Rihanna’s ‘Love Song’ Heads To Gold

…and the Rihanna reign continues.

Of course, though that reign only has her management team to thank for its existence, nothing can take away from the impact the ‘Jump’ singer makes each and every time she releases a new music.

Not sure what we mean?

Full story below…

In what marks her latest sleeper hit, the star’s Future backed ‘Love Song’ has now sold 450,053 units in the US alone.

Yes, you read that right. Without the aid of a supporting video, a televised performance or the benefit of being one of ‘Unapologetic‘s stand out tracks, the single is just 50,000 units away from reaching Gold status for sales of half a million copies.

A testament to the hold she has over the casual listener, the unexpected success of the non-single comes as sales of ‘Pour It Up‘ sit at the 962, 942 mark, despite the slow burning sales of the aforementioned ‘Unapologetic‘- yet to hit sales of 1 million in the market.

Congratulations Ri!

 Your thoughts?

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  1. DAMIEN April 26, 2013


    The SLAYAGE is F****** REAL!!!

    *Plays BeyTHIEFce’s ‘Broken Hearted Girl’*

    🙂 🙂 🙂

    • QUEEN OF THE NAVY April 26, 2013


    • NAVI April 26, 2013

      lol the funny thing is she never mention this song is going to be a single, the songs are just slaying on there own with no promo whatsoever. crazy!

    • truth(icki released 1,726 singles and 80 videos for reFLOP and still caint go platinum! Yea b****** i said it NNN WIT!! pops tongue) April 26, 2013

      Deeeeeeath chile

    • SLAY_HIVE April 26, 2013

      Bxtch u cant congratulate your girl without thinking of Bey?! Kiiiiii

      I LOVE that you stan so hard!! *blows kiss* 😉

      • DAMIEN April 26, 2013


        B****, please.

        🙂 🙂 🙂

        *Blows kiss at my Baby @SlayHive*

    • rihking/queen April 26, 2013


  2. QUEEN OF THE NAVY April 26, 2013



    • Mark111 April 26, 2013

      The funny thing is that Future has to celebrate in front of her.

      • SeeSeeCC April 26, 2013

        Ciara don’t give no f***! Regardless of what Rihanna does…she ain’t gonna deny the talent or success of the song.

    • Rihanna killed beyho’s career April 26, 2013

      O please. Ci-error tried to diss Rihanna and “Love Song” on Twitter.

  3. mezzy April 26, 2013

    Winning. 🙂

  4. Music Lover April 26, 2013

    Why can’t you just congratulate Rih? Why must Bey come into the equation? The Navy irk me lol

    • Navy Sailor!!! April 26, 2013

      Like the hive is any better 😆

  5. Navy Sailor!!! April 26, 2013


  6. Jackieyonce April 26, 2013

    Congrats to my girl Rihanna. #Winning

    • Navy Sailor!!! April 26, 2013

      Wtf you are a FLIP FLOPPER. Since when was Rihanna your girl? Kiiii

    • rihking/queen April 26, 2013

      KIIII flipflopin h** much

  7. Jackieyonce April 26, 2013

    Pour it up >>> Love soooong
    I like Riri new album. I might go and buy it later

  8. Jackieyonce April 26, 2013

    B****. I. Sometime like Rihannas song but I LOVE beyonce. Now take a sit. Or go and f*** your alien forehead fave, STupid b****

    • MuiMui April 26, 2013

      And just think she and your granny are sisters.

  9. Jackieyonce April 26, 2013

    I’m trying to be Fucken POSITIVE and I’m being nice and congratulating Rihanna but noooooooooo. You wanna take this to another level. To be honest I don’t even hate rihanna, but her fans hate to beyonce. Makes me heart hate her. So bash me b****. I swear if this was reality I would’ve been strangling you to Death right now. Anyways your shades are tired as hell. Just like your fave

  10. DANIEL T April 26, 2013

    Is it me or does it just highlight the fact that she’s a singles artist instead of an albums one…?

    • unbiased April 26, 2013

      itunes makes it possible to buy only songs not the whole package. blame the apple. the sour one. pun intended. but you could say that about any other artist too. so…

  11. kingBEY April 26, 2013

    Smh Still riding off singles instead of selling a whole album? When will this chick learn… its about time for her to start really making an impact on the music industry… she lacks a lot of things

    • outofdabox14 April 26, 2013

      …..Like Talent?, Like Stage Presence?

    • lexi April 26, 2013

      I am confused Rihanna has sold 30 million albums world wide and she doesn’t sell albums. In the us she usually sells like a little over a million with each albums and many more million worldwide on top of basically having huge selling songs. That is a pretty good career too me because a lot of artist can’t even pass gold.

  12. Jackieyonce April 26, 2013

    She’s a stupid h**. Her forehead is Massive. I would have killed myself if I was her

    • Navy Sailor!!! April 26, 2013

      Kiiii kiss my ass you crazy African voodoo priestess.

