New Song: Meek Mill – ‘I Be On That (Ft Nicki Minaj, Fabolous & French Montana)’

Published: Thursday 5th Sep 2013 by David

 Meek Mill‘s ‘Dreamchasers 3′ plays host to ‘I Be On That‘, featuring verses from French Montana, Fabolous and the ever blazing Nicki Minaj.

Is it any good?

We think so, so check it out and let us know what you think of it below!

Your thoughts?

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  1. nobitchassness September 5, 2013

    I’m ready for Nicki’s third album.

    • cvnvvbcvnrty57 September 5, 2013

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  2. NastiMitrash September 5, 2013

    Ugh, this fool always yelling. All of his flows are the same. Get a new style!

    • Meek mill stan September 5, 2013


      • NastiMitrash September 5, 2013


      • NastiMitrash September 5, 2013

        Ohhh, your simple behind thinks I’m a NAS stan… You simple little window licker! Try again Duh Duh.

  3. truth tea (take a sip) September 5, 2013

    can Nicki not spit a verse without dissing someone? watch her play the victim if questioned about these verses.

    • NastiMitrash September 5, 2013

      Everything she’s done, Kim did 10 years ago… she needs to sit her silly a** down somewhere.

      • DaHotNig September 5, 2013

        Everything Nicki did, kim did 10 years ago? Hmmmm where’s kim clothing line? Where’s kim’s 2 top selling fragrances? Where’s kim’s over 50 awards won FOR SOLO efforts? Where’s kim $45 million net worth? Where’s kim headlining GLOBAL arena tour?

        Either you’ve been dead for the last 3 years or you a bitter big p**** b**** Or you’re just old!!!

      • K September 5, 2013

        DAHOTNIG yup they are a set of haters,them stink p-ssy b-tchies is on kims twitter every f-cking day,hating on nicki,i used to hear about them that they do that sh-t every day,until i go look for my self and saw the salty f-ckers.

    • channel_ROMAN September 5, 2013

      But you be on every pst about artist shading Nicki promoting it so now she’s dissing them by making music you want to make it like it’s her fault. Nicki hasn’t gone at people in a while. While that happened the girls were talking wild slick.

  4. jfkasy(rihanna stan) September 5, 2013

    nicki is nw a feature on (insert name)’s damn track she must be as cheap as eggs even i’ll be having her on my song next year lol .i feel lyk she’s watering down her impact,i mean kanye west is not on everyone’s basic club-twerking track and when he drops music everyone is checking it out coz he has branded himself as ‘next level’.Nicki is bad with her branding if shez not on a david guetta track she’s with some ratchet guy whose trying to get a top 40 hit.Do a collabo with Gaga nw thats interesting

    • john September 5, 2013

      she charges 200k per verse she anything but cheap

      • DaHotNig September 5, 2013

        Thanx John for clearing that up! Meanwhile Rih rih is somewhere getting b*** f***** by every black male in entertainment. Now who cheap?

  5. You Aint Even Booked September 5, 2013

    I Think Nicki Has Every Right Too Say The Things She Says! Its A Huge Crime When Nicki Talks S***… But Almost Every Female In The Game Has Came Swinging At Nicki Minaj Before… In Interviews & Songs… Every Underground Female Rapper Has Dissed Nicki….Including People Like Rasheeda!

    One Minute Yall Saying “Its Hip Hop” Its Supposed Too Be Competitive, But When Its Nicki Yall Completely Disregard. ..Yall Be Like “She Dont Want Unity”

    Then Yall Be Like Nicki Dont Put New Female Rappers On… But Last Time I Checked All New Female Rappers Diss Nicki… & I Cant Recall Any Female Rappers Helping Nicki Minaj When She Was On The Come Up

    • opd2 September 5, 2013

      yup,they think nicki going to keep her mouth lock and let them talk sh-t they have another thing coming.

  6. Meek mill stan September 5, 2013


  7. grownwoman September 5, 2013

    Still trying to understand what has she done that people are trying to do?
    The flow is cute but the things she say…as if no one did it before her. Im confused. ….

    • DaHotNig September 5, 2013

      You just said it..they try to use her flow, try to build their fan bases the way she did, they are trying to make her moves but try to shade her in interviews. She ain’t having it!

      • NastiMitrash September 5, 2013

        You are making yourself look like a fool while that 1% doesn’t care about you. She cares about that coin she’s taking out of your pocket while you are still eating ramen noodles for dinner. You can call me all kinds of names because that doesn’t bother me (just makes you look ignorant) NM is just Lil Kim 2.0

      • K September 5, 2013

        NASTIMITRASH if thats the case thats a huge upgrade,thats a huge f-cking jumping from windows millenium to windows 8.

