Mind-blowing: Justin Timberlake Album Estimates Revised Up Again / Eyeing 950,000 Debut

Published: Sunday 24th Mar 2013 by Sam

With just two days remaining before the first-week numbers for Justin Timberlake‘s new album ‘The 20/20 Experience’ are tallied up in total, retailers have once again revised the sales predictions.

Initially earmarked for sales of 500k, the numbers were then adjusted upwards to 750k once the LP went on sale. In more recent days, though, word of mouth has seen sales ascend; so much so that the album is on-course to almost double initial label estimates.

Details after the jump…

According to a report today by Hits Daily Double, ’20/20′ is now set to open with blockbuster sales in the region of 950,000 + in the US next week.

Not only would the numbers guarantee a #1 on the Billboard 200, it would see JT’s release stand as one of the biggest selling American debuts this decade, only bested by  two Taylor Swift albums (1.2m, 1.05m) and one a piece from Lady GaGa and Lil Wayne (1.1m, 964k).


As elated as we are that actual talent is once again topping charts (and doing so in a major way), something smells a bit fishy. Indeed, we’d be lying if we said that we weren’t at least a little suspicious that the constant “sales updates” are a deliberate and collaborative effort by team JT and industry outlets to heighten the “everyone has it, so I must too” buyer psychology.

Make no mistake about it, given that the final figures are almost guaranteed to be in the ball-park of those touted above, such strategy (if indeed being used) is by no means a bad thing. It’s genius and yet more evidence that Justin has the best of the best behind him – regardless of how debatable the material he’s churning out is.

And with JT set to be “around” for much of this year going into the next, one has to wonder what implications this has for the competition will be. Usher, friend, we’re looking your way!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Marry The Night March 24, 2013

    Overhyped mutha fucka the album is straight s***

    • Common Sense March 24, 2013

      Your name suggests you liked Born This Way though thus voiding your silly opinion.

      • . : : h 2 o : : . March 24, 2013

        I like GaGa and her last album was a masterpiece in my eyes, but I can’t see any lies in your comment..

      • cake like lady gaga March 25, 2013

        @Common Sense you will not come for Queen Gaga… So have every seat in the white house h**

    • truth(icki is a KMART, NO GRAMMY NOD, PFRR FLOP, SQUID EYED b****) March 24, 2013


    • LeoDeor March 24, 2013

      justin is proving once again that music does sell all these people making excuses of why they cant sell albums need to take notes.. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO CHECK OUT MY VIDEO ON YOURTUBE IN SUPPORT OF MY FRIEND WHO PASSED AWAY A COUPLE OF WEEKS AGO DUE TO A SNOW STORM PLEASE LIKE ANS COMMENT ON THE SONG AND VIDEO THANKS

      • mobwife March 25, 2013

        I’m sorry to hear about you friend but your comment about Timberfake is ridiculous! 20/20EX is simply not a good quality CD.

    • the_exterminator March 24, 2013

      I agree! IMO he’s jocking Robin Thicke. IDGAD if Justin came out before Robin or not he’s still jocking Robin Thicke. Its very noticeable and obvious.

    • mobwife March 25, 2013

      THANK YOU!

      Ppl can say whateve the hell they want but the ILLUMINATI’S reach and unmached POWER & CONTROL is as REAL as a damn stroke or a heartattack!

  2. Lydia March 24, 2013

    I like the album, but I think its more hype and his name alone thats making it sell so well.

  3. @PEGGYHYLS5 on Instagram March 24, 2013


  4. Gaga For Gaga March 24, 2013


    • BLonDiE March 24, 2013

      Oh, kinda like how Born This Way did sis?

  5. . : : h 2 o : : . March 24, 2013


    • MC March 24, 2013

      You got banned again 🙁

      What did you do this time?

      Drais is unbanned and I noticed Bey’Knight is also banned along with you. Were you starting being messy in SYG?

      • POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) March 24, 2013


      • . : : h 2 o : : . March 24, 2013

        I really, REALLY don’t know why. They got me banned and I’d only received like 3 WPs for flamebait.

        And I could swear fuckloads of members from all fanbases are getting banned everyday without any reason, see Kworb’s logs.

        SMH . . .

      • POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) March 24, 2013

        i’m in here since 2009 without any bans 😀


      • MC March 24, 2013

        You, RudeBoyy, and iHypeMusic are all banned so no one spams my walls anymore 🙁

        Guess what!!

        Since I’m hosting The Annual Lambily Awards 2013, I nominated you for The ‘Beautiful Ones’ Award (Best/Favorite BeyHive member). So now you’re in a category with simon., Drais, UhOh, reppingBey, BLaCKPoWeR (♥ ♥ ♥).

        If Clark aka Blackpower wins this over you lol

      • POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) March 24, 2013

        ^^^ you are so much fun , so bad you can’t understand me or my mind-f*** strategy.

      • . : : h 2 o : : . March 24, 2013

        Thanks ! ! ! !

        I don’t think I’ll win (I’m a considered a troll even to my own base) but I don’t think other fanbases will vote for BlackPower / Drais, they’re shady as all f****!

        Out of these, I expect simon to win the award TBH.

        The name of the award “The Beautiful Ones” is perfect! I was gonna tell you to watch Beyonce’s cover of the song!

        PURE heaven!

      • MC March 24, 2013

        You got on my damn nerves, stop being such a c***.

        N***** I understand you perfectly, I just wasn’t there for your b******* that day. What you said that other day was out of bounds and leaps.

        Anyways, you’re the only one that got two posts fulled with meltdown from me so that should tell you something. 😉

        Get them gurls seething including me 😆

      • MC March 24, 2013


        Well each category is named after a Mariah song or cover and Mariah covered that Prince track on her Butterfly album, I’ve seen Beyonce’s cover of that song.

        Clark just might end up nabbing the Bey-Hive category, I don’t think people will vote for simon or Drais, especially simon.

        Who do you think is the best lamb on there?

        I personally think Praise Mariallah, Pencita Mariah, TheAqua, i spit on haters, iHypeMusic, Rick, MiMiLamb, ABEL-o-matic, and MiguelPortugal are the best.

      • . : : h 2 o : : . March 24, 2013

        I haven’t watched Mariah’s cover yet!

        Actually, all the Mariah Lambs are flaw-free members, but you’re something else 😀 You’re always very REALISTIC with everything you say!

        BTW, do you know about @ Honey too? She’s a #BeyHive but Mariah is her main fav.


        For the TBO award, you should’ve nominated @ swissman or @ Cap10Planet

        The best two BeyHive member ever!!

        I’d say @ Bey’Knight but he’s just too f*****’ harsh!

      • MC March 24, 2013

        I know about Honey, and HE is a STRAIGHT MALE who loves Mariah, Beyonce, and Nicki. (Mariah being his ultimate and Beyonce being his fave). He’s cool and very helpful. He’s nominated for a lot of categories.

        I think swissman is a good idea, idc about the other two ESPECIALLY that Bey’Knight individual, I WILL NOT INCLUDE SUCH A PERSON IN THE CEREMONY.

      • . : : h 2 o : : . March 24, 2013


        Honey is a guy and is straight?!

        OK . . .

      • Butterfly March 24, 2013

        Wait, Honey is a straight guy? All this time… I miss Abel :'( I can’t believe he’s permabanned.

      • . : : h 2 o : : . March 24, 2013

        Are you another banned member @ Butterfly ?


      • MC March 24, 2013


        I miss ABEL too :'( He was one of the best lambs on there, and Honey is a STRAIGHT male.

        Tell me your username there so I can send you a friend request 😉

  6. Music Soul Harmony March 24, 2013

    B**** bye…just wait til the real numbers come out.
    He really has a loyal Fanbase. Surprised such a s*** album
    Isn’t doing Alicia key’s numbers but whatever. The album
    Is lame. There’s only 2 good songs.
    I can’t. Ppl wil be late to pay their rent and bills but will be
    Quick to support this…

  7. BIGGESTAALIYAHFAN March 24, 2013

    Hope Usher is taking notes stay true to your craft and your fans will be very loyal. Just saying.

    • POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) March 24, 2013

      B**** Please.