      How the F*** is Rihanna your girl when you say s*** like this about her? Like I said… FLIP FLOPPER. Now get your life and go back to the Beyonce post sweetie. 😆

    • MuiMui April 26, 2013

      Jackie and just thing you and her are twins, from the same mama , stop putting the family business in the streets.

    • rihking/queen April 26, 2013

      kiiiiiiiiii kiiiiiiii kiiiiiiiii

  13. Jackieyonce April 26, 2013

    She opens her legs for every rapper and RnB musician. She’s loose. Lmao

  14. truth(icki released 1,726 singles and 80 videos for reFLOP and still caint go platinum! Yea b****** i said it NNN WIT!! pops tongue) April 26, 2013

    Go rhi!

  15. Navy Sailor!!! April 26, 2013

    Here comes the hive. I’ve been steering clear of Beyonce posts because I could honestly care less about what she’s doing, but I see than y’all love rih more than the Navy does! 😆 muuaaaahhhhh!

    • Navy Sailor!!! April 26, 2013

      *that y’all

  16. unbiased April 26, 2013

    that means it’s actually a good song… right?

    that’s all. phuckyobiasedasses 😀

  17. Rihanna Legend (Lovebird) April 26, 2013

    Do not forget to purchase a pack of Pepsi to save the franchise because somebody couldn’t whilst you enjoy the song.


    NEW YORK — PepsiCo is selling more its snacks and drinks around the world, even as the maker of Frito-Lay, Tropicana and Quaker Oats tries to figure out how to sell more soda in the United States.

    For its beverage unit in the Americas, however, revenue was flat as price hikes offset a drop in volume. Soft drink volume in North America declined in the mid-single digits.

    “The cola category continues to be a challenge,” CEO Indra Nooyi noted in a conference call with analysts.

    Over the past year, PepsiCo has significantly stepped up marketing for its namesake drink, including an endorsement deal with the pop star Beyonce. But it’s struggling to win back market share from Coca-Cola Co. at a time when Americans are continuing to cut back on soda in favor of water, sports drinks and bottled teas.

    PepsiCo, based in Purchase, N.Y., offers a variety of drinks in all those categories, including Aquafina, Gatorade and Lipton. But Nooyi noted that the company has to be careful about investing more heavily in one brand at the expense of another. Soda, for example, is generally more profitable than bottled water and still makes up the bulk of its beverage sales.

    www . huffingtonpost . com /2013/04/18/pepsico_n_3109932 . html

    LMAO I guess Beyonce was not worth the money was she PepsiCo lmao. Her biggest era yet huh?? Someone is getting fired lmao.

    • White girl mob 2.0 April 26, 2013

      Rihanna no legend she a n****

    • Pepsi struggling since beyonce came on April 26, 2013

      Pepsi can you get out clause in the contract, to avoid paying $ 50 mill for beyonce flop marketing.

  18. Monstarebel April 26, 2013

    This song isnt even officially released when will body party go gold?

  19. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) April 26, 2013

    effortless slayage 😀

    US NAVY started to catch up for once i see , shout out to them.

    *plays jump*

    • White girl mob 2.0 April 26, 2013

      “Slayage” girl, you need to shut your nappy headed stink booty hole ass up. Cause I ain’t trying to hear it s****!

      • POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) April 26, 2013

        YOUR LOSS! 😀

  20. Nats April 26, 2013

    @LOVEBIRD LMAO I aint even a Bey stan but BEYONCE aint the one who gets DROPPED from her endorsement deals lmoa!!! Have a seat.

    • Rihanna Legend (Lovebird) April 26, 2013

      Is that your explanation of why Pepsi is dying ever since they signed Beyonce on???

      • Nats April 26, 2013

        Nope. Only stating facts! And clearly you’ve never done business if you think its purely down to a celeb face on a bottle as to why theyre going down. Hon, stop. You are just embarrassing yourself with the spamming.

      • Nats April 26, 2013

        You cant even read properly because the article is clearly saying that they’ve been struggling for the past YEAR not since they signed Beyoncé. You are so dumb.

      • Rihanna Legend (Lovebird) April 26, 2013

        It’s called PR honey, they still have to use Beyonce and so they wont damage the brand further by implicating Beyonce on the low volume sales but it is entirely because of Beyonce.

        I mean Nicki Minaj managed to somewhat save the brand, Beyonce is killing it.

      • Nats April 26, 2013

        The article is not saying Beyonce is to blame for their struggle which has been going on for ages, she’s just an example of their efforts. Coke has always been the bigger brand and always be, its not even big news.

      • Rihanna Legend (Lovebird) April 26, 2013

        They brought in Beyonce to save the brand and gain market share from Coca Cola, instead of doing that, Beyonce killed the brand further. What was the point of bringing Beyonce in on a $50 million dollar campaign if it wasn’t to ensure Beyonce gets them results? Beyonce is a poor brand and this proves it.

      • Nats April 26, 2013

        Where did they ‘quote’ she killed it FURTHER? Where are the stats. All they are saying is they still cant beat coke. Keep trying!

