because this isn’t fair. They give Pink and JT preferential treatment and leave her to kick dust and I hate it. I don’t want her to end up like Beyonce and be irrelevant before her time.

    • irene46 March 23, 2013

      i was with you until you went totally off the rails with the beyonce is irrelevant claim. beyonce, whose singing for the president, shutting down the super bowl and snatching a $50 million dollar contract from pepsi.

    • Music Soul Harmony March 23, 2013

      @Irene46 exactly. I don’t know what this bish is talking about! The fighters are always jealous of Bey’s success. Trust me if xtina was as successful and overexposed as Beyonce right now, they’d have a right to talk but until then
      —-> _/

      • irene46 March 24, 2013

        beyonce has good singing technique and i won’t even go into how the girl can rip up a stage. the ‘fighters’ and i may prefer christina’s ‘tone’ but that’s no excuse for deluded crazy talk. i’m by no means a member of the ‘hive’ but beyonce has one of the hottest (if not the hottest) female careers going. so ‘fighters’ keep it real and not stray off the path like some deluded britney spears fans.

  8. King B>Rihanna March 22, 2013

    let us start with her vocal. get a vocal coach and show f****** restraint when she sings would be a lovely start.

    loose weight….and this is the harsh truth. unless you are Adele fat people especially in today’s market don’t sell. and Adele sell because of my next point.

    public image and attitude. Adele may be fat but she is funny and down to earth which people gravitate too whereas for years the media has painted CA as a b**** and a diva(who does not have the right to be unlike a WH or MC whose accomplishments speak for themselves) and people don’t root for no one nor support someone who is deemed arrogant, hard to work with and a b****.

    musically she needs to find an identity because even her best work is still a wack or poor man version of Mariah Carey.

    • HausMuthaAdele March 22, 2013

      Adele isn’t fat so watch it.

      • King B>Rihanna March 22, 2013

        whatever..she sure ain’t skinny nor she is not a representation of the average size woman so go hibernate.

    • XtinaRebirth March 22, 2013

      “Poor Man Version of Mariah Carey” You b****** really be trying it on here! Save you lame ass comments for people who know what the f*** their talking about! Christina has LOTS of great material, people just fail to listen to it…

    • JOHNVIDAL March 22, 2013

      Wow! lol


      I agree with everything you said. especially the last sentence.

      • Pon_de March 22, 2013

        Shaaaaaade. I heart you!

  9. Riqueen March 22, 2013

    I hope the new her learns how to sing properly and stops straining.

  10. Theman March 22, 2013

    She needs videos,performances and promo. She is a beautiful girl. She should show her funny side, and promote her music on social sites as much as she can. “Lotus” has great tracks on it. “Let there be love” “Blind Page” “Army of me”. She just threw the album out and did nothing with it. There wasn’t even a video for her second single. How do you take a break when you’ve done nothing to promote your album. She needs to revamp her promo, and
    do some interviews..

  11. Theman March 22, 2013

    Adele isn’t fat..

    • truth(icki is a KMART, NO GRAMMY NOD, PFRR FLOP, SQUID EYED b****) March 22, 2013

      WTF??? go jump off a bridge you delusional h**

  12. King B>Rihanna March 22, 2013

    stans always make a big deal out of nothing. Adele ain’t skinny and she is not the average woman’s size. Additionally, did I say anything was wrong with Adele being fat, No! So f*** off.

  13. Say What? March 22, 2013

    Queen? Girl you not even queen of the damn block you stay on.

  14. social1 March 22, 2013

    Agreed — TGJ!!! I would love a better promoted poject from XTina and he camp. I would also love for her to ton down the “over-sexed” tone of her music. I’m all for a playful XTina. Also, …..stop with the spandex. I love that she’s confident in her new body. That’s great, but dress appropriately. It sucks that her last 2 projects didn’t get the respect they both deserved. With joints like “Blank Page”, “Let There Be Love”, “Bound To You”, “Bionic”, …never seeing radio or video play disappoints me. Especially when the likes of a Rihanna or Psy can dominate the music world. I know she has a kid, and she probably wants to spend as much time with him as possible …..I hope this isnt why she’s not promoting more. I hope this whole experience humbles her a bit and she comes back strong — sooner than later! 🙂 We love you XTina!

