New Song: Jessie J – ‘Conquer The World (Ft Brandy)’

Published: Thursday 19th Sep 2013 by David

 It’s the duet we’ve all been waiting for.

Now, shortly before Jessie J watches her new album ‘Alive’ soar to the top of the UK Albums Chart, she releases her Brandy assisted number, ‘Conquer The World’.

A guitar driven cut featuring restrained but highly emotive vocals from both performers, ‘Conquer‘ falls in line with Jessie‘s inspirational and uplifting sound, armed with lyrics we doubt any won’t be touched by upon hearing it.

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  1. Damn September 19, 2013

    sigh, I don’t wanna be a hater but just sounds like pop music. I was hoping for an RnB smash. This is just a generic pop track with brandy on the side. sigh sigh, two vocalists like this should have come alot harder

    • JJFan1814 September 19, 2013

      I was thinking the same thing. I wonder how hard it is for 2 vocalists to come up with some fire? Smh.

      • snore fest 2013 September 19, 2013

        I agree its so boring. but I knew it would be by the title. This album will flop. I think she will have the sophomore album curse.

    • A. September 19, 2013

      I like the track, but I think the same.

      They are two great voices to come with a cute pop track. Artists like these should make NOISE when they decide to collab. Instead of doing album tracks, because most of the times, these duets dont end being a worldwide single.

  2. JJFan1814 September 19, 2013

    Nah go back to the drawing board though. This is just OK.

    • Don’t_Start_No_Shit!!! September 19, 2013

      I actually like the song. It is a little dry to my but I love the message and vocal overall.

  3. How Many Drinks (Miguels Wifey) September 19, 2013

    The first thing that came to my mind when I started listening was this just sounds like a leftover Beyonce song!
    Nice song. But I think they could’ve done MUCH better.

  4. Lucia September 19, 2013

    Jessie is gonna flop this time around. Her first album was great!

    • Stop the drama Start the music September 19, 2013

      Yeah. I’m just not feeling her this era.

    • TOTo September 19, 2013

      Her album’s not gonna flop. It will probably go number one in the UK but she’ll have to wait until the next one for it to do anything in the US.

      I agree with a lot of you guys. It’s boring. The lyrics are elementary. And this is coming from a huge fan of them both. The vocals are great of course.

  5. Lucia September 19, 2013

    On the bright side, Brandy sounds f****** amazing!!! I just adore her vocals!!

  6. Hadley September 19, 2013

    How about Beyonces song getting played in UK school corridors to keep pupils to the left? Lol. I know you like posts like that.

  7. Liam September 19, 2013

    This is a nice uplifting positive pop track……and the vocals were really get the message across

  8. JR September 19, 2013

    What’s up with Jesse producing these generic tracks? This sounds so generic.

  9. nikitaaddiction September 19, 2013

    Its funny how all of u hate on someone. This is the best song out in 2013 all the b******* as music all the other singers putting out. Jessie J will put all these B****** in place. Jessie and brandy sound good

    • Stop the drama Start the music September 19, 2013

      Best song of 2013? The exaggeration. Far from it. There’s quite a lot of songs released this year that trumps this one. I’m not a hater but if u can’t hear that they can do better than this generic lazy song, u need ears…

  10. Ernest September 19, 2013

    Loving this song. Both ladies delivered. Hopefully it will be a single

  11. truth(the new and refined TRUTH. f*** icki she done now i just slay a b****…yew mad??) September 19, 2013

    Great song!

  12. BITCHPLEASEEEEE September 19, 2013

    GRAMMY WORTHY AND BEST COLLABO OF THE YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. onikaiskween September 19, 2013


    She lands a brandy duet and makes it a mid tempo song instead of a power ballad? dumb

  14. christinastherealtalent September 19, 2013

    But half of you on here hating on this song are the sames ones endorsing Miley, Rihanna, and Katy.

    Anyway i felt this song is what Monica and Brandy shouldve been doing as a duet instead of trying to rehash The Boy Is Mine. It caters to a pop format with a hint of R&B

    • ABC September 19, 2013

      Kill that noise h**. Everyone you named has better music than Jessie J’s hollering ass at the moment, and I’m glad Brandy and Mo didn’t do a crappy song like this (even though IABTM sucked).

  15. pat September 19, 2013

    …they both sound great, but I was expecting a sick r and b ballad…damn

  16. B**** I Can’t Even Spell Welfare September 19, 2013

    I’ll be honest This is not the type of song that I imagined when the duet was announced. & I was SO excited. They both sound amazing but I don’t know…it’s damn pop.