      • Nats April 26, 2013

        And with a name like Rihanna legend who are you to talk about poor brands really?

      • Rihanna Legend (Lovebird) April 26, 2013

        Lol, they are saying even with Beyonce on the brand, sales volume has been down, in short, at a waste of $50 million dollars, Beyonce has done NOTHING to help the brand.

      • Nats April 26, 2013

        Oh so now you are changing lanes. You just said she killed the brand further, that’s completely different. Girl give up you do not even know what you are saying.

      • Nats April 26, 2013

        You are switching lanes now. You said she ‘killed’ the brand ‘further’. That’s completely different. You don’t even know what you are saying girl lol.

      • Rihanna Legend (Lovebird) April 26, 2013

        Ok so explain it to me. Why else would sales volume and market share decline further, even with a $50 million dollar campaign? Do you honestly think they would implicate Beyonce when they still have to use her (they signed a contract)? Come on now, we can read between the lines.

      • Nats April 26, 2013

        Lovebird give up honey, you are not understanding my point. You keep switching lanes and not talking facts and twisting it into something it isn’t. Just give up. And all this boils down to is you caring about Beyonces every move. I really don’t think she gives a f*** about pepsis situation, they had her in the first place which is a compliment in itself and shes still getting paid and they havnt dropped her soo, if it was ‘killing’ them that bad they would’ve. That is all.

      • Rihanna Legend (Lovebird) April 26, 2013

        But her face is on Pepsi cans and sales volume falls, pretty obvious to me.

  21. Jackieyonce April 26, 2013

    Lovebird is one sad person. I feel sorry for him.

    • Rihanna Legend (Lovebird) April 26, 2013

      Beyonce is killing Pepsi honey. I guess everyone saw what a fat b**** she is and decided to avoid the beverage.

      • Jewell April 26, 2013

        How dumb can you get though. The article is about its not even based on Beyonces endorsement deal smh. Its their struggle from ages ago to beat coke. You are such a reacher.

      • Nats April 26, 2013


      • Rihanna Legend (Lovebird) April 26, 2013

        But they brought in Beyonce to save the brand no? If not then what was the point of having Beyonce there? Why put her on a $50 million dollar campaign? You guys are just making up excuses.

      • Jewell April 26, 2013

        No you are exaggerating. Making it seem like its Beyonces fault their brand is struggling to win against coke when that’s not what they are saying.

      • Rihanna Legend (Lovebird) April 26, 2013

        Honey the article is not all about trying to win against coke, it’s about sales volume going further down and them losing market share further even with the $50 million dollar campaign with Beyonce. Why is Beyonce there if not to increase sales volume and gain market share? The whole campaign has been a FLOP.

      • Jewell April 26, 2013

        Where did the article say that? They said “The cola category continues to be a challenge’ Like ALWAYS. Its about ‘win back market share from Coca-Cola Co. at a time when Americans are continuing to cut back on soda in favor of water, sports drinks and bottled teas’. Where does that say its BEYONCES fault? I seriously don’t know why you are so surprised. Coke is bigger than pepsi. It takes more than Beyonces face to BEAT them. They did not say the brand is dying its just not beating coke still.

      • Rihanna Legend (Lovebird) April 26, 2013

        But sales volume has gone further down, even with a $50 million dollar campaign. I mean what’s the point of having Beyonce there if she’s just going to waste $50 million. They brought her in for a reason, and that is to try and win market share, and that didn’t happen. There’s only one answer to this equation, Beyonce is responsible for a further decline in sales and market share. They won’t implicate her because they still have to use her (they signed a contract) and do not want to damage the brand further.

      • Jewell April 26, 2013

        Where did they say sales have gone further down. Copy and paste it cos all I am getting is that they STILL cannot beat coke. I think you are confusing yourself. You seem to be holding Beyoncé on a higher pedastool than her fans if you think one celeb endorsement will change pepsi compared to coke so drastically. Get real.

      • Rihanna Legend (Lovebird) April 26, 2013

        They said it right here honey, “For its beverage unit in the Americas, however, revenue was flat as price hikes offset a drop in volume”.

        Guess who’s face was on Pepsi cans.

      • Jewell April 26, 2013

        LMAO theres no getting through to you is there. That wasn’t only since Beyonce was on it. So back to square one we go… I really give up talking to you is like talking to a plank. Bye.

    • MuiMui April 26, 2013

      @Jackieyonce You read like a scared rat who the cat has chased into a box and there’s no way out for you and you know the cat won this one, right. And besides that you sound so stupid and makes no kind of sense at all., Hate is a terrible thing you know. And rihanna is doing thing that jay them love and you can stay bitter.

  22. White girl mob 2.0 April 26, 2013

    TGJ kreayshawn smash hit ” Gucci Gucci” went gold! But ya did not seem to care or post why??? Rihanna is a nobody compare to kreayshawn, Rihanna use s** & Chris brown for media ATTENION . Kreayshawn use talent, creativeness, she no h** like Rihanna.

