Watch: Rihanna Rocks ‘Cold Case Love’ Live On ‘Diamonds World Tour’

Published: Sunday 17th Mar 2013 by David

The way we see it, mid-tempo Rihanna will always trump Dance Rihanna…on a number of fronts.

Sure, while her Dance jams have seen her become one of the world’s most celebrated entertainers, it’s her mid-tempo numbers that showcase the tone and vulnerability that makes ‘Diamonds‘, ‘Rehab’ and ‘Love Without Tragedy’ the gems that they are.

Now watch Riri flaunt the best of her voice during a performance of ‘Cold Case Love’ during the first night of her ‘Diamonds World Tour’ below…

…and there that was this:

Feel the difference?

Your thoughts?

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  1. mini monster March 17, 2013

    GOD DAMN!!!

    Are yall gonna post this b****** tour everyday damn im sick of seeing this h** on tour everytime i come here yall are truly stans here on TGJ

    • SO Fresh March 17, 2013

      i agree…all due respect, plz give it a rest…plus it’s horrible quality

    • BeyWhoUWanna March 17, 2013

      Who forced you to watch it though.

      • CiCi Slaaaaays March 17, 2013

        Lol this must be sam replying.. no one else would take offense besides him…lol @MiniMonster is telling the truth were sick of seeing post of this gurl n her wack ass tour

    • NaviKissKiss March 17, 2013

      Last time I checked the x button is still there. This thread is for those who care about Rihanna and clearly you do because you clicked here.

      • MiMi Carey March 17, 2013

        Sam n his multiple accounts lol the navi aint that dumb to say some s*** like that everyone knows tgj hates rihanna so why would a navy take up for this site hahaha makes no sense

      • NaviKissKiss March 17, 2013

        This isn’t about Sam, this is about other stans whose faves can’t even get a top 10 mad that Rihanna gets all the attention. I don’t care what TGJ posts but when I come to see a thread about my fave I don’t want to see Mariah fans talking s***. If you want something else to do besides watching the Queen go out and buy a copy of Triumphlop.

      • TaylorWins March 17, 2013

        They do this every b**** who calls them out on their b****. Someone said I was Sam too yesterday. UNLESS…….wait a minute……..Navikisskiss and i are one and the same!

      • NaviKissKiss March 17, 2013

        KIIIIIIIII! Girl they are so dumb. If any of us Sam wouldn’t it be easier for us to delete the exposer comments than reply.

  2. mini monster March 17, 2013

    The next time you post on this sleazy trannys tour the b**** better had fell off stage or break her leg..

  3. THE GREAT LACEFRONCE. March 17, 2013

    THIEFonce is scared to release her single because of Queen Rih LOL 🙂 😉

    • RICHANDBLACK11 March 17, 2013

      That’s not going to work ugly. Did you see the video….SHE SOUND A S***** DILL PICKEL

      • THE GREAT LACEFRONCE. March 17, 2013

        Just like THIEFonce sounded a pitchy mess when she sang the NA acapella;)

      • RICHANDBLACK11 March 17, 2013

        oh wow 1 bad Beyonce performance(so you say) compared to Rihanna 100000000000000000 HORRIBLE PERFORMANCE ……OH THE IRONY. tisk tisk

    • And… March 17, 2013

      RhiSplice still isn’t capable of giving her stans a decent performance… Exhibit A LOL 😀

      • THE GREAT LACEFRONCE. March 17, 2013

        ^^FAT&BLACK- Is this you under another account lol?????????????????

      • RICHANDBLACK11 March 17, 2013

        is that all you got ugly.

        That’s what you rihanna splice fan do.

        for the last time I only go by one name Richandblack11

  4. Holy Hive March 17, 2013



    • TaylorWins March 17, 2013

      Oh sweedie, upset that Fossil still hasn’t given you the new single. Just accept it, there’s no new album.

  5. FentySoSnatched March 17, 2013

    I feel so sorry for the hood hives. Still no new album or single. Yall don’t even know a single song name from the album and your ass won’t be getting that single. She tricked you to get you to buy tickets to her NON STADIUM tour.

