(Re)Touch My Body: Britney Spears Ignites New Debate on Airbrushing

Published: Wednesday 16th Oct 2013 by Rashad


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Britney Spears’ roaring new single ‘Work B*tch’ commanded “if you want a hot body, you better work b*tch.”  Now, if debaters are to be believed, the only b–ch working in that sentence is clearly a digital retoucher.

For, just two years after inciting a backlash from news of using a body double in a music video, the pop princess – who many thought was “returning to form” via her latest dance-heavy video – has now been blasted for extensive use of digital enhancements.

A fairly common practice in the industry, yes, but is it fair for Spears to receive so much flack?  You weigh in below:

Confessions of a digital dietician?  After a famed post-production company claims it digitally slimmed singer Britney Spears for her ‘Work B*tch’ video, more members of the community are coming forth to slam Hollywood’s airbrushing techniques.

Via our friends at OMG:

Q: A post-production company called HOAX just revealed that it digitally slimmed Britney Spears for her “Work Bitch” video. Is she the only one?

A: Hell no, not by a long shot. Put it this way: I guarantee — guarantee — that you have no idea just how altered the average star is in a piece of film or video.

But the tricks don’t end with her, or her slimmed-down bod in “Work Bitch.”

The digital enhancement of stars is a huge, huge part of the entertainment business. It doesn’t matter if it’s a movie, a music video, even a weekly TV show. Think waist. Thighs. Arms. Thigh jiggle. Nose, in at least one case.  Wrinkles.”


You tell us:

Your thoughts?

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  1. CARTER FIERCE October 16, 2013

    Wow a celebrity getting airbrushed? There’s something you don’t see everyday.

    • Bey Fan October 16, 2013


    • Bey Sucks October 16, 2013

      Beyonce has bleached her skin….so? 🙁

      • BeyIsKing October 16, 2013

        So have millions of people around the world. This post isn’t really about Bey. Don’t understand how obsessed haters are with Beyonce

      • All for you October 16, 2013

        No she hasnt gtfo

      • #IndustryPussy October 16, 2013

        BeyIsKing would you shut the f*** up already? Damn b**** STAY PRESSED WHENEVER ANYBODY MENTIONS THAT HOs NAME!

    • xcvzxvxn547 October 16, 2013

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  2. Bey Fan October 16, 2013

    Smh…. they just wont leave Brit alone….

    • cocobutta October 16, 2013

      And to be fair the before and after is hardly different. She didn’t even need the re-touch on these photo’s.

      Thighs look better in before & arms do also

  3. The Boy Toy October 16, 2013

    Who cares? They retouch everyone.

  4. Lovebird (Prism – 10.22.13) October 16, 2013

    Lmao, first of all, there isn’t much difference between the original and the digital enhanced one.

    Second, if you think Britney got some digital enhancements, imagine just how much work will be done on Beyonce.

    I mean, judging from the Superbowl, we already the know she’s insecure just like she’s insecure about her fifth grade education level. She’ll have people working overtime as well as bring in temporary staff to make sure they make her look half decent.

    Might explain why she’s shooting videos so early.

    • Lovebird (Prism – 10.22.13) October 16, 2013

      Now Playing “Disappear” by Beyonce.

    • Bey Fan October 16, 2013

      you’re an undercover Bey stan….

    • EnRanc October 16, 2013

      When is Sam gonna finally ban your bored, ugly (and probably fat) ass? Go raw ride a sick d***, you c*** b****.

      • *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* October 16, 2013

        Sam can Not do it, This Creature Gives him Hits In every post.

        Why Banning “IT” ?

      • SLAYLOR SWIFT October 16, 2013

        says the egyptian pharmacist who claims to be a navy and yet keeps talking s*** about rihs posts

    • Papa Preached October 16, 2013

      Torso and thighs have been retouched.

  5. CARTER FIERCE October 16, 2013

    You want a hot body? You better airbrush b****

    • Bey Fan October 16, 2013


      • Juliana October 16, 2013

        Leave it to Theifonce fans to throw shade toward Britney Jean!

    • Vandrea October 16, 2013


  6. Chillin October 16, 2013

    What the big ass deal..h*** been airbrushed for years…damn anything for a story

  7. Tisha October 16, 2013

    Lol, I thought something was strange when she dancing in that desert scenes and SHE was the one in long pants while her backup dancers were all in booty shorts. That never happens.

    Britney can’t keep up with this era. I hope she finds opportunities that ‘Work’ for her because music right now isn’t it.

  8. Diamond Princess October 16, 2013

    Why is this news?!!! Media always try to say something to bring this girl down. It would be NEWS if they said she had an actual stunt double to do those dance moves that are no way near the old Britney’s standards. But lipsynching and photoshopped body?… That s*** is OLD news! Every artist has fallen guilty to that. How bout ya’lll do a story on how many times Beyonce has her videos/pics photoshopped… Now that is some EXTREME cellulite covering. Oh and don’t dislike my post for that, b/c you Bey fans know that s*** is true lol!

