Billboard Names Madonna Top Solo Act In History As Rihanna Threatens Her #1s Record

Published: Wednesday 7th Aug 2013 by Rashad

Last week Billboard unveiled a series of countdowns celebrating the 55th anniversary of the ‘Billboard Hot 100’ – the standard chart ranking system of today’s popular music.

Highlighting everything from the top 100 songs to every #1 song since the tally’s 1958 inception, the article courted little backlash given the fact they were based on legit statistics and not popular opinion…that is, until they unveiled the Hot 100’s top acts.

Now – days after the listing first hit the net – some fans are still up-in-arms about how pop icon Madonna landed as the top solo act in history, beating the likes of Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, and Stevie Wonder.  A feat all the more alarming when some recount the number of chart-toppers rivals Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey have had as well.

So, as always, we turn to you – That Grape Juice faithful – for your input.  Is this worth the fuss?

Via Billboard:

The fact remains that the tally reviewed and considered an artist’s entire performance on the Hot 100 chart (hence ‘Singles lady’ Rihanna being listed in the top 20).  As it stands, Madonna has 12 #1 hits and 38 top 10 hits – more than any other artist in history.

Arguably, the only artist who presently stands to threaten Madonna’s Billboard legacy is Rihanna as she has surpassed or currently threatens every Billboard Hot 100 record the Queen of Pop has set.  For example, October 2011 saw Ri move Madge out of the history books for ‘fastest collection of 20 top 10 singles’ when ‘We Found Love’ notched her 20th single in a record six years and four months (whereas Madonna notched her first 20 top 10s in six years, nine months).

Next, ‘Diamonds’ gave Rihanna her 12th #1 single – surpassing Whitney Houston and Janet Jackson to tie Madonna’s collection of Billboard Hot 100 #1s.

Today, news surfaced that Rihanna has surpassed Janet Jackson and is now second to Madonna in history books for most singles to top the dance charts as she landed her 20th chart-topper on the tally in the form of song ‘Right Now (ft. David Guetta)’.  While Madge is still sitting pretty with a record 43 #1s on that chart’s ranking, the rate at which Rihanna releases singles (coupled with her age) could spell trouble down the line for the Material Girl.


Madonna shares her thoughts on Rihanna & Beyonce:

So, you tell us:

Your thoughts?


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  1. Valerie (Barb) August 7, 2013

    Honey rihanna is the one to beat this generation when it comes to hit songs

    • Avenger August 8, 2013

      Too bad her album sales are s***.

      • TheOuyonB August 8, 2013

        Album sales mean nothing nowadays. If you can sell singles, then that equates to being a successful act. Regardless to what the album sells as a whole. Labels don’t care about how many albums you sell, as long as those singles are selling.. Rhianna isn’t going anywhere. Her team is the team to have, as well as he budget.

    • Avenger August 8, 2013

      Too bad her album sales are s***…

    • truth(the new and refined TRUTH. f*** icki she done now i just slay a b****…yew mad??) August 8, 2013

      Where is beyonce??

  2. Cici Slaaaays August 7, 2013

    That should be Ciaras name up there not Rihannas this isn’t fair she doesn’t have an ounce of talent smh the music consumers are a joke for supporting this clown she should never be on a list with legends.

    • ehh what? August 7, 2013


    • Beyond Amazing (Cause Bey really is!) August 7, 2013

      I agree, but Ciara shouldn’t be up there either. What’s so great about her? She’s just a Janet Jackson/Aaliyah wannabe.

      • Cici Slaaaays August 7, 2013

        But b**** i bet you feel that beyonce should be up there… Ciara has some of the best r&b songs out there… if Ciara had Rihanna team Ciara would be up there…

    • Rosie August 7, 2013

      So you just admitted that your fave is a failure.

      • FAF August 7, 2013

        Ciara does not make generic pop dance songs so she can keep it & Beyonce not on there either so I guess they didn’t include anyone who puts on a live show……… 😆


      • Cici Slaaaays August 7, 2013

        No it shows that Ciara is more deserving of that spot up there than r****..

      • Rosie August 7, 2013

        Ciara’s DUI at 106 & Park made Rihanna’s Diamonds at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show look like Whitney’s national anthem, though.

    • Common Sense August 7, 2013

      Ciara doesn’t make generic pop dance songs? What do you call 1,2 Step? Goodies? Work? The other 90% of her catalog?

      • channel_ROMAN August 8, 2013

        That’s not the genre pop , dance that’s crunk&B. I’m not even a ciara fan and I know that.

    • Breezy baby August 8, 2013

      And cierror has talent? Hhahaahhaha rih can sing much better than cifloppass

  3. POP ROYALTY (F*** Yeah Rihanna) August 7, 2013

    Get Sad, get MAD if you are not a rihanna Fan.

    Look at that smile, The Smile of #Winning .