    • Monstarebel April 26, 2013

      Her one & only gold record #Poordat

  23. Jackieyonce April 26, 2013

    This dude is so gay. his ass c*** is loose just like his fave

  24. Monstarebel April 26, 2013

    Oh yea & Sam the album is at 943k which is 57k away from being platinum… so the album will be platinum status soon stop being a hater she’s obviously winning f**

    • White girl mob 2.0 April 26, 2013

      You can can shut the f*** up now n***** b****!

      Go cop kreayshawn album on iTunes n***** b****!

      • Monstarebel April 26, 2013

        Girl please I wouldn’t spend a dime on that wack ass b**** kreayshawn

    • Navy Sailor!!! April 26, 2013

      Yesssss. And it’s almost at 3 million WW. I hope her next single is “Jump”

      • Monstarebel April 26, 2013

        Hope the next single is one of these 3 choices Numb, Jump & What now… I already know the jump video would be so f****** hot

  25. White girl mob 2.0 April 26, 2013

    @Nats please go get a job! J.O.B. ok cause you on here talking bout some h** who slept with the whole entertainment industry! While kreayshawn hustling in these Oakland streets you feel me? She don’t need Chris brown to beat her ass, or take Instagram pics of her coke w**** body to get media ATTENION.

    • KESHA IS KING April 26, 2013

      i hate ni**ers

  26. Rihanna Legend (Lovebird) April 26, 2013

    I kind of feel sorry for H&M, they are going to have a bad year.

  27. Jackieyonce April 26, 2013

    You’re dumb they know what they’re doing that’s why they chose King Beyonce. Look what happened! Her tour was sold out in minutes LMFAO. You’re just a sad individual

  28. Jewell April 26, 2013

    Lovebird has difficulty comprehending basic literature I see. Anyway, congrats Rihanna I love that song!

    • Rihanna Legend (Lovebird) April 26, 2013

      Honey, you should be on your way to Walmart to buy a pack of Pepsi instead of talking about me.

      • Jewell April 26, 2013

        And you should be on your way to buy Rihannas unapologetic. Has it gone platinum in the US yet?

      • Rihanna Legend (Lovebird) April 26, 2013

        Speaking of albums, how is the repackaged version of 4 doing on iTunes?

      • Jewell April 26, 2013

        Ok and that’s without discounts on black Friday or anything 😉 You still didn’t answer my question though.

      • Little Monster April 26, 2013

        YASSSS LMAO @JEWELL THE SHADE! Gaga had discounts and did 1 million first week, Rihanna did and she couldn’t even get to #1 LOLOLOLOL!

      • Rihanna Legend (Lovebird) April 26, 2013

        But 4 is selling for half price and you guys still do not want it.

      • Jewell April 26, 2013

        I already have it boo boo. And my question is STILL not answered.

      • Rihanna Legend (Lovebird) April 26, 2013

        So why is it still struggling at 2.1 million copies sold, even with the repackaging and discount?

      • Jewell April 26, 2013

        Question still unanswered.

      • Navy Sailor!!! April 26, 2013

        When was UNA discounted in the US? I remember the price being slashed in the UK…and UNA is 50k copies away from platinum in America, which will push her total WW sales to 3 million. And this was all at full price. 😆

      • Rach April 26, 2013

        She/he is talking about Rated Flop.

    • Pepsi struggling since beyonce came on April 26, 2013

      NOPE. In the USA, UNA IS THE ONLY ALBUM THAT HAS NOT BEEN discounted, still on the charts at full price.

  29. WaitUrTurn88 April 26, 2013


    • Monstarebel April 26, 2013


  30. Jackieyonce April 26, 2013

    She’s getting that $50million!!! We will see forbes this year! And we will see who’s the REAL Queen. I mean KING

  31. Rihanna Legend (Lovebird) April 26, 2013

    Beyonce fans making up excuses lmao

    *sips Pepsi to save franchise because somebody couldn’t**

    • Jewell April 26, 2013

      Nope, you’ve just been clocked for twisting it. Keep working manically and making a fool of yourself darling while Beyonce gets paid regardless! How much are you getiing paid to copy and paste an irrelevant article into every post on a blog?

  32. Jackieyonce April 26, 2013

    And yall will DEAL

  33. Jackieyonce April 26, 2013

    Who needs the navy while my fave is selling out her tour

    • Jewell April 26, 2013

      And that was with no new music hehe!

  34. HOTSTUFF April 26, 2013

    this is due to her strong urban&rnb audience …DAT REIGN

    • Monstarebel April 26, 2013

      Yes the queen appeals to everyone. She got her urban hits & pop hits #Slayage>>>>>

  35. AsaFenty April 26, 2013

    So wat if she’s a singles artist…she’s killing it, what’s Bey? A albums artist cuz ahh so is everyone else Rih is reigning queen talented/talentLESS

  36. Yeah I Said It April 26, 2013

    Lol yall are getting this Lovebird troll togetha honey!

  37. HOTSTUFF April 26, 2013


    “And that was with no new music hehe!”