  8. King13 March 24, 2013

    I will take an Usher album everyday of my life than a new JT album

    • POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) March 24, 2013

      we all gon’ do , BUT JT albums are always such events when you add them to your iTunes Library 😆

      go get the deluxe version of the album , the album is actually and even a usher fan like me will appreciate it , stans of male artists do not go in stan wars btw 😉

    • Butterfly March 24, 2013

      I’m ready for Usher to make a Mariah Carey type of comeback, he’s coming, don’t doubt him just yet.

  9. Let It Be March 24, 2013

    Usher last album “looking for Myself” hasn’t even went gold yet, almost a year after it release. So it’s safe to say Usher isn’t even a threat to JT anymore.

  10. Natz March 24, 2013

    We shall see how it fairs when the hype has died down.

  11. Navy Sailor!!! March 24, 2013

    Ok. The sales predictions are starting to become annoying. Too much hype for a non-classic album. The album is pretty good but DAMN!!!

    • lola March 26, 2013

      RIHANNA COULD NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. MC March 24, 2013

    Dang. Get those coins man, get them. I’m happy for him, he worked hard with promo for his new album.

    This is like BTW all over again (minus a few little details)

  13. Lovebird March 24, 2013

    Congrats JT.

  14. JFEEEEE March 24, 2013


  15. King13 March 24, 2013

    Can we just be honest, the reason people are buying it is because of the hype. His hiatus created the hype. If he released albums more often as Usher, this album would not be getting the numbers it’s getting. This album is not a classic. The numbers are coming in because of the simple fact alone that he was gone for six years.

  16. Eye Candy March 24, 2013

    They need to stop revising the music sales & let the music speak for itself. The reason they keep hiking up the expected sales is so that other people try to see what the hype is about and end up buying it. They’re basically “tricking” people into purchasing the CD.
    I love JT but I don’t see this doing more than 500,000 opening weekend, which is still a feat in this day & age.

  17. Common Sense March 24, 2013

    Awesome for JT! He proves that it is possible to take as long a break as you want and still kill the competition. All it takes is talent and catchy music.

  18. nick March 24, 2013

    this is all about his name, that alone is selling this album: hes been “gone”, blah blah, its a nice album it is, but pls stop comparing to usher, he has nothing to prove: ushers real fans like me support it all, i will say JT has loyal fans, im a fan but i dont think the album is O my god amazing!!! i will say his promo was off the chain tho!!! cant even b mad, but 1m 1st wk then its gonna tank..,

  19. DIGGER BEY March 24, 2013

    I’m so f*ckin proud of my boi JT! *TEARS* He SLAYIN MO’S LEFT AND RITE! YES! I luv the album! And people please stop bringing Usher and Bruno n this. Cause no f*ckin body is f*ckin with Bruno! The boi can sing and material is great! And when Usher finally leaves that techno dance s*** behind. He will SLAY like The King he is! I’m so happy that JT didn’t have to make that dance crap to sell. When S&T first premiered everybody went n on JT! Mad that he’s not an bandwagoner like other artist. JT, THE QUEEN, Britney and Christina are too big to b falling trends. They should b setting them. So glad two out the bunch isn’t with that Techno dance crap. #SLAY ON JT

  20. Rita Ora Fan March 24, 2013

    Haha! Bey-illiterate dares to call herself a King. That washed up thief could NEVER EVER do this. King Justin baby

    • PRINCE MACHIAVEL March 24, 2013

      Lllololol!!! This Is Very Funny From RitaNo1Cares FLOPora’s Fan’s, F****** DEAD!!!!!!!

      Lol Where GrandMaOra Is? Under Rihanna’s Feets?! Girl, Please You Have Noroom Dishing Someone Else While Your Fav Is Hitting The Damn Flop Wall Even Sucking 20Dick!
      Bye Bye!!!!!!!

  21. HoneychildPlease March 24, 2013

    This album is not it…Why oh why must they hype this mofo up?? Yawn…

  22. Queen Cici March 24, 2013

    Its quite sad. I mean Beyonce did RnB with 4 but flopped worse than a fish in the Namib desert and Justin does but look at the results. Poor Bey H**

    • POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) March 24, 2013

      maybe that because beyonce IS BLACK/creole/wanna-be latina/not-white ?!

      • PRINCE MACHIAVEL March 24, 2013

        Dammmmn! You Ultimate Flip-Flop B**** Are Back Again!
        I Was So In Love With You At The First Time, I Tought Your Were An Integrates And Honest Dude, But I Dislike Your Ass Since I See That You Are Nothing A Shallow Human Being, Hypocrite, Fake And Full Of Bullshits, SMFH!!

    • . : : h 2 o : : . March 24, 2013

      “4” could be considered a “flop” only when compared to the OTHER smash hit albums she’s been releasing since ’98.

      Why you’re trying to make it look like it did “9 Lives” numbers or something?

      Finally, it had no big hits to promote it and the s*** still sold +3M CDs and DVDs worldwide.

      **Plays “Body Party”**

      • beyonce is touring to pay back $50 mil to pepsi after blowing IT! March 24, 2013

        4 is nowhere near TTT sales. It has not sold 3 mill. it sold 2.1 and it was the most promoted album of the year.:

        CNN special with piers morgan

        French Xfactror
        French NRJ show
        Big budget video fro run the world with 10 haute couture dresses and 100 backing dancers
        Billboard award
        VHI docu
        covers of essence, hapers, instyle, l’official
        target deal
        Good morning america


      • . : : h 2 o : : . March 24, 2013

        I feel sorry for you because you got no #RECEIPTS for “4”s deflated numbers . . . . . . . . . .

        “4” only sold 2.1?

        As of . . . . . March 2013?


    • lexi March 24, 2013

      4 as an album didn’t flop, it went platinum. Only the singles flopped. i hate that people complain that R&B isn’t selling, well have you stop to think the fans aren’t buying it. It has nothing to do with other genres, its the fan. they go and by pop music, country, hip-hop and rock. why don’t the R&B fans just go out and do the same and stop complaining.

      • beyonce is touring to pay back $50 mil to pepsi after blowing IT! March 24, 2013



        On May 11, 2011, Knowles previewed four songs and the music video for the lead single “Run the World (Girls)” for a selected group of fans in New York City.[125] From June 16 through June 27, a new song and accompanying photography was available to listen to in full daily on Knowles’ website.[126] Knowles performed “Run the World” live for the first time on May 17 on Surprise Oprah! A Farewell Spectacular at the United Center in Chicago.[127] She performed the song at the 2011 Billboard Music Awards.[128] On May 25, “1+1” was made available for download through the iTunes Store in the United States.[129] The same day, Knowles performed “1+1” on the American Idol finale.[130] She introduced “1+1” as her “favorite” song.[130] Knowles appeared on Entertainment Tonight on June 16 to preview the deluxe version’s exclusive Target commercial;[131] it began airing in the United States on June 24.[132][133] For the rest of June, Knowles performed at the Palais Nikaia in Nice, Zénith in Lille, and the Galaxie in Amnéville.[134] On June 26, Knowles flew to the United Kingdom to serve as the closing act at the 2011 Glastonbury Festival. She was the first solo female artist to headline the Pyramid stage at the Glastonbury Festival in over twenty years.[135]
        “I am a workaholic and I don’t believe in ‘no’. I don’t believe in ‘I need to sleep’. If I’m not sleeping, nobody’s sleeping. I’m one human being. It’s a lot. If I want to be a businesswoman, I’m a businesswoman. Independence is not easy.”
        — Beyoncé Knowles, MTV television special, Beyoncé: Year of 4.[136]
        A pre-taped performance of Knowles performing “Best Thing I Never Had” and “End of Time” at the Glastonbury Festival was broadcast during the 2011 BET Awards.[137] The following day, Knowles’ exclusive hour-long interview with Piers Morgan in London, was broadcast on Piers Morgan Tonight.[138] Knowles performed “Run the World” on Le Grand Journal in France on June 28.[139] She also appeared on the finale of X Factor France to perform “Run the World” and “Best Thing I Never Had”.[140] A MTV television special, Beyoncé: Year of 4, premiered on June 30, documenting Knowles during the album’s production.[136] That day, she appeared at the Target store in Harlem, New York, where kids from the local Boys and Girls Club danced onstage to “Countdown” and were joined halfway through by Knowles.[124] In July, Knowles projected images from 4 on a number of London’s landmarks, including Madame Tussauds and Battersea Power Station.[141] On July 1, Knowles appeared on Good Morning America as part of the “Summer Concert Series” in New York City.[142][143] A few days later, Knowles performed for Macy’s 35th Annual July 4 Fireworks Spectacular, where she performed “Best Thing I Never Had” to members of the armed forces.[144] Knowles then traveled to Scotland to perform at the T in the Park Festival on July 10, 2011.[145] The next day, Knowles performed at the Oxegen Festival in Ireland.[146]
        On July 28, 2011, Knowles performed “Best Thing I Never Had” and “1+1” on The View.[147] Later that day, Knowles appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and performed “Best Thing I Never Had” with The Roots.[148] From August 16–19, Knowles held the 4 Intimate Nights with Beyoncé concerts at the Roseland Ballroom to a standing room only audience.[149] The Live at Roseland: Elements of 4 DVD was released in November.[150][150] Knowles performed “Love on Top” at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards on August 28.[151] A performance of Knowles singing “Countdown” live on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon was taped in July 2011[152][153] and aired on November 11.[154] In 2011, plans for an international tour were discussed, though they never came to fruition, presumably due to Knowles’s pregnancy.[116]

