Ariana Grande Covers Mariah Carey’s ‘Emotions’

Published: Monday 3rd Jun 2013 by David

It shouldn’t be this way, but the voice and their use of it stands as one of the weaker points of many of today’s ‘new girls’.

Sure, while the likes of  Rihanna and Katy Perry may put down a mean track in the studio, one can oft depend on them to slip and slide once their tasked with performing the same cut live.

Now, as the world continues to hail Ariana Grande as the exception to this trend, check out her cover to Mariah Carey‘s David Cole penned ‘Emotions‘- released to fans last year but seemingly overlooked by the casual listener…until now.

Press play!

Your thoughts?

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  1. CiCi Slaaaaays June 3, 2013

    Better than the original tbh

    But if i was her i would stay away from Mariahs music be your own artist or you’ll end up looking like a copycat just ask Gaga & Nicki hun

    • HRETDFH548 June 3, 2013

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      • RUFF June 3, 2013

        Look at that

    • Steph June 3, 2013

      Im sure you would think she is better than the original, just for the fact you stan for a b**** that cant even belt a G5. Anyways, Mariah Careys version has wayyyyyy more power & SOUL something this gurl LACKS! She needs to get away from Mariah Carey music and carve her own sound! Which is DISNEY CHANNEL POP

      • Paulala June 14, 2013

        That’s nikalondeon actually

    • Mark111 June 3, 2013

      From a Ciara stan, the Ciara that veen jacking Aaliyah and Janet swag from the start. Shut the hell up!

      • Steph June 3, 2013

        YASSS C-ERROR is a f****** mess!

      • FAF June 3, 2013

        What did Ciara do that Aaliyah did ? Wear boxers under jeans? She’s a better dancer and performer.. LOL and I like aaliyah

      • Slaylena Gomez June 3, 2013

        But Ciara certainly isn’t a better singer than Aaliyah and she isn’t as charismatic…sorry!!

      • Touché June 3, 2013

        @Flaming Fairy F***, “She’s a better dancer and performer..”? B**** bye. You don’t even like Aaliyah or else you wouldn’t have said such stupid s***. You have no idea what Aaliyah was even capable of since she passed away so early. Now begone like Nicki’s dying career.

      • TruthSpeaker June 3, 2013

        keep my baby girl Aaliyah out of your seedy mouths & threads. thats disrespectful and i’d smack the feathers off your backs if I knew you personally…

    • SEAN June 3, 2013

      Not better than the original but still amazing. Not many people can handle classic Mariah. Now let’s hear it live and see if she sounds the same.

  2. WH&MC June 3, 2013

    I’m sorry she has absolutely no vocal power to boast about. Nor can she enunciate words properly when she’s trying (keyword: trying) to belt.
    This song doesn’t do her any good as it only highlights her inability to belt or produce the kind of vocal power that Mariah is known for (especially in this song).

    • FAF June 3, 2013

      Wait.. What? Mariah voice is not THAT strong in her belts, either, hun her upper register is what puts her in a class of her own.. She sounds JUST like Mariah

      • Steph June 3, 2013


      • Meow May 2, 2014

        “Mariah voice is not THAT strong in her belts”
        Oh. My. God. I can’t even.
        It’s funny how a girl can just do some whistle notes and high (not necessarily good) belts can be compared to MC.
        Yes, Ariana IS better than many many singers out there and has strong potential to go far in the music industry.
        However she lacks the resonance in her belts and can’t really enunciate while doing them. MC’s belts are famous for their strong yet resonant quality.
        Until now Ariana has proved that she can do some decent vocal runs. But again, decent and not quite comparable to many MC’s extremely difficult vocal runs.
        She also can’t execute whistles as effortlessly as MC does (MC can hold a note, or do those legatos and staccatos in either airy breathy tone or a strong solid one while Ariana can just, you know, “hit” it)
        I watched many studio + live videos of both artists to make these judgments because I know every singer has his/her bad day and I don’t want to come across as a biased stan.
        Well, Ariana is Ariana and this is not a Mariah-copying contest. I believe that she should, and she will, be big, as Ariana – not anyone else, with or without her flaws.
        Oops, I’ve digressed a bit 😛
        Yeah, MC’s belts are anything but weak.
        P/s: English is not my native language so there might be typos or grammatical errors here and there

    • Blackout2.0 June 3, 2013

      Awww the Mimi piglets have got someone new to be jealous of. First Whitney, then Jlo, then Christina, then Nicki now its poor little Ariana.

