Frank Ocean: ‘My Life Changed When I Fell In Love’

In the snap above, Frank Ocean can be seen enjoying the company of fellow chart topper Justin Timberlake and ‘Late Night’ King Jimmy Fallon.

All attendees at the NYC gala honouring this year’s Time 100 honorees, the trio were snapped shortly before Frank sat down with ‘Today‘s Matt Lauer to discuss ‘life changing moments’.

A discussion, which saw the Grammy winning star reveal that his life changed when he fell in love.

His words below…

Your thoughts?

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  1. DAMIEN April 26, 2013

    1. This post is HIFGHLY INSIGNIFICANT @Sam/TGJ, seeing that he barely elaborated on his “love life”. Seriously? >>>

    2. “Influential”? Why? To whom? For what? …One album and a coming out letter and this dude is praised like he’s ‘Harvey Milk & Stevie Wonder’. THE SHADE OF IT ALL. >>>

    3. He looks nice in a Tux. >>>

    • truth(icki released 1,726 singles and 80 videos for reFLOP and still caint go platinum! Yea b****** i said it NNN WIT!! pops tongue) April 26, 2013

      Honey stfu

      • DAMIEN April 26, 2013


        Gwooorl, u know I love you too boo.

        *Blushes @Truth*

        😉 x

    • Yeezy April 26, 2013

      Damien, Let us not be shady. Frank is and always will be influential because of his bravery. Hundreds of little boys and girls struggle with identity issues everyday and Frank decision provided a little boost in helping them. So, I agree with him making that list.

  2. Jenny April 26, 2013

    when he said that to matt lauer his spinktor cringed

  3. nobitchassness April 26, 2013

    Willy Cartier?

  4. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) April 26, 2013

    JT’s Priceless facial Expression >>>

  5. JOHNVIDAL April 26, 2013

    That´s a f****** hot trio in that photo!

    • S****** Blonde April 26, 2013

      I can’t believe you think Francina is hot.

      • JOHNVIDAL April 26, 2013

        He is when paired with the right one 🙂

      • S****** Blonde April 26, 2013

        Your tastes in men are awful.

      • JOHNVIDAL April 26, 2013

        You only like blonde and white 🙂
        I ususally prefer dark haired people

      • S****** Blonde April 26, 2013

        That’s no true, i like dark haired people too, i usually don’t like blonde men like me.

  6. S****** Blonde April 26, 2013

    Sam are you trying to make me jealous with this picture?

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