India Arie Blasts Jack Harlow: “If You Don’t Know Brandy’s Voice, Who Are You?”

Published: Friday 13th May 2022 by Sam

Jack Harlow made headlines this week when he revealed that he didn’t know Brandy and Ray J were siblings.

The surprising statement, which the rapper made during an interview with Hot 97, went viral and ignited a wave of debate.

Now, soulful singer India Arie has weighed in and she did not hold back.

See what we mean below…

Taking to Instagram Stories, Arie said:

“Just because you make Black music doesn’t mean you know Black culture. If U don’t know Brandy’s voice when you hear it…WHO EVEN ARE YOU?”

“When an actual MUSICIAN! Who makes BLACK MUSIC! Deduces one of the MOST IMPORTANT VOICES Brandy to Ray J’s SISTER? [Someone] who is famous (mostly) for his proximity to Kim Kardashian.”

“And we hear Brandy’s influence eh-ver-ree-where! Plenty of non-Black signers (ask them). Even MALE singers. Gospel singers. And people know Ray J Better? The sh*t is STUPID.”

With that, what are…

Your thoughts?

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  1. J May 13, 2022


    • Truth Hurts May 13, 2022

      🌳🌴🌲🪴🌵🌾🌳 💯

  2. PrettyBwoyBusssy May 13, 2022

    India Arie is a flop just like Brandy and just like Monica. A whole lotta has been flops.

  3. LOL May 13, 2022

    Lol give me a break, BRANDY’S VOICE IS NOT THAT SPECIAL. Yall act like she has vocals like Aretha or Whitney or Patti. her vocals are as basic as Aaliyah’s so shut up with that vocal bible nonsense lmao.

    • J May 13, 2022

      Her voice helped shaped the sound of modern RNB and dare I say it, 2020s POP music too. Her vocal influence is everywhere.

    • t May 13, 2022

      are you crazy what are you talking about the woman is relay good you named whitney and mariah both of them pprais her voices and you unknowen person act like you know somthing about music

    • X May 14, 2022

      STFU!! You must be LATE!!

  4. Dominique May 13, 2022

    Brandy is a living legend. I agree with India

    • Stop May 13, 2022

      And so what? He hasn’t the right to have other influences? Who the f do y’all think you are to critic this man just because he didn’t know Brandy and Ray were sibling?

  5. True Tea May 13, 2022

    India TOLD NO LIES!!!

    • Stop May 13, 2022

      He has the right to have other influences, that’s ridiculous as hell.

      • t May 13, 2022

        noooo0 it is not dumbo white people are using our sound and know nothing about that this is disrespectful just be quiet!

  6. marilyn monh-O-E ® 👠(#1 DIVA) May 13, 2022

    Come on, Brandy ain’t his generation💅🏾 I don’t expect him to know other ashy flops but Dua Lipa 💋

  7. Grow Up May 13, 2022

    The comments on this site are ridiculous. India, Brandy and Monica are Grammy Award winning multiplatinum selling artists. Jack Harlow is a fad rapper who’ll be forgotten in 3 years like DaBaby.

  8. Credits May 13, 2022

    “One of the industries most important voices”
    “Influence heard everywhere”

    Let that marinate!

  9. Rara May 13, 2022

    I see no lie! Brandys music, voice and career have been instrumental and influential to many artists!

    • Stop May 13, 2022

      So what? That means that they have to influence everyone? How stupid is that, so now y’all are gonna decide which artists these new ones has to know and follow? Y’all are sick as hell.

  10. Stop May 13, 2022

    Y’all are ridiculous as F. He has no obligation to knows the personal relations of any artists from a generation that is not his own, I grew up listening to Brandy from Full Moon and I didn’t know Ray was her brother until years later, so what? He probably has other influences, why it has to be Brandy and Ray? That’s stupid, y’all are dumb and toxic as hell.

  11. Stop May 13, 2022

    He NEVER SAID he doesn’t know who Brandy is, or that he never heard about her voice, why this old angry woman is lying? He didn’t know Brandy and Ray were sibling, and so what? He’s probably more focus on the music than the personal stuff, y’all just live for gossip folks like trolls.

    • Ceee May 13, 2022

      It’s beyond Jack Harlow at this point. India has made these statements time and time again based on the constant disrespect and dismissal of Brandy’s influence and legacy. Jack Harlows little interview opened the floodgates for more hate.

      • Stop May 13, 2022

        But he NEVER said anything bad about Brandy so what the f is your problem ?

      • Stop May 13, 2022

        Show me when and where he said anything disrespectful toward Brandy, i’m waiting. He just said he didn’t know she and Ray were sibling, where is the disrespect please?

      • Ceee May 13, 2022

        I didn’t say HE disrespected Brandy. I said India made these statements based on the constant disrespect and dismissal of Brandy’s legacy FOLLOWING his interview! She’s been making these statements for years because people treat Brandy as a joke! What’s your problem boo!?

    • RBRT May 14, 2022

      Stop … calm down Karen. You’re missing the point

  12. Mateo May 13, 2022

    The crazy this is, I know Jack must probably like Drake. Drake has a song that samples Brandy’s “dedicate” from her debut album.

    • Stop May 13, 2022

      So what? He never said he didn’y know who Brandy is, just thay he didn’t know Ray was her brother 🤷‍♂️

      • FordTuff May 13, 2022

        Jack is that you? All this controversy and still can’t get a #1 album. Do you and Drake go to the same plastic surgeon??

  13. dee May 13, 2022

    The boy was just born in 1998!

    • J May 13, 2022

      PEAK Brandy! Real artist know their music history. This n**** is a motherfucking plant. 🪴 Fraud ass b****

  14. Josh May 13, 2022

    He’s using the black culture. Just like the rest of the vultures.

    • J May 13, 2022

      S*** is sad AF. It would be different if he was actually lyrically innovative

  15. Amras May 15, 2022

    Black music? I didnt’ know music has a colour & couldn’t only sing by black people. This is racist! It’s called R’n’B etc.

  16. kevo May 15, 2022

    Who is India and who she talking about

  17. Ms. Vyk May 15, 2022

    Indie. You need to learn how to WRITE, girl!

  18. Jujumanji May 16, 2022

    Where’s the lie?

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