    B**** do i need to remind you all the promo shes been doing that pepsi paid for ? Tv ads, superbowl, magazines cover etc


    • Jewell April 26, 2013

      And? Theres still no new music.

    • Jewell April 26, 2013

      That alone says people want to see her live purely because of her performing, not because they want to see new songs.

  38. NAVI April 26, 2013

    how are these songs slaying when she dosen’t even make no mention of them, i’m so confuse..no promo and they selling like crazy.. da phuck. Is videos and tv performances even nessecary???..when they already doing so good on thier own.

    • Pepsi struggling since beyonce came on April 26, 2013

      That what makes beyonce 02 commercial. Pepsi and H&M all the more pitful. ALLL that promo and she flopping so hard, her album did not even come out in April as she told GQ in feb. Beyo is seeing rih slay with not a drop of her promo.

  39. Pepsi struggling since beyonce came on April 26, 2013

    and the Rihanna reign continues.
    Of course, though that reign only has her management team to thank for its existence, nothing can take away from the impact the ‘Jump’ singer makes each and every time she releases a new music.

    It is only partly down to her managers. Everyone, including tom cruise and denzel all owe their sucess to agents and managers / director and screenwriters – and f****** what? People are not buying Ty Ty smith or Jay brown – they are buying Rih. Beyonce had managers too. SO? What are you trying to say? That rih does no work? Ty and jay brown should be lucky for rihanna , rita whora is not doing s*** for them.

  40. Little Monster April 26, 2013

    Singles queen though.

    • Mark111 April 26, 2013

      It’s cool to sell more singles then your album, MOST people do. But ask them other h*** that can’t even sell a 99 cent single NOR album.

      • Navy Sailor!!! April 26, 2013

        Ciara shade? Hehe.

      • Mark111 April 26, 2013

        Ciara, Brandy, Monica, Rita Ora, Ashunti and other I can’t name cause I don’t care. lol

  41. Pepsi struggling since beyonce came on April 26, 2013

    HA HA HA I heard standing on teh sun and saw the H&M commercial. A dated baby boy knock off! She is like 41 and her music has not evolved in production or lyrics. She is getting worse as she ages. Anyway I have good news for the beyhive: sales of soda have declined in the USA and pepsi are struggling to cope; In fact, The $ 50 million deal with beyonce has CAUSED the USA decline and overseas, they are relying on sales of their other snacks to generate profit.
    According my cousins in Europe, they do not even show beyonce pepsi commercial in Europe anymore – even when they big soccer games are on. Cola is crushing the hell out of pepsi since beycone came on board. Told you white people called on a boycott. What a waste of money,…Pepsi should of got Rihanna, she is the biggest pop star right now and that would of helped them sell the soda to youth .
    Just checked all the charts. Beyonce new standing on the sun HAS DONE NOTHING TO STOP PEOPLE BUYING STAY AND RIH ALBUM. Stay has sold nearly 3 mill in the us

    and Diamonds sold about 4, pour it up sold a million and love song is gold. That nearly 10 million singles sold from the UNA ERA in the USA ALONE HA HA HA HA beyonce is done! What profits in H& M go down to. She is so scared of rih she needs to attach herself to all these companies, but to no avail.
    I love how Rihanna has been shading beyonce all week on instagram
    ”Rug cost more than you lacefront
    ” I am f****** embarassing you ”
    ” heaux getting bulldozed ”
    Find a a lane and stay there. Or not ”
    ” You cant get in ”
    ” we rihwrite records over here ”

    These instagram disses are ainmed at beyonce who career is on her way out. So, april is over and there is no album, or second leg for her small scale theater tour. HA AHH HA. Standing on the sun, Grown woman, Bow down, I been on and the amy whinehouse ARE ALL BAD, DATED, GHETTO FLOP SINGLES. Every rihanna song from 2005 better. At 41, beyonce should call it a day when her tour raps.

  42. Pepsi struggling since beyonce came on April 26, 2013

    I love how Rihanna has been shading beyonce all week on instagram
    ”Rug cost more than you lacefront
    ” I am f****** embarassing you ”
    ” heaux getting bulldozed ”
    Find a a lane and stay there. Or not ”
    ” You cant get in ”
    ” we rihwrite records over here ”

    Let me break down rihanna disses of beyonce this past week.

    ” how does it feel down there on your knees ” = this her diss to her ‘ bow down b****** ‘

    The jokes is on you – that came after the repbulicans and cuban americans came after beyonce and jay for the cuba thing, which has now lost Obama as their buddy. Obama has cut jay and bey off now.

    Rug cost more than yo lace front – making fun of her tired old blonde lacefront

    I am f****** embarrassing you – Even though she is younger, has a weaker voice and been out 7 years, she is the ONLY black woman to make a fool of beyonce, to a point that beyonce cannot drop a single or album date; pushing her s*** back – first time in her career she pushes her s*** back, like rita whora

    Heaux getting bulldozed – she is steamrolling over beyonce in every market, this includes movies and fashion, where beyonce seems to be lacking.

