‘Summertime Sadness’: Tinie Tempah, Lana Del Rey And Miguel Rock British Charts

Tinie Tempah. Miguel. Lana Del Rey.

While all three have roots in varying musical territories, this week sees them share common ground on the UK’s Official Charts, thanks to support afforded to them by the nation’s public.

Good news for all of them below!

One year after its June 22nd 2012 release date, Rey’s ‘Summertime Sadness’ finds itself perched at #4 on the singles tally, peaking just as high as it did on Germany’s Media Control Chart.

Following its slow but sure ascent on the Billboard Hot 100, it’s run in the UK’s Top Ten makes it the highest charting single in the market of her career, outperforming the Emilie Haynie produced ‘Blue Jeans’ and the Rick Nowels driven ‘Young & Beautiful’.

One spot above her, comes Tinie Tempah‘s brand new single ‘Trampoline’!

Marking his fifth Top 5 single in the country, the single leapt and found its footing on #3, three years after his first charting single ‘Pass Out‘ was certified Platinum for sales of over 600,00 units but before the release of its supporting album ‘Demonstration’, due out in September.

Then, in extending his lead as R&B’s fastest rising ambassador, Miguel watches his signature hit ‘Adorn’ rise a sweet 23 spots in just seven days, soaring to #57 but boasting the most glory on the Urban chart, where it now sits at #8- in its 47th week of release!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Beyawnce August 11, 2013

    I don’t like the remix of SS , it ruins the song , its all about the beat and not the lyrics but good for her.

    • BCD August 11, 2013

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  2. Ciara4Ever August 11, 2013

    Uhm who is Lana del rey?

    • Beyawnce August 11, 2013

      Someone who’s last re released album sold more than ciaras

      • Faf August 11, 2013

        Shes still a f****** non factor black f** 😉 Shes yet to have any US success the botox injected A*** patient will never be on Queen Ci level dumb ass welfare receiving N***** 😉

      • Rosie August 11, 2013

        But Summertime Sadness will out peak Local Party this week AND her album sold more in the US than what Cedric’s last three sold worldwide 😉

      • Beyawnce August 11, 2013

        Ciara will never see another album , We all now she will be dropped , Look at you getting all mad with your ignorant comments 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. Ke$has Crazy Kid August 11, 2013

    Never heard of the del rey chick… Congratulations to Miguel & Tempah

    • Rosie August 11, 2013

      And no one outside of the US has heard of Ke$hit 😉
      Warrior sales worldwide: 300k

  4. Shauwndapooh August 11, 2013

    ^ the one outselling ciara i wish shewould lolita or diet mount.dew

    • Cici Slaaaays August 11, 2013

      B**** no one knows Lana gurl

      • Rosie August 11, 2013

        Born To Die outsold your fave’s last four albums combined 😉

    • Faf August 11, 2013

      How many PLATINUM albums in America does Lana have again? Oh ok f** 😉

      • Rosie August 11, 2013

        Why hasn’t Cedric sold 100k with all that first week promo?

  5. Slayrita Legendora August 11, 2013

    There is only one queen of the UK charts. Her name is Rita Ora.

    • ASBEENISH August 11, 2013

      Rita W****. Bye GURLL

    • stephy the lambily August 11, 2013

      Actually thats MADONNA

  6. Cici Slaaaays August 11, 2013

    To bad she’ll never have a top 10 hit in the US!

    • Rosie August 11, 2013

      Too bad SS already outsold and is doing better than Cedric’s comeback “smash” Local Party!

  7. ASBEENISH August 11, 2013

    *looks for lanas top 10 hit in the US’ 🙁

    • Rosie August 11, 2013

      I see you used half of your public library credit to post that sorry comment sis.

      • ASBEENISH August 11, 2013

        *gluglgulguglg* ALCHOHOLLL

      • Rosie August 11, 2013

        So that was the other half sis? I guess it’s time for you to use your last couple of food stamps on generic brands at Family Dollar.

  8. Rolling the deep August 11, 2013

    When will lama get a US number 1 hit tho???????

    • Rosie August 11, 2013

      When will Adelephant stop looking like a f****** cow?