  15. sideeye March 22, 2013

    Is that a recent picture of Christina…

  16. Angelique March 22, 2013

    I may be in the minority here, but for me, Christinas’ music is on point. For some reason, she’s not being promoted properly. I would tell her to go out and take matters into her own hands as far as promotion goes, but why should Christina have to do work that should be done by her team? A weak team equals underwhelming sales, period. People complain about the trash that’s clogging mainstream, but the artist creating the garbage have a strong team behind them. Is it fair? No. But LIFE isn’t fair. It is what it is.

  17. truth(icki is a KMART, NO GRAMMY NOD, PFRR FLOP, SQUID EYED b****) March 22, 2013

    how bout tgj just weight…HER!!!!

  18. RoyalKev March 22, 2013

    I think some of those tips could be very useful. I hate suggesting the use of twitter, instagram or Facebook, but it does allow everyone to keep up with what’s going on promotional wise. I also agree that Christina should sing with more restraint now. That would make things more interesting. What I don’t think works is putting her in a box as an artist. Chrissy is actually very versatile and I appreciate her uptempo’s (I’m not so eager to rush her into the adult contemporary lane).

    As for the whole Xtina thing, it was a great moment! Your given certain liberties when you’re an artist in your prime. That was a developmental stage for her as an artist, and I think it was a bold move that paid off. I think it made her eras distinctive and she’s respected because of her choices. I think what’s holding her back now is the lack of label support. Still, she should commit herself more to these projects no matter how her music performs on the charts.

  19. Angelique March 22, 2013

    And what’s up with people calling Adele fat? I mean, why are people so concerned with how she looks anyway? This is another problem. This generation has become so “image driven”, its sad. I don’t give a care if Adele weighs 100 lbs, or 1000 lbs. Her releasing quality music is the only thing that should be up for discussion. There’s a handful of beautiful singers dominating mainstream, but they can’t sing worth a damn. Really?

    • King B>Rihanna March 22, 2013

      because she is fat and it is the truth. and clearly people don’t care because her alum sales say so and we live in the VISUAL AGE so like it or not Visuals are just as important as talent and music these days.

  20. Robinoost March 22, 2013

    I would just like to say Thank You for the support ! Especially during this Era !!

    I think if she is willing to put allot of effort in promoting the record world wide she will be on top of the spot ! But she needs to be comfortable doing that…

    End remember in the end…

    Christina does what she feels like 😉

  21. Faye March 22, 2013

    Why should she change herself just to make everyone happy? Good on her for being herself. Maybe shes not the most warm hearted person I don’t know I don’t know her personally but I don’t think that has anything to do with album sales. There are others that are not very warm either like Pink, Rihanna and Madonna and they do alright. The problem is her PR team its absolutely awful and that’s the reason why shes not doing so well at the moment. I don’t think she was feeling this album at all you can tell compared to how shes talked about all her others and I just think shes not feeling making music at the moment. When she releases the next album she needs to promote it, do live performances, do mini tours around Europe, have posters at train stations on the street or on Billboards, do interviews talking about the album and just making sure her face is everywhere like how she did with her previous albums before Bionic. She’ll have that hit and album that will get her to the place she was before its just with some artists they have a bad patch when their not doing so well but if your a true artist you can get back on top and she is a true artist. One more thing maybe she also needs to completely change her image like do a totally different genre to pop which everyone’s doing. Maybe do a Reggae, R&B, or Soul sound? I don’t know lol.

  22. King B>Rihanna March 22, 2013

    people also need to stop saying she did not promote.

    She performed three time on The Voice who was beaten X Factor in the rating and was only second to American Idol.

    She performed on the American Music Awards which is one the biggest music shows in the year.

    And she performed on Ellen.

    It is as simple as consumers of music are not interested in her or her music anymore.

  23. MRDIVABITCH March 22, 2013

    1) Completely re-train her voice. Or actually, train it well for the very first time. Truly take voice lessons (classical, hopefully. Not rock or soul or whatever will allow her to keep her same style) so she gets rid of those bad vocal habits.

