Rita Ora Sets Sights On Pharrell Williams For Sophomore Album

Published: Thursday 5th Sep 2013 by David

Sia. Drake. Pharrell?

While the first two can already boast of penning hits for Rita Ora, it seems the star is hoping the latter will be able to do the same for her on long awaited sophomore album!

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Speaking to Kenny Campbell‘s ‘METRO’, the performer shared:

“I love Pharrell Williams. I have been a fan of his since I was young. I would love to work with him. I haven’t got the balls to go up to him.”

Revealing this during her time at this year’s GQ Men of the Year Awards, Rita soon found her ambitions brought to fruition when Williams agreed to the collab on the very same night!

Indeed, in agreeing to her request, he responded with:

‘Sure. I think she’s sweet and wonderful.’ 

Bring it on!

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  1. B**** I Can’t Even Spell Welfare September 5, 2013

    Look, I like Rita but she’s not gonna happen in the US at this rate.

    Can she write? What’s unique about her? I own (stole) “Ora” but it’s a collection of pandering. It screamed “I’m desperate to get a hit.” I sense a similar desperation with her second album.

    I’m not the typical Rihanna stan who loves to hate her. I’m not a Rihanna stan. I’m being serious.

    Who is Rita? What does SHE have to say? She has a great pop voice. Would love to hear her use it outside of the foolishness that pop usually demands.

    Would it work if sang something like Sia’s “I’m In Here.” Tori Amos’ “Mother.” Pink’s “Waiting For Love.” Celine Dion’s “Falling Into You.” ?

    I don’t know. I’m rooting for Rita. But the only way she’ll make it is when she becomes fearless.

    She’s not a conventional pop artist. She should stop trying to be that. I’ll keep listening.

    • cvncsssavnrty57 September 5, 2013

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    • truth(the new and refined TRUTH. f*** icki she done now i just slay a b****…yew mad??) September 5, 2013

      shut up b****

  2. Honesty September 5, 2013

    I’m interested to see what they’ve come up with for the album.
    She’s got ALOT of proving to do.

  3. NadiaMaraj September 5, 2013

    Sorry, but the only people who care about her is this site. I really would never have heard of her if she wasn’t bombarded here the way she was last year.

  4. PhuckYoTour September 5, 2013

    You know she reads this site because she softened her style after they started going in on her about it. I guess trash attracts trash.

    • Lana Del Slay September 5, 2013

      Then you must be trash too since you’re here everyday.

    • PhuckYoTour September 5, 2013

      Ok you got a point b****.

  5. QueenCeline September 5, 2013

    Rita has so much potential but sometimes I think she likes fame more than music. I was living in Scotland during the summer and every time I would see in the press she was going to a party and it’s not a good look for someone whose music isn’t that good.

  6. Micks September 5, 2013

    Excuse me miss>>>>>>>

    Pharrells best collabs are with Jay Z

    • POP ROYALTY (F*** Yeah Rihanna) September 5, 2013

      and MADONNA.

  7. Shauwndapooh September 5, 2013

    She okay but her last album literally sounded like watered downed rihanna tracks and bonus tracks sounded like beyonce tracks she try a ‘hip hop electro soul’ sound

  8. TREY SONGZ ANGEL September 5, 2013

    No ones checking

  9. not everone’s joe :D September 5, 2013

    why not? lock them up in a studio for a couple hours or days and see – ehh… hear what comes out. 🙂

  10. JJFan1814 September 5, 2013

    She’s never been a fan until Pharrell scored big with Blurred Lines. Stop ya lying, Rita.

  11. POP ROYALTY (F*** Yeah Rihanna) September 5, 2013

    She’s Parasitic, next she will say she’s a Dr. Luke fan after #Roar went #1.

    Rita, Girl, Stop talking and let your Music Do the speaking for you, because you are just like gaga, need to STFU.

  12. Rita ORA WILL BE DROPPED: she is DONE! September 5, 2013

    Trying to keep her 15 mins ; trying to find a way to stay alive the game. She is desperate, she tried to f*** Pharell for tracks, but unlucky for her, HIS TALL MODEL wife came to the GQ. Oh dear. She tried to do this to Justin timberlake at the wireless festival, but jessica biel was in London RIGHT BY HIS SIDE. So she was reduced to doing the big speech about how she would love to work with JT

    Whenever Rita Talks about a star, it means they blew her off and refused to f*** her. If she is really the hot thing at ROC, why does Jay not do what LA does what Rih and hire $ 1 million writing camp and have all the best songwriters, write for her? Why she is on low ball Draya like groupie hustle? How many collabo’s did Rih’s second album have? Did rih have to beg for A list names to work with her on album 2?

    Where did her song that Sia wrote chart? Was it bigger than Diamonds? I have called a lot of things on this site. I called that beyonce would not drop at the superbowl. I called that Lana will sell over 5 mill. I called that Rita will flop badly in the USA. I will call this now! RITA ORA WILL BE DROPPED AND YOU WILL NEVER HEAR OR SEE OF HER AGAIN.