    Find a lane and stay there. Or not – Going and do shows in vegas, but fall back.

    Stay in yo lane / f*** yo lane / what lane – This is rih telling beyonce and rita whora to BOW DOWN

    You can get in – Rih is telling beyonce you cannot get in to pop global market, movies, afro and tabloid, instagram. Hence why beyonce stopped going as baddie bey and stops putting pictures of her wack fashion. You cant get in to stadiums too.

    We rihwrite records over – this means, that while you are pushing your s*** ack, rih is rihwriting records. Bow down b****

  43. kyllaw April 26, 2013

    This is what I was talkin about a few days ago! Beyond can sell a tour with no new music because people want to see her perform. Like I stayed she debuted the song in full during a performance. First the commercial now pin her tour. In order to like most of beyonce music u need a visual that she does give but u wanna learn the dance moves more than the lyrics. Now rihanna music sells off of its quality.this is prime example.She needs no video no performance debut just the song. Beyonce can sing and dance like no other but if she can’t come with listening material I’m not sure how she’s gonna do. It takes her tour for 4 to start selling better. Being an artist that can sell something with no promo no video obviously being a stage blazer isn’t enough.the Times change and I’m guessing the masses aren’t stuck on a big performer they want someone to make music they like. Beyonce fans brag on h** she writes her own music etc but maybe that’s the problem she needs to allow some different writers for something new n fresh cuz she can’t keep coming out with the same stuff cuz she gonna keep her loyal fan base but will she gain the new generation in order to stay on top.evolution is a must the world does it and everything should folly see

    • MuiMui April 26, 2013

      Yes all of this is right and then again many of the beyonce fans are to lazy to try and learn some new moves they are stuck on stupid and rihanna has got them messed all the way up in their heads. Beyonce is a good artist but people get tired of fried chicken all the time and some time want some ham, are just a big fat hamburger with all the trimming and then perhaps a nice tender broiled steak seasoned to perfection , a nice tossed salad, big baked potato loaded with the works you know people love different things not the same old tire ass two step she has been doing for going on seventeen years, that will tire anybody all the way out. And she need some songs with that Fiyah to the songs she need to leave the first grade music all the way along even rihanna sings about rude boys and how she want him to ride it every now and then. And beyonce has had more promos then any musician in the history of music to many.

  44. Mark111 April 26, 2013

    “and the Rihanna reign continues.

    Of course, though that reign only has her management team to thank for its existence”

    Them why aren’t these other h*** getting their management team together then, if it’s THAT simple. It’s either the people are into you or they’re not. Didn’t Rita have the same team? The same push? Why didn’t it work for her?

    • MuiMui April 26, 2013

      Management would not be shyt without rihanna input, you can paddle that on down the road.

  45. Rach April 26, 2013

    Rihanna is basic beyond words. She only slays in singles and yet her fans wanna drag other people about endorsement deals, album sales and s*** when shes not even any better. In fact she is worse. And you cant even see the there something going on with her right now with her non stop parting, cancelling shows and beefing. The girl is a mess and will go downhill if she carries on. You know what they say, what goes up, must come down.

    • Little Monster April 26, 2013


  46. Pepsi struggling since beyonce came on April 26, 2013

    OH dead pepsi! I think pepsi are not gonna spend $ 50 mill on beyonce; they will use a get out clause on the contract. You can tell. They said they would have beyonce pepsi cans, commercials etc. But there is not pepsi cans in europe or usa even though the tour has started, and that commercial aired in europe for a week and that was it. Hardly made a dent – in fact, it fizzled out – yes, it was flop commercial.

    The whole $ 50 mill thing was just PR spin to make it look like beyonce was gonna take over in 2013. We all know she will never. Even pepsi deal with One direction done nothing for either parties, but at least they are young and hot. beyonce is old and stale and that is why she made pepsi FLOP SO BADLY to a point that they are relying on sales of their snacks. Told u the white people will boycott.

  47. Pepsi struggling since beyonce came on April 26, 2013

    Rih is only 25 and she sold out Phillips Arena ATLANTA and rocked it out to 21k. Beyonce is 41, american and she will only play some small theatre in ATL. And she has been out longer. Poor dat. How u gon let a young foreign girl BODY you in your own country?

    I am proud of tis UNA ERA IN THE USA:

    UNA – 950

    PIU – 1 MILL

    Love song – gold

    Stay 2.5

    Diamonds – 4

    ALL this with NO / limited promo

    This is just in the USA alone, this proves her talent and hame is BONAFIED IN THE USA AND SHE IS THE QUEEN OF POP. You got b****** jumping from commericials and flopping.

    • MuiMui April 26, 2013

      I see no lies and it kill the beyonce fans to know that rihanna is still selling music and shes in for the long haul. If rihanna wasn’t that chick then there would be no back and forward with the beyonce fans at all. They are running scarred and so is their king beyonce who should be out selling adele to be called a king or queen of anything that is related to music. Rihanna, taylor, gaga, alicia and others has out sold beyonce hands down and how can you call yourself a king , queen and do not have the best selling singles in the world and the Uk and let rihanna out sale you in the uk and in the us and even britney spears has diamond in her lane what is going on with beyonce music sales. If she is dropping four again that means she have dropped more albums then rihanna has and she have got over a dozen sound track but beyonce sales do not reflect that in music sales, and it shows.