    • NaviKissKiss March 17, 2013

      I have to kiii kiii at them everyday. Everytime they come Rih she shames them up. Without her this site would be nothing.

    • Hmmm March 17, 2013

      Worry about your fav and her NON sold out tour and s***** performances first.

      • Vbreezy March 17, 2013

        Lmao? not sold out tour? kkkkkkkkkkk u need to stfu, cuz DWT is sold out bitchhhhh STADIUMS

  6. MiMi Carey March 17, 2013

    She did great 🙂

    • VisionOfMimi March 17, 2013

      Mimi Carey is a Titanic member posing as a Lamb. You have been CLOCKED!

      • Britney Stan March 17, 2013

        lol & i guees your a bey fan posing as a lamb never seen you on a Mariah post lol now honey you have been CLOCKED.

  7. ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) March 17, 2013


  8. QueenOfTheNavy March 17, 2013

    I see the b****** up top are pressed at the queen again. When was the last time your girl was on a world tour though? Kiiiil.

  9. Kev March 17, 2013

    Actually i think she killed ‘cake’

  10. XtinaaLovee March 17, 2013

    Almost 2 months after beyonce super bowl performances n still no single i know the beyonce stans are pressed almost everyones favs are giving their fans that they love so much new music besides beyonce kiiiiiiii

    Alicia Rihanna Xtina Nicki Ciara even Mariahs giving they fans new music….. hahaha beyonce paying her fans nothing but dust honey

    • Britney Stan March 17, 2013

      haha the hive didn’t comment cause they no its the truth even britney giving new music to fans with featuring on scream n shout

  11. RICHANDBLACK11 March 17, 2013

    _-_ Look at the shipwrecker trying to bring Beyonce into this. Say what you please still not going to change nothing. Rihanna still sounds HORRIBLE.

    • Rikadygaga March 17, 2013

      Since Beyonce got pregnant, Rihanna has released two albums, gone on a world tour, released her own clothing and still had time to party.
      Since Beyonce got pregnant, Beyonce did one show, one superbowl performance, one interview with Oprah and a documentary made up of overdramatic b*******.

      • RICHANDBLACK11 March 17, 2013

        What’s your point tho?

        Little boy and girl go get ready for school tomorrow. GOODBYE

    • Cali Cutie March 17, 2013

      honey i see xtina & taylor stans sayin stuff about bey to so if your guna address one address them all be about that life or else shut it tf up

      • RICHANDBLACK11 March 17, 2013

        who are you again?

    • THE GREAT LACEFRONCE. March 17, 2013

      You’re right it still wont change the fact that Unapologetic & TTT has outsold 4closure ww

      • RICHANDBLACK11 March 17, 2013

        Who cares hun? I don’t cause I know just like you know and everybody else know BEYONCE>>>>>>>>>>>rihanna.

      • Cali Cutie March 17, 2013

        Oh b**** ignore me i see you aint about that life rich n black your not a real beyonce fan if your only worried about dissing rihanna when her fans diss beyonce but dont say s*** to the other fan bases that diss her b**** BE ABOUT IT!!!

      • RICHANDBLACK11 March 17, 2013

        Cali Cutie
        March 17, 2013 at 3:18 pm

        honey i see xtina & taylor stans sayin stuff about bey to so if your guna address one address them all be about that life or else shut it tf up

        Report this comment


        March 17, 2013 at 3:24 pm
        who are you again?

  12. Cali Cutie March 17, 2013


  13. Loyalty March 17, 2013

    DEAD at the Navy and others feeling ‘sorry’ for the Hive, we don’t need no pity cos one things guaranteed is a good show and 100% effort from Beyonce and once she arrives and the tour starts she’ll be everywhere so make the most of it and worry about your half hearted fave first.

    • THE GREAT LACEFRONCE. March 17, 2013

      H** STFU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All of THIEFonces recent performances have ALL been the same

      Same songs

      Same choreography

      The H** has no originality FLOP!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Loyalty March 17, 2013

        And they still s*** on Rihannas.

      • RICHANDBLACK11 March 17, 2013

        @Loyalty you took the words right out my mouth chile….

