Watch: The Business On…Azealia Banks vs Everyone (SXSW Special)

Published: Saturday 30th Mar 2013 by Sam

Azealia Banks may not have an album out yet, but that hasn’t stopped the New York femcee from having A LOT to say about everyone – battling with everyone and their mom on social media at least once weekly. Indeed, the likes of Iggy Azalea, Angel Haze, Shystie, and Perez Hilton are just a few of those who’ve been at the receiving end on the forest of shade the rapper continues to throw.

Is she doing the most? Is it simply self-expression? Watch as That Grape Juice gives Azealia Banks The Business…live from SXSW!

Your thoughts?

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  1. JER March 30, 2013

    SXSW was 2 weeks ago…

  2. Who is Azealia? March 30, 2013

    Who is this ugly cockroach

  3. Lovebird March 30, 2013

    Oh please Ms Patrick, do you think anyone cares what you think? Azealia is too busy winning to even acknowledge your existence.

    It’s no secret the only reason you’re shading Azealia is because Iggy (whatever that is) gave you an interview.

    You’re going to have to deal because Azealia is that b**** right now.

  4. MY NAIJA GIST March 30, 2013

    Really who is she?

  5. the real xoxo March 30, 2013

    If people are calling Azealia a hater for dissing people, then so is 2pac, jay-z and nas.
    She is a b**** but doesnt pretend to be anything else. Atleast she doesnt try and play the victim like most females in the industry.

    • Katy March 30, 2013

      who are you!?

    • It Takes One… March 30, 2013

      The difference between 2Pac, Jay-Z, Nas and countless other rappers dissing folks and Azealia doing it is this… Those rappers were ESTABLISHED in their careers and have actually went on to become legends. The first time I ever heard of Azealia was when she went after Iggy and T.I. Like my mom used to say… “You are focused on everybody and everything, but what you should be focused on… YOURSELF!” It’s to the point where she is becoming more famous for her beefs than her music and this is one chocolate drop I want to see succeed. Her music isn’t half bad.

      • TruTH SERUM March 30, 2013

        Actually Jay wasn’t established when he took shots at Tupac on Brooklyn’s Finest, He was working with Biggie. So yeah, YOU’RE WRONG. You don’t know anything about HIP HOP. Rappers take digs at each other all the time. Nas wasn’t big when he and 2pac were beefing. SOOOOOO YOU’RE WRONG.

  6. Katy March 30, 2013

    Who TF is Azealia tho??

  7. CrackHead Keyshia March 30, 2013

    dirty n**** b****

  8. Bow Down March 30, 2013

    rocking riri red wig i see

    • LaurieBlue. March 31, 2013

      So because Rihanna had red hair, Azealia cant? Gurl bye!

  9. Reggie March 30, 2013

    By involving yourself and more importantly the brand of thatgrapejuice in calling for essentially blacklisting Azealia dont you now enter the “Rihanna school of controversy”?
    Also how hypocritical to site Chris is an example of someone who has earned their second chance as if he hasnt (since Rihanna) gone off on Drake, Frank Ocean, the set of Good Morning America and a couple other places too.

    Does she bring the page views tho?

  10. MermaidLove March 30, 2013

    Shut Up You Ugly Fagg0t!!!

    • TruTH SERUM March 30, 2013




  12. TruTH SERUM March 30, 2013

    Patrick’s a clown…

    She’s not getting dropped…


    How she doesn’t deserve it???

    You keep riding up Nicki’s untalented ass…

    Who is an obnoxious b****…

    And her attitude is the reason Bey and Gaga won’t work with her…

    Azealia has worked with Bey, Gaga, and Kanye ALL IN THE SAME YEAR.

    Can those OTHER PPL who SHE got in WITH CAN SAY THE SAME???

    • It Takes One… March 30, 2013

      I don’t know anything about Hip-Hop? The point of my arguement (which you failed to head) is that these men went on to establish themselves in the game. The only thing Azealia will establish herself as is a s*** starter. She already has. And I do not care for Nicki Minaj, but how the f*** do you know Bey and Gaga won’t work w/ her b/c of her attitude? Why don’t you have a seat along w/ Azealia and her twitter account in the Earth’s core. There’s some Truth Serum for your ass!