    So proud of you, Robyn. 😀

    • ehh what? August 7, 2013

      that photo? mmh. naaahhhh. i seen better ones. 😆

    • Common Sense August 7, 2013

      Sad that such a lack of talent can be so successful, yes. Mad that all it takes nowadays is a great marketing machine to reach legends, yes. Disappointed that music listeners listen to such garbage and call it good music, yes. Surprised by it all of this happening, not at all.

      • POP ROYALTY (F*** Yeah Rihanna) August 7, 2013


        I Know Some people Who can Swear Madonna has no talent “mostly Kids or Older people who were born in madonna’s prime days” and How she is not deserving to that Title, and that she F***** her way up to the top, etc…

        Is that true ?
        Is madonna Untalented ? how you can be at the top for 30+ years while being untalented ?
        Looks ? Everyone can look beautiful , is it enough to be successful ? looking at people like cassie ” who happens to have a business mogul behind her back”, I don’t think so.

        Rihanna is just Like madonna when she was in her “True blue” phase, she was Shaking things Up and she was Not to be taken seriously Back then, Not before “Ray of light” That People started to understand madonna, This is Exactly the same thing that is happening To rihanna now, you could be the one who was using “Cher?” to downplay madonna’s Success back in the day.

        Marketing machine ?

        So legends didn’t have any marketing machines behind them ?
        garbage music and lack of talent ? It is Subjective, I think What Nicki minaj is doing is garbage music, other think she’s a rap genius, it is subjective and you should be open to other ppl’s tastes and differences, not everyone is a 80’s/90’s junkie !!!!!!!! you can’t control what ppl love , they just love it, and stats show it! radio loves rihanna and ppl are interested in her, DEAL or leave, don’t be bitter, No one forces you to listen to ppl you don’t like, but i see you are interested in rihanna just like any fan! hello. 😀
        Rihanna just gets hated for anything, so 2007 tbh, Move on.

      • Fierce & all August 7, 2013

        I agree @pop with that essay u wrote.

      • POP ROYALTY (F*** Yeah Rihanna) August 7, 2013

        @Fierce :

        Thank you. 😉

      • . : : h 2 o : : . August 8, 2013

        You’re such a f****** mess ….. Cirque du Soleil Sense was talking about Rihanna, not Madonna ..

        He’s a Madonna FAN, like you … He only has a problem with Rihanna here ………

        You just dragged him for nothing ………..

      • B**** IF YOU AINT SHITTIN THEN GET OF DA POT August 8, 2013

        @pop That essay I agree with everything, bar the fact that i do like Nicki, but I agree with you 🙂

      • MuiMui August 8, 2013

        @POP ROYALTY Keep spilling the truth tea, and let
        Them keep right on drinking it, because after all who’s going to check or Fade You!
        The truth always Win over hate, lies and slander. People
        know and realize that Love conqure all. Many has been trying to cut Ri off at ever nook and crook,and it has not worked then and it will not work now.

        Back in the day when Madonna , and others including Whitney, Mariah , Janet was doing there thing there was always some one who was better but that did not stop any of them from going on to become some of the best that music has to offer.

        Now just think of all the comparisons that are done between Ri and Madonna, Like Top selling Singles artist of singles right behind Madonna in the Uk,Like Ri top 12 hits compared to Madonna top12 hits, Where are the artist who can be compared to madonna on that level Now? Where is Beyonce listed on those two things along.
        At this time in Rihanna career She is holding her own and it do not matter how people want to try and downplay her Music as Generics and I don’t give a good ish if they see Ri music as Nothing are Something the Fact is Rihanna name is listed among the greats Right Now and Beyonce’s Name Isn’t, what a shame that is to Witness and see, Especially considering how Bad the Bey Hive ride ordie for Rihanna many accomplishments. As it goes no little Frog eyed bat can remove Ri name from the Hit List of Music greats ever, no matter how Generic they call her music.

  4. ETONE August 7, 2013

    what fuss ? the facts are there and Rihanna’s name is on the list

  5. ehh what? August 7, 2013

    whatever. she can have that. it’s just some stupid billblah stats. and yeah.



    it even sounds alike. why not take that over? huh? 😀

  6. Rosie August 7, 2013

    The only thing Rihfund has to Madonna is #1 singles. Other than that she doesn’t even have 1% of the impact that Madge has, she a cookie cutter artist, had no real image or anything (went from hard and emo in Rated R to cute and girly in Loud to ratchet in TTT/Analpologetic) and doesn’t set any trends, her label just grabs the best songwriters and producers of the moment and released albums tailor-made for top 40/urban/rhythmic radio. For her to be called the Black Madonna by her stans because some nobody blogger on MTV said so is hilarious.

    • rita whora will never make it big like Rihanna. August 7, 2013

      Give her some credit, why don’t you!

      • Common Sense August 7, 2013

        She deserves none lol. She’s just a pretty face that was designed to sell.

