That Grape Juice Presents: 7 Questions With Sevyn Streeter

If ever there was a musical act with 9 lives it would be Sevyn Streeter.

Indeed, after making her mark with groups TG4 and Richgirl, Streeter is now riding down the solo path – looking to carve her name atop Billboard by her lonesome with hits like “I Like It” from her forthcoming solo LP.

Chatting exclusively to That Grape Juice, the singer-songwriter (who has lent her pen to hits for the likes of Alicia Keys, Kelly Rowland, Brandy, and more) talks about crafting her own debut album, working with R&B bad boy Chris Brown his new album ‘X’, and so much more!

It all awaits below:

Sevyn Streeter Shouts Out That Grape Juice

TGJ: First, congratulations on the success of ‘I Like It’! Burning up the clubs as we speak, why did you feel it was the best single to introduce yourself as a solo act?

Sevyn:  The reason why we chose ‘I Like It’ is because I feel like it definitely represents different sides of me. We built that song from the ground up. From the hard-hitting drums to the churchy chords, that’s me all day!  I’m a church girl who loves harmonies and, of course, I love to dance!

It’s also “kinda ratchet”.  And, I got a little of that in me too.  All of those elements make up who I am.

TGJ:  So, should we expect more tunes like ‘I Like It’ on the album?  Tell us about the album’s title and sound as a whole.

Sevyn:  It’s definitely Urban and R&B influenced. I love 90s R&B and the coolness of that kind of music.  Lyrically, I write about real things that people go through that are relatable.

Don’t be surprised if you hear some “pop” records, but even those pop-leaning records will have Urban undertones. I’ve written pop records like ‘Yeah 3x’ (Chris Brown) before, but don’t expect my stuff to be that far left into pop.

Sevyn (continued):  No title yet. And, the reason we don’t have a title as of yet is because I believe it’ll come toward the end. The records that we decide to put on there will tell a story and the vibe of the songs will let us know if it feels right.

The closer we get to nailing down what songs we want on there, we’ll have the discussion about if we want to title it or not. Right now, it’s self titled.

TGJ:  Awesome.  Any dates set for when fans can get their hands on the album?

Sevyn:  We don’t have a release date right now because we’re so focused on finding and creating the right vibe.  I don’t want to keep people waiting forever though. I really want people to hear the music as soon as, but I want to be sure I give you guys a great body of work too.

TGJ:  Ok.  Switching gears a bit, we know you’ve written for a number of artists including Chris Brown, Alicia Keys, Brandy, and more.  Who are some people you haven’t worked with yet that you’d like to?

TGJ:  People are signaling the huge first week sales of Justin Timberlake’s ’20/20 Experience’ as indication that R&B is on the rebound.  What are your thoughts on that?

Sevyn:  I’m excited for it. It’s evolving into something new and I think the R&B that we’ve known in the past was incredible, but as with anything else, you have to push it forward to progress. I look at people like Miguel, Luke James, and Justin and just think they’re turning it into something new.

Anything new and unknown people will probably be leery of, but I’m excited for it. For my own album and Chris’s new album, the music on there is real music!

TGJ:  Speaking of Chris’s new album ‘X’, did you contribute to it?

Sevyn:  I have and it’s been my pleasure to be a part of that album because it is such a work of art. There was a great deal of emotion and passion that went into it.

I wrote on ‘Fine China’, I wrote on the title track ‘X’, and a couple of other ones. The vibe this time around was so good. Because I’ve been around with him for the last four albums, I can say this album is a testament to his evolution. It’s such a great body of work. I’m so eager for you guys to hear it.

TGJ:  We can’t wait!  Now, a question we definitely have to ask is:  What happened with Richgirl?

Sevyn:  Nothing bad like some would believe.  Really what happened there is not something that’s uncommon. I’ve learned to understand its just the nature of the business we’re in. The group itself – we’re still friends.

The thing that we hold onto is that we loved music and were individually pursuing music before RichGirl. For four wonderful years, we pursued it together. Unfortunately it ended. We look at it like this – we earned three new friends.

(BONUS) TGJ:  What do you feel you bring to the table that nobody else is bringing right now?


Interview by: Quinno Rashad (That Grape Juice US)



Visit Sevyn Streeter’s Official Twitter Page//Click to purchase ‘I Like It’ on Itunes

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  1. King B>Rihanna April 5, 2013

    love this chick she’s dope.