  8. The Boy Toy September 5, 2013

    He makes good ratchet music.

  9. ,. September 5, 2013

    some is saying she is everywere working too hard,when she have nothing out they have something to say about that too,nicki just can’t win with some people,i bet if it was there fav female rapper putting in work and not being lazy,they would have anything to say about it..but it,s micki so ofcourse they are going to fine fault with e very move she makes sigh.

    • EveRyder September 5, 2013

      How dare u say the other female rappers lazy…..Eve put out an album she starting her tour, kim drop a single for her fans and she’s been performing at shows, da brat put out a single and the video same day,lil mama drop a song not too long after she said what she said about nicki and she’s been performing with tlc and doing the biopic,iggy,azealia,angel haze have all dropped singles from their albums and performing at festivals,trina dropped a single off her album and touring with french montana and other shows. I could go on and on about what others r doing. The media and all these male rappers been all up nickis ass to see that there r other females but they takin pics with them tho but not working with them smh.

      • channel_ROMAN September 5, 2013

        LMAOOOO and that’s why they’e mad.

  10. Renziie September 5, 2013

    It’s not nicki’s song. Leave the chile alone! Or just don’t listen to her music.

  11. EveRyder September 5, 2013

    Oh so now this horse teeth fake cemented filled ass b**** tryna come 4 my b**** E.V.E. Eve been givin her her props about doing her thang she just said nickis music ain’t her cup. Nicki u done f***** now……eve said until she’s called out by name then she will respond so now nicki is about to take a dirt nap bcuz the pitbull in a skirt is coming back for that ass.

    • channel_ROMAN September 5, 2013

      Eve is wishy washy. SHe give props in onc interview then shade the next and then she back tracks on the one after that. Then she released Lip Flop and dissed Nicki on every track. She had it coming.

      • EveRyder September 5, 2013

        Oh just like nicki did to kim says she loves kim and then turn around diss her. Eve gave nicki her props she just don’t thinkher music is good. Nicki even said she loves kim on hot 97 ny now she’s back to her old evil ways of dissin them. Eve ain’t done yet she’s on tour and have movie dropping this month called bounty hunter. Eve will get the b**** back stay tuned.

  12. Third Ward Trill (aka quetta) September 5, 2013

    Lmbo the fact that she said people are trying to steal her style yet, it wasn’t hers to begin with. Also, I don’t care how many songs nicki features on its the fact that none of them have hit #1 or even the too 10. Then again where is her BB #1? Its like she’s hoping on songs because she’s bored. Also, just because girls aren’t kissing nicki ass doesn’t mean they’re dissing her. What lies have they told in these interviews? They just see through her BS. Someone please let meek mill whack ass know the mic is right in front of him no need for yelling.

    • channel_ROMAN September 5, 2013

      “I mean I’m winning but I’m still bored”

      • Third Ward Trill (aka quetta) September 5, 2013

        Winning what exactly?

  13. Avenger September 5, 2013

    Meek Mill…isn’t he yet another rapper that used Rihanna as his personal c** sock?

  14. channel_ROMAN September 5, 2013

    She’s smart tho. Doing all these features instead of wasting beats and money on a mixtape.

    • EveRyder September 5, 2013

      Yeah bcuz she knws if she take a little break she will be forgotten bcuz all the other females coming out with albums new and old OGs. If she was confident she would take time to work on her album right instead of puttin out wack s*** like pfrr and roman

      • FAF September 5, 2013

        ^Wait………. forgotten? But she bigged up eve on the track u should be happy she’s featuring her #teamwashups – LOL

  15. BEYHIVE_MINAJ September 5, 2013

    What can I say? Onika slays any track she’s featured on. No argument: She owns hip hop. #THATNICKIREIGN

  16. Chyna September 6, 2013

    First of all the “its a rough ryde E-V-E” was not meant to be a diss! This is how majority of beefs get started is because of the FANS!. As we all know Eve use to rap and was signed to Rough Ryders , she was always around GUYS! Nicki is signed to YMCMB , and raps with guys. Nicki tries to show out , go 10x harder than the guys and she succeeds at it (Monster verse & Blazin verse) hince the next line….”but I win n****!. She was not dissing Eve , if anything she honestly was giving a shout out even though I don’t know why because Eve be lowkey dissing her though! I hate how when Nicki stands up for herself she’s wrong , but let a irrelevant b**** come up and diss her and go at it with her don’t nobody say s*** . I hate how people wanna get mad because she’s doing all the features but uhmmm….that’s how she really started….. she was doing all these features while working on her album. When Nicki said she was taking it back she meant it ! Her first album charted more than any f****** female rapper , and even by passed most n****’s albums! This is the return of the Pink Friday Era.

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