  48. Navy Sailor!!! April 26, 2013

    Kiiiii this bipolar b**** JACKIEYONCE is in my faves post LOSING HER MOTHER F****** MIND!

    • MuiMui April 26, 2013

      Jackieonce is brain dead and talking about rihanna is the only thing that keep them in the world as we all know it.

    • rihking/queen April 26, 2013

      loool love watching the b**** have her break/meltdowns. TOO funny.

  49. Pepsi struggling since beyonce came on April 26, 2013

    Lana del ray song from the great gasby is doing well in the USA WHILE BEYONCE AMY WINEHOUS COVER HAS YET TO CHART. First you f*** up amy winehouse, song, then you have the nerve to flop. Bow down fat b****. You and your m***** craig mack baby .

    Bow down flop
    Grown woman flop
    I been on flop
    Standing on the sun flop
    back to black failing to chart.

    Diamonds – multiplatinum

    Stay multiplatinum

    love song – gold

    PIU Platinum

    Right now – gold in AUS alone

    See the difference with the Queen of pop and the Queen of lacefront pork fat?

  50. Jackieyonce April 26, 2013

    They are snippet you dumb b****

  51. Pepsi struggling since beyonce came on April 26, 2013

    From the Great gasby, Lana del rey single is doing well in the USA; beyonce song from that soundtrack has yet to chart. Told u she will never chart again, She will retire after her tour.

    • FeFe Dobson (The Original Ri) April 26, 2013

      How can something chart when the full version is not even released. Go back to school.

  52. FeFe Dobson (The Original Ri) April 26, 2013

    LMAO @ Kate Middletoes comments getting marked as spam on the Blue Ivy post… TROLL!

  53. DANIEL T April 26, 2013

    Bruno Mars. P!nk. Adele. Number 1 singles and album sales pushing a million and beyond. So no u can’t really say it about anyone. People don’t dare to part with a full $9 for sub-standard material so pick out one song. The numbers don’t lie. So….

    • Navy Sailor!!! April 26, 2013

      But Bruno was selling at a steady rate (like Rihanna) until he slashed his album price to 3 bucks. I’m not trying to hear that. And NO ONE is on Adele’s level right now. No ones even CLOSE. She’s in her own category babe.

  54. kyllaw April 26, 2013

    Just saw the performance for grown woman and while she is good on stage off course but I saw nothing! I mean the stands were goon crazy so I expected sum good but same dances and I mean the hype was to much! Had I not heard the song I would have thought she was performing who run the world. I know the beyhive gone have a stroke but beyonce needs to change it up! Same hair dances same calculated poses and the same pop like production.Its time for a whole new team. Or maybe all the smoke people been blown up her ass for years it’s clouding her thinking. Cuz grown woman sounds like it shoulda been on 4 our sasha fierce

    • Lala April 26, 2013

      Stop worrying about Beyonce already she puts on a great show and anyone thats seen the show never complains! Worry about your girl and lackluster performances’

  55. SLAY_HIVE April 26, 2013

    CONGRATS to future for writing and selling this BASIC ass song! Kiiiii

    NOT here for Rihject trying to sing R&B in one Octave! 😉

    • Navy Sailor!!! April 26, 2013

      Congrats to Rihanna for SELLING the song. Lets see if anyone else could’ve gotten this song to gold status with no promo or official release. 😆

      That one octave slaaaaaayed too! Stay pressed sis 😆

      • SLAY_HIVE April 26, 2013

        Sis why would i be pressed that this generic R&B song is almost gold??…. Kiiii 🙂 🙂 🙂

        I said Congrats 😉

        And dont lie on Rihjects octave…. Nothing “slays” about its voice! 🙂

    • that just happened April 26, 2013

      yo. future is getting all the shares to help ciara revive her career. 😆

  56. the real xoxo April 26, 2013

    The song is awful but wow Gold with no promo or video, well done Rihanna.

    • Kimme April 26, 2013

      Future makes the song bad. .. otherwise its a pretty decent song congratulations Rih

  57. mc the place to be! April 26, 2013

    beyonce being on tour and releasing her new music on commercial ads did not stop rihanna from getting more sales from stay pour it up and clearly love song. it did not stop mariah from releasing a new song with miguel on may 6th and it didn’t stop taylor swift or pink from selling out tours all around. the hive think just because beyonce’s out everyone is suppose to postpone their careers until she’s on a so called break again smh

  58. Lala April 26, 2013

    Wow you know you have effect when people talk about you more than their own fave. People need to stop relaying everything back to Beyonce all the time and just praise their fave. All i see is Beyonce this, Beyonce that… And yet shes supposed to be irrelevant?