        Like I said, It was the most expensive PROMO of 2011 AND IT FLOPPED. Sony did not make any profit. Including private jets and Suties at 5 star hotels…..I reckon SONY spent $ 10 million or more of tHE PROMO FOR 4 and all she could do was open at 300k and scrape PLATINUM. Rih has very little PROMO spent on her but she does big number, so that mean is she GREAT investment. Even tHE PROMO FOR UNA was smaller than 4 and yet it has has oustold 4 in 3 months. JT has big dollars BUT his paid off, hence why he will do what 4 did in one week and could sell 7 mill FOR THIS LP AS well has huge number singles, something BEYONCE IS A FLOP, no matter what how u look at it.


      • Kyle March 24, 2013

        Girl Bye Beyonce said herself she wasn’t concerned about making an album of hits she just had fun in the studio with music she enjoys.

      • . : : h 2 o : : . March 24, 2013

        Yes, but those receipts haven’t been updated since Dec 2011. Follow the link!


      • beyonce is touring to pay back $50 mil to pepsi after blowing IT! March 24, 2013

        As of OCTOBER of 2012 she has stalled at 2.1 and there is no more sales unlike Rih. Bottom line, the album was heavily promoted and cos a lot of money to make and IT STILL UNDERPERFORMED and flopped and her rival, Rih HAS OUTSOLD HER LP – TWICE AND THAT BURNS BEYONCE.

        I know it does. UNA will outsell her 5TH album……if it ever comes OUT!

      • truth(icki is a KMART, NO GRAMMY NOD, PFRR FLOP, SQUID EYED b****) March 24, 2013

        Deeeeeath at the novel @beyonce! Ch….who go read on dat ? Lol

  23. RATED xxx(cant stop wont stop) March 24, 2013

    I didnt even know justin had a lot of fans……

    my next question is why is beyonce.THE GREATEST SINGER/ENTERTAINER, ALIVE cant do these numbers?

    thats why nobody take the beyonce stans seriously, they talk all that s*** and yet they cant back it up…

    all I’m saying is beyonce’s next album better do justin numbers, or beyonce is going to be a flop

    • HoneychildPlease March 24, 2013

      true no lie, no lie!

    • Ruby March 24, 2013

      Well then I guess you could say the same about Rihanna the so called ‘biggest popstar in the world’ and queen! All fanbases hype their faves up get over it!

      • RATED xxx(cant stop wont stop) March 24, 2013

        rihanna is the biggerst pop star in the world right now..key word RIGHT NOW….why because shes the only pop star selling right now, she doesnt have any compettition…so her stans/fans are right…

        i dont give two s*** if every stan base claims their fave is the best..but according to every magazine, music producers, hell even beyonce herself, shes the best in the world

        but her numbers shows she aint the best..hence why i said she better do justin numbers

  24. MISHKA March 24, 2013

    I guess “Mirrors” got people buying the album.

    If the single hits #1 on Billboard, it might be a wrap for Grammy for Best Pop Performance next year.

    Poor Bruno.

  25. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) March 24, 2013

    I Love JT and i both LOVE and BOUGHT the album , but man , something is not right , something is being “cooked” in front of my eyes and i can feel it.

    they over-hype it to the max so everyone can buy it as a result of all that promo , he’s literally everyfuckinwhere , Fb , twitter , Facebook , music stores , Tv-ads , ads in streets and all.

    I love the album so i’m not complaining , but ch… it is not a MJ type of album that got released !!!!!

  26. Jayla March 24, 2013

    Why are u miserable f*** so mad, who cares if it’s hype, it’s good music, beyonce had been building hype for months but I bet she won’t pull these numbers… Who cares how much he sells after this first week he has already sold more than majority of albums in his first week alone lol, he will be platinum in two weeks, I don’t think he gives a s*** about what u miserable f*** are typing lol lol

    • POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) March 24, 2013

      Beyonce Won’t pull these type of #’s simply because the condition if different , this man right there was brave enough to actually take a break from this mess for like 7 years , so when he got back , people were interested in what he gonna do this time and how his album gonna sound and stuffs , she “beyonce” herself stated she doesn’t understand how to take a year off already ” not that this is the only thing she can’t understand , 😆 “. she had a baby and 3 months later she was doing tours and s*** , she just don’t understand it.

      she will have her “Bionic” moment this era , WATCH.

      • Sass March 24, 2013

        Beyonce doesn’t know how stay away from work in her personal life, but she can go for more than a year without releasing music nonstop unlike certain people. Beyoncé allows her fans to miss her just not the length Justin did.

      • POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) March 24, 2013

        oh please , if she’s not doing music she’s out there stirring controversy to get our attention.

        you think the whole lip-syncing sit wasn’t pre-calculated by her camp ?

        b**** , please.

        when you are dealing with a VIRGO like her you gotta collect the puzzle parts 😉 , i won’t say more.

      • Sass March 24, 2013

        Well then I guess you could say that about any popstar then. And the whole controversy shes been through wasn’t during her time off. And I see Rihannas whole image and persona as a promo, marketing move, but I wont say any more on that either…

      • . : : h 2 o : : . March 24, 2013

        B****** be acting like they got every chystal ball in the world . . . . . . . . .

      • Loyalty March 24, 2013

        LOL @H20

      • LaurieBlue. March 24, 2013

        “when you are dealing with a VIRGO like her you gotta collect the puzzle parts”

        *Rolls eyes and continues scrolling down*

      • ZIGGY STARDUST March 24, 2013

        BINGO!!!! You hit it on the nose. There is no denying that we constantly hear people say that Beyonce is overexposed and that their tired of her. That’s the problem right there! If she would just take an EXTENSIVE break, I mean a serious break, like: no photos of herself what-so-ever, no recordings of any kind, no red carpet appearances, no magazine covers, no documentaries, etc., it will allow people to miss her. Then, when she finally does come back, it will move people to be interested in her and her music that much more. She needs to pull a “Sade” and disappear for awhile! This is what helped Justin. He hadn’t recorded music in 7 years! He did a little acting and started a clothing line with a close friend. But, other than that, you didn’t see or hear about him all of the time. This is helping in his favor, because it’s peaking peoples curiosity as to what he has to offer musically, since he’s been gone for so long. This is what Beyonce needs to do. And, if she did do it, I guarantee you, that it would work! Even if Justin doesn’t hit the 950,000 mark, it will still sell pretty well.

      • . : : h 2 o : : . March 24, 2013

        @ Ziggy Stardust

        But Beyonce’s career shows no signs of declining!

        She has a massive fanbase around the globe supporting her, she has a smash hit era starting in May, she has a commercially huge world tour with growing demand in every single continient, she’s landing fuckloads of lucrative deals.

        Why would she need to stop!

        Her career is stronger than ever!

        Her fans need her worse than ever!

