New Song: Leona Lewis – 'One More Sleep'

Published: Thursday 24th Oct 2013 by Sam

With Christmas fast approaching, so too are the merry festive albums that invade the charts annually towards the latter part of the year.

Pop powerhouse Leona Lewis features on this year's line-up, today confirming the title of her hotly anticipated Holiday LP, 'Christmas, With Love'.

Due December 2nd, the LP's lead single 'One More Sleep' was unwrapped moments ago.

61 days may remain until the big day, but Ms. Lewis makes it feel like today with the glowing gem. Take a listen after the jump…

Needless to say, this isn't a lump of coal! Indeed, quite the contrary.

With 'One More Sleep', Lewis serves up a solid festive effort that could act a the right segway into having radio re-warm to her ahead of #4.


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  1. Baby I October 24, 2013

    Sounds great

  2. cake like lady gaga October 24, 2013

    As usual, Leona slayed

    • K bye October 24, 2013

      Lady Gaga’s new song is plummeting on iTunes 🙁

  3. Ms.Trina October 24, 2013

    Haven’t checked for her since bleeding love which is iconic but seems like she fell off.

    • Brutally Honest October 24, 2013

      CLEARLY you’re one of those follow the pack b****** that the World doesn’t need. Follower.

    • butlerny October 25, 2013

      But what do you think then..btw have you heard ..Everything you are..Crying is beautiful..stay..on youtube from leona?

  4. Mike October 24, 2013

    This is amazing. I agree that this could be the what she needs to revive her career, at least in Europe.

  5. Heavy Metal Lover October 24, 2013

    Who is she?

    • Soeplepel October 24, 2013

      How sad, you’re either born in 2009 or you’re just pressed.
      She first came to prominence after winning the third series of The X Factor in 2006. Her debut album, Spirit, was released in 2007, and sold over eight million copies worldwide. The album’s most successful single, “Bleeding Love”, reached number one in over 30 countries around the world, and was the best-selling single worldwide in 2008. She was proclaimed ‘Top New Artist’ by Billboard magazine in 2008.

  6. Brutally Honest October 24, 2013

    It’s kind of cute how much she looks up to Mariah.

  7. dev October 24, 2013

    Its cute in a cheesy way.

  8. LOL October 24, 2013


  9. Miami October 24, 2013


  10. mr.m October 24, 2013

    This can be a Christmas hit !!
    I was disappointed the she’ll release a Christmas album
    But this is really good!!
    Simon better promote her HARD this time
    ALL she needs to release is power pop, r&b ballads
    Her Spirit album was SUPERB, and Echo was good too!
    She better come hard this time

  11. Bitchdntkillsmyvibess October 24, 2013

    This sounds depressing. A depressing xmas song!!! And i love me some leona lewis- #UK #Hackney

  12. eric October 24, 2013

    It’s a 10!!!!!!

  13. butlerny October 25, 2013

    A surefire no.1 everywhere methinks!!

  14. Jayy October 25, 2013

    Absolutely amazing , I hope this gets released worldwide , but she has new management now , so hopefully it does well because its a number one song and definietly better than Kelly clarkson’s new xmas song haha

  15. IM A FREE B*TCH October 25, 2013

    this is amazing. she is crazy talented and its really a pity she fell off the radar. i hope this christmas album will put her back on the map and album 4 will be filled with good material

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