        It’s funny how nobody from the navy said this video slayyyyyyyyyyyyyed….

    • Loyalty March 17, 2013


    • Hmmm March 17, 2013

      They are the ones that should be pitied really. Their girl is not even dedicated enough to get some decent vocal coaching.

  14. mr jailor March 17, 2013

    Lol want sam to stop posting about this girl every second??…get him a man fast, let’s say elijah blake maybe… (now he would shut the whole site altogether)

    • Lana Del Slay March 17, 2013


  15. PIU March 17, 2013

    Poor hood hives! No single and no album! Just more recycled dance moves.

    • RICHANDBLACK11 March 17, 2013

      and they still slay rihanna , hell and the rest of the other girls.

  16. Vee March 17, 2013

    Ugh this girl and her s***** ass performances! Once again, the Navy turn the focus to everyone and everything BUT the fact their fav is an epic fail on the stage.

  17. Jewell March 17, 2013

    Terrible, as usual. And what does Beyonce have to with it really? At least she always performs her ass off for her fans.

    • THE GREAT LACEFRONCE. March 17, 2013

      By performing the same songs/choreography and lipping????????????????

      • Sass March 17, 2013

        Yes! All that and its still better than R****.

  18. Cali Cutie March 17, 2013

    Wheres beyonce single & album??????????????? is it never to be released like Ciaras One F** Army & Ashanti WeakHeart

  19. Little Monster March 17, 2013

    Oh surprise, surprise, RIHANNAS RUBBISH! Navy you guys must be so used to it by now. I cant imagine what that must feel like, expecting more bad performances than good.

  20. Little Monster March 17, 2013

    I see the desperation Titanic are doing the most to distract from Rihoes lack of talent.

    • Britney Stan March 17, 2013

      like gaga trys to distract the world from her penis ?

      • Little Monster March 17, 2013

        Was that supposed to be a comeback?

  21. MCThePlaceToBe March 17, 2013

    This b**** is trash.

    • Britney Stan March 17, 2013

      Mariah husband stealing ass is f****** trash

      • VisionOfMimi March 17, 2013

        At least she has a husband.

      • Britney Stan March 17, 2013

        her husband was 14 when she was 30 yuck…p******** carey can have that

  22. Britney Stan March 17, 2013

    Yaaaas gurl you slayed & it was LIVE, Good for you

  23. SandySande March 17, 2013

    She sounds like a goat getting doggied by Mandigo himself!

  24. Sleazy March 17, 2013

    Its sad to see this girls performances I don’t even finish it … I like some of her songs but I’m not gonna be delusional and say she has talent NEVER

    • Britney Stan March 17, 2013

      we do you even watch if you think she sounds horrible?? are you obsessed? can’t enough of her?

      • RICHANDBLACK11 March 17, 2013

        re read- re-write

  25. Lydia March 17, 2013

    She has no stage presence whatsoever.

  26. Hmmm March 17, 2013

    WACK WACK AND MORE WACK! She always gets exposed for the overrated marketing tool she is when she goes on tour.

  27. AzealiaBankable March 17, 2013

    I loved it, but I know she has no real talent, I just take her for being her and vibe along.

  28. RICHANDBLACK11 March 17, 2013

    It’s funny how they trying to spin this ish, talking bout when Beyonce droping her single, she don’t love her fan ect. SAVE THAT B.S FOR SOMEBODY ELSE. You people are just trying to distract the others from RIHANNA lack of talent. fcuk out of here with that, cause ain’t noboday got time for that.

    • Britney Stan March 17, 2013

      yall the dumb ones who fall for the distractions every post to 🙂

  29. FeFe Dobson (The Original Ri) March 17, 2013

    RihSplice? LMFAO!

  30. WeAreLambily March 17, 2013

    I’ve noticed a tactic used by the Titanic whenever tgj writes about Rihanna. Because they know she sounds like s*** they start to drag the other girls to distract people but I am not fooled by them. So let’s stay on topic and rate this s***** performance on a scale of 1 to 10.
    1 being s*** and 10 being wig snatchable.