    2) Music lessons, as her intonation is becoming worst and worst and her taste level as a musician has always been dubious.

    3) Get in shape. Obviously.

    4) Do music for adults instead of kids or pre-op trannies (which so far consistute the majority of her stans).

    5) Be humble and recognize she ain’t all that, she never was to begin with, she ain’t gonna sell on name alone and she ain’t gonna inspire anyone great with her strained ass vocals.

    • all4u1 March 22, 2013

      lol…it is so obvious you want attention. I like how you constantly bash Christina, over and over, on each and every post. You come up with the same tired insults and punch lines, that sound so pathetic, juvenile and ridiculous. It’s like hearing a broken record. “We Know That You Think Christina Can’t Sing”. Tell us something new!!!!

      You need to be honest and admit that it’s not about Christina. I think you really feel miserable and unhappy about yourself.

      I actually feel sorry for you dude, for real!

      • irene46 March 23, 2013

        mr diva goes off on christina similarly as often as i do britney spears. however, i try not to go all out savage with the criticism because it looks personal and one comes off as an non-credible hater.

      • MRDIVABITCH March 23, 2013

        You mad at the truth, boo?

        Christina’s vocals are a mess, and there ain’t a damn thing you can do or say to change that fact.

      • irene46 March 23, 2013

        the truth is you dislike christina’s voice because it’s lacking a professional edge and you’re the one mad that fans appreciate the tone of her voice. i agree with the post that said christina is a singer; not a vocalist (good voice, bad technique). so i’m not mad about the truth in the least. maybe christina and some fans need to check the definition of ‘vocalist’.

  24. Jackieyonce March 22, 2013

    I need the old xtina back. I want that “beautiful” era back. I really loved her back then she was real and beautiful. I miss C.A. Pink did it sure you can too. I miss my Xtina

  25. Oh Lord March 22, 2013

    Thanks TGJ for the good read, I agree.. Love Christina, just a shame for whatever reason she isn’t feeling the need to promote her labour of love.

  26. S****** Blonde March 22, 2013

    The main problem is herself….if you know what i mean.

  27. MRDIVABITCH March 22, 2013

    Oh, and
    6)Stop pretending fat b****** are s***. They aren’t.
    If she built her entire image on sexiness and pornoish looks, she better keep that s*** tight 24/7.

    • irene46 March 23, 2013

      as much as i agree mr diva comes of as a vicious christina hater, item 6) is right on point!

  28. Daniel Aguilera March 22, 2013

    I think it’s a bit of all. Lack of heavy promo, her voice not being at its best, the critics on her weight and her b**** image. Doing some huge promo would definitely pay off. We’ve seen her live performances of Just A Fool helped the song rise on itunes a lot. Discounts have also helped. If she keeps losing weight it may help as well, if she finally receives some proper vocal coaching her voice wouldn’t be in its current shape and could deliver stunning live performances which would make her be on the spotlight due to her known talent. However, I’m one of her fighters and will always be one.

  29. Music Soul Harmony March 22, 2013

    In response to BionicLotus: but hun, beyonce is irrelevant yet she can sell out tickets,
    Can still garner attention on top searched entertainment blogs without
    a reality tv show to keep her in the spotlight,
    Can take breaks and keep her loyal fanbase,
    Can bring her up in posts
    Unrelated, like you, but she’s irrelevant? U tried it…
    I hate to drag Christina cuz she is a genuine person but
    Great voice or not, she’s become more irrelevant than beyonce
    And p*** poor album sells blatantly show that. Beyonce got 99
    Problems including haters but being irrelevant will never be one. Bye.

    • irene46 March 23, 2013


  30. Music Soul Harmony March 22, 2013

    Angelique: sorry, girl. Would you like us to use the more polite
    And politically correct term then: Overweight? We won’t say fat
    Anymore. Clearly Adele is overweight but that doesn’t make her a
    bad person. Being overweight isn’t an opinion. It’s a fact. What’s
    Big is big, dear. Also, I wouldn’t call Xtina necessarily big
    but she should tone up if she’s gonna wear skimpy outfits.