      • Touché June 3, 2013

        Now I know a S****** Spears stan ain’t talking trash. B**** your fave can’t even sing or dance well but yet you have the audacity to come for a legend like Mariah? B**** begone just like S******’s dancing ability.

    • JOHNVIDAL June 3, 2013

      Are you a Mariah and Whitney fan? Welcome. People who stan for true greatness are always so needed

      • Touché June 3, 2013

        Yaaas! I love me some Mimi and Nippy. They are the best of the best.

    • arielle July 22, 2013

      THANK YOU! finally someone notices her enunciation!! She sounds like she is slurring or mumbling and i can never understand what shes saying!! Her verses in The Way were awful

  3. Demi Stan June 3, 2013

    She’s good but Demi is better i still love her tho!

    • Daydreamin June 3, 2013

      Lol Demi has power but that’s it.

    • arielle July 22, 2013

      Demi DEFINITELY has better power…but she sings more in her low register and Ariana does more in her high register so its kinda hard to compare, although personally to me Demi is easier on the ears

  4. MrBizo June 3, 2013

    Wow.. She got Mariah down to the whistle!! Girl’s mad talented!!

  5. Music June 3, 2013

    This is old news. Y make a post about this…

    • Touché June 3, 2013

      I know.

      • Andrew June 3, 2013

        Look at how many comments there are. Got the stans flocking to throw their shade. This is how beef starts.

  6. Monstarebel June 3, 2013

    Attack of the clones…. Last year it was Rita ora This year its this chick i mean its kinda creepy how much she sounded like Mariah on this cover but the girl is extremely talented so i wish her the best xoxo

  7. eric June 3, 2013

    Vocally, the original still sounds more fluid. I think artists need to be careful about imitating the artists they’re most often compared to. What makes a singer and entertainer legendary is originality, but most artists aren’t committed to that. They want to take the route that brings the quickest reward and requires as little effort as possible.

  8. Casual June 3, 2013

    If she actually hit the money note, kudos!

    Otherwise, her voice is too similar to Mariah Carey’s overall to be covering MC’s material, but I have to say this girl is very good.

  9. Truth Tea June 3, 2013

    This is mad old///why not post the actual music video she made for the song last September?

  10. WhiteBoi June 3, 2013

    The high notes are cute.. but everything else sounds a little annoying, Mariahs voice is truly 1 in a million ….. and one of the high note runs sounds suspect, just like mariahs with a pitch correction

    • LatinO21 June 4, 2013

      I think your hot 🙂

  11. Slaylena Gomez June 3, 2013

    I know she adores mariah but I hope that she finds her own sound in the future 🙂

  12. FAF June 3, 2013

    I don’t think she IMITATES Mariah, I think she has listened to her since she was a young child and it formed her pronunciations .. Listen to Brandy & listen to Dawn Richard, same thing

  13. Steph June 3, 2013

    She has no soul. Her voice is cute but thats it CUTE. She is very cute and pretty. But if she wants to be taken serious. She needs to mature and LOOK like a woman & then sound like a woman. She sound like a 13 year old gurl. She needs some lessons on belting and projecting her voice. Also, she needs a better vibrato. Lil White Gurl Bye

    • Daydreamin June 3, 2013

      She’s 19 and isn’t white. Sit the f*** down.

      • Steph June 3, 2013

        Well she about to be 20 in a few days & she looks VERY white/pale skinneded to me. Also, Mariah Carey at 19/20 sounded way better than her sooo whats you excuse now DAYDREAM….IN (Which by the way is a album tittle obviously inspired by Mariahs 1995, 25 million copy seller album DAYDREAM) LOL I cant with these copy cattttsssss

      • FAF June 3, 2013

        If she’s white what is Mariah? Technically she only 1/4 black

      • Grande The Way June 3, 2013

        B**** stay the f*** seated. How many white people do you know with the last name Grande?

    • B****** are a mess June 3, 2013

      Mariah careys father is AFRO latin, and her mother is white…That makes her half black you dumb f***! Learn what it means before you speak! Ignorance….

  14. Gary C June 3, 2013

    Great voice! That said, it’s not enough to have the tools/range, I want to feel it. Seems a bit Mariah by numbers – which it is because it’s a homage. Great voice though.

  15. King June 3, 2013


  16. Chica June 3, 2013

    It’s better than I was expecting but her voice doesn’t have any depth or even a good tone. Yes she can do the whistle notes, although I’m interested to know if she is hitting the exact same notes as Mariah did in the original version. Once you take out the whistle notes there isn’t anything special about her voice, she sounds no different to Selena Gomez or any of the other Disney girls. As others have said Mariah’s voice at this time had a lot more power, depth and soul.