    • LaLopez March 17, 2013


      • RICHANDBLACK11 March 17, 2013


    • BitchyBey March 17, 2013


    • Lana Del Slay March 17, 2013


    • 1D>>>>>YourLife March 17, 2013


    • Britney Stan March 17, 2013

      this is clearly another hive posing as a lamb like i told the othe lamb i never seen you on a Mariah post before …..hmmmm yall tryin to start another lamb vs navy war

    • SandySande March 17, 2013


    • BeyWhoUWanna March 17, 2013


    • PrincessTweedy March 17, 2013


    • OnikaSlay March 17, 2013

      1 and a quarter.

    • AQueenLikeBey March 17, 2013


    • QueenCeline March 17, 2013


    • BionicGlam March 17, 2013

      Minus Zero. I don’t give a f*** if that’s a real number or not 2bh.

    • MalikOnMyMind March 17, 2013

      You lot are harsh.

    • IdolNika March 17, 2013


    • QueenBarb March 17, 2013

      a bunch of no life having f*** making multiple accounts

      you’ll never see majority of these accounts again

  31. HOTSTUFF March 17, 2013

    So many haters commenting on this LIVE singing vocalist, yall cant deal with the fact that she sings better than your fave. Rihanna is a respected VOCALIST that’s the reason Stay A BALLAD is sitting in the top both on Billboard & itunes. #DEAL

    • Sass March 17, 2013

      Ri is a respected vocalist LMAOOOO girl thanks for the laugh!

  32. Sass March 17, 2013

    The Navy is the most phoney fan base with their trolls with 5000000 different accounts, flip floppers and they even pose as other stans the desperation is so real! Sorry your girl is a s*** performer and everyone and their mama has clocked this shes the only one to blame not any of the other boss b****** ie Mimi, Bey and Gaga. Their fans will have an opinion because their faves actually have TALENT.

    • FentySoSnatched March 17, 2013

      You want to believe we pose as different stans because you’re mad that all the stan gworls are finally giving her her props for being the new Queen.

      • Sass March 17, 2013

        No hunny, you literally exposed yourselves on previous posts and got called out. The evidence is there.

      • FentySoSnatched March 17, 2013


      • Sass March 17, 2013

        Go to the recent Beyonce VH1 post

      • FentySoSnatched March 17, 2013

        no b****, screen cap that s***.

      • Sass March 17, 2013

        Go to the f****** post yourself Ive told you where to go you wanna know so bad! I aint doin the work for you h**. Its there… if you don’t wanna search then stay ignorant but don’t ask!

  33. AB March 17, 2013


  34. AB March 17, 2013

    When b****** hate so hard it just shows you affect them in some type of way… rihanna can buy & sell you n******

  35. Yes Maam March 17, 2013

    When parents of the future show their kids them EPIC performances from popstars of this generation, Rihanna will not be one of them.

    • HOTSTUFF March 17, 2013

      U have Epic right in this post, not even janet or madonna has a powerful voice like rihanna. yes they can dance their asses off but vocally rihanna is another level. Diamonds, stay, coldcase love, russian roulette, california king bed.


      • Yes Maam March 17, 2013

        They have TALENT and actually know how to command a stage. Rihanna cannot. Do not compare her to them.

  36. HoneychildPlease March 17, 2013

    At least she is giving the navy what they want! All new Songs, and a damn tour at the same time!Mean while bertha biggums is literally covering every magazine like her fat ass is slaying like sasha fierce 08 era…No single, Nothing is really sticking! Don’t hate on rih because no one really checking for for Thick neck UPS driving t*****..

  37. AB March 17, 2013

    Taylor Swift Rihanna & Adele top selling artist of this decade….. beyonce isn’t, all she has on her is being a good performer her album & single sells for this decade are very basic

  38. Kyle March 17, 2013

    Ok so, this didn’t seem that bad. But it was also nothing special at all.

  39. mmhh March 17, 2013

    ehhh. what? two different things. a ballad is hq and cake… you know… hip trash. why compare?

    even funnier is the way the puppets dance on it. i can’t resist to grin when i watch that choreo s***. sorry. 😆

  40. Kyle March 17, 2013

    But why are these b****** so bothered about what Beyoncé is doing? Like f****** hell her music is coming it aint that serious. The same people that stan for a s***** complacent performer are coming for a hardworking passionate performer? Wheres the logic?