  31. XtinaRebirth March 22, 2013

    As a longtime loyal fan, I will say this: Christina was on top of her game from Stripped – Back to Basics. After Keeps Gettin’ Better, it just seems like she lost touch with her fans and her love for the music. Especially after everything with Bionic. She’s changed and people have to deal with it, everyone just wont’ accept it and she’s stubborn so it’s hard!

    The only thing Christina needs is: A Team who truly supports her music and her vision for each project. She needs to start putting her heart in soul in to her promo. You don’t give up on an album just because you’re not #1 and when you’re singles under-perform. It’s clear to see the album received great reviews from most people who actually listened or bought the album and it’s actually selling, slowly, but it’s still moving units. From a 75K debut to 240K without any promo isn’t bad. Look at the artist who ARE promoting their s***. I think she needs to get back to more urban/R&B/Soul songs like on Stripped! She’s amazing in every genre, but that’s where she truly shines. Checkout the Burlesque Soundtrack, crazy vocals! Lastly, she needs to open up again. Stripped era… we felt her heart and soul and she was “real” I just don’t get the same Christina anymore. It’s like she turns on for the camera and media cause she knows what they are looking for now.

    …and for all of the haters who say “VOICE LESSONS”
    the b**** can still SANG and will always be able to sing circles around 90% of b****** in the industry. Christina just chooses to do her OWN thing, even if it’s not the proper way. The “I LOVE YOU PORGY” is a perfect example: she can tone it down and still sound amazing. Christina just love to try and use POWER all of the time, even when it’s not need.

    I hope and pray she gets it together next round!

    • MRDIVABITCH March 23, 2013

      Even in that performance there are entire phrases completely off pitch, so what the f*** you talking about?

      • irene46 March 23, 2013

        it was still ear pleasing if one likes her voice and we do.

  32. Mother Mariah March 22, 2013

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE that “I Love You Porgy” performance. Christina at her best. Classy, controlled, subdued. The best live vocal I’ve EVER heard from her!

  33. faye March 22, 2013

    To people talking about her weight saying people are not buying her albums because shes put on weight I doubt that very much. I wouldnt not buy an album just because a singer I liked put on some weight. I don’t even see the issue with her weight anyway shes a normal, healthy size shes about a size 12 which is still tiny. People need to understand that shes not 18 anymore shes 31 and had a child women bodies change and good on her for not starving herself and being under pressure to lose weight because people are not happy with her size.

    • irene46 March 23, 2013

      size 12 is normal or tiny only if you’re at least 5’5″…she’s 5’52”! in a fan base there are always a number that are shallow and attracted greatly to an artist because of their appearance. as ‘mrdiva’ (who i disagree with most often) she can’t rock a s*** persona with a puffed up face and bloated belly squeezed into a skin tight bandage dress (as ‘tamar braxton’ says “that ain’t hot”. as far as her age and giving birth to ‘1’ kid, mariah and jlo’s are both over 40 and had twins, madonna’s over 50 and gave birth twice, so the age and baby excuses don’t even fly. the dress christina wore on her special appearance on the ‘the voice’ lately was appropriate for her figure. she didn’t look s*** she looked classy.

  34. Casual March 22, 2013

    No, Britney is definitely Krystle!

  35. lolax March 22, 2013

    she have one of the most powerful voices in the earth she will be fine

  36. JFB March 22, 2013

    I love how people sleep on how TALENTED Xtina truly is…. The woman reinvents herself every f****** era and no one appreciates it… However Xtina really disappointed me w/ Lotus. Gr8 album but the promotional push was not there…. N I think that comes from her EGO and bitchy ways… It gives me she thought since she’s Christina Aguilera that her name will just sale this album and she Didnt have 2 put in any work… WRONG! She needs 2 humble herself, lose weight and start giving us the Legendtina I fell in love with…..

    • Music Soul Harmony March 23, 2013

      Bionic and Lotus were trash and I don’t think Bionic was any better like some have said. It was very uninspired and generic.

      • irene46 March 23, 2013

        how can people conclude that an artist can just refuse to do promotions without any retaliation from the record company. it makes not a bit of sense. doesn’t the record company choose whether or not to risk throwing in the $ for promotions?