    • POP ROYALTY (F*** Yeah Rihanna) August 7, 2013

      you are doing the Most, sit Down please.

      talking about rihanna’s label Using songwriters when your fav has a career Thanks to her dad’s Money and him “pulling strings” ? 🙄

      Talking about rihanna’s Image when your fav is a cheap Drunk version of nancy sinatra ? Changed her name to be more commercial ? had Plastic surgeries and injected/F***** Up her lips to appeal ?!

      STFU, You know you are just Bitter.

      • Rosie August 7, 2013

        The irony when it’s actually you doing the most. There’s no receipts of her using her father to earn a career, and even if it’s true what does that have to do with anything?
        Still using the drunk drag? She’s been sober for over a decade, even TGJ posted that but of course like the rest of the Navi you’re illiterate.
        And it’s all paying off, her album came out nearly a year before Analpologetic and is still outselling it as of this week.

      • MuiMui August 8, 2013

        Rosie back in the day they said and did the same about Madonna,and look at her now. Just like you and your friends are talking about Ri,when will you realize that, you can not and will not be able to kill Ri Vibe no matter what you do. Load your guns and go hunting for Rihanna chart success all you want because i along with many see you as taking a step forward and backing four steps backward. Ri will never stop doing what it take to make chart success and music sells no matter how hard you work to try and say different.

      • MuiMui August 8, 2013

        Rosie and Company
        Rihanna has a Uniqueness about Her that stands out,and a sense of humor and Ownership about Her that will help her stand the test of time.

    • Fierce & all August 7, 2013

      Rihanna sets a lot of trends when it comes to fashion tho. I may clown her talent but I’m not delusional when it comes to her fashion choices. Girl’s got game. Phresh off the runway!

      • The Evil Eye August 8, 2013

        “Rihanna sets a lot of trends when it comes to fashion tho.”

        No she doesn’t.

      • MuiMui August 8, 2013

        Ri many never scream & shout as hard as the next artist, Beyonce , but she has mastered and embraced her inner strengths that help to keep her on top, or in the music mix and there will be no stopping her now or ever.

    • Beyond Amazing (Cause Bey really is!) August 8, 2013

      True, true, true. She changes her image for her albums like she changes clothes.

      • MuiMui August 8, 2013

        Name call her and talk about her Nekkid ways, hair color,Lies about drug use, running your own lies into the ground and Big on signing up with all of those who lie and slander her career choices, all you want but she shall not back down from being the Greatness that shes working on, no matter how you dislike her Rosie & Company.

      • MuiMui August 8, 2013

        And Ri is holding it down as well as Beyonce in the sales and chart success of her music and looking at her last two albums Ri is doing dam good,Rosie why u so p%ssed off all the time over Ri Chart success that the Oficial Charts Company ,Billboard, Soundscan and Global Charts all has
        did great write ups about and deny, all you want to its all good, in the end for Ri.

      • MuiMui August 8, 2013


        When there is a post on her about anything music are Ri period just step back take a deep breath and ask yourself this question,Why are they talking so much and posting articles that have got Ri name connected to them and Especially when so many calls Rihanna a “Nobody”, and a Non Factor in the Music World when we all know that she is one of the Biggest Names in Entertainment and have got the paper and creds to prove it ,Micro wave, generic , bubble gum are otherwise.

  7. rita whora will never make it big like Rihanna. August 7, 2013

    Rih is not a singles artist – she sells albums all over the world. Florida and Pitbull is a better example. Your friend Rita Ora does not sell albums; her album sold less than 300k worldwide. With all that immense hype , promo and the carter machine. LOL LOL

    • Rosie August 7, 2013

      LMAO at Rihta’s sales. I can name a couple of indie bands that outsold her, pathetic.

    • MuiMui August 8, 2013

      Rosie one word RIAA and do consider how many time they all have dropped and re dropped their cd/albums.
      Its not Ri fault that others want to drop every leap year are longer.

  8. FAF August 7, 2013

    Well, Madonna has impact because she was the first to do a lot in the way that she did and to make statements with her music. Rihanna does things that have already been done. For instance this new ratchetry was called “ghetto” in ’05 when usher came out with Yeah ppl in atlanta BEEEEN doing that since the ’90s (TLC, Goodie Mob) its not a new concept. Rihanna releases music so quickly so that she can break records her management has spoken on their tactic. But not much of it is representative of an “ERA” the way Madonnas is. When you hear “Like A Virgin” although she has limited vocal ability, ppl perform her songs as their auditioning on American Idol because its a staple, like a standard. Madge has a lot more substance….. could u imagine Rihanna making an “American Life” and being banned from radio & still slaying? That would never happen……..

    • MuiMui August 8, 2013

      Forget all the others but where is DC AND BEYONCE ON THE LIST,TELL ME THEIR NUMBER ON THIS TOP 20 LIST.