    • NO(Halo My Name) October 16, 2013

      But we all know everyone gets airbrushed including Rihanna, Mariah…………………, and others. Its no big deal.

      • Diamond Princess October 16, 2013

        Umm….didn’t I just say that? But some definitely more than others.

  9. KYLE October 16, 2013

    She looks good in both photos. They retouch everyone damn , what’s the big deal.

  10. *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* October 16, 2013

    Artists Never Control Their Image or how They Look, It is all The Director’s fault, because i Know Certain “Artists” alter their skin Tones and their thighs+Arms+Wrinkles and nobody say anything about it.

    I say Leave The Woman Alone, I don’t know Why they are Loving Bringing Her Down Since 2006!!!

    She’s a mother of two, Good Job for having that Body Britney, And her “before” Picture is not that Bad, she need just to get Ripped in the Abs Area, Just That.

    Anyway, Everybody Use it. Ok+ThankU+Bye+Not News

    I only Trust the “Out and About” or “Hot Shots” Pictures.

  11. KYLE October 16, 2013

    ( Blasts ‘work b****’), She’s working them pics. Queen brit is so amazing!

  12. Queen Brit Brit October 16, 2013

    YAWN. Haven’t we been done this road before? A magazine modified her body and Brit released the real photos. The media has been trying to bring her down for years. I’m over it. Btw that poll option makes no sense. How is being real suppose to be a talent? Nothing in Hollywood is real LOLOLOLOL!

  13. XoMoDe October 16, 2013

    Please. That’s not the most extreme example of Britney’s airbrushing.

  14. My Forehead Tho October 16, 2013

    Dead @ Beyonce’s impact. How many comments are about her on Britney’s post? All one has to do is look at the Mrs Carter World Tour to see her iconic body, no photoshop, no airbrush.

  15. Timago October 16, 2013

    WHERE IS SMELLY FLOPLAND?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  16. eric October 16, 2013

    On the one hand, I think it teaches people to chase after false hope with the body they want for themselves or what they look for in a potential mate. But it’s really our responsibility to educate ourselves on what entertainment is and not hold ourselves and others to unreasonable standards.

    • eric October 16, 2013

      And there’s actually nothing wrong with the original shot. Britney’s body is bigger but it’s well toned. By retouching it, they made her look awkward, stiff and disproportionate.

  17. IKNOWTHETRUTH October 16, 2013

    Will you all leave this girl ALONE? I am not at all a Britney stan but enough is enough. This is what drove her crazy in the first place. Re-touched or not, the girl looks damn good for having two kids. Secondly, she’s in her 30s now, we’re all judging Brit off of her t*** years, dance and image wise. Nobody dances the same way they did when they were 15, at 35, nor do they look the same. We know she doesn’t sing live but that’s never been a secret. You guys are picking at just anything now. Are you somehow surprised and shocked to figure out that The Holy Spearit isn’t perfect? Well, newsflash, nobody is. Let her live and make music for her fans. “Work B****” was a vast improvement from her last crop of videos. I rather like it. That’s all that needs to be said.

  18. B. Mike October 16, 2013

    The “before” shot still looks DAMN good though. 95% of Americans WISH their tummies looked that good.

    Get off Britney’s back. Your fave is just as airbrushed.

  19. All for you October 16, 2013

    Everyone gets photoshopped, u r delusional if you dont think so they even get their noses replaced, see: Rihanna Glamour cover.

  20. Cici slays October 16, 2013

    We all know Beyonce the Queen of retouching and Photoshop so her fans shouldn’t shade brit

  21. Pagan butch princess October 16, 2013

    She looks better in the before photo tbh.

    • Stop the drama Start the music October 16, 2013

      No she doesn’t.

  22. Heart attack October 16, 2013

    She looks like Xtina in the before pic tbh

  23. tits mcgee October 16, 2013

    I thought airbrushing applied to photos. Because I saw the videoclips(both finished and unfinished) and the finished looked digitally altered for sure.

  24. H2O October 16, 2013


    ** plays “Love on Top” music video ***

  25. JazThatBoi October 16, 2013

    I see they didnt photoshop that shadow…lol

  26. LOL October 16, 2013


  27. DEM LESSORS October 17, 2013

    Lol, I’m a big Britney fan and I knew parts of the video we’re photoshopped without needing a side by side comparison! But you know what, I really didn’t give a sh** because it’s Britney b****, this chick has earned the right to do what the f*** she wants and I’ll still love her! Over 100 million records sold, she don’t curr too!

  28. Queen Bey October 17, 2013

    You f*** Cant Keep beyonce out of Your Heads

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