  27. Queen Cici March 24, 2013

    Sorry BEYHIVE! Please forgive my illerate dumbass. I stan for a b**** that no longer exist. That’s why I’m mad. Please forgive me BEYHIVE! I’m tired of getting dragged by u all. Please leave me alone, please! I wish Ciara could sell like that but she can’t even move 20k n the first week. My fav has fallen so bad, I here she’s apply for foodstamps and welfare now. Please everyone, forgive me. I know I’m a worthless piece of c** n the sheets.

    • POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) March 24, 2013

      you tried tho.

      like really , the textbook definition of reaching.

    • . : : h 2 o : : . March 24, 2013

      Why can’t I see any lies in your comment?!!

  28. KELLY March 24, 2013

    Front-loaded sales!

    I like Mirrors!

  29. Ruby March 24, 2013

    Why are people talking about Beyonce *Rolls Eyes* This is about Justin Timberlake. Im not even a damn fan of hers but people always find a way of bringing her name into it, you obsess over her too much chill out! Well done Justin Im glad hes not bandwagoning and the album is nice, but overall, these sales are not down to the music.

  30. JOHNVIDAL March 24, 2013

    Seriously this is ridiculous! Why do they keep on revising the expected numbers day after day??? They won´t stop until they make him sell 1 million. Too much media attention for a good album, far from a masterpiece or something though. If they weren´t doing this he would end selling 500,000-700,000 at most, but they are trying to push it no matter what as if this were the greatest album or voice ever. And yes, of course if he had released an album every two years he wouldn´t have sold this much now
    Congrats. I will enjoy the 5-6 enjoyable songs on the album

    • POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) March 24, 2013

      them chickens is ash and i’m lotion 😛

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (SUPERIOR DIVA) March 24, 2013

        LOL… YES GURL!!!

      • HoneychildPlease March 24, 2013


    • MC March 24, 2013

      I actually agree. I appreciate the concept around that album though because it is a clearly thought-out album and perfectly timed. The album itself is probably tied with his first or his worst that he has put out, but he worked hard for it and PLG, TV, and BOF are a + mazing. The rest can fall back.

  31. DIGGER BEY March 24, 2013

    Lmao These delusional sad c*nts. @Rita Oral Stan…..Well what does that say about Rita, cause the W**** of Whores will b opening up for the washed up singer n Europe lmao. U tried lonely miserably s***. 4 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>Rita Oral career lmao

    • POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) March 24, 2013

      Beyonce is getting compared to rita now ?!!!


  32. DOSSOME March 24, 2013

    …this is how NSYNC had 2 diamond albums and years later people barely remember any songs from the albums…i’m here for this kind of promo especially if the material is above average

    • POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) March 24, 2013

      the material is above average ?!!!! 😯

      just because you are 90’s junkie doesn’t mean you should bring-down his album to prove you have such a perfect musical taste.

  33. Yolo March 24, 2013

    The album is OK and while I like the direction he chose to take musically, aint nobody gonna be jamming to suit & tie or mirrors 10, even 5 years from now. But I guess he ticked all the boxes on they hype and promo front so well done JT.

  34. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) March 24, 2013

    Still the only song i can not stand in this album and done ruined my 20/20 Experience is :
    “SUIT & TIE” , Basically because JAY-z is in it and i just can’t stand this creature.

  35. Jenn from the block March 24, 2013

    Rihanna is the one with 60 million facebook friends and so many twitter followers but can’t move over 200k n the first week lmao #dead.

    • Yolo March 24, 2013


    • Likica March 24, 2013

      J.lo cannot even go aluminium. Period >>>>

      • POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) March 24, 2013

        lol that’s harsh 😆

    • POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) March 24, 2013

      Girl , I’m a HUGE J.LO fan , but with a name like yours , you should be talking about perfumes or even b***-pads , not Sales of first week 😉

      you tried , that was cute , now lemme see your ass while leaving this post with what remained of your dignity after reading this comment.

    • Lovebird March 24, 2013

      Rihanna has released 6 platinum albums back to back, she hasn’t gone on a hiatus like JT. Comparing apples to oranges here.

      • . : : h 2 o : : . March 24, 2013

        Platinum albums?


        What happened to “FLOP” and “IRRELEVANT” albums?

        The Navy and their double standards . . . . . . .

    • Iz (Queen Adele) March 24, 2013

      LOL So true! When her fans boast about that and all the Youtube views etc its kinda embarrassing since it clearly doesn’t serve much purpose.

    • Steph March 24, 2013

      That’s Because Rihanna is a SINGLES artist. Nobody really cares for her album or body of work

  36. DIGGER BEY March 24, 2013

    STFU little kid @Rated X. Just shows how much u know. MJ is the f*ckin KING and he wasn’t doing Britney and NSync first week numbers n the early 2000s. So have a staduim of seats n hell!


      But look at your avi tho…….
      B**** Bye

    • . : : h 2 o : : . March 24, 2013

      #NoShade to my good BeyHive bro but your AVI is just . . . . . . . . .

      • POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) March 24, 2013

        her avi is delusional ?!!! 😆


    I’ll just wait for the official sales.

    • POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) March 24, 2013

      Me Too , i don’t use any predictions Tbh.

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (SUPERIOR DIVA) March 24, 2013

        I don’t mind predictions it’s just that they kept changing it. First it was 500,000 and it kept increasing until it reached 950,000. And besides, peope make such a huge deal out of first week sales but in reality it doesn’t really determine the overall success of an album.

      • POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) March 24, 2013

        exactly !!!! I just Love you and your fav , that’s all 😉

        *Blasts Musicbox*

  38. Lou March 24, 2013

    This site is too obsessed with sales figures and s***. You could’ve just posted one prediction/estimation and then the official result jeesh.

  39. Suicide Blonde March 24, 2013

    we’d be lying if we said that we weren’t at least a little suspicious that the constant “sales updates” are a deliberate and collaborative effort by team JT and industry outlets to heighten the “everyone has it, so I must too” buyer psychology.

    Why is so hard to believe that his album is gonna sell that much, Lady Gaga uses tricks to sell her album, Taylor too, at least this is all full price and if he is making such a thing, i don’t see the problem with it, i’m sure every artist use some kind of tricks, some buy Grammy’s, some buy #1 albums, some over-hyped their sales……..i don’t think is a bad thing if people really buy your record, other can make this and still don’t sell a penny…..People are so mad that he is slaying their favs.


      LOL, HUN.

      You just shaded so many artists within that second paragraph…. #iCant daahling #iJustCant.

      • Suicide Blonde March 24, 2013

        Daahling…….he’s killing them softly, lol.

    • POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) March 24, 2013

      some buy Grammy’s, some buy #1 albums, some over-hyped their sales


      care to elaborate ? 🙄

      • Suicide Blonde March 24, 2013

        Sorry, i don’t know what you mean?

      • POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) March 24, 2013

        this type of mariah-carey shade need some manual for it so i can understand………. 😆

      • Suicide Blonde March 24, 2013

        Ahhh lol.

  40. Iz (Queen Adele) March 24, 2013

    Good for JT.

  41. DIGGER BEY March 24, 2013

    Lmao @ Mooriah stan. B**** u tried it but my Avi have the F*ckin KING & QUEEN OF THIS MUSIC S*** N IT! Not here for ur avi , who has an has been n it. And certified 2 flops n a row. Child bye.

    • Gigi March 24, 2013

      That’s why Fakeonce has said NUMEROUS times that she looks up to MC. Too bad she sounds like illiterate hood trash when she speaks and you couldn’t understand her.

  42. Sass March 24, 2013

    Oh lawd well lets hope it does actually reach them numbers. Cos if it doesn’t ch………. He needs to do at the LEAST over 800 now with all this hype.

  43. Gigi March 24, 2013

    Listened to the album twice. It is boring as hell. I wouldn’t but it for 5 cents. Payola !!! They’re shipping a lot of albums to make it LOOK like he’s selling a lot. They WILL mark them down, watch and see.

    • POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) March 24, 2013

      LMFAO , saw it in the morning and i just couldn’t help it.

      my stomach hurt for like 2 hours , that mirror reflection part murdered me 😆 😆 😆

      • Lovebird March 24, 2013

        LMAO and they know it’s the truth. I couldn’t just help but shake my head, the only people I could see doing this is H2O and Digger Bey.