      • TRUTH SERUM March 30, 2013

        You said they were ESTABLISHED IN THEIR CAREERS…






  13. X,Y,”and Z” March 30, 2013

    So you want an opinion, do you Patrick? But on what exactly, you covered much ground in that video. I’ll address the underlying issue: Gays/Homosexuality/Gays in Media; K? That said, here goes:

    Patrick, I have yet to met a single soul who “hates” homosexuals. I sure don’t. That said: MY GOD, and MY Religion implicitly states: Marriage Is Between A Man And A Woman! Don’t bully your way into MY church, nor the Public Consciousness, then trying to change me, my God, nor the tenets of that religion – LEAVE MY CHURCH ALONE!

    You Homosexuals are a minority within a minority – you’re very few in actual numbers. You only seem larger in numbers because you are vocal and occupy hi-profile positions in entertainment. FACT: Gay, Jew Males RUN Hollywood, Madison Ave, and all ‘media points’ between; wanna see the face of “Hollywood”? Look no further than Harvey Levin (TMZ): Racist to his Jew-Gay core!

    Patrick, you “giving the business” to Azalia Banks is akin to you scolding black folks for using the “N” word in conversations BETWEEN THEMSELVES. A.Banks is homosexual, and THAT fact entitles her to use the “F” word in any fashion she chooses!

    Oh, btw, here’s a video of a young GAY Drake:***/

    Patrick/Sam, I now have questions:

    1.) Why do you think that you can compare 400-years of Slavery; decades of Jim Crowe; decades of redlining/gerrymandering to the choice of your sexuality?

    2.) Why are you a Homosexual, who just happens to be a Black Man, and not a Black Man who just happens to be Homosexual?

    3.) When looking upon the Bloody Tears In The Fabric Of Humanity: Darfur, Mali, Rwuanda – How can you, as a Black Man, use the term “Human/Humanitarian Right” when describing/addressing the “Same-S** Marriage” issue?

    4.) Do you know that Hollywood, Madison Ave, and much of entertainment, is controlled by Gay, Jew Males. And that well-oiled machine, that is Hollywood, is that very American institution that has perfected the exported racism worldwide?

    Speak up, Patrick/Sam! We await with bated breath.

    X,Y,”and Z”

    • DOSSOME March 30, 2013

      You clearly have your own issues

      • X,Y,”and Z” March 30, 2013

        @Dossome re: “You clearly have your own issues.”

        Rest assured: EVERY black person “will clearly have issues” once SCOTUS strikes-down the “65 Voter Rights Act” while then giving their “blessings” to “Same-S** Marriages”.

        But then again, ANYONE who disagrees with you and your same-s** agenda will have to run a gauntlet of slights, bullying, and name-calling.

        Patrick DID ask for comments, questions, and/or thoughts; did he not? Alright then! Well then, stick-to-script and engage in meaningful debate, or kindly take your prickly, glib, runny-nose mumblings to the next thread.

        X,Y,”and Z” — Out..!!

  14. Teacher March 30, 2013

    Patrick’s a faaaaggg! 😀

  15. lia March 30, 2013

    hey patrick why don’t u make another video for n***** calling each other n*****…i mean its the same thing right??? cuz if she is bi, then she’s a f***** therefore she is not insulting but confirming perez’ female tendencies……of trash talking, gossiping ( which is really a female tendency) so are u doing this bcuz u feel insulted? no one can hurt u unless u let them…move on already like the man u are( or queen) but wut evs

  16. Codey March 31, 2013

    this s*** is so shady….everybody uses the term f***** tho….how much did Iggy pay u to say this s***…TGJ only hates on artists who wont give them interviews lol Rihanna, Azealia etc and they stan for flops who give them interviews Rita Ora and Iggy Azalea etc

  17. LaurieBlue. March 31, 2013

    Whatever Patricia! Go have a seat somewhere! No one cares about ur irrelevant opinion!

    • lola March 31, 2013

      Then why the f*** are you on his BLOG????? How about you go sit down somewhere you stupid b****!

  18. ladylady March 31, 2013

    Agreed 500%. Her stock option dropped when she started being dramatic with no good reason and her usage of f***** lost me as a fan. I no longer have any interest in her or plans to support future ventures… Moving along.

  19. lola March 31, 2013

    Azealia Banks is nothing but a ghetto, stank ass b****! She is so immature and I bet the ones taking up for her are young as hell (minors) and/or just as ghetto and unruly as she is. She is not humble, down-to-earth, or even nice. Looking at her and hearing her music makes me wonder how she even got signed. She reminds me of Omarosa except uneducated. She’s a b**** who will go off any second and doesn’t give a sh—about no one but herself. It’s weird to even see her smile. Something is really off with her and I’m convinced she may even have a mental illness.

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