Report: Miguel Arrested For DUI

Published: Thursday 15th Aug 2013 by Sam

Miguel‘s career may be on the rise, but so too were his hands this morning. For, the ‘Adorn’ singer was reportedly arrested for driving under the influence.

Details after the jump…

According to TMZ, the award-winning star was stopped by California Highway Patrol officers, who initially flagged his 2013 BMW X6 for speeding and tinted windows on a Los Angeles freeway just after 2:00 am today.

While questioning the 27-year-old, officers noticed the smell of alcohol and subsequently performed an array of field sobriety tests. He reportedly failed them.

According to the rap sheet, the breathalyzer recorded  a .10 and .11 – significantly over the .08 legal limit in California.

The singer was then arrested for DUI and transported to local police station. There he was booked, but released  hours later on $5,000 bail.


It happens, though it shouldn’t. let’s hope it doesn’t again. Miguel is entirely too talented to have his ascend marred by drama.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Yeezy August 15, 2013

    YYyaaaass sis is giving me life with that photo! Werk Betcchh!!

    • SSSS August 15, 2013

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  2. stephy the lambily August 15, 2013

    He betta stay his ass outta jail before they take his sweet short little ASS LOL

    • Beyond Amazing (Cause Bey really is!) August 15, 2013

      Hahahahaha, girl no you didn’t!

  3. geno August 15, 2013

    he can see over the steering wheel???

  4. PhuckYoTour August 15, 2013

    Awwwww, so because TGJ loves him they won’t shade him. Had this been Kim or Rihanna….

  5. ThunThun August 15, 2013

    What kind of biased b*******! That’s all you had to say about it! Just f****** no, you didn’t go in on him because you want him to do well but your asses are being unfair cos yall know youd never let Rihanna get away with this.

  6. patra August 15, 2013

    i wonder if he was listening to how many drinks???

  7. HausMuthaAdele August 15, 2013

    Miguelita! How could you?

  8. LAWWWWWWD August 15, 2013

    I wonder whose C*** he sucked the c** out of whilst he was in ha for those few hours…

    • CLOCKED YOU August 15, 2013

      I didn’t know d**** got sucked in holding.

  9. NaviKissKiss August 15, 2013

    Oh I see. I see it very clear now. Grape Juice loves Miguel so Grape Juice won’t criticize Miguel when Miguel is wrong. You didn’t even post when he almost broke that girl’s neck.

  10. Navy nick August 15, 2013

    Come in Miguel, this is not kool @ all…, u make
    Too much money to not be able to taxi or have a limo/bodyguard take u home., unsat!

  11. POSH August 15, 2013

    Miguelondra DRAGGED the f*** outta TGJ a couple of months ago – that’s why there asses are being so nice. Oh Samantha,,,,,,, you are such a f****** bottom,,,,,,,, lmaaaaaaoooooo.

    Anyway, did he give a blowjob to the police officer???

  12. Blue ivy August 15, 2013

    Ciara’s impact!

    • FAF August 15, 2013

      LMAOOOOO I actually laughed @ this. *plays synths* (DEEE YEW EYE) 😆

  13. DIGGER BEY August 15, 2013

    U b****** who visit this site are dumb ass hell lmao. If TGJ don’t wanna bash Miguel for this, then Oh Fawkin Well. Its called TGJ, not “What I Say Goes”. If u don’t like it, then find another site to b**** and troll daily. Miguel please stay on the right path. Ur the R&B It Boi right Now! @ I guess some of u f*** want to taste Miguel’s c***, seeing how ur mad and callin him names lmao.

    • Ut August 15, 2013

      Shut up beytrannyonce is a washed up flopping s***. And your a wide nose nappy headed pressed f**..

  14. shauwndapooh August 15, 2013


  15. Daniel Teflon August 15, 2013

    Not a big Miguel fan but I like a couple of his songs I’d say…

  16. JER August 15, 2013


  17. King August 15, 2013

    C’mon Miguel quit it. Acting like a damn BUM

  18. CLOCKED YOU August 15, 2013

    Still better than Frank.

  19. . : : h 2 o : : . August 16, 2013

    lol wtf

  20. HAHA August 16, 2013


  21. DIGGER BEY August 16, 2013

    I see @ Ut and @ Shauwnapooh is the same little b******. F** please stay n school. U write like your’re slow ass a sloth. And that’s n the brain. #BYE SLOW B****

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