Cover Star: Jouelle Young Sings Ciara’s ‘Body Party’

Published: Saturday 16th Mar 2013 by Rashad

This week’s That Grape Juice Cover Star comes from Youtube songbird Jouelle.  Watch as she shines with her cover of ‘Body Party’ –  the latest single from Ciara‘s highly anticipated 5th album ‘One Woman Army’ (start at :30):

Sang Jouelle!  We definitely give kudos to the songstress for putting her own soulful spin on Ciara’s softly sung number.  Opting to inject a bit more melisma and “umph” into the tune than its seductively cooed original, Miss Young put on display an instrument somewhat reminiscent of Elle Varner‘s (in part).

Yes, a few missed lyrics and misfired runs here and there, but what shines through is Young’s undeniable potential.  Overall, a fairly solid showing!

For more on Miss Jouelle, check out her Youtube page.


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  1. BlueRanger March 16, 2013

    Thats the beast cover you could find?

    • BlueRanger March 16, 2013

      *best. im sorry i was doo-dooing when i posted that.

  2. Mother Mariah March 16, 2013

    Not sweet & sensual enough, but she’s still a better vocalist than Ciara nonetheless.

    • COMIN4MOTHERMARIAH March 16, 2013


      • Mother Mariah March 16, 2013

        B**** boo. Hating on what? The truth? Ciara is a weak ass vocalist, and tJouelle sings better.

        While Ciara has a [sometimes]sweet tone, she doesn’t have a bit of control. She is always sharp or flat. That’s why she cannot be compared to the likes of Aaliyah & Janet. While they had soft, sweet vocals….they knew their voices, had great control and Aaliyah had awesome runs/operatic strength. Ciara’s falsetto was BEYOND annoying on “Body Party”. And don’t get me started on her chest voice…..

        Ciara is a dancer. Nothing more, nothing less. Boom.

      • CoCo March 16, 2013


  3. FAF March 16, 2013

    Ciara’s vocals are really hard to match. This girl can sing but Ciara has a very unique tone and squeak to her voice that sounds really good on s*** records like this. Its Janet-esque. You can’t SANG a janet song like that, it has to be finessed 😉

  4. mrtooIncredible March 16, 2013

    you know you can always count on tgj to f*** up new upcoming artist or irrelevant artist who have a shot to become relevant

    i started to love that ciara song … which had nothing to do with rihanna but they swayed me away constantly attacking rihanna. for that reason im not feelin ciara

    • BlueRanger March 16, 2013

      You let a gay blog make your mind up. You a simple-ass b****!

  5. ogbobbyjohnson March 16, 2013

    i love her voice but on some parts she was way off key….

  6. antertain March 16, 2013

    All she needs is some vocal training to increase her control & work on her vocal stamina as she got tired.

    Her natural vocal tone is HOT.
    Got good ingredients so will only improve and get even stronger.

  7. soulmusiclover March 16, 2013

    girlll! yes! that was good

  8. Tessitura March 17, 2013

    Jouelle Young has the voice C-ERROR wish he/she had. Ciara just sounds like a chipmunk, how you gonna sing a whole song in falsetto? Kelly Rowland should have song this track.
    Ciara truly has the weakest head voice in the world.
    Ciara limited range and no power and key changes there.
    Janet Jackson wannabe ‘my potty, your potty’ Rhianna must have laughed hard hearing that s***.
    The Music Industry is pure s*** with the likes of Ciara it has been flooded with entertainers and catchy tunes, versus songs with substance and non-generic chord progressions.
    LA Reid truly does believe in Unicorns, what wrong with him bankrolling a dancer who has no vocal capabilities (anyone can sing using one octave and a chest voice it is called speed speaking) and repeats the dances moves she was taught.
    Ciara = no art, no talent, no vocal ability, no star quality, no sales. Record Companies with sense recognise this and do not invest in this Transwoman.
    Yall crazy stans think whispering instead of singing and writing one line in a song = art and talent.
    When Ciara ever been critically acclaimed, even if she was just a ‘poor sales artist’ an artist with talent regardless of their sales or mainstream value will get critical acclaim look at Chrislette Michele and Sade, as people recognise art and talent.
    Good Luck to LA Ried when this one woman army album flops and it will Ciara just gon do a facebook rant and blame him.
    Ciara tessitura is actually her speaking voice.

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