Must See: Wretch 32 Announces UK Tour

Published: Wednesday 3rd Jul 2013 by David

Joining Tinie Tempah to sit atop Brit Pop’s Rap pack this year comes Wretch 32, storming the UK with his latest crossover hit ‘Blackout’ earlier this year.

Now, as to strengthen his core base before the release of his third studio album, the ‘Forgiveness‘ maestro has announced the launch of his own UK tour, kicking off at MAMA & Company‘s Manchester Ritz and ending at AMG’s Shepherds Bush.

Full dates below…

Wed 23rd Oct – Manchester Ritz

Thur 24th Oct – Liverpool O2 Academy

Fri  25th Oct – Newcastle University

Sat 26th Oct – Sheffield, The Plug

Tues 29th Oct – Birmingham Institute

Wed 30th Oct – Norwich UEA

Thur 31st Oct – Oxford O2 Academy

Fri 1st Nov – Bournemouth O2 Academy

Sat 2nd Nov – London O2 Shepherds Bush Empire

The most interesting part about Wretch‘s UK chart wins this year, is that they’ve seen him score the full support of radio and the buying public while steering clear from EDM’s congested lane.

Turning into a gold coin in a box of hit thirsty silvers, his new sound- coupled with his skilled camp- make him one of the most exciting Brit acts to rock the world this year…winning on both a commercial and critical tip.

Of course, though there’s still the small matter of ensuring its supporting album fares just as well, there’s no doubt it’ll  see him soar much higher than the success evading flops that make up the bulk of UK’s Hip Hop scene.

Your thoughts?

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  1. ItsCheryl2bh July 4, 2013

    Love him.

  2. MrsMerrygold July 4, 2013

    Of course, though there’s still the small matter of ensuring its supporting album fares just as well, there’s no doubt it’ll see him soar much higher than the success evading flops that make up the bulk of UK’s Hip Hop scene.

    What’s air?

  3. MalikOnMyMind July 4, 2013

    He’s the only English rapper I’d date if I wasn’t going to marry King Malik.

  4. BBoyStance July 4, 2013

    So Wretch is on the TGJ priority list now I see. #MoneyTalks

  5. FreeGullyKid July 4, 2013

    Man like Wretch like on Grape Juice lol. Wow.

  6. AlexandraIsPretty July 4, 2013

    Why are people shocked that Wretch is on here, they’re a UK site.

    • LetThereBeLisa July 4, 2013

      They’re not a UK site and you know it. They were made in Britain but everyone knows they might as well be American cos that’s where they’re big.

      I have cousins in Utah who read this everyday like it’s a religious book so Wretch being on here is a big look and just shows how bigs hes gonna be.

      • AlexandraIsPretty July 4, 2013

        If they’re made in Britain they are a UK site babe.

  7. PrettyInPink July 4, 2013

    Said it before now people are waking up to this guy. Had so many set backs and now he’s on websites like these.
    I remember when that b******* award show whose name i won’t mention tried to take him for a mug and thought he wouldn’t clock but true say he’s doing better than them and true say they’re gonna look dumb when the people they get for their show haven’t even done as well as him.

    Big moves agwan, likkle tings are garn.

    • AlexandraIsPretty July 4, 2013

      If you’re talking about Mobo I don’t know why you’re stressing yourself out, they’re s*** and everyone knows it. My step dad’s son did work experience at Emi I think it was, and he said people literally take them as a joke.
      I went on their website last month when they interviewed Eric Benet and they don’t even have a comment section kii kii.

      • YorkshireBarb July 4, 2013

        Why are you lying though, they don’t even have a web site.

      • ItsCheryl2bh July 4, 2013

        Oh shut up @AlexandraIsPretty the only reason you’re shading Mobo is because they didn’t give a damn about her just like everybody else. Fine, the mobos may be a s*** hole but Alex would be lucky to perform there.

      • HausMuthaAdele July 4, 2013

        Mobo do have a website, but I don’t think anyone goes on it.

      • AlexandraIsPretty July 4, 2013

        Have a seat b****, Alex was on top of the world when Overcome came out and they never showed her any respect for being a black person who won the X factor, so what are you talking about?
        At the end of the day they better not call her to perform now she’s in the US cos they’ll get dragged from left to right.

      • PrettyInPink July 4, 2013

        How can you say they have no comment section though? CTFU!

  8. NadiaMaraj July 4, 2013

    What song does he sing, he’s not known in Lebanon.

  9. Anon July 4, 2013

    You people laughing at MOBO need to remember they’re the only award show that helps black people.

    • MakeMeWannaBeatAgain July 4, 2013

      That’s what they USED to be but not anymore. People watch it because they watched it when they were small, but nobody watches it and takes it seriously because the people they have on it are lessors and nobody knows who they are outside of the country.

      I only watched it cos of the boys but I don’t think I will now they’re not together anymore.

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