    • Grande The Way June 3, 2013

      Sis have you shears Selena Gomez live? She has no voice at all. That comparison alone discredits your entire comment.

  17. jason June 3, 2013

    She pronounces words very strangely! Almost like something is stuck in the back of her throat.

    I can’t believe someone actually said this is better than the original!

    She’s got the high note but her middle register can’t compare to Mariah…..or Christina or Beyonce for that matter! Even Jessica Simpson and Kelly Clarkson middle register are ALOT better!

    That being said shes extremely talented for her age. Hope to see her cultivate her own sound and make it huge. She has a beautiful personality!

  18. CDJordan June 3, 2013

    I love this blog site, do not get me wrong. But I loathe the ignorant belligerent disrespectful f**** who continuously spread their ignorance by commenting on articles daily. There is a time and a place to give your opinion, and there are also things that you should and shouldn’t say. Talking negatively about ms. grande serves your life no justice. You’re behind a computer screen while she’s making money. Get off your asses, close your damn mouths, and try doing what she’s doing because honestly you aren’t get paid off your ignorant ass opinions. AND BESIDESSSSSS we won’t sit here and worship Mariah carey like she is, or she was the best singer ever. She was great in her day, mainly for her signature whistle tones, and her upper register… But take that away and what do you have? Nothing… Want receipts.. YouTube any of her last performances live. And we won’t talk about the idol finale performance because that was the worst lip sync EVER. You all have the same 24 hours in your day to be successful as the people you bash everyday such as beyonce, and etc. use your time productively to benefit YOUR LIFE.

    • DOSSOME June 3, 2013

      The irony is that your comment has the most amount of negativity compared to the other comments you’re trying to criticize..

    • Steph June 3, 2013

      BYE HATER!!! Mariah Carey did not just sell records because of her whistle tones & upper register. She sold records because of her SOULFUL/BLACK sounding voice and mature husky and full voice she HAD back in the day. She had a very whisper tone also that added to her TONE (which really made her liked by many). Dont forget her writting skills and melodies that people loved from songs like “Cant Let Go” & “Melt Away”. Also, her lower register is very beautiful as well. All around she HAD a perfect voice that became damaged! But its alright since she already has 3 diamond selling albums and sold 200 million records & has become a legend! Mariah Carey has 7 perfect albums

      Mariah Carey = 1990 (Sold 15 million copies)

      Emotions = 1991 (Sold 10 million copies)

      Music Box = 1993 (Sold 32 million copies)

      Merry Christmas = 1994 (Sold 15 million copies)
      Also, is the best selling christmas album of all time.

      Daydream = 1995 (Sold 25 million copies)

      Butterfly = 1997 (Sold 10 million copies)

      The Emancipation of Mimi = 2005 (Sold 12 million copies)


  19. CDJordan June 3, 2013

    I love this blog site, do not get me wrong. But I loathe the ignorant belligerent disrespectful f**** who continuously spread their ignorance by commenting on articles daily. There is a time and a place to give your opinion, and there are also things that you should and shouldn’t say. Talking negatively about ms. grande serves your life no justice. You’re behind a computer screen while she’s making money. Get off your asses, close your damn mouths, and try doing what she’s doing because honestly you aren’t get paid off your ignorant ass opinions. AND BESIDESSSSSS we won’t sit here and worship Mariah carey like she is, or she was the best singer ever. She was great in her day, mainly for her signature whistle tones, and her upper register… But take that away and what do you have? Nothing… Want receipts.. YouTube any of her last performances live. And we won’t talk about the idol finale performance because that was the worst lip sync EVER. You all have the same 24 hours in your day to be successful as the people you bash everyday such as beyonce, and etc. use your time productively to benefit YOUR LIFE.

  20. Daydreamin June 3, 2013

    She did this a long time ago. Not sure why people are complaining that she sounds like Mariah. Not her fault she was given a similar voice

  21. Mark111 June 3, 2013

    The MC fans are mad! lol, join the club of being jacked. The Janet, Madonna, Aaliyah, Lil Kim, Usher, MJ and Prince fans been there and got over it.

  22. MariahIsMusic1 June 3, 2013

    She’s Okay. I’m loving the homage she’s paying to the Queen.
    She can be really good if she practices and trys to find her own voice. She’s amazing to listen too 🙂
    Mariah fans are not angry. Take a sit I mean she hasn’t been disrespectful to the queen why should we be angry?

  23. IDK June 3, 2013

    well damn Grande! :0

  24. B****** are a mess June 3, 2013

    All i have to say is read the name…That is all

  25. SIERRA June 3, 2013

    Firstly, t those who are saying she has no ‘vocal power’… Are you serious?

