Hot Shots: Christina Aguilera Flaunts Slim-Line Physique In LA

Published: Monday 6th May 2013 by Sam

Christina Aguilera snatched headlines left and right with her stunning appearance at the TIME 100 gala last month and, by the looks of things, she’s sticking with her new look.

The ‘Your Body’ singer was snapped out and about in Los Angeles with longtime boyfriend Matthew Rutler, sending quite the message with her happy and healthy frame. And while we’re primarily concerned with the music here at That Grape Juice, we’d be lying if we didn’t acknowledge the role image plays in making and breaking stars. It’s great to see Xtina’s back on track. Here’s hoping it’s paired with new material…pronto! Until then, *hits PLAY on ‘Lotus’*

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  1. hive May 6, 2013

    she’s still a fat f***…. next

    • claudia May 7, 2013

      its really unfortunate to see how shallow people like you still exist in our world. Is Christina a model that she needs to be a stick thin? Christina is an artist, the fact that her weight is such a concern to you, is pretty saddening. She may be ‘fat’ to you, but your personality is clearly ugly and sad. You need to change for the better, not her.

      • all4u1 May 7, 2013

        @ Hive

        And your fave looks hard and manly, b**** stop hating!

  2. Lovebird May 6, 2013

    She looks great, cannot wait for new music from the voice of this generation.

  3. christinastheerealtalent May 6, 2013

    @ HIVE-

    I’d like to know what your gender is, your height, your weight, whether you’re gay or straight, and if you’re single? If my assumptions about you are correct, you’re between 5’0-5’5ft, weighing in around 200lbs, a “single gay queen, who nobody would even f*** with a 10ft pole.

    • all4u1 May 7, 2013

      That pressed h** was the first to post about Christina! He, she, or shim need to get a life!

  4. christinastheerealtalent May 6, 2013

    Anyway, Christina is looking amazing! You can definitely tell she is in a way better place now than before. Honestly, I would prefer her to take an extended hiatus from the Voice to focus on getting her music career back on track. She has the full package but just needs the right team behind her that knows how to market and promote her.

  5. DOSSOME May 6, 2013

    She’s looking hot,she obviously lost weight.i still think she should try a darker hair colour to make her even more fierce

  6. Rob May 7, 2013

    Coming from a Beyonce fan. Lmao!

    • Savannah May 7, 2013

      Beyonces THICK body >>>>> Christina’s SLOPPY body


  7. opd2 May 7, 2013

    She an’t now f-cking Pigtina no more[as some on here bin calling her],she looks in my opinion.

    • opd2 May 7, 2013

      She an’t now f-cking Pigtina no more[as some on here bin calling her],she looks good in my opinion.

  8. J May 7, 2013

    Bring on new music LEGEND X ! F*** the rest of that b*******..

    • all4u1 May 7, 2013

      Yes, I want the vocalist that had a desire for making good music back!

  9. all4u1 May 7, 2013

    I can tell Christina is in a much better place. She looks happy, s*** and healthy!

  10. IDK May 7, 2013

    Thank God! Keep it going Christina!! I want that old thang back!

  11. Likica May 7, 2013

    Love this woman so much^^ such an inspiration to me with her music; her ballads can touch my heart, her vocals can slay me. <3

  12. irene46 May 7, 2013

    glad to see she’s getting her looks back in order! regardless of low sales,imo,her music has always been in check. if the media would stop focusing on negativity and their christina hate campaign, her sales would stand a chance.

  13. bibi93 May 8, 2013


  14. rich86 May 12, 2013

    sam how come u all havent posted her new song hoy tengo ganas de ti with alejandro fernandez,its amazing,their voices sound incredibly good together

  15. nike mercurial superfly December 16, 2014

    nike mercurial superfly

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