  41. AB March 17, 2013

    Rihanna is making her fans happy & giving them what they want n thats all that matters at the end of the day…. the haters are obviously mad because this girl stays winning

  42. jia March 17, 2013

    rihanna f***** sucks yo

  43. mc the place to be! March 17, 2013

    Sigh another post another day I don’t care what no one says Sam loves Rihanna more than the navy do he takes his time finding videos and giving shade. That’s some tough love

  44. HoneychildPlease March 17, 2013

    My b**** is slaying..Hit after hit! People are truly pressed because they fav is too much of a punk ass b**** to release a single in this new era…She was never a huge seller, Never had diamond album, Never had a bunch of number one’s on her own..The only thing beyonce was simply going off of was the energy she bought to the stage, and her looks….Trashy ass ghetto music, with no real substance…I would be scared to release something too i were here, because people are on to her now.The market has changed..That;s why she’s so extra now

    • HoneychildPlease March 17, 2013


    • Diamond Navy March 17, 2013

      Rihanna is not your b**** you flip flopping fake bandwagoner. I remember how you used to talk about her. Now you wanna claim shes your b****? GTFOH

      • HoneychildPlease March 17, 2013

        She is my bish i was giving constructive criticism so fall back …

      • Diamond Navy March 17, 2013

        No you aint you fake h** after all you’ve said in the past any real Rihanna fan wont take anything you say seriously. Ive got you clocked like many others. I aint gonna suddenly lick your ass just cos you are supporting her.

    • FentySoSnatched March 17, 2013

      YAAAAASSS sister! Even Sam knows that’s why he can’t stop posting about her. Who else gets this many posts dedicated to them?! Nobody!

      • Lana Del Slay March 17, 2013

        Honey Child has lost her mind. Popped too many mollys?

    • HoneyChildPlease Stan March 17, 2013

      i f****** love u b**** .. . i stan for ur ass…ur comments are always hirlarious f*** these beyonce fans they mad cause Rih snatched beys wig with that LOUD album

      • HoneychildPlease March 17, 2013

        Thank you @ HoneychildPlease Stan

        Thanks for stanning for me xoxo you do it well!

      • Diamond Navy March 17, 2013

        This b**** replying to herself. I f****** cannot!

      • HoneychildPlease March 17, 2013

        That is not me! lol smh

  45. RED March 17, 2013

    she did fine… ugh the hate here is just f****** ridiculous i see why alot of people dont comment on here anymore..

  46. Vanessa B March 17, 2013

    Ok so now the weak Navy wanna turn it back round on Beyonce? You lot are beyond lame like your favs talent. Beyonces not giving her fans what they want yet shes going on tour in less than a month to put on a GOOD show. Ok. Yall will try with anything.

  47. Yolo March 17, 2013

    the hive & navy up in here making FAKE ACCOUNTS….smh both fan bases are ridiculous…

    • AQueenLikeBey March 17, 2013

      I’m f****** perplexed by this. You really must be new to this web page if you think that’s true.

  48. Diamond Navy March 17, 2013

    It was good RiRi

  49. HoneyChildPlease Stan March 17, 2013

    Why are the HIVE making fake accounts its so OBVIOUS same goes for the NAVY

    • Sass March 17, 2013

      And you are probably one of them people making fake accounts. Honey child please stan my back foot LMAO.

      • HoneyChildPlease Stan March 17, 2013

        honey ive been here check the beyonce n xtina post you’ll see me there mama

      • NaviKissKiss March 17, 2013

        Ignore her HCPS, they said I was Sam earlier.

  50. HOTSTUFF March 17, 2013

    Diamonds, stay, Mother mary, Cold case love, love the way you lie part 2, russian roulette, california king bed…

    That rihanna vocal reign just won’t let up !