  37. King B>Rihanna March 22, 2013

    Xtina fans are pure delsuional human beings…….Their have no knoweldge about vocals(ask them anything vocal related but they can’t tell you)so they can’t back up their term to call her the voice of the generation when she is really the noise of our generation.

    and yes she is a poor man’s version of MC because if you listen to her albums every vocal run and vocal gymantsics she tries to pull of are cut and paste from MARIAH “DayDream” album

    • Music Soul Harmony March 23, 2013

      “Have no knowledge about vocals.” Like Rihanna fans. Lol.

  38. all4u1 March 22, 2013

    I personally think that Christina need to swallow her pride and let someone manage her properly. I think having too much control is not a good idea for her at this point in time.

    Call me delusional, but I still think she can sing circles around the majority of her peers. I think it’s a matter of preference, on whether a person likes her singing or not.

    • MRDIVABITCH March 23, 2013


      Screaming like a donkey having a heart attack ain’t singing.

  39. King B>Rihanna March 22, 2013

    having a musicanship, technique, understanding of your voice strengths and weakness and using your music to expolit(in a good way) those strentghs and hide the weakness are signs of a vocalist….Christina is a mere singer with a great natural tone and caharacter.

    Knowing the markings of a vocalist vs a singer is not preference it is facts.

    if she can sing circles around today’s singers how can she not belt a resoanant high register note above F6 without the sound being produced being weak, airy, uncontrolled and a hundread messy vocal runs instead of hitting a sustain high note, well supported high note. Hell she can’t even hit a register note now because bad technique.

    So make ecuses it as simple when people present facts to the delsuional Fighters they make excuses.

    • Music Soul Harmony March 23, 2013

      Her belts are squeezed abov C5.

      • irene46 March 23, 2013

        i love christina’s natural tone. i do wish she had control of her high notes. beyonce has control of her high notes but most of the time i’m not that crazy for her tone.

  40. G2 March 23, 2013

    “considering the capital the likes of ‘Stripped’ generated for her label, there’s no reason Christina shouldn’t be a priority act.” 2 words: “Bionic” “Lotus.” These are reasons why she’s not a priority act.

  41. gio March 23, 2013

    i hope xtina doesnt flop next time around…she is really talented..i cant believe that bruno mars cocaine stuff..

  42. JER March 23, 2013

    What’s next for XXLtina? How can you talk about her future when even her present is nonexistent. Biggurlbye

  43. Aynon March 23, 2013

    The problem with xtina is she has all the potential to be successful she’s just become larger than life in every aspect her ego, her weight, her laziness, the list goes on.

    The fact of the matter is, if bionic was released in 08 or early 09 instead of her GH she wouldn’t have the gaga comparisons and bionic would have done a lot better with the right promo, she would have been the main female in that wave of electropop artists. Lotus would have smashed if it was released in 2010 or 2011 let there be love would have been huge. She would have been able to do 2 world tours so the weight issue would be gone . And she would have been forced to take proper vocal lessons to sustain her voice for a tour.

    But with xtina as ever of late. It’s too little too late.

  44. cocobutta March 23, 2013

    She needs to find the clarity and pureness of her voice again.
    Got lost with all the growling.

    The rest will get right if the voice is stellar

  45. christinastherealtalent March 23, 2013

    Its not a problem her voice. Its the way that the music industry changes while she is out of the spotlight then when she comes back, rather than remind her fans why they fell in love with her, she tries to compete with the current popular female acts and it backfires. When I was a t*** we all appreciated somebody with talent and inspirational music. The teens these days dont care about any of that. They just want to dance and party. I really think Christina can make a propel back to the charts she just needs a new team who are going to market her and promote her. I really think she will be leaving RCA this year because why else would they rush release Lotus then not promote it and then she decides to take a break? It wasnt because of the Voice. I think they were finishing contractual obligations. It is a shame though because there were a few good songs on Lotus that couldve been hits. Blank Page, Just a Fool, Let there Be Love.

    • MRDIVABITCH March 23, 2013

      Yes, her voice is a problem. No one but her psycho t***** stans wanna listen to her ugly ass screaming.

      • irene46 March 23, 2013

        such a worthless attacks!!!

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