    The Girl’s voice in this song has, practically, sprung 4 & a half octaves – if that isn’t ‘vocal power’, then I don’t know what is.

    What I think some of you are trying to say is that her voice isn’t as ‘rich and/or resonant’ when in comparison to Mariah’s vocals on this song and, if that’s the case, that’s true, but she isn’t Mariah.

    Between 1990-1993 – Mariah was a…

    “Dramatic Colourotura Soprano”…

    Ariana is a “Light-Lyric Colourotura Soprano.


    Their voices do carry similar tonal colours and qualities but they are still vastly different.

    In saying that… She does need to careful with her current infatuation with Mariah – she’s digging herself a deeper hole but SHE IS VERY TALENTED!!!

    • Anti-XTINA June 3, 2013

      No. what we are saying is Mariah’s voice was full, fluid, versatile, and powerful all at the same time. And Mariah’s upper belting register was bright.
      The ending of Anytime You Need A Friend is vocal power.
      The ending of Without You is vocal power.
      The ending of All I’ve Ever Wanted is vocal power
      The ending of Vision of Love, I’ve Been Thinking About You, and Whenever You Call etc etc is vocal power.
      The introduction of You’re So Cold is vocal power.
      The 1993 Thanksgiving Live Performance of Make It Happen is vocal power and so is the 1992 Grammy performance of If It’s Over. Vocal Power/Finesse.
      Pretty much Mariah’s first 4 albums demonstrate vocal power, finesse and agility.

      Same with Whitney Houston.

      You have been listening to too much Lady Gaga/Katy Perry/Rihanna/Kesha to know and understand what vocal power is.

      • Touché June 3, 2013


      • Anti-XTINA June 3, 2013

        Whitney Houston:

        The ending of “Taking a Chance,” “Love Is A Contact Sport,” “I Wanna Dance With Somebody,” “So Emotional” = vocal power.

        I’m starting to think that you are either really, really, really young or you are simply not that familiar with Mariah or Whitney to say that Ariana Grande has the kind of vocal power that rivals Mariah’s and Whitney’s.

    • SIERRA June 3, 2013

      @ANTI XTINA…


      Clearly, you didn’t read what I said carefully.

      Not once did I say that her voice rivalled whitney and mariah’s.

      What I said was that her voice spanned “FOUR F****** OCTAVES” which does symbolize vocal power.

      Can ciara, Janet Jackson, Brandy, Monica, Demi Lovato etc… EVER hit the notes Ariana has hit in this song.

      What I said was that her voice wasn’t RESONANT OR RICH. < That doesn't equal vocal power… Her upper register is extremely bright, hence why I said she is a "light lyric soprano"… Go and look at Minnie rippertons voice… She could never belt as thick as Mariah or Whitney but her TESSITURA was very high… She had vocal power.

      "Vocal power" doesn't equal "Belting"…

      So, STFU and read next time.


  26. Touché June 3, 2013

    Not bad,especially for her age when she did this cover A LONG TIME AGO. Samantha why are you trying to start a stan war with us lambs and the Ariana stans? It’s not like there’s that many of us on this site. You must have been bored today or something.

  27. Musiclova101 June 3, 2013

    He voice is annoying b**** sound like she’s constipated

  28. JOHNVIDAL June 3, 2013

    Hi guys! This was a nice try girl 🙂

  29. JOHNVIDAL June 3, 2013

    That voice sounds kind of pleasant. Now: where is the power? the soul? the crazy flexibility? the effortless whistle (not the forced one)? and what about sounding like your own entity? originality? instant impact on brain when listening for the first time? Ok

    • JOHNVIDAL June 3, 2013

      Oh and @dead at some people not knowing what power means. Range is not power

    • Touché June 3, 2013

      I know. She definitely has some talent but her main problems are her technique and getting her own identity. I hope she figures it out or else she will end up like Leona Lewis.

    • Grande The Way June 3, 2013

      Forced Whistle? Did you watch the same performance? I see you’ve moved on from the tired Cher Lloyd shade though 😉

  30. Suicide Blonde June 3, 2013

    Her voice irritates me.

  31. Lou June 3, 2013

    Shes good but she needs to find her own identity and stop literally imitating Mariah.

  32. Nichole June 3, 2013

    Old vid and she couldn’t even hit those notes live.

    I’m not here for this imitator.

    She needs to find her own sound.

    We all know what happened to Leona Lewis.