    • Yolo March 24, 2013

      LMAO were they jokin? S*** Im a Bey stan but that s*** was funny.

    • . : : h 2 o : : . March 24, 2013

      OMG!!!!!!! WTF IS THIS MESSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Lovebird March 24, 2013

        It’s you and your besty Digger Bey honey.

      • . : : h 2 o : : . March 24, 2013

        OK call me whatever you want but I’m DYING right now!

        THIS CANNOT BE LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        I thought the BeyHive were a lil bit classier than that but . . . MESS ! ! ! ! ! !


    This Beyonce stan is a JOKE just like that RIDICULOUS Avi. Beyonce ain’t the queen of s***. Stay reaching b**** and you best not be coming for Mariah who has two diamond albums (something your fave will NEVER achieve).

  45. DIGGER BEY March 24, 2013

    Lmao @ Lovebird…….That’s how I acted when Breezy draggggggged Cuntianna. Nice guess though.

  46. Xedos March 24, 2013

    He’s white and he got the white media behind him. Miguel. Album is better. Kanye was right when he said Miguel got 2 minutes on the grammy’s to while justice got 10 minutes

  47. beyonce is touring to pay back $50 mil to pepsi after blowing IT! March 24, 2013

    OOOPS bet Pepsi wish THEY DONE THE 50 MIL deal with JT. Now they are sttuck with some old fat fadhing rnd singer who sings bow down b******? Oh well! But at least she is gonna tour to pay back the 50 MILLION. So pepsi at least get there money. Pepsi were meant to be advertising their drinks? The 1st 1/ 4 of the year is gone and stll no pepsi commercial, looks like I will still be drinking coke.

    HA HA HA Been a week since bow down b****** dropped. Is it a buzz single or not?

    • NaQu March 24, 2013

      You should be drinking bleach, you worthless waste of nothing.

  48. Lovebird March 24, 2013

    The ultimate Kiii here is Justin’s and Britney’s comeback album sold more more copies than Beyonce’s 4closure era which was supposed to be a comeback album from her break.

    Hell even Mariah’s comeback album sold more copies than Beyonce’s…..I cannot.

    Even Britney’s greatest hits album sold more copies than 4closure.

    • Yolo March 24, 2013

      Nah the ultimate Kiii is Rihanna still cant see over 300k and that’s when shes in full swing, no comeback or nothing.

      • Lovebird March 24, 2013

        She did 500K worldwide first week with TTT. Who cares about not seeing 300K in the US.

      • Yolo March 24, 2013

        Two words Rated R. Lets not go there with Kiiis.

      • Lovebird March 24, 2013

        Rated R had critics buzzing though and beats any Beyonce album on the metacritic metascore.

      • Yolo March 24, 2013

        Still a Kiiii

      • Teacher March 24, 2013

        Actually Rihanna has sold over 300k in a week! It was during the LOUD era and it wasn’t even the first week..it was the 6th week and she sold over 300K! And this was in the UK alone!

      • Naomi March 25, 2013

        I think you missed the point, shes hinting at the discount thing.

    • JOHNVIDAL March 24, 2013

      “Even Mariah Carey´s comeback sold more than…”
      Really b****? Only “even”??? Mariah Carey´s comeback is the most successful among the ones you mentioned by a mile. In fact it has to be the most successful comeback ever
      Mariah is that big. Get it into your head: Mariah is bigger than Beyonce, Justin and Britney, all of them
      And btw, how about Rihanna? LMAO

  49. Lovebird March 24, 2013

    Britney Spears – Circus > Fattie Bey – 4gotten.

  50. Avi March 24, 2013

    I see the Stan’s of LESSER selling flops are pea green with envy! LOL
    Are you mad because it only took JT 1 week to outsell your faves latest flop? ;). Be mad!

  51. MC March 24, 2013

    Leave my good sis Brian alone aka .:H2O:. alone, she is’t a crazy BeyHive for the most part.

    • Lovebird March 24, 2013

      Brian is not an Arabic name.

      • MC March 24, 2013

        Yes, that is actually not him name 😆 It’s an inside joke between the two of us. His actually name is….. ( I don’t want to reveal it without his permission) but it means Light in Arabic.

      • . : : h 2 o : : . March 24, 2013

        Noor 🙂


      I don’t like any of the bey hive members (ON THIS BLOG).
      I use to like @KINGB > RIHANNA but he/she showed their true colors on one of those posts.

      • MC March 24, 2013

        I don’t like any of them here or really anywhere other than .:H2O:. (because I know him from another site).

        Yeah, I saw a couple weeks ago what King B was saying, a shame because I thought that person wasn’t like the common BeyHive member. There isn’t a single one that I like, not even ONE.

        It’s okay, I’ve got my little, messy, lambchops 😉

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (SUPERIOR DIVA) March 24, 2013

        Surprisingly, I like some of the barbz more than the hive.

  52. DIGGER BEY March 24, 2013

    I can’t with this Mooriah stan. B**** u still booasting about albums that came out n the 1920s lmao. B**** what is Mooriah albums doing today? Dust cause the 2 flops n a row, neither one combined sales can touch THE QUEENS lowest seller. B**** why do u keep coming for more lmao Stupid h**.

    • Mother Mariah March 24, 2013

      B**** please. E=MC2 sold 2.5million WW in 08.

      4 sold 2.1 million

      MOAIA sold 2 million WW in 09 with way less promo than 4. Keep reaching & stay mad, p****.

      • . : : h 2 o : : . March 24, 2013

        “4” sold 2.1 million as of Dec 2011. As of this date, it’s sold 2.8~3 million worldwide + 300K DVDs.

        Your numbers are out-dated as f***.

      • Mother Mariah March 24, 2013

        It has not sold 3 million WW babe. It has sold 2.5.

        You seem mad?

      • . : : h 2 o : : . March 24, 2013

        On MusiCharts, though :

        * 2.67 million as of April 2012
        * 2.8 million as of August 2012

        And that “You seem mad” is irrelevant. 🙄

  53. DIGGER BEY March 24, 2013

    KING B buzz track coverage >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Hoeianna getting beat to the ground coverage. #DEAL BITCHESSSSS

  54. CiCi Slaaaays March 24, 2013

    Beyonce&Rihanna could never push those numbers first week

    • Lovebird March 24, 2013

      Niether can Ciara.

      • Lovebird March 24, 2013



      A Ciara stan tho……..
      Please GURL LET’S NOT

    • Mother Mariah March 24, 2013

      Damn. If you add Ciara’s last two albums together, you still wouldn’t get 900k. Kiiiiiii.

  55. Loyalty March 24, 2013

    Good for JT

  56. Rita is queen March 24, 2013

    With all the hype Beyonce receives she still couldn’t do these numbers

    • beyonce is touring to pay back $50 mil to pepsi after blowing IT! March 24, 2013

      This is why I laugh at beyonce endorsing Rita WHORA ORAL.

  57. Rita is queen March 24, 2013

    If Beyonce was the best out there why she never sold more than 500k first week?????

  58. Yeaz March 24, 2013

    Why is his numbers that important?
    Why is every other artist brought up in post about Justin?
    I mean Mariah carey has never done over 500K in an opening week…EVER!!!
    Whitney,janet and a whole host of legendary artist don’t do those numbers. As far as beyonce goes…Doesn’t matter what she sells..the fact that she has the fame and 20/20 isn’t doing the mrs.carter numbers prove that everyone can excel in different lanes.Plus this whole buying grammys thing is behind stans mad that their faves cant get one to save their life.Don’t you people get tired of being asses online?


    @DIGGER H**

    You keep stating that Beyonce is “the queen.”
    What exactly is she the “queen” of?

    1) Booty shaking?
    2) Stealing?

    We will have this conversation when Beyonce returns all of those stolen goods to Tina Turner’s closet. Look at Nicki. At least she adds a little flare to all of those costumes she stays borrowing from lady Gaga’s closet.

    Honey you can ‘Bow the F*** down’ and pray that one day your fave will have as much success and Influence as the REAL LEGENDS.

    • . : : h 2 o : : . March 24, 2013

      Queen of money-making, business, materialistic bitching!

      That’s what Beyonce’s the queen of. We’re proud of her!

