TGJ Replay: India.Arie ‘Voyage To India’

Published: Thursday 7th Mar 2013 by Rashad

Much like our ‘Retro Rewind’ and ‘From the Vault’ segments, readers of That Grape Juice know what avid music lovers we are – especially of hits past.  So in a quest to re-spin the gems and jams of yesterday we introduced a new retrospective segment – ‘TGJ Replay’.

Unlike its ‘Rewind’ and ‘Vault’ predecessors, ‘Replay’ looks to dust off and showcase albums (and eras) from a library of pop music hits.  Take a voyage in time to Grammy-winner India Arie‘s modern classic ‘Voyage To India’ below:

2001 saw R&B soulstress India.Arie strum her way into hearts and charts with her critically and commercially acclaimed debut album ‘Acoustic Soul’.

Its successes (including seven whopping Grammy nominations – Album, Record, Song of the Year, and more) certainly put India on everyone’s map. But, as with many artists who experience “overnight” success, some feared its follow-up would suffer the dreaded”sophomore slump”.

With 2002 came the answer and ease of those fears – ‘Voyage To India’, the singer’s highly anticipated second LP.

Sticking to its predecessor’s tried and true formula, the guitar-wielding beauty wove together an album of pure R&B poetry -devoid of bass-thumping, pop-imbued microwave hits, but filled with story-tellers like lead single ‘Little Things’

‘Little Things’

‘Voyage’ was indeed a narrative journey, accompanied by Arie’s trusty strings and stunning vocal displays.  Evidence of the singer’s sonic and lyrical growth from just the year prior was evidenced by tunes like ‘Slow Down’, ‘Get It Together’, and the tear-jerking anecdote ‘Good Man’.

‘Good Man’

And, while most of the album’s offerings may have not been the most radio-friendly, the songstress still found ways to balance her style and substance with the R&B happenings of the time…

‘The Truth’

Indeed, ‘Voyage To India’ is a must have for any collector, especially those particular to the R&B persuasion.  In a time where hip hop and teen pop were still very much the dominating forces on charts, Arie dared to push an artistic envelope – one that saw many-an-ode to her unapologetic afrocentricisms while steering away from the fluff of mainstream.

Yes, this album brought her first two Grammys (after being unceremoniously snubbed the year prior), but it was clear no industry accolade was required to truly toast this platinum-selling masterpiece as it spoke volumes for itself.

Veritable poetry in motion, indeed.  We salute you India and send off this post by turning up the volume on a TGJ favorite, ‘God Is Real’

‘God Is Real’

What’s your favorite song from ‘Voyage To India’?

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Your thoughts?

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  1. King B>Rihanna March 7, 2013

    yes yes and yes

  2. ANDY March 7, 2013

    Well TGJ, if ya’ll TRULY want to prove your, so called, “AVID LOVE FOR MUSIC” -(which is b******* to be honest) why don’t you write about other genre’s?

    Something other than Flamboyant Pop and Neo-Soul… And so far, all you’ve showcased are female artists. Where are the male ones?

    LMAO. Ya’ll kill me.

    Anyway, I like India and ‘Brown Skin’ is stilk my JAM.


    • king z March 7, 2013

      kills me how the main peeps who complain about TGJ are the ones who read it everyday!

      get over it.

      i’m here for every non-beyonce and non-rihanna post! and besides, it’s a r&b/HIP-HOP site. who are you expecting to see? andrea bocelli?

      p.s. – i think they did one of these on robin thicke the other day. last i check, he’s a male

      • ANDY March 7, 2013

        1) Who said I was a “Bey-Stan? Oh… You were looking at my AVI.

        2) I said “MORE” male artists?

        3) TGJ figuratively said that they are “AVID LOVERS OF ALL MUSIC”… They can’t be if all there going to post isPost-Modern Urban music.

        I stated an expressionate OPINION. If you don’t like what I said, either ‘Thumb me down’ or ‘ignore me’.

        Your response wasn’t needed.

        On that note, keep it the F*** moving and good day.


    • MDNA2013 March 7, 2013

      Always some s*** to complain. I for one love these articles and don’t care who they’re about as long as i learn something new from them. What does it matter if they cover male or females or Pop or soul. They’re an urban blog so why would they branch outside that.

      • ANDY March 7, 2013


    • FreakLikeMe March 7, 2013

      Ok b****, now I need to get mad. I’m happy I can come on here and read something informative that doesn’t revolve around Beyonce or Rihanna every day.

      I love India and I think it’s great that people who don’t know of her music will be introduced to her today because. I’m saying this cos I had never head of Madonna’s You’ll see until I read their thread on her yesterday. I like it so stop your bellyachin.

    • king z March 7, 2013

      reading is fundamental.

      I never said you were a Bey-stan nor did i imply such. Furthermore, TGJ never said they were lovers of ALL MUSIC..they just said MUSIC.

      i love MUSIC too but i still have my faves.

      either way, you are very well entitled to your opinion, but as are the majority of us. if you wanna read more about male artists, do male artists post. dont come on the female artist post to complain

    • lookathotgirl18 March 8, 2013

      what in world what is this this look like look like a food this some b******* come on now get real. i hate fate people

  3. Mother Mariah March 7, 2013

    Loooove India! The Truth & Ready For Love are two of my fav songs ever

  4. Naomi March 7, 2013

    The s*** I’m glad y’all putting out real music to the forfront than bubblegum s*** of today

  5. Suicide Blonde March 7, 2013

    I like this TGJ Replay.

  6. Teacher March 7, 2013

    Yaaasss India Arie!!!!

    • lookathotgirl18 March 8, 2013

      what did you did to your hair damn that mess up

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