  33. TRUTHbeTOLD June 3, 2013

    She has absolutely NO LOWER REGISTER!! Mariah broke the scale on both ends when she did this song. Just go listen to the original. This girls sounds great don’t get me wrong but her voice is not as full as Mariah’s

  34. Navy Nick June 3, 2013

    COMPARISON: I do not agree with – EVER! MARIAH IS SOLD IN STONE HANDS DOWN A GREAT! No need 2 even try to compare, BUT THIS YOUNG LADY HAS AN AMAZING VOICE & WITH THE RIGHT COACHING I SEE HER SOARING, ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL VOICE! She needs good producers tho (like Rihanna & Katy Perry) this girl sings circles around them, BUT with their producers/song writers, she can b the next big thing! WOW!

  35. honeybooboo June 3, 2013

    and a cover is exactly what it sounds like. No fluidity and ironically no emotions in what shes singing. Lower register is poor yes she hit the top end notes but overall just a very mediocre. . . .and besides this should have been posted last year!!

  36. JayKalvin June 3, 2013

    Why can’t y’all let anyone have anything? She did better than 90% of any of your faves would even begin to. She’s YOUNG with plenty of room to improve. Her belt is light, but don’t ignore everything she did right. Her whistle is full and pronounced, and her runs are swift and accurate. It’s always hard to outdo the original, but damn give her some credit. I love it.

  37. Common Sense June 3, 2013

    Cute. LOL at the struggle to enunciate in the 5th octave and go down to sing the low notes. Mariah continues to be completely unmatched.

  38. JER June 3, 2013

    this thin airy voiced b****. PLEASE. Just because she can hit the high note don’t mean s***. She’s better off covering all of Charmbracelet where her thin, raspy, airy voice will shine. POW.

    • Grande The Way June 3, 2013

      How is it airy and raspy? B**** you know nothing about vocals, stick to stanning for Rihanna.

  39. Grande The Way June 3, 2013

    This site is obviously looking for hits because she covered this a long time ago.

  40. neutral June 3, 2013

    i think half you idiots fail to realize shes classically trained in opera just like MC. She did a great jon and she’ll sing circles around half the artists that are out there. and yes this video came out last year but last year noone knew ariana who sings this good but only as the little girl on nickelodeon. give this chick a break, how can anyone have all this negative stuff to say? she was awesome and im so happy shes getting recognition:)

  41. POP ROYALTY (Bohemian Grove) June 4, 2013

    i love her voice and i support her regardless of the mariah-similarities , but mariah HAD that clarity when she did it 3 decades ago.

    but the girl can hold her own , all she need to do is to look at rita ora and do the opposite of what she did.

    3.5/5 and mariah has something to worry about this era , because if she wanted to appeal mainly to young generations , then , lookin’ at this girl right there , i think she need to have a plan B and rehearse #beautiful more for live performances.

    damn , i have never thought i will ever hear someone with the same sound as mariah…. @ 2:49 , nuff said!!!

  42. badgirl23 June 4, 2013

    She has a nice voice but Mimi she is NOT!! Mariah just has the IT in her voice that gives you tremors and if you listen to both this version and Mimi, Mimi will win every time.

    No shade, this young girl has a really nice voice and with more training and time she’ll be good for sure. At least she can sing and for her to even be able to sing an MC track (Emotions at that!!)alone puts her above these less talented but lauded artist out now.

    • Ilovemusic August 10, 2013

      I am so glad someone posted chante moore, she is severely underated as an artist and vocalists! I live MIMI but people need to check out Chante Moore. i think there is room for all singers

    • Meow May 2, 2014

      Chante Moore is underrated
      But, MC is famous not just for the whistle notes 😛

  43. Another Whistle Queen…Debeelah Morgan June 5, 2013

    Anyone remember this classic from another whistle queen…Debeelah Morgan.

  44. NiggaGotYouTrippin January 9, 2014

    WoW you did some frickin research! -__- @Steph.

    No one gives a s***.. the point is that Ariana’s amazing & so is Mariah.

    Btw Ariana’s just frickin starting! & shes already had a number one album & is the first female artist to have a number one album in less than 2 days.

    Yeah, sit the f*** down.

  45. NiggaGotYouTrippin January 9, 2014

    I’m beginning to hate Mariah fans more & more.. not because i hate Mariah.. but because of all the hate your all giving this young girl!
    Ariana reached every note! Maybe not the low ones but hey! How can you say that she doesnt have much vocal power or that much ability?! Id LOOVE to see yous try & do what she did! She can do whistle tones people!! Idk who wouldnt use that gift if they had it!!!!
    She did an amazing job & will continue to whilst you people hate & compare her all the time.
    Yous literally have no feelings, consciences or a life.

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