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (SUPERIOR DIVA) March 24, 2013

        But Never the queen of anything in the music industry tho…
        So please just tell your annoying fly members to sit down.

      • . : : h 2 o : : . March 24, 2013

        Okay, whatever.

        **plays “Amor Gitano”**

    • Sass March 24, 2013

      Shes the queen of all round performing for HER generation of stars. Aint no other female that can own a stage like Bey.

  60. TheFame March 24, 2013

    Bday sold 541k n the first week. U h*** are so delusional. Just get off this post.

    • Rita is queen March 24, 2013

      That’s low for a self proclaimed KING lol when Taylor Gaga & Justin can sell a million first week Ooooop…

  61. TheFame March 24, 2013

    This lonely and poor Rita Oral stan. Child Rita will never pop off n the US. She’s a never will b. That’s why she opening up for Beyonce lmao gurl your comments are so invalid.

    • Rita is queen March 24, 2013

      B**** please Rita is working on her 2nd album thats about to slay the game shes bout to become a bigger star then Beyonce& Rihanna… Rita throne awaits her you mad???

  62. DIGGER BEY March 24, 2013

    Lmfaooo @Mooriah stans….I could give an ratass if u don’t like me. U just mad cause I always tell it, like it is. Mooriah is and has been dinosaurce. The b**** is extinct, with the rest of them. @Lovebird Girl lmao U do know Bday sold 541k n the first week n the US >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> TTT 500k WWW LMAO but the ultimate draggging is BDAY selling 200k in one day >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> all of Hoeianna first week numbers lmfaoooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    • Rita is queen March 24, 2013

      If Mariahs a hasbeen then what is Beyonce? Lol

    • Mother Mariah March 24, 2013

      Sweetie pie honey bunches of oats blueberry muffin…..take your seat. Beyonce’s sales could NEVER compare to Mariah’s.

      Beyonce doesn’t even have an album that sold a measly 5 million in the states. Kiiiii. Even Alicia has an album that sold over 6 million domestically.

      • Hive March 24, 2013


      • Mother Mariah March 24, 2013

        Drag Mariah, you sissy b****. While she sits on 18 #1 singles and 200 million + records sold. Mariah is a LEGEND. She’s up there with Whitney, Barbara, Celine & Janet. Too bad Beyonce couldn’t even PAY her way into legendary status. Kiiiiii.

      • Hive March 24, 2013

        Only thing Mariah sits on is her fat smelly ass on that idol seat…. Beyonce is already a legend n icon you w**** so bow down to mutha f***** king bey b**** boy

  63. Nichole March 24, 2013

    Blah blah blah.

    You guys do updates on this like every 5 seconds. Stfu.

    Justin with his overhyped, so-called, fake R&B. Damn sellout, bandwagon jumpin ass.

    We’ll see what the real numbers look like when BB issues them next week.

    I’ll also be checkin on how this album fairs down the line, because right now it’s all hype because of his name and hiatus.

    This s*** definitely ain’t no TEOM which is quality, and did not sell off of ridiculous amounts of hype but because of the great quality of music.

    • NaQu March 24, 2013

      Angry, jilted Britney fan, mad because YOU KNOW her next album won’t come anywhere near 20/20 sales….first week or longevity. lol

    • Mother Mariah March 24, 2013

      I have a feeling that the album is gonna do like “Born This Way”. I think it’ll probably peak at around 2.5. Especially since pt II is coming in 8 months….

  64. BrandNu March 24, 2013

    I thought Beyonce was supposed to bring back rnb looks like Justin is..

    • Kyle March 24, 2013

      Justin aint bringing back no motherfucking RnB this s*** will fade fast and is only selling cos of his name, promo and break not because of the actual music.

  65. Kyle March 24, 2013

    Ill wait for the official stats. Yall need to calm down with all these JT posts

  66. Mariah4Life March 24, 2013

    950-975k in just one week? Rihanna could never!

    • BrandNu March 24, 2013

      A Beyonce fan acting like a Mariah

  67. DIGGER BEY March 24, 2013

    Lmao Rita couldn’t take Ciara spot let alone THE QUEENS. Who’s opening for who? I bet Rita Oral will b asking for autographs every nite. I bet her ass will b stalking THE QUEEN! QUEEN please keep Julius around 24/7 cause I don’t trust Rita Oral. The b**** wants to b famous so bad she might try something.

    • Hive March 24, 2013

      Ritas opening for king bey??? Lmao

  68. Hive March 24, 2013

    Do the f****** stans ever stfu?? y’all mad Nicki minaj outshining your fav on idol?? kiiiiii

    • Mother Mariah March 24, 2013

      B**** why are you so pressed? You’re probably a Rihanna fan trying to start a stan war. P****.

      • Hive March 24, 2013

        Haha b**** you want this to be a riherepes Stan never in life I actually Stan for talent something she lacks& also something Mariah used to have…. Hahaha hopefully linebacker Carey cant get her songs to debut in the hot100 soon kiii


      The only thing Nicki is doing is sitting at a panel in which she is surrounded by people with 20+ years in the business and more knowledge, artistry and ACTUAL TALENT than her.

      • Hive March 24, 2013

        But Nicki the star of the show not your fugly ass home wrecking fav…

  69. AdamMonster March 24, 2013

    Damn! Just did in one week what Rihanna is struggling to do after a 4-5 month period. Looks like she’s been sucking the wrong d**** behind the scene.

  70. Hive March 24, 2013

    Pop royalty is such a fake h**

    • . : : h 2 o : : . March 24, 2013

      Please now……………………………………..

  71. Hive March 24, 2013

    Mariah next first week sales 58k

    Rita next first week sales 20k

    Ciaras Next First week sales 10k

    &Im being nice….lol

    • Mother Mariah March 24, 2013

      Awww s***** bottom, Mariah would NEVER sell 58k in her first week. Why did Beyonce’s HIGHEST selling album DIL only sell 4 million copies in America?

      • Loyalty March 24, 2013

        Girl why are you bothering? Im a Bey stan but you actually seem like one of the sane Mariah fans.

  72. Absolved March 24, 2013

    This is what happens when you create an actual album (and not just a collection of loose singles) and market yourself to adults who buy CDs (not silly miscellaneous single downloads for an iPhone.)

    I love it when the silly ass cartoons who were created in this wretched digital singles era get upstaged like this.

  73. DIGGER BEY March 24, 2013

    3 WORDS @ mooriah stan DIL have sold 4.9 million in the US alone, so h** sit. And lmao there u go booasting albums that came 50 years ago. It had to b 50 years ago, cause Mooriah is pushing 60. B**** what is she doing today? When this next album drops, its gonna b 3 lmao 3 certified flops n a row. And gurl please have a seat rite along with Mooriah on AI. An place she will b for a long time, cause nobody is checking for her Fat Husky Walrus ass. Gurl Nicki SLayed Mooriah and u have the nerve to come for THE QUEEN!

    • Hive March 24, 2013

      Thats all they got is sales thats over 30 years old lmao

    • Mother Mariah March 24, 2013

      Mariah’s last three flops:

      The Emancipation of MiMi – 12M WW
      e=Mc2 – 2.5M WW
      MOAIA – 2M WW

      Oh, alright.

      And Mariah isn’t even in her PRIME like Beyonce is. So 4.9M is WHACK. Mariah was selling 10M in America ALONE during her prime. Giiiiirrrrl stay delusional!

  74. Cali Cutie March 24, 2013

    Lol the Mimi fans stay getting dragged yall need to know not to f*** with the navy or hive or they will drag you..

  75. . : : h 2 o : : . March 24, 2013

    I just can’t @ the BeyHive going in on Mariah Carey

    Chi……… The woman has already accompalished enough when it comes to album sales and has earned her title as a “LEGEND”, let’s not compare her CURRENT album sales to others like she’s Ke$ha or Nicki Minaj or something.

    Have some respect 🙄

    I swear Whitney Huston must be watching you from heaven and telling you “SHUT UP, SHUT UP, PLEASE SHUT THE F*** UP”.

    Like . . . . . . . . . .