    #DEAL *turns on rihanna’s powerful vocal performance on the #1 dance track ‘only girl’ *

  51. HoneychildPlease March 17, 2013

    So beyonce want’s to make an R&B album because she think she can bring it back? B**** please you will flop h**, than run back to doing pop h**! You are not the second coming, and you aren’t saving s***!

    • Kyle March 17, 2013

      Stop worrying about Beyonce already! She aint reading your comments dear. Its clear what your motive is here ‘Praise Rihanna so you can hate on Beyonce’.

    • Jasi March 17, 2013


  52. Rellz March 17, 2013

    #MrsCarter2013 tour will come along and slayyy this h**.

  53. NaviKissKiss March 17, 2013

    100 comments already. The power of Slayhanna.

    • HausMuthaAdele March 17, 2013

      But they’re making fun of her though.

  54. HOTSTUFF March 17, 2013

    Rihanna will always keep you press, cause she sells millions of albums ( i prefer going platinum for each album than selling 17million for two first albums and be a hot burning flop for the rest of my life , i wont say any names, why ? cause there are too many lmao !) & it only takes one of rihannas singles to erase your fave EXISTENCE on the pop scene! talk about slaying!


    • TurntUp4Cici March 17, 2013

      7 years to get a number one album and the b**** has never won album of the year so have a f****** seat.

      • HOTSTUFF March 17, 2013

        that’s right honey 7 years to get a #1 :

        1) shes getting more and more successful in contrary to your fave who’s getting covered in dust over time.

        2) she slayed and sold millions without a #1 album. Keeping your faves pressed since 2005. The stats are there for you to read.


  55. HoneyChildPlease Stan March 17, 2013

    not even a big fan of this girl but it amazes me how much of haters that beyonce fans are like omg why are yall so intimidated about this no talented girl as yall like to call her…. yall be on here everyday crying your eyes out about how much she sucks like you saying she sucks isnt guna make her record deal fame or success go away… she has a career you b****** working at mc donalds n s*** but you wanna judge lol i cant with yall

    • HoneychildPlease March 17, 2013

      Yeah durrrrling… Those h*** saucy because after they put in cheese burger, with diet coke they have to ask if b****** want extra fries! Don’t be mad at rihslaya, She is one of the biggest stars slaying while their fav hides for cover under mountain of shelved cds titled 4…

  56. RoyalNavi March 17, 2013

    Another day another TGJ most juicy thread all about the Queen. *Flicks Hair and Files Nails.

  57. Yeah I Said It March 17, 2013

    Aint nobody pressed by this untalented b****. Stop flattering your damn selves. The amount people drag her ass whenever she performs on all websites speaks for itself.

    • HoneychildPlease March 17, 2013

      Yeah nobody but you h**! # keep it nice and pressed b****

  58. Marnie March 17, 2013

    Lol this is why I love the Hive and Navy.

  59. Vbreezy March 17, 2013

    She did pretty well in both performances, so idk what you’re talking about Sam.

  60. RIHOWNSALLYALLHOES March 17, 2013

    Love it. Rihanna is just so amazing

  61. Faith March 17, 2013

    Its amazing, when people point rihannas performance flaws, her fans start tearing down other musicians put on epistles of her no 1s , the truth is its getting old,if after 7 years and 7 albums this is what she gives her fans live then im afraid to see her when shes thirty , FACE IT Rihanna is no more new in the industry ,she has accolades but gained no genuine respect for her craft from her peers or competitions so all these excuses don’t work she should stop misbehaving and work on her craft she wont be at the top forever and she should make the best of it.

  62. MIMI ME March 17, 2013

    she’s gonna flop cause white people ain’t checking for her.

  63. Mother March 17, 2013

    Sam is here for Rihanna, we all know this already. I’m glad she added Cold Case Love to the trackslist, that’s the best song she’s ever recorded.

  64. ocean March 18, 2013

    I’m sorry for all that damn money she is making her show is Wack! She might as well be performing at the local town hall with that s***, smh.

  65. mezzy March 18, 2013

    I am Rihanna fan but yall dissing Beyonce is lame. Have you gus forgotten that Beyonce’s tour sold out with no new single or album. Unfortunately Rihanna’s tour hasnt sold out.

    • mezzy March 18, 2013


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