Hot Shots: Jennifer Lopez Stuns In The Hollywood Reporter

Published: Wednesday 13th Mar 2013 by Sam

Cop a gander of Jennifer Lopez!

The Pop diva looks all sorts of fierce in the latest edition of ‘The Hollywood Reporter’, which she features in support of her stylists Rob Zangardi and Mariel Haenn who were honored by the magazine.

Hard at work on a new studio album,  it’ll be interesting to see if she can replicate the success of recent smashes ‘On The Floor’ and ‘Dance Again’. Time will tell.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Taylor Is A H**(Truth Cannon) March 13, 2013

    if her looks only could match her recent album sales.

  2. Jen March 13, 2013


  3. Emeral March 13, 2013

    The plastic surgery works so well in her!

  4. JuanR March 13, 2013

    Stunning as always!
    This women is so beautiful!

  5. COLE March 13, 2013

    SHE IS SO F****** S***!!!

    We all know ‘BeyTHEIFce’ has been swagger-jacking Ms. J-Lo & Tina Turner’s persona’s since 2003+.

    Fraudulent B****.

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. Rihyonce March 13, 2013


    Too bad no one’s checking for her musically.

  7. Miss Breezy March 13, 2013

    She aite. I really think shes overrated, just another Latino looking b****

    • COLE March 13, 2013


      I <3 your comment, although I don't agree. 🙂

      • Miss Breezy March 13, 2013

        Thanks 😀

  8. Diamond Navy March 13, 2013

    I thought J-h** only existed on red carpets.

  9. Ken March 13, 2013

    I have not seen so many haters in my life on one post. Ya’ll are the first ones to comment. Anyway *crosses legs and sips Pepsi*

    Jennifer looks stunning!

  10. King B>Rihanna March 13, 2013

    she is one beautiful woman

  11. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) March 13, 2013


  12. Just Sayin March 13, 2013

    Damn thats some fine ass botox she got done there! The best I ever did see! Kudos to the surgeon!

  13. Rita Ora Fan March 13, 2013

    Damn Gorgeous! Fattyonce and Crackwhoranna could never. VH1 got it WRONG!

    • Juelz March 13, 2013

      And Rita Ora DEFFO couldnt.

      • Juelz March 13, 2013

        Or rather Rita Oral/whora

  14. angel cloud March 13, 2013

    Fab as always, she poses with such confidence, its like wow, homegirl has 2 stylist, hate all u want on her but ur wasting ur time, they might not be checking for her, but home girl keeps getting these fab covers, sips diet coke lime 🙂 fuego!

  15. JOHNVIDAL March 13, 2013

    Is she really going to release an album again? Girl! just make a couple of singles with Pitbull with the same sound he always makes and that´s it hun. That way you can totally focus on modeling

    • Suicide Blonde March 13, 2013

      Mariah is fat though.

      • JOHNVIDAL March 14, 2013

        Aww how important… lol

  16. Suicide Blonde March 13, 2013

    Stunning woman, one of the most sexiest women in the world, she has s** written all over. She was great in “Parker”, a true Icon.

  17. Madame March 13, 2013


  18. Madame March 13, 2013

    Another flop.

    • angel cloud March 13, 2013

      Amother flop! But ur taking the time to comment on her silly rabbit! So she on ur mind 🙂

  19. RoyalKev March 13, 2013

    G+o+r+g+e+o+u+s! … Just Wow!!!!!

  20. STERLING INFINITY (baby girl!) March 13, 2013

    damn still looks just as s*** as b4! Sterling Infinity BaBy!

  21. gigi March 13, 2013

    J-Ho is a no talent k***.

  22. lola March 13, 2013

    Why all of the negative votes to people telling the truth? There’s no denying that JLO, I mean JHO and JNO, can’t sing or act for s*** and her dance moves aren’t hard to do. And the plastic surgery and Photoshopping is correct. Not only that, she looks like an old, pale, hag without her fake hair, eyelashes, foundation, and spray tan. Her last 3 albums flopped hard as hell and didn’t even go platinum! The last two didn’t even go GOLD!

    • JANL March 13, 2013

      Who cares about FUKING sales?
      I mean Beauty and fashion are the most important things in life. #JEALOUS


  23. jlove March 14, 2013

    beautiful jlo

  24. Gabriel March 15, 2013

    She’s looking amazing like always!!!
    Love the supporet she’s giving to these fashions designers. She’s an icon on movies, tv, fashion, music and what else she does.
    I love this woman. And she’s so humble and funny.
    Her new album is going to be amazing!!!
    Great cover magazine!

  25. moe March 16, 2013

    jlo is talented chic gorgeous . i saw her concert in dubai she is a true entertainer . f*** off haters . she will be back soon with new music to top the charts again and again

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