  9. TeamBreezy August 7, 2013

    Ri bout to have these hos bow down

  10. Lovebird (Roar – PRISM – 10.22.13)) August 7, 2013

    To answer your questions Samantha, YES Madonna is the top female artist EVER and no Rihanna is not the new Madonna, Rihanna is RIHANNA.

    Madonna did her thing in her time, Rihanna on the other hand is setting NEW records for herself.

    She is;

    – Most streamed artist on Spotify, Pandora etc,
    – Most viewed artist on Youtube/Vevo
    – Artist with most VEVO certified videos
    – Most downloaded digital artist of all time (worldwide, Taylor is local so you can keep that receipt)
    – Artist with the most subscribers on Youtube (currently close to 10 million subscribers, about to beat Jenna Marbles)
    – Most instagram followers of all artists

    and these are some of her stats to name a few. Rihanna’s realm is in the digital world, this is the future and Rihanna is already carving a name for herself in the future of the industry.

    So no, Rihanna is not the new Madonna, Rihanna is RIHANNA.

    • POP ROYALTY (F*** Yeah Rihanna) August 7, 2013

      your Best Comment EVER. 😀

    • king z August 7, 2013

      the question was not was she the best FEMALE solo artist. the question was is she the BEST SOLO ARTIST PERIOD (regardless of gender or genre)

    • Avenger August 8, 2013

      – Most streamed artist on Spotify, Pandora etc,

      Who cares? Not important.

      – Most viewed artist on Youtube/Vevo

      Who cares? Not important.

      – Artist with most VEVO certified videos

      Who cares? Not important.

      – Most downloaded digital artist of all time (worldwide, Taylor is local so you can keep that receipt)

      Who cares? Not important.

      – Artist with the most subscribers on Youtube (currently close to 10 million subscribers, about to beat Jenna Marbles)

      Who cares? Not important.

      – Most instagram followers of all artists


      • Lindani August 8, 2013

        I get what you’re saying, but uhm the important question is: “How many albums has Rihanna sold?”

    • MuiMui August 8, 2013

      LOVEBIRD You are serving the tea right , pipping hot,lemon or lime and sweeten to taste,thanks.

  11. Lovebird (Roar – PRISM – 10.22.13)) August 7, 2013

    Also there are some artists who do not deserve to be on that list, we all know who the payola queens are. Once the Billboard Hot 100 rules changed, they never had another hit and so you can see who uses Payola.

    Case in point is Beyonce who couldn’t get another hit once Billboard changed the rules, and I even brought a receipt of Beyonce using Payola.

    Fun fact, Rihanna was blocked from the #1 spot with Pon de replay due to a payola LOCAL hit, oh well…congrats to them all.

    Unrelated Side note: I really love this song,

    • POP ROYALTY (F*** Yeah Rihanna) August 7, 2013

      “WBT” Is Never LOCAL, unless you are living in another galaxy.

      • Lovebird (Roar – PRISM – 10.22.13)) August 7, 2013

        I’m not talking to you until you bring Jared back. You’re hereby forbidden from replying to my commentaries until Jared come back.

      • POP ROYALTY (F*** Yeah Rihanna) August 7, 2013

        “you Bring Jared back” ?! 😯

        Girl, Are you for real……

        I did nothing to him , Even when he talked trash, I did not give a f***, you can get back and see it.

        Maybe @sam Blocked him ” which i doubt” , maybe he is taking a break , IDK, IDC, but To think i have the power to Block ppl to come here, that is stupid.
        @suicide is also absent for some time now, did i block him too ?
        get smart.

  12. Rosie August 7, 2013

    Did the Ciara stans already disappear like her album did out of the top 50?

    • Molly August 7, 2013

      Why are so obsessed with the Ciara stans tho? Get ya life together f**…

      • Rosie August 7, 2013

        I’m a straight female, and I wish the rest if the Z-Squad would put as much effort into buying Ciara’s records as they do trying to drag.

  13. Molly August 7, 2013

    Congrats Rihanna…. But I do agree that Ciara more deserving

    • Fierce & all August 7, 2013

      Ciara is a good performer. But her catalogue is basic. Rarely has she had any songs that are outside of the crunk/r&b Spectrum. She’s not crossover like Rihanna. Tbh.

      • Beyond Amazing (Cause Bey really is!) August 8, 2013

        I agree

  14. truth August 7, 2013

    BUT THE SLAYAGE THOUGH. Rihanna is ONLY 25 and the only artist to come out in the 2000’s and slaying with artist PAST our time.. this b**** is slaying lives and no matter how you try to downplay her success with “oh she’s a h**” “oh she can’t sing” blah blah she is dominating the music game and the haters will DEAL.

  15. Lovebird (Roar – PRISM – 10.22.13)) August 7, 2013

    The slayage though,

    Billboard TOP ARTIST year-end-charts


    #1 Adele
    #2 Rihanna


    #1 Adele
    #2 Rihanna


    #9 Rihanna


    #1 Chris Brown
    #3 Rihanna


    #1 Chris Brown
    #7 Rihanna

    You may be slaying but one thing that wont change is Rihanna will be there, making favs mad since….