    • MuiMui April 26, 2013

      Yeah like you used her name three times in one sentence to try and explain your silly self on a rihanna post mind you. If your fave is so hot then why are you here on a rihanna post trying to blow smoke up the nave’s b***.

  59. Lala April 26, 2013

    I think i have seen Beyonces named mentioned on this post more than Rihannas. And its not even the Hive doing the talking lool.

  60. kyllaw April 26, 2013

    And my b**** just won crossover artist of the year from Latin billboard on top of working on her second installment with river island! Beyonce stans care bout dancing the world cares bout good music.

    • Little Monster April 26, 2013

      But both my faves (Gaga and Beyonce) achieve on the latin charts aswell, you make it seem so exclusive. Whats your point? Beyonce even has a song in latin. Rihanna could never.

  61. FATTIE BEY April 26, 2013

    Beyoncé premiered her highly anticipated new tune “Grown Woman” live for the first time in Paris on Wednesday. You’d think this would be cause for celebration–and it was for the crowd in attendance–but not for fans who caught her previous European tour dates and are feeling left out and betrayed.
    The pop star’s “Mrs. Carter Show” World Tour has already hit Serbia, Croatia, Slovakia, and Holland, but she didn’t break out the new tune (which was teased in a recent Pepsi commercial), until she hit the City of Light.
    Many of Beyonce’s most vocal fans have lashed out at her on Twitter and expressed their dismay at her setlist change and missing out on the new tune. Nina Parker from omg! Insider has been monitoring the story and talking to fans about it online.
    Check out some angry fan reactions on Twitter:
    “I’m done. No really I’m done ‪@beyonce you ripped my heart and danced grown woman on it. ‪#bye” –MARTA‏@MARTABUMBLEBEE
    “Beys showing a bit of favouritism to Paris” –Beth‏@bethanybey4
    “If she did perform it that is messed up lol I feel bad for the people at those other shows” –‪@CED_LUVS_BEY
    “‪@beyonce i hate you for this! Yeah I said it why in Paris WHYYYY??!!” – MARTA‏@MARTABUMBLEBEE
    It’s probably not much consolation, but fans can catch a fan-filmed video of Beyonce’s “Grown Woman” live performance here.

    Beyonce also debuted a second new song in a recent H&M commercial, in which the 31-year-old pop diva dances and frolics in the waves in hot beachwear. What’s more, it’s for a good cause. The bikini for the H&M for Water collection raises money for the charity WaterAid, which provides clean water and sanitation to the world’s poorest communities. So don’t get too angry at poor Beyonce.


    View Photo
    Beyonce Fans Furious About Live Performance Debut of “Grown Woman”
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    View Desktop version
    Beyonce Fans Furious …


    • Little Monster April 26, 2013

      And yet she still had 5 star reviews in those countries. Shows how desperate people are for new Bey music!!!

  62. Love. April 26, 2013

    No official release BUT, her team forces the s***. Ok, Pour it Up was (and I do mean was) cute and I like Loveee Song, but I’m SICK of hearing it and I’m 2 seconds away from taking a drill and drilling screws through my eardrums. Maybe it’s because I’m sick of Rihanna period..

  63. Beyonce can’t save pepsi, Even though her fat ass drink 3 packs a day April 26, 2013

    YES rih rih stay winning, and it’s not even a single yet!!! That reign tho….

  64. Beyonce can’t save pepsi, Even though her fat ass drink 3 packs a day April 26, 2013

    LOL the struggle to get a damn number one single is real in these streets! B****** putting songs on commercials hoping it will appeal so they can turn it into singles! My fav got these has beens scared!! That reign though…

    • Little Monster April 26, 2013

      Beyoncé is so naturally pretty in your avi! Much better than Rihanna with no makeup

    • Beyonce can’t save pepsi, Even though her fat ass drink 3 packs a day April 26, 2013

      Naturally pretty?? That’s a t***** in my avi….

      • Little Monster April 26, 2013

        Aw the REACH! Beyonce is pretty with no makeup you tried. Put Rihanna up and the we shall talk about t***** with no makeup.

    • rihking/queen April 26, 2013

      could’ve of said it better myself.

      • Little Monster April 26, 2013

        No cos youre not very articulate either are ya?

    • rihking/queen April 26, 2013

      Lmaooo look who’s talking 😀 .Oh and learn proper grammar boo.I believe the word you were trying to spell was *because .But instead you wrote cos GOODBYE H**!

      • Little Monster April 26, 2013

        Its not grammar issues with me hon, its shortened words. You couldnt even get the correct saying. Its could’nt have not could’ve.

  65. chinastar April 26, 2013

    beyonce has a nose job more than one.


    GET EM B****….500,000 …TGJ lunch is on Rihanna since she is feeding this entire site…yet you are ungrateful and jealous of her…

  66. SLAY_HIVE April 26, 2013

    *Looks over at TGJ’s top stories*

    🙂 I think Bey is the one feeding this site! 😉

  67. rihking/queen April 26, 2013


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