    • Mother Mariah March 24, 2013

      Okay! And I don’t hate Bey at all, but when the Hive tries to come for LEGENDS that their fave hasn’t even outsold…I just can’t contain myself

  76. XtinaaLovee March 24, 2013

    No one even cares to remember Mariahs sells because their so old lol

    • Mother Mariah March 24, 2013

      Awwww at least Mariah still gets platinum plaques unlike your fave. Christina’s last two albums were certified saran wrap kiiii.

  77. DIGGER BEY March 24, 2013

    I bet Mooriah wishes she had some Honey berry of oats with some biscuits, chicken, steak, mash potatoes, with macoroni, collard greens, along with some ham hocks with pigfeet, with french fries along with 10 double cheeseburgers. No make that 20 doublecheeseburger with chicken nuggets with some turkey sandwhiches with coleslaw and beans and rice and pork chops. Her dessert is apple pie, cherry pie, chocolate cake, vanilla cake, rice krispies treat, hot fudge along 50 brownies. That Mooriah daily menu. Lmaoooooooooooo

    • Mother Mariah March 24, 2013

      Yawn. I won’t even entertain you late c*** because it’s obvious that your reading skills are at a first graders level. I DON’T SEE YOU. NEXT!

  78. XtinaaLovee March 24, 2013

    Seeing the hive drag Mariah is hilarious….

  79. mc the place to be! March 24, 2013

    I feel like this album is good for Justin right now but if this was released I’m 2009 I wouldn’t be so impressed but I think the album is okay I do love mirrors and blue ocean floor I really think he’s saving his good stuff for the sequel though well just wait and see I think future s** and love sounds is his magnum opus and he couldn’t get any better he had so much going on in that album it was different way pass contemporary I’m just happy he’s back I did miss him the music industry felt like something was missing

  80. Naomi March 24, 2013

    What? You stans are a mess Mariah loves Beyonce, Beyonce loves Mariah why yall arguing rofl. They are always singing each others praises, especially coming from Mariah cos you know she don’t like everybody.



    GURL PLEASE, exit to the left.
    come back when Christina stops giving us Miss Piggy tease.

  82. Lovebird March 24, 2013

    I simply cannot at a Beyonce fan calling Mariah fat….That s*** is hilarious. Have you forgotten Beyonce’s fat thunder thighs, her full belly and her armpit fat. Please let’s not, Beyonce is a fat b**** too.

  83. RATED xxx(cant stop wont stop) March 24, 2013

    lets keep it real, beyonce wish she had mariah carey’s career…

    beyonce can p**** pop all she wants, she aint never going to become a legend..not with the crappy music she puts out..

    just because she sells doesnt mean her music is better than everybody else music out there…

    as a mariah’s fan I can admit, her last 2 album was crap, why? because she tried to compete with the basic b******..

    now, beyonce is trying to compete with rihanna..I find that s*** funny…

  84. DOSSOME March 24, 2013

    LMAO @ beyhive supposedly dragging mariah…gworl TEOM that was released 2 yrs after beyonce’s bestselling album outsold DIL both in the US and worldwide…Both mariah and beyonce had their last no.1 hits in 2008 and both had their last top 10 solo hits in 2009…if mimi is a hasbeen,so is beyonce but at least mariah ain’t scared of releasing her music like the other one..with a $20million annual salary,off royalties alone (money beyonce will NEVER see off her trashy catalogue),she could hardly give a f*** what you think…so seethe dahling

    • Mother Mariah March 24, 2013


  85. Suicide Blonde March 24, 2013

    B****** stop trying to coming for Mariah, JT is my husband but he will never see the same sales of Mariah in her prime, none of your favs, Britney was lucky the first 3 years of her career, the others didn’t deserve a mention, the b**** has sold more records that all you favs. put together, dahhling you better bow down and makes some voodoo so your favorite can make a comeback cuz the end seems to be near for her after album #4.

    • . : : h 2 o : : . March 24, 2013

      Not sure who you’re referring to by “The end seems to be near” but I’ll just say don’t talk s*** you’ll regret.

    • Jewell March 24, 2013

      They READ your ass over on the Beyonce/Nicole post lmao.

      • Suicide Blonde March 24, 2013

        I just checked the post, sorry i miss the war.

  86. DIGGER BEY March 24, 2013

    U are rite @ H20. I luv Mimi and have all her albums , except two. I have respect fro Mimi. Cause without Mimi there would b no KING B! But as of lately the Mimi stans and Cici stans have been bashing THE QUEEN for no reason. And that s*** don’t fly with me!!!!! We don’t shade Mimi or nothing. But her h** ass bitter stans always won’t to come for THE QUEEN! I just couldn’t see bac let that happen. If they won’t me to chill the f*ck out. Then leave THE QUEEN out posts that don’t concern her. And stop coming for her because u b****** will always get dragggggggggggged!

    • BLonDiE March 24, 2013

      B**** the Hive always starts S*** with the Lambs cus yall b****** are INSECURE!!!!!!!! Get down or lay down B****!!

  87. RATED xxx(cant stop wont stop) March 24, 2013

    you see the beyonce stans cant even answer my question…WHY BEYONCE CANT SELL OVER 900K IN HER FIRST WEEK?

    instead of answering the question, they bring up other peoples names,

    what does rihanna, xtina, mariah has to do with beyonce not doing justin numbers?

    like I said i dont want to hear no f****** excuse to why beyonce next album didnt do over 900k

    • Naomi March 24, 2013

      In all fairness, I didn’t see anyone bringing up Beyonces name first but other people, you being one of them. Im not even a Beyonce stan but no wonder the crazy ones go off sometimes.

      • RATED xxx(cant stop wont stop) March 24, 2013

        its not my fault if their crazy ass take my bate…..its not that damn serious too me..

        I brought beyonces name because it makes my day to see people go nuts over somebody that they dont know personally..

        her name should come up on a post like this, since her stans stay bragging shes the best…

        now if justin can do those number, her ass can too.thats my point

      • Emeral March 24, 2013

        Wow it makes your day? Get a life. You seem to care a lot about what Beyonce can and cannot do aswell whether you stan for her or not you are spending time, just like them analysing someone you don’t know personally so its a bit hypocritical.

  88. LeoDeor March 24, 2013

    justin is proving once again that music does sell all these people making excuses of why they cant sell albums need to take notes.


    • Mother Mariah March 24, 2013

      Awww honey :'( I’m so sorry to hear that babe

      • LeoDeor March 24, 2013

        thank u so much i appreciatte that!!

  89. NT March 24, 2013

    My guess is they’ll be uped once more and he’ll sell 1 Million

  90. RATED xxx(cant stop wont stop) March 24, 2013

    so we still bragging about dragging people in 2013?

    what exactly does dragging somebody does? do you get part of beyonce’s millions? do u get to finger pop her? do u get to lick her ass?

    thats why I cannot stan for any damn body that I don’t know personally

    i would look like a f****** moron, defending a basic b**** that aint doing s*** for me..

    than again the majority of her stans are basic so…

    • JDE97 March 24, 2013

      Blah-blah-blah. If it bothers you so much, then stay off of blogs and boards where you know her stans hang out. No one has to justify their behavior to you, and you’re silly, hypocritical flames and lectures aren’t going to shame or stop people from carrying on how they wish.

  91. ZIGGY STARDUST March 24, 2013

    There is no denying that we constantly hear people say that Beyonce is overexposed and that their tired of her. That’s the problem right there! If she would just take an EXTENSIVE break, I mean a serious break, like: no photos of herself what-so-ever, no recordings of any kind, no red carpet appearances, no magazine covers, no documentaries, etc., it will allow people to miss her. Then, when she finally does come back, it will move people to be interested in her and her music that much more. She needs to pull a “Sade” and disappear for awhile! This is what helped Justin. He hadn’t recorded music in 7 years! He did a little acting and started a clothing line with a close friend. But, other than that, you didn’t see or hear about him all of the time. This is helping in his favor, because it’s peaking peoples curiosity as to what he has to offer musically, since he’s been gone for so long. This is what Beyonce needs to do. And, if she did do it, I guarantee you, that it would work! Even if Justin doesn’t hit the 950,000 mark, it will still sell pretty well.

    • ZIGGY STARDUST March 24, 2013

      ^^^^My comment above is in relation to others that were talking about Beyonce further up on this post.

    • Emeral March 24, 2013

      Beyonce clearly has a completely different work ethic to Justin hence why taking an extensive break isn’t her style. Everyone is different and everyone works differently.