    • MuiMui August 8, 2013

      LOVEBIRD,Keep making my days and nights with the truth and facts. Keep right on killing the vibes of those who has to stay medicated to stand up to that bad Bytch named and called “Truth” shes a Bad Bytch.

  16. ratedxxx(my favs stays on)) August 7, 2013

    every time rihanna sets a record, people want to complain how its not fair, she’s not talented her music sucks..

    and the ones that do admit that rihanna makes great music, complains that it’s because of the songwriters and music producers that she has so many hit songs…

    fine lets use the logic that its because of all the song writers and music producers that the majority of rihanna’s songs are hits

    but doesnt beyonce use the same song writers, the dream, neyo, so on, she also uses the same music producers too, so riddle me this batman, rihanna gets diamonds, sos, umbrella, take a bow, so on..

    but beyonce gets, girls who runs the world, diva, bow down, grown woman, mainly alot of garbage music..

    • Beyond Amazing (Cause Bey really is!) August 8, 2013

      B**** you stay having Queen Bey’s name in your mouth. Focus on that c** bucket c** lad Rihanna.

      • MuiMui August 8, 2013


    • XXX August 8, 2013

      You forgot about Irreplaceable, Halo, Crazy in Love, De Ja Vu, Love on Top, Listen and all her other great songs and Rihannas garbage music. Biased. Riddle me this. What does Beyonce have to do with it anyway?

      • MuiMui August 8, 2013

        XXX Rihanna “Umbrella”did more chart dances and made more music news then all of the Beyonce songs you named check back and read the FACTS on “Umbrella” and Weep.

      • MuiMui August 8, 2013

        Garbage Song yet it made the list of one of the best songs of all times, and out paced all of Beyonce songs,#Pressed Hive.

      • MuiMui August 8, 2013

        Garbage yet it is so great that in the Global Charts Archives of Achievenments of singles Rihanna has the Calender for 2007 , Where is Beyonce’s calender for any year, since for ever, Ri is already being Remembered for Great Achievenments ,Bitter, Pressed Bey Hive.
        Tell us how to find Beyonce name in the top twenty list up top what is Beyonce Number Hive?ON THE TOP TWENTY CHART OF TOP Solo Songs ,SINCE BEYONCE CAN OUT SCREAN AND MOAN AND POP THAT THING OF HERS HARDER AND LONGER THEN RIH HAS AND CAN IN YOUR BOOKS

  17. ratedxxx(my favs stays on)) August 7, 2013

    bottom line, rihanna is a hit because her music is versatile, she can go from rock,to dance, to reggae, to R&B..

    yes, as a ciara fan sometimes it irks me to see people with limited talent get all the hits and fame….

    but to say rihanna doesnt deserve her fame is b*******…

    she’s roc nations top money maker..

    and every time you guys claim rihanna’s hits are only because of songwriters and music producers..remember this, beyonce also uses the same song writers, and music producers.

    how come rihanna is the only one gettings all the hits..meanwhile beyonce singing bow down..ahahahhahahahaahahhahaahhhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  18. Mark111 August 7, 2013

    Rihanna ia that chic! Sorry, the others are still “New” and haven’t fully made it yet or never. I’m talking about Gaga and Katy, I recall Fergie, Nelly and Gwen being big 7 years ago and where are they now? Rih sell a mill in the states every year and 3 mill WW. I know Rihanna is gonna either re-release Unapologetic or release a greatest hits this year, throw a few new singles on there and you have yourself another #1, or she can just push Right Now, but I’m feeling Jump more. Queen of the Roc is grabbing all your faves records.

    • Lovebird (Roar – PRISM – 10.22.13)) August 7, 2013

      Did you just try to shade Katy Perry?? Did you really go there?? Really???

      • Mark111 August 7, 2013

        I like Katy (well , her slow songs.) I think she’s a great writer, but as of now, she hasn’t made her print in music. She can be gone tomorrow if this next era fails (not saying it will, just saying as of now, her nor Gaga had made their mark.)

  19. Boss August 7, 2013

    Real talk Rihanna dnt deserve all this recognition. She untalented as fuc and realses music every 20 minutes.

    • Lovebird (Roar – PRISM – 10.22.13)) August 7, 2013

      Why doesn’t she deserve this success? She works hard like all other artists, she deserves it.

      Beyonce lies, Beyonce fans lie but numbers do not lie.

      • Fierce & all August 7, 2013

        Ur obsessed with Beyonce. Stfu! He didn’t say nothing about her. SMH.

  20. DJT August 7, 2013

    This urban blog is so racially biased! Rihanna is #15 on the list!!! She’s nowhere close to being a threat to Madonna. Get over it ghetto-ass blog!