  2. likeCAESAR April 5, 2013

    Whewwwww she is one ugly looking woman. Jeez…

    • riqueen April 6, 2013


  3. Liberation April 5, 2013

    Sevyn needs to fill “the chick who can sing AND dance” void in the industry. Ciara is washed up and can’t sing, Myas washed up, Aaliyah’s no longer with us, Christina Milian is never gonna happen and Janet doesn’t care anymore…. =( good luck Sevyn

    • FAF April 5, 2013

      And I’m assuming you’re a Mya stan? Ciara voice >>>

    • Liberation April 5, 2013

      Ummmm no I’m not. And that’s your opinion. 🙂

  4. king z April 5, 2013

    Sevyn is far from ugly. She is a beautiful and very talented girl

  5. BubblePopElectric April 5, 2013

    Sevyn is such an immense talent! I hope her solo career takes flight because she is such a gifted vocalist, writer, singer and dancer… A total package!

    Besides, we could use some more chocolate sisters on the scene. Kelly Rowland has been holding it down by herself for a minute now.

    • Robyn Fenty (The STD infected goat) April 5, 2013

      What about Brandy though?

  6. HotSexWithMinaj April 5, 2013

    Ugly n dark not here for her sorry

    • Liberation April 5, 2013


    • Robyn Fenty (The STD infected goat) April 5, 2013

      Ignorant but funny. I’m ashamed of myself for laughing @ your comment.

      • Robyn Fenty (The STD infected goat) April 5, 2013

        I disagree with the ugly part tho.

  7. JefferySayWhat April 5, 2013

    Why must we bring someone or somebody down just to lift ourselves or someone else up??? It makes absolutely no sense to me, because at the end of the day Kelly Rowland, Brandy, Britney Spears, Beyoncé, Rihanna, Ciara, Ashanti, Nicki Minaj, Adele, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, and etc. isn’t giving me any money or support. We are all just fans, not stans!!! We all have lives outside of these blogs, well at least some of us do!!! And Sevyn Streeter isn’t ugly at all, just like Kelly Rowland, Brandy, Fantasia, India.Arie, and any other brown skinned girl or woman isn’t ugly… My God, please stop with the hating, because it really makes some of you look bad, and jealous!!! By the way I loved the interview on Sevyn, and I cannot wait hear, and see what she brings to the Music Industry!!!

  8. DIGGER BEY April 5, 2013

    I wonder @ the ones callin her ugly. How do they look? I bet like an pigs ass. This girl is very pretty. S*** body and all. I can definitely see her being very successful. @ Liberation…Um Mya, Janet and Aaliyah were the only true singers of those women. Ciara? An dancer and singer lmao. Straight dancer booboo. Anyway luvin Sevyn. And luv that song she has out.

  9. mob: fine china April 5, 2013

    I really liked Rich Girl! Those sisters could sing! I wish her all the best. I very much enjoyed her work on Chris Brown’s last CD and look forward to seeing what the two of them are cooking up for ‘X’! I hope more of the same…

  10. mrTooIncredible April 5, 2013


  11. trucie b April 5, 2013

    I would like to see her do big things.

  12. Suicide Blonde April 5, 2013

    Don’t know who is he but the third photo is hot.

  13. Mark April 5, 2013

    She’s the next thing in R&B imo. If she pops off, Ciara can give it a rest. No chick is really dancing, and I don’t mean Bey’s ish (she’s a great entertainer and can dance, but not on the level of Janet, Aaliyah and Ciara.) If she focus on LIVE shows, she’ll be great. I love that the brown girls are getting love today. Brandy, Kelly and now Sevyn. Dawn Richard is dope too.

  14. Dev April 6, 2013

    I was interested in this girl until she said Rihanna & Beyonce. She spoke about loving 90’s r&b, vocals (Brandy & 702) in another interview and thats the the only female names she could think of? Mary J Blige is still making music, SWV are still making music, Faith Evans, Kelly Price, Monica, Tamia….. i could go on.
    It just seems like people say what they think will get people hyped

  15. D April 6, 2013

    I have yet to see anyone dance better than C. Teyana comes closest. And it’s not just about dancing its swag and putting it all together. C on that comeback trail atleast where urban is concerned so I hope this new person the best.

  16. S April 6, 2013

    Ciara ain’t got s*** to worry about. Well at least not when it come to her

  17. Jay May 6, 2013

    I think she is absolutely gorgeous, and this is coming from a white male death metal head 😀

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