      • ATM JAM August 12, 2013

        When A*** Del Taco stops looking like 90% of her nose was shaved off and fed to starving kids in Ethiopia.

  9. Brazilian Beyonce!!! August 11, 2013

    Queen Lana!!!

    • Cici slaaaays August 11, 2013

      Queen? Of what botox injections?

    • ASBEENISH August 11, 2013

      Gurl that reach. #NEXT

  10. Kim Kardashian Stan August 11, 2013

    Her music bores me.

  11. Brazilian Beyonce!!! August 11, 2013

    You pressed over lanas success?

    • #beautiful Carey August 11, 2013

      What success sis?

      • Rosie August 11, 2013

        Why can’t Moo hold her stomach in for more than three seconds?

  12. #beautiful Carey August 11, 2013

    How many American hits does she have again?

    • Rosie August 11, 2013

      Two, and SS will likely outpeak Moo’s “critically acclaimed, successful” comeback in the US within the next two weeks.

  13. heavy metal lover 2.0 August 11, 2013

    Lana will never see real US success

    • Rosie August 11, 2013

      F** no one cares about your ugly forgotten ass fave, and no one will care other than suicidal f****** when Applause drops. Dead at Lana possibly being a threat stateside after the first week.

  14. Brazilian Beyonce!!! August 11, 2013

    Lana Del Rey’s album “Born To Die” has sold over 4 Million copies WW… With Less promo.

    • Faf August 11, 2013

      No one gives a s***!!!!!!!!!

      • Brazilian Beyonce!!! August 11, 2013

        You seem to give a “S***”.. Why are you replying? Why are you so angry over someones success?

      • Rosie August 11, 2013

        Still seething that Cedric won’t even see Paradise EP’s US numbers WORLDWIDE with that Titty Perry promo/Gaga internet comeback hype?

      • Beyawnce August 11, 2013

        LOL @ the ciara’s fan , Yall got the nerve

    • ATM JAM August 12, 2013

      Lies. Anals boring ass album was promoted to the moon and back. She was on countless talk shows, music videos back to back, that flop ass tour, and radio shows. Don’t tell me that this plastic b**** didn’t promo when she WHORED the ruck out of it.

  15. Brazilian Beyonce!!! August 11, 2013

    Lana is starting her Own Genre just like “Sade” so bye <3

    • Ciara is everything August 11, 2013

      B**** you need to be slapped for saying that dont put Sade name in the same sentence ass that lame Lana ok?

  16. Molly August 11, 2013

    Lana who?

  17. Ciara is everything August 11, 2013

    Don’t you ever compare Lana to Sade you f****** dumb b**** @BrazilianShityonce Sade is pure talent Lana will never come close you pitiful f** smh.

    • Brazilian Beyonce!!! August 11, 2013

      You need help tbh.. You’re so negative its not healthy

      • Ciara is everything August 11, 2013

        You need help aswell honey you Stan for a whale now be gone lessor I don’t have time for you!

  18. JOHNVIDAL August 11, 2013

    Love that acoustic by Miguel!
    And I´ve always loved Summertime Sadness, Lana is not good live in general, but when she sings that song that I love live it is truly painful. One of the songs she struggles the most. Love her music anyway.

  19. Ciara is everything August 11, 2013

    Is Rosie hiding? Lol

    • Rosie August 11, 2013

      Why would I be hiding h**? Death at you talking s*** when your fave couldn’t even outsell Paradise.

  20. Rosie August 11, 2013

    Yes Lana, slay! I love how all the f*** on this site are so US centric because their faves are more local than Trey Songz.
    Ciara “Ciara” worldwide peaks
    Australia (ARIA) 35
    Canada (Billboard) 21
    Netherlands (MegaCharts) 77
    Switzerland (Hitparade) 63
    UK Albums Chart (OCC) 42
    US Billboard 200 2

    L O C A L

    • Asbeenish August 12, 2013

      Gurl. But then you shade faves for not selling well in the us.

      E.G Warrior.

      And that reach, Ciara will be more successful than Lana Ever will be. #NEXT

  21. TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! August 11, 2013

    miley cyrus is number 1

    • stella August 11, 2013

      Really? When will Taylor?

      • TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! August 12, 2013

        Taylor already has a uk number 1

  22. Fierce & All August 11, 2013

    Lana is like Bob Dylan of the 21st century. Most of her music isn’t pop enough to play on
    Radio stations or be liked enough by everyone but she will soon be respected as an artist cuz she’s
    raw and authentic. Kudos to her.

    • Rosie August 11, 2013

      Where’s the lie though?

    • IM A FREE B*TCH August 11, 2013


  23. IM A FREE B*TCH August 11, 2013

    yess Lana! SLAYYY

  24. . : : H 2 O : : . August 11, 2013

    I wouldn’t give any exposure to no f*****’ C-ommercialDisaster stan tbh… I mean “Born to Die” is on its way to 5M worldwide even without the help of the old, big-assed states ………. Meanwhile C-ommercialDisaster will be lucky to crack 100K in the states and 6K in the rest of the world, and is having 1 Top 40 hit on Auntie Jemimah’s Top 100 Hood Jams Chart every 517406813 flops..

    Not to mention, Lana is on an arena tour making her money …. while C-ommercialDisaster can’t even afford to book a in Cape Flats even with Khia being the opening act.

    I mean ……….

    • C squad August 11, 2013

      B****** are so JEALOUS OF KING CI LOL

    • Rosie August 12, 2013

      What kinda gospel? Dead at the Z-Squad trying to drag Lana when BTD is already outselling Cedric weekly and will outsell his discography by next year.

  25. LANA DEL LEGEND August 11, 2013


    • C squad August 11, 2013

      Lana will never be a legend

      • Rosie August 12, 2013

        Yet she’s already more of an icon than your fave will ever be.

  26. C squad August 11, 2013

    Lana del rey is OVERRATED that c** bucket has no vocal talent or no beauty

    • Rosie August 12, 2013

      Then what is Cedric? B**** is posing as Future’s s**** bank for publicity and STILL flops.
      Cedric will be lucky to do Paradise’s US sales worldwide.

  27. C squad August 11, 2013

    All I see is KING CIARAS name lol people so desperate for the c squad attention these days… Lana Beyonce Tamar Keyshia or Rihanna will never be as epic exciting talented and beautiful as King Ci!!!! Ciara is a legend in the f****** making Lana will be forgotten by next year mk f**$?

    • . : : h 2 o : : . August 11, 2013

      Beyonce and Rihanna s*** all over C-ommercialDisaster when it comes to talent, beauty, pretty much everything ….

    • Rosie August 12, 2013

      “Lana will be forgotten by next year mk f**$?”
      That’s what they said after SNL, fast forward one year and eight months later and her album has sold 4 million worldwide, she is getting her biggest hit in both the US and UK, she has a tour with arenas 10x the size of Cedric’s bathroom venues, she is considered a fashion icon, and she even has a designer bag named after her.
      I remember the Z-Squad said Cedric was going to open with 100k, so I wouldn’t really trust you all after that.

  28. cake like lady gaga August 12, 2013

    NOT @Rosie doing the MOST!!!! Why must you be in everyones comment? Surely if Lame Del S*** is as good as you say she is, she doesn’t need you defending her, her music will do that?

    B**** remain trying

    • Rosie August 12, 2013

      B**** why does T*****-Ga’s single sound like a 2010 dance pop mess? Doesn’t this so-called innovating b**** supposed to be starting all of the latest trends? She’s done, CHARTFLOP won’t even sell 4 million, T*****-Ga will be completely forgotten by 2015, I mean she’s basically irrelevant and ugly already.

  29. Jake August 12, 2013

    You’re ass need to be put in place! I’m a Bey stan but even her isn’t a legend yet , y’all give titles like this to anybody this days , calm down , No queen Ciara , No Queen Lana , No Queen Rihanna … Last time I checked the queens were Beyoncé , Mary J , Aretha , Madonna and Lil’Kim! Even Mariah and Whitney have never been name queens but Divas which Beyoncé also got ( that says it all ) don’t come for Beyoncé saying she’s beneath Ciara . I love Ciara and Lana but y’all stans make me hate their ass real bad . Especially you Rosie and that damn Navy.

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