Watch: Nicole Scherzinger Visits ‘Jonathan Ross’ / Performs ‘Boomerang’

Published: Saturday 9th Mar 2013 by Sam

Nicole Scherzinger is hot on the promo trail for new single ‘Boomerang’.

The former Pussycat Doll’s push for the track’s UK release has included a number of high-profile TV spots, an interview right here on That Grape Juice, and a turn on The Jonathan Ross Show tonight.

Check out her performance of ‘Boomerang’ below, where a hilarious sit-down with funny-man Ross also awaits…

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  1. Holy Hive March 9, 2013


    • PCD Stan March 9, 2013

      Atleast she sings live unlike horse face baby faking beyonce *pops gum* beyonce doesn’t wanna see nicole on or off stage

      • RIOWNALLYALLHOES March 15, 2013

        you forgot skin bleaching beyphoneyce is always bleachin till her skin is pink*makes mmhm face*

  2. CiCi Slaaaaaays March 9, 2013

    She’ll never make it as a solo artist. plus this the weakest first single since beyonces run the world next…

    • PCD Stan March 9, 2013

      sorry b**** nothing worst then run the world you tried it

      • iamdiego March 10, 2013

        lol yes

  3. Mother March 9, 2013

    That song is awful, one of the worst in a long time. What was she thinking?

    • CiCi Slaaaaaays March 9, 2013

      i agree…..

    • PCD Stan March 9, 2013

      Stfu the song isnt bad

  4. PCD Stan March 9, 2013

    What an amazing LIVE vocal…. This song is everything the gays love it…. Nicole is the best yeeees

    She doesn’t deserve to be hated just because her music doesnt sell that well

  5. Lovebird March 9, 2013


    • Riqueen March 10, 2013


  6. Teflon Boy March 9, 2013

    The song’s actually alright, it’s the production and general tackiness of it that sucks…, it’s a sped-up mess…, that said, if P!nk had this song it would work as it would be housed within a sound. The problem is there is really nothing to hang this on with Nicole as she just all over the place and musically vapid.

    Such a shame as I was rooting for Nicole but the truth is that as talented as she is she just does not have any taste when it comes to music.

  7. Vroom vroom March 9, 2013

    Nicole should go and model for big ass designers, I mean she looks as young as 25yrs old …I mean if the music thing don’t work no more

  8. JER March 10, 2013

    Ok I’m not here for the onslaught of Nicole Schouldntbeasinger posts sucking her d*** cuz yal got a little “interview” with this ho.

  9. Riqueen March 10, 2013

    ugh… the b**** is a damn flop she really needs to have a seat because this OBVIOUSLY isn’t working out for her.

    • ARYO March 10, 2013

      well shes not tryna get popular by getting beaten to death like ur basic fave who does everything to get attention

      • RIqueen March 10, 2013

        Oh please even if queen rih didn’t get any attention Nichole’s flop ass still wouldn’t be popular.Nichole has NO STAR POWER…lets keep it real boo.

  10. stan March 10, 2013

    it’s kinda ironic that she was on x-factor, considering she doesn’t have the x-factor

    • ARYO March 10, 2013

      go f*** urself, she is a better performer than janet jacksonnot her fault u havent seen her other performances

  11. d rose 3.5 March 10, 2013


  12. Dev March 10, 2013

    Vocally she can sing, but her tone and singing style is annoying, this with a really rubbish song that should be sung by someone at least 10 years younger than her…. or from a disney TV show…. or Glee

  13. Jam March 10, 2013

    LOVED the interview, i’m really loving her at the moment as she seems to be being herself more, we all know she can saaang but thats just anawful song, sorry Nicole

  14. Aryo March 10, 2013

    LOL at a ciara and a leona fan calling nicole a flop lmao.
    U b****** stay pressed cuz ur fave can never perform as good as her

  15. Rihyonce March 10, 2013

    Ummm was the video sped up? Why does she sound so high pitched? She can sing, but her voice is kinda broadway-ish. I can’t describe it. Not a good fit for these type of songs. Nicole doesn’t know who she is as an artist, and until she finds out–she will continue to flop.

  16. James March 11, 2013

    Does anyone know what make that jacket she was wearing is?

  17. RIHOWNALLYALLHOES March 14, 2013

    nicole FLOPzinger needs to quiet.

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