    • NANA September 5, 2013

      You be going IN. LMAO

  13. Rita ORA WILL BE DROPPED: she is DONE! September 5, 2013

    she has been going back and forth to NYC, LA, VEGAS to record this album since Jan; EVEN cut tracks in new zealand and the UK. Yet, here we are in sept and her single is still not out. She said it will come in Sept. No mention, no date, no nothing. She even said she might drop her album next year in 2014. What is taking so long, has she actually recorded an album? All you see her do is party and fashion and s***. she might as well go into the fashion industry, cos Music is not her thing.

    She does not write any songs or has live instruments or bands, yet it has taken more than 6 months and the album is still not finished. Her debut took 3 years. MOTS only took 6 months – all demo’s. Unapologetic is 4 x platinum and still selling; that was recorded from June to novemeber; with the diamonds already on the radio by Sept. This girl is still not finished, and she has been recording since Early Jan. Time is money! She is lazy, she does not have Rih’s work ethic. She cannot churn a quality LP in less than 6 months – which is now the standard time. No one ( unless you are legend ) takes 2 / 3 years to make an album.


  14. Lovebird (Prism – 10.22.13) September 5, 2013

    So there’s still a sophomore album? And she’s working with expensive writers and producers again, smh. Who’s willing to bet this album will sound like either 4closure or I am Sucha farce? This chick has a new obsession.

    • Rita ORA WILL BE DROPPED: she is DONE! September 5, 2013

      She has been all over the world recoding this album since jan; nearly a a year. Her single was meant to come in Summer, then they moved it to september. She said her album will come out before xmas. Now next year in 2014.

      They dont know what to do with this fat old h**. Her ” bots” have been on twitter begging her for some update on the new single, but she says ” I cannot say anything ‘ Why not?

      What is special about your single? Who the f*** are you? You are no legend!

      She was everywhere this summer; at glasstobury, wireless, V festival, T in the park, MTV Malta, Ibiza, Met GalA, Mtv awards – every festival. I worked I roc, I would of made sure she was at these places with 2 new singles and videos, as well as an album which should of dropped by now.

      What is the point be all over the place with now new music or any dates of new song?

  15. Rita ORA WILL BE DROPPED: she is DONE! September 5, 2013

    drake wrote RIP – FLOP

    SIA wrote radioactive – Flop

    Katy perry’s people, madame buttons, wrote HOW WE DO – FLOP

    Greg Kurstin ( adele ) wrote Shina ya light – flop

    Wil I AM wrote the Jcole duet she done – flop

    Stargate wrote a song – flop

    You can see why Pharelle is reluctant to work with certified flop. As for free p****? Pharelle likes models? He used to date, Victoria secrets model, Jessica white and now he is with a former model. SO, this fat old p**** has nothing to offer.

  16. NANA September 5, 2013

    Rita not blowing up regardless of that huge promo. Roc Nation believes so much in this “Shove to people’s throat” theory that they did not focus on the quality of music. They did not allow Rita to be a struggling/upcoming artist, they introduced her as a superstar. How are going to market her next project? Urban don’t like her and she’s not unique for mainstreamShe can fuq for all her tracks and promo she’s not going to be a star. Her people are pushing her so hard because if she flops, it will be over for her. The white people don’t even like her, the girl is just doomed.

    • Rita ORA WILL BE DROPPED: she is DONE! September 5, 2013


  17. S****** Blonde September 5, 2013

    None of it interested me.

  18. Dev September 5, 2013

    Rita is going to known for her outfits and clubbing than her music because it just isn’t that interesting. Rita isn’t that great a singer, doesn’t interview well doesn’t seem to have much personality and is always gushing about somebody or something in a desperate manor. Now i know that Rita has had success but it seems at a high price.

    My main interest is to know why roc nation has forsaken Alexia Jordan, Melanie Fiona and Bridget Kelly for Rita? Alexia has similar success to Rita at the beginning but was then left high and dry, if she had recorded a second album and had the same promo i think she would’ve been a bigger star.

    • Rita ORA WILL BE DROPPED: she is DONE! September 5, 2013

      ROC nation do not know what they are doing. Alexis is a young girl ( her real age, not industry ) and she had hit with ‘ happiness ‘ They should of thrown everything at Alexia Jordan .

  19. Kingstown September 5, 2013

    Ray j Ora?? The one f***** a kardashion right? Yeah she needs to give it up. She’s hella basic. Nothing about her is drawing mine or anyone’s attention. She has no idea how to capture an audience. Her voice is good but its boring her clothing and hairstyles are too safe. And her music screams desperate,wack and boring. Nothing interesting or unique about her.

  20. Rita ORA WILL BE DROPPED: she is DONE! September 5, 2013


    The people have spoken. Rita WHORA is flop and will be dropped.

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