      • ZIGGY STARDUST March 24, 2013

        I understand where you’re coming from. But, if most of the public has said that they are tired of her, or that she’s overexposed, that’s not something to take lightly, because it can and eventually will affect her career. You want to KEEP fans, not turn them off or run them away. I don’t see anything wrong with her taking an extensive break. If her fans are loyal and they love her music, they will be there when she gets back. If anything, they will love her more! But, to hear the majority of the public say, “Go away!”, or, “I’m tired of her!”, is not a good thing. It means that they need a rest. And, who better to listen to, than the public. After all, if it were not for the public, (her stans and fans alike), she would not be where she is today.

      • Emeral March 25, 2013

        Some of the biggest stars have been accused of being over exposed in their prime, doesnt mean you have to listen. At the end of it, the true that go out and support you no matter what are the ones you should be working for not the complainers. People are always gonna complain, you should be in charge of your career not the media and if she wants to work she can.

      • ZIGGY STARDUST March 25, 2013

        While that’s true, the public also is her “bread and butter”, so if she wears out her welcome with them, then what?

      • Emeral March 25, 2013

        Generally, the people that are moaning were not her fans in the first place. That’s my point. People cant be that sick of her since she is still selling out a tour without any new music.

  92. DIGGER BEY March 24, 2013

    Lmao an Hoeianna stan talkin about body wieght, when Hoeianna looks like a crack head with an big ass superdome forehead. What u classified ass thunder thighs and fatness, is called a thick chick! That’s what men love! Nicki, KING B, kim K! Hoeianna wishes she had an body like those womens. She has no tits , no ass and an big ass forehead. That doesn’t make for an amazing body. The h** looks like she from Pluto.

    • Mother Mariah March 24, 2013

      All men don’t like the same thing sweetheart. And I’m sure you’re a scrawny, sick-looking queen.

      Everyone doesn’t have a thick body. S***, Nicki and Kim don’t even have them….naturally.

  93. Emeral March 24, 2013

    Why the f*** are more people talking about Beyonce than Justin?

    • . : : h 2 o : : . March 24, 2013

      Beyonce is the King, just deal with it.

  94. DIGGER BEY March 24, 2013

    B**** make me lay down @ Blondie, u Cumbucket s***! We don’t start s*** with no f*ckin lambs. F*** the lambs and u too. Cause u both can get draggggged. Mooriah is an has been and what? Nicki >>>>>>>>>>>>> Mooriah and she don’t have but 2 albums out. @RatedX And b**** ….What does KING B have to do with this post. U illerate b******. Just know KING B first week sales demolishes R****’s first weeks sales. #BOW DOWN H***

  95. DIGGER BEY March 24, 2013

    Lmao these b****** mad that KING B first week sales demolishes there favs first weeks sales lmao. R**** can’t move over 250k and she suppose b some queen lmfao. Her stans are so damn delusional. Just know KING B new album will eclispe Hoeianna Unaflop first week sales. And child the Mooriah stans….should just retire lmao. Mooriah is 60 years old and still at it lmao. The only stage her ass is booking….is AI stage. Her ass probably can’t perform there cause Ai, is all about relevant b******. Not about h*** who was relevant bac n the 60s.

  96. Rowland on that loud March 24, 2013

    Mariah who????? Oh that old lady from American idol

    • Mother Mariah March 24, 2013

      Says the Beyonce’s backup singer fan. Kiiii.

  97. Jewell March 24, 2013

    Congrats to JT!

  98. DOSSOME March 24, 2013

    This DIGGER BEY person must be really stupid…at the end of the day mariah is one of the 8 people beyonce follows on twitter (beyonce’s a lamb too,now eat that)….at the end of the day mariah doesn’t need to buy legendary status,grammys or songwriting credits to be LEGENDARY…at the end of the day


    HERO>>>>>>>>>LOVE ON TOP

    MY ALL>>>>>>>>>>>RUN THE WORLD


    63 million US albums will always be better than 11 million US albums in any shape or form

    Before you attempt to read,make sure you went to school

    • Mother Mariah March 24, 2013

      B**** where are the band-aid’s because you just came for BLOOD!!!

  99. DIGGER BEY March 24, 2013

    Trust and believe @ Mother Mariah Nobody but Nick want Mooriah bad built ass. That b**** looks like she belongs n the sea somewhere. I bet u wish Mooriah had a body like KING B! Before Mooriah got pregnant, hell she looked liked she was already carrying 6 babies. The b**** look like Umpy Lumpy. Big up top and small at the bottom. Gurl bye

    • Mother Mariah March 24, 2013

      Awww queen. Are you so pressed that you have to stoop to insulting Mariahs body? ZzzzzZZZzzz. Go to bed. I’m sure you have school in the morning babe. Don’t you have sandbox duty tomorrow?

  100. DIGGER BEY March 24, 2013

    I see the bitter Mooriah stans are still at it. I not here for Historiah sales. Those sales were made before ur dumbass was born. KING B is sitting at 30 million albums sold n the US b****! Close to 200 million records sold WW with DC and her sales. F*** Mooriah and her sales. What is she doing today. I know. Going dust lmao. Don’t get mad at me cause I’m spilling the tea on ur ass. Mooriah is already fading away and those stats will too. When Shammmooo was on VH1. TOP 100 ARTIST OF ALL TIME. Her ass voted for KING B! And didn’t KING B come before her! KING B was @ 53! Mooriah was @72 or some s*** like that. And the worst part was…..the list was voted on by musicians, producers and music critics lmfaooooooo. U pressed b****** gonna make me go get Nicki! Mooriah always BOW DOWN TO HER LMAO. #Bow down h***

    • Mother Mariah March 24, 2013

      Keep typing and stay pressed.

  101. ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) March 24, 2013

    I don’t care how much this album is “predicted” to sell, that doesn’t dismiss the collection of lackluster mess on that disc. I’m not here for it…

    • ADC143 March 25, 2013

      That’s okay. Other people are, which is why it’s “predicted” to sell close to a million copies in its first week. In amongst the sea of people who copped 20/20, you’re not missed.

      • ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) March 25, 2013

        Am I suppose to care how you and others feel about it though? To me it wasn’t good #EndOfStory

  102. DIGGER BEY March 25, 2013

    Gurl @Mother Mariah……Im thee one pressed lmao. U bitter h*** are the one pressed. U h*** came for THE QUEEN first. It seems like to me u Mooriah stans are mad cause she’s Nicki’s b**** on AI and FLOP THE FLOP THE FLOP! #@0#BOW DOWN H***

  103. DIGGER BEY March 25, 2013

    Smh This post was suppose to b about my boi JT and his blockbuster album sales but those bitter Mooriah stans have f*cked it up. Mad cause her days of going dust is over. Sad that 20/20 has out sold Mooriiah last two flops combined lmao. I can’t with these bitter h*** pumping sales that happen when Harriet Tubman was alive. Opps….I forgot Mooriah actually had 3 flops last decade. Oh wonderful Glitter lmao. And where is her last single where she looks like fat ass zebra n the jungle. Talkin about she’s almost Home. B**** please, what home is that, Sea World? She’s now an extinct sea creature. I guess that’s why the Mooriah stans are mad. Cause she’s no where to b found.

    • BLonDiE March 25, 2013

      Child, shut up. Respect Mariah. She has sold more than Justin, Beyonce & Nicki combined. Have a plethora of seats…

  104. DIGGER BEY March 25, 2013

    ^^^^^^^^^^U Stfu! F*ck Mooriah and u too! #BOW DOWN TO THE QUEEN

  105. raquel neto March 25, 2013

    JUSTIN BIEBER SHOULD TAKE NOTES. the real justin is back, b******

  106. alan March 26, 2013

    crazy fans! Don’t all have a life or something to do other than insulting one another, these celebrities are very rich and i think they don’t have the same preocupations as us, they don’t even care about you, but you all keep insulting eachother if that was a job that your fave will remunerate you. It is not worthy.

  107. lola March 26, 2013

    BUT RIHANNA COULD NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  108. Neely Delagado July 4, 2013

    Hey, beautiful site however there is a problem whereby sometimes I am redirected to the base page when I look at other topics in your page.

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