    I wanted something SPECIAL from them. 🙁

    On the other hand, it’s a nice uplifting song so hopefully it will speak to someone.

  17. ABC September 19, 2013

    Disappointing. Very generic and forgettable. If it weren’t for Brandy I would’ve stopped listening after the first 30 seconds.

  18. Lovebird (Prism – 10.22.13) September 19, 2013

    Yasssssssss love this. Fantastic song.

  19. JOHNVIDAL September 19, 2013

    I was exited about Jessie J when she first debuted but then she quickly went the generic route. This second album is really bland, I would even say bad.
    Thay sound good but nothing else.

    • LIVE! September 19, 2013

      generic is people who don’t write their own songs and can’t sing! b**** stfu!

  20. B. ROCKA STILL SLAYS September 19, 2013

    Meh…this song is very underwhelming. It is a waste of song on two great talents. I would have given this to Nicole Sherzinger and Adrienne Bailon.

  21. Loyalty September 19, 2013

    Its not a bad song but I expected much more from them 🙁

  22. Maestro J September 19, 2013

    Y’all trippin… these are the songs that win GRAMMY’S lmao and yall mad… Guess what… All they need is a video… with all thats going on in the world this is a good track and its needed… so HATS OFF TO THEM…Cuz they got records y’all just comment and banter…

    • The Boy Toy September 19, 2013

      Who’s mad? As consumers, aren’t we expected to have opinions? Just, sit….and stay there.

  23. The Boy Toy September 19, 2013

    Corny. Jessie J is weak this era.

  24. eric September 19, 2013

    It might be generic, but at least it has a purpose, which is more than can be said for a lot of songs.

    • yooooooooo (keristan) September 19, 2013

      this is EXACTLY what I want to say. like its generic, but far better than the b******* up-beat electronic dance tracks that have plagued than industry. plus Brandy’s vocal runs and riffs are out of this world goood

  25. Marketing101 September 19, 2013

    Don’t care. As long as Brandy is singing I’m happy.

  26. MusicLover1980 September 19, 2013

    I loveeeee it !

  27. LIVE! September 19, 2013

    You guys are f***** idiots, that’s why music sucks today because shade throwin, beyonce d*** riders like yourselves! This is an amazing, postive, fresh, and inspirational song!Close your eyes and open your ears cause we all know if Beyonce was singing this you guys would be bowin down and s***. ughhh get real dumb asses!

  28. JER September 19, 2013

    The oblivious self drag calling a song with Jessy J and Brandy “Conquer the World”

  29. divalover September 19, 2013

    The production on this sounds like a carbon copy of “Rehab”… really think Jessie J should have stuck to the urban “Do It Like a Dude” vibe, and look.. And then landing a Brandy duet, which deserves something lush and r&b, and doing pop? #dissapointed

  30. LONDYN LES September 19, 2013


  31. TOTo September 19, 2013

    The one good thing about this song is that Jessie reined in (for the most part) her vocals for a more appealing, less screamy performance.

    I can handle, even embrace the generic melody and track. But the lyrics???? This would do so well on the soundtrack of a Disney Channel or ABC Family movie.
    But I felt the same way about that Will.I.Am & The Script song, and that one did well.
    So, you millionaires, do what you do 🙂

  32. yooooooooo (keristan) September 19, 2013

    HOLY SHIIIIIIIT!!!!!!!! BRANDY’S VOCAL RUNS ARE SICKENINGLY AMAZING ON THIS TRACK ;’) definitely saved the song because its a bit generic. But honestly, the beat isn’t that bad. but yeahhh ive never been a Jessie j fan though, here for my girl brandy haha

  33. Rez September 19, 2013

    To be honest, I’m loving the song, Cause it’s different for Brandy. I love the fact that Brandy was Sanginggg. And we haven’t heard Brandy like for awhile now which took me and a lot of people by surprise. IMO, this duet sound wayyyy betyer than Mo “It All Belongs To Me,” which was dried and dragging. This is a big step for Brandy from that song. I believe this song has potential to reach audience that might not listen to them. I hope that this song become a single and a hit!! Who know? It might ge nominated for a Grammy since it’s approaching soon.

    • Mary Mary Why You Buggin’ September 21, 2013

      “I’m loving the song, Cause it’s different for Brandy.”

      Have you heard Brandy’s “Human” album?!?!

      This song could be lifted from that album. Listen to “Torn Down” and you’ll see what I mean. I love that song btw. But this is not different for Brandy.

  34. Jonathan Gardner September 20, 2013


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