    • Lovebird (Roar – PRISM – 10.22.13)) August 7, 2013

      But….but….but RIhanna is the only artist from the current generation who made the TOP 20.

    • king z August 7, 2013

      why do people bother to comment if they don’t read the article. it clearly states that RIHANNA IS THREATENING MADONNA’S #1 DANCE HITS RECORDS…that’s it!

      oh…and her #1 HOT 100s (they both have 12).

      JEEZ. for u peeps to rag this blog, u sure do comment alot on it

      • EnRanc August 8, 2013

        I’m supposed to be impressed by YouTube video views? When Rihanna threatens Madonna in total record sales, I’ll be impressed. She has more than 1/2 the number of albums Madonna has, and should be etching close if you think about it but isn’t even in the same stratosphere when it comes to THAT.

        All Rihanna is is a canvas for a song submitted to Def Jam by a random songwriter. Her “success” is like random Jeopady trivia, and most people probably wouldn’t even say “Who is Rihanna?” if it was.

      • Lucio Calamos June 16, 2016

        Man, you said it all…

    • MuiMui August 8, 2013

      DTG Rihanna is closer then Beyonce is no matter how you cut it.

  21. Lovebird (Roar – PRISM – 10.22.13)) August 7, 2013

    Isn’t it always funny how people use the “marketing machine” excuse to downplay Rihanna’s successes?

    I mean since Good Girl Gone Bad, this girl has been the EXECUTIVE PRODOCUER on ALL her albums. She has had control over everything from the music that will make the album to the image of the era.

    The one who is successful because of “clever marketing” is Beyonce, and we all know that is down to Matthew Knowles who has a BSc in Business Administration.

    Matthew Knowles has been in control of brand Beyonce and has done an exceptional job at managing that brand, once he left the picture, everything is a mess.

    Rihanna on the other hand HAS BEEN IN CONTROL of brand Rihanna. That “Marketing Machine” excuse doesn’t fly.

    • Mark111 August 7, 2013

      The shade is that their faves use that same “marketing machine” or shock value to sell. If it’s so easy for Rihanna to do it and it’s her team and not her voice or her ability to match every genre format with it, then why aren’t that same team doing it for their faves? And Rita Ora is the poster child for this.

      • Lovebird (Roar – PRISM – 10.22.13)) August 8, 2013

        Rita Ora will always be the case study unfortunately (for her). 3 years to make an album, filled with Rihanna rejects (R.I.P) and worked with some of the BEST names in the business (who’ve also worked with Rihanna BTW) and she still underperformed.

        I kind of feel sorry for the girl.

    • Lovebird (Roar – PRISM – 10.22.13)) August 7, 2013


    • Mr Newman August 8, 2013

      Everyone has clever marketing. Rihannas keeps her name in the headlines just as much and is always keeping people intruiged with her change of image more than anything else. Whats the first thing people are drawn and her fans look at when she comes on stage… Not how good she is performing, but what she is wearing and how ‘good’ she looks.

  22. Beyhive August 7, 2013

    Good for them.

  23. Rihboy August 7, 2013

    She deserves the recognition….what do you guys not understand about the navy…we are millions strong…..she is supported whether you haters like it or not….she reigns supreme…bitter because your fave isnt on the list….and then the list is irrelevant then right? Lls you haters kill me. I see bey fans probably skipped math class like their dumb fat fave….the numbers are presented in every form possible, yet they find ways to alter thee equation…..just deal accordingly….its the beginning…..and c failures please keep mute your fave will never be written in history as such.

  24. Leila Bee August 7, 2013

    Madonna is a legend. All the things she inspired with her music.. the power of woman and the freedom of gay people, the religion.. But the generation change now. She will always be the queen of her generation. First time I saw Rihanna was at Akon show lol she did the first part and I thought to myself she deserve more popularity but at that time her music was okay.. With the thing that happens with Chris brown, the news gave a lot of attention to her and that really start her career because from that moment everysongs she did was about the way to be strong and a new Rihanna come out of that. Her attitude is the key, she is a real entertainer now, she knows how to make people talk about her, and her songs are really good, she don’t need to have the most powerfull voice to be the most successfull woman. She just got it and had become the youngest female to make it to the top. I like Ciara too, but Rihanna is wayy hotter and her songs are not about ride a d**,her goodies, or a body party.

    • Mark111 August 7, 2013

      I got you, but the whole “With the thing that happens with Chris brown, the news gave a lot of attention to her and that really start her career” are lies. Rihanna had the highest selling album in 2008, 5 #1’s (Her and Beyonce had the most in that decade) Tours and everything else. Plus Rih was always a bad girl (Good Girl Gone Bad) but the haters were saying that it was fake and she was acting. Now they see she’s really this that bad chic. The only thing the CB thing did was slow her down a bit (even tho Rated R is her best work til now) cause she was gonna release an album called Dark Angel the summer of 09.

  25. Bey Fan August 7, 2013

    Rihanna (or who ever’s behind the machine) has the ability to pull out a number one hit. NO denying that. Her singles seem to always top the charts. And I like most of them. I dont think she’ll ever reach the level of Madonna, but she’s the hit maker of her generation.

    I was about to adress the people who just HAVE to bring up Beyonce. Riddle me this, if Beyonce is ALWAYS on your mind, doesn’t that make you a stan???

    • MsThing485 August 8, 2013

      When you obsess over someone who you *claim* to dislike, that means that you’re either scared of/threatened by them, or you’re an undercover fan, or possibly both. They’re on the edge of their seats when it comes to Beyonce, what she’s doing, what she’ll do next and when as much as her admitted fans are. They eat up Bey news just like we do and they’re waiting for Bey to finally drop that new single just like the rest of us.

      The opposite of love ain’t hate, it’s indifference. When something, or someone, doesn’t matter to you you have pretty much nothing to say. When you hate, that means you care and caring about a celebrity in any way, shape or form keeps their momentum going. Every successful & long lasting star needs haters as much as they do fans. Haters vitriol keeps the subject fresh and the conversation about them going. If they really wanted to stick it to Beyonce, they’d shut up about her and not contribute to articles about her morphing into 200 comment spectacles that prompts casual readers to click on to see what the fuss is about, and from there take a position.

  26. Rihking August 8, 2013

    The king wins ! Beyonfats new pixi cut is a mess, ci error has no talent and the earth still spins.FACTS

  27. GrandGrande August 8, 2013

    It doesn’t matter. Madonna will always be Madonna. She will always be legendary. Records are broken everyday, but Madonna’s name will always be in the history books regardless!!!! Rihanna is Rihanna and no one is doing it like her. She’s a hit making machine. She knows how to keep her name out there. One day she will release that one album to change her entire career, but until then keep the music coming girlie.

  28. EnRanc August 8, 2013

    Who cares? When you release an album virtually every year for almost 10 years, playing up to every of the moment trend and/or fad, you’re bound to move ahead based on sheer volume. Rihanna’s album sales are very, very, very average and borderline poor. Out of seven albums, only one is multiplatinum in the U.S., and she’s never had a double digit million seller worldwide. But when you put so many out in such a small window of time, and always have a single on hand at any given time, a dent will naturally be created despite the low brow quality and limited budget. Rihanna’s team over-saturates the market with her because they know it’s the only way she’ll create a dent. She can never pull a Gaga, an Eminem, an JT, or an Adele move and go over 2 years without releasing anything and still come back with a through the roof seller. Rihanna’s career is like a shark that has to keep on swimming, else it dies.

    • Citygal718 August 8, 2013

      ITA. When you break it down, Rihanna’s individual successes are average at best. She just keeps herself in circulation so much that modest milestones eventually accumulate over time. I don’t know whether to consider this move desperate or smart. I guess it’s a bit of both, but you can only forcefeed the general public for so long before apathy or backlash ensues. Overexposure kills careers just as much as inactivity. At this rate, Rihanna’s “Glitter” is coming…but unlike Mariah, she isn’t some great vocal talent whose downfall will seem so unfortunate the public will want to see her get herself together so that she can have a comeback because of how talented she is. And unlike Madonna, Rihanna isn’t especially commanding, clever, creative, innovative, one step ahead or daring in any way that counts.

      Rihanna is basically a black Britney Spears with a more petulant attitude. Her career is run by a machine of handlers who do the real heavy lifting behind the scenes, and her popularity is largely based on how “cool” her bratty persona is perceived to be amongst that callow 12 to 24 year old crowd that doesn’t know any better. That same immaturity is going to be what ultimately destroys her. What was you got away with at 19 stops being cute when you’re on the other side of 25.

      • Dray August 8, 2013

        Please sit with that book of lies.

      • JOHNVIDAL August 10, 2013

        Damn those were two fabulous comments! Nothing but the truth.

  29. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) August 8, 2013


  30. rih rox (ignore that imposter who’s always here it has my old account and now i have a new one) August 8, 2013


  31. JER August 8, 2013

    All I see are legends perched in the top. Madonna, Mariah, Janet, Whitney. All the mothers are there <3

  32. . : : h 2 o : : . August 8, 2013

    Madonna is the Top Female Solo Act? Yes.

    Top Solo Act? No.

  33. Mr Newman August 8, 2013

    There is noting surprising nor groundbreakin about Ri having them #1s with the amount she releases and exposure she gets. Just saying.

    • DTG August 8, 2013

      Basically. Rihanna’s had as many flop singles as she’s had hits. Maybe even more. If you continually throw meat at the ceiling, enough of it will stick.

      • Dray August 8, 2013

        The reach is comical at this point. Smiles. . . .

  34. Lindani August 8, 2013

    She is not he new madonna, she needs to sell 300 million records first and people must sell out a 80 000 seater stadium 6 moonths before a concert to see her when she is 50 years old.

    Side note: f*** billboard.

  35. Dray August 8, 2013

    The Navy salutes you Rih Rih. . . .a job well done!!! This is what makes a stan proud. . the receipts keep coming.

  36. glum August 8, 2013

    I don’t think selling more records makes her the BEST solo act and honestly, Rihanna and Madonna have 2 different styles, Rihanna isn’t the new anything.

  37. JOHNVIDAL August 10, 2013

    What an amazing TOP10!!! I´m sure the crap labels, radio and public have been supporting these last few years will destroy it eventually (Rihanna already at #15). But I will be happy if that top10 never changes. It´s amazing. Which is rare if we talk about singles only. So imagine how much they slay if we add their other accomplishments (sorry Rihanna 🙂 )

  38. Fitsy February 22, 2015

    To compare Rihanna to Madonna is like comparing NSync to the Beatles; with Madonna it isnt just about number 1’s or charts, its about cultural impact and legacy. Everything Rihanna is doing today is largely thanks to Madonna’s efforts when she first stepped out of the cab in Times Square, with just $50 to her name and a heart full of dreams. The rest is just musical legend. Back in 1980 there were no strong female icons on the level of today, okay we had Debbie Harry but she was too coked up to even give a crap, Madonna through her dealings with sexism in the industry fought long and hard to establish herself as a credible force, a force to be taken seriously and equal to all men. Some still try to demean her success now. And thats where she and Rihanna differ. Rihanna may be using Madonna’s bluprint, but she is sadly moulded and essentially marketed by music execs to generate money for them, shes getting rich but at the expense of her artistic freedom and integrity! Madonna’s body of work has been as much a vehicle for her thoughts as it has her preference, she has channelled gospel, jazz, folk, pop, rock, R&B, swing, country, EDM, far eastern and beyond. Shecwas credited in 1995 for bringing Electronica to the masses and working with obscure producers only added to her credibility! Its not just genres either, Madonna has touched on social commentary where most artists wouldnt even venture! 4 of her videos have been banned due to cultural clashes over content, she has been stopped from performing in Italy, Russia and Ukraine due to problems with show content. She has riled the catholic church, promoted homosexuality and been an advocate for womens lib for decades… Even her fashion choices can be seen decades down the line and invite social discussion like no other! The Virgin wedding dress, the conical Gaultier bustiere, the D&G cowgirl get up, the Versace kimono’s… Her fashion stays in your mind and the publics eye!

    As for achievements, to see Madonna’s true worth you just have to look at her tours, she is the only artists who can take a world tour to any city, any country on any continent and fill out stadiums! Her chart legacy in hundreds of countries is unsurpassed! In Europe she is by far the biggest selling female, in the UK 1 of her albums has sold 3.9 million alone, 4 others over a million! Austrlia, Japan, France she is their biggest selling female and it just goes on! As it stands Madonna was just notched up 310 million album sales and according to Guinness World Records 2014 she has surpassed 265 million in singles, when she releases ALL her singles digitally with ALL original edits and mixes, this will double (only singles since Hung Up have her singles been digitally available) her first decade alone generated more than a billion in revenue for then parent company Warners.
    So you see, Rihanna may be inching closer to Madonna’s chart achievements on certain charts, but she is nowhere near achieving all that Madonna has culturally, and that is why the public refer to her as a Queen. Who else could release a major album containing a scathing attack on American culture, yet remain able to sell despite a blanket airplay ban?! Who else could place a soft p*** book at the top of the global best sellers list or have 3 tours in the top 10 grossing of all time? I’ll tell you… Madonna, thats who!

  39. desi84 August 17, 2015

    Madonna is not a songwriter, choreographer, or musician. She, just like any other super successful artist, needed a strong team of marketing people, songwriters, and producers to get her career off the ground. She is a decent dancer whose PEROSNALITY and controversial behavior brought her attention and her collaboration with strong song writers/producers helped her garner several hits. She is smart enough to know her strengths and seek out those to help her with her weaknesses as well as team up with the latest new artist to push her material out. That ambition and aggressiveness has allowed Madonna to endure longer in the industry than artists far more talented than her and that same ambition and cunningness will help Rihanna in her career over the years.

    Beyoncé is super successful and a stronger live performer than Rihanna, but her discography is weaker in terms of pop success. With the exception of her albums with DC, Dangerously in Love (her highest selling solo album), and a handful of #1 Hot 100 singles, her music catalogue will pale in influence to Rihanna’s more diverse and extensive collection of hits and it already shows. For Beyoncé or the Bey Hive to consider her the Queen, she sure is not the top album seller or hit maker in her generation.

  40. Lucio Calamos June 16, 2016

    Madonna + Whitney Houston: Two of the greatest Queens of the world combined is = “Rihanna” – The real Queen of the new generation!

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