Ciara Shares Wedding Plans / Future Sets Record Straight About Drama & Baby Mamas

Published: Saturday 9th Nov 2013 by Rashad

(photo courtesy of E! News)

Grammy winning songstress Ciara has certainly been doing her fair share of winning lately.

In addition to sending her faithful #CSquad into a frenzy over news that she was working on a new album, she also announced that the fan favorite “Overdose” (from her latest self-titled album) had been elected to be a single.  Then, the icing on the cake (all pun intended), came with reports that she and longtime beau/rapper Future were engaged.

As buzz – both positive and negative – behind the nuptials builds, Cici shared dibs recently on the wedding plans (which are already in effect).  As you check those out below, also get into future hubby Future setting the record straight on the drama that ensued in the past days after Ci took to the net to share some family photos:

Ciara Wedding Plans (via E!):

“I’m very very excited! [Just] like every girl…we think about making that dress and that moment, and being with your bridesmaids. I just can’t wait to do everything, I’m like a little kid right now,” she gushed.

“We talked about what we want to do. We want it to be very special. I know I don’t want it to be like, burning hot. I want perfect weather! Like, right when the sun starts to get really warm or right when it ends,” she explained.

“I’m thinking I want a spotlight when I come down the aisle. I want it to be nice! It’s the performer in me!” 


The aforementioned interview came just days before Ciara took to Instagram to share snaps of herself with the mothers of two of her bethrothed boo’s children.  The snaps swiftly sent the net into an uproar:


Future took to radio to clear up rumors of drama:

Your thoughts?

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  1. #BeyIndependent November 9, 2013

    Im sorry Ciara but your a stupid b**** for dealing with the baby mamas they may be coo now but you know how wishy washy females are those h*** will probably turn on you in the future and i dont see you & future lasting more than 3 years tbh.

    • ARTPOP WILL FLOP November 9, 2013

      if beyhoe and her ex drug dealer who stabbed an innocent man in nyc has lasted 5yrs cici will def last 10yrs.. so stop wishing them bad luck.

      • BeyWhouWanna November 9, 2013

        The difference is this. Jay Z is a changed man and what he did in the past has no baring on who he is now BECAUSE he has openly admitted that they were wrong.

        Do you think Future sees anything wrong with having different kids with different women? I doubt it. Beyonce may be a lot of things but I don’t think she would have been as stupid as Ciara is being now.

        Future is the perfect example of the kind of man who thinks breeding women is part of being a man, when it’s not.

        Ciara is the perfect example of a woman who thinks it’s normal that her boyfriend has so many different kids and probably thinks it’s cute that all the baby mamas are all friends.

        What she doesn’t know is that Future’s ego is laughing at all of them.

      • Super Cisus November 9, 2013

        B**** shut the f*** up. What’s done is done ci is his FUTURE hating ass b****

    • BEYTHIEF November 9, 2013

      Don’t talk I don’t know what idiot marries and has a child with a Camel. Don’t even start now.

      • FutureCIARA November 9, 2013

        Not A Bey stan coming for Ciara and Future…

        B**** Beys uterus is so dry she had to fake her pregnancy for the public…And I actually like Bey but That camel husband of hers couldnt do his job and get her pregnant so stop coming for Ciara and Futures relationship.

        They are happy together and are planning world domination! Bey is getting older and Jay is already like 50.


    • Nene November 9, 2013

      My issue tho is u said Jay is changed because he is sorry for his past…. Fair! But who r u to say Future hasn’t regretted his past and that he isn’t trying to change by finally settling down and committing to one woman? Like who r u to judge? Ur just hating so hard on Cici that ur blind to the fact that this man is finally doing the right thing. U can’t regret ur kids. That’s done they here to stay but u can always right ur wrongs and start over. He isn’t the first and only man to have multiple baby mothers and Ci isn’t the only woman in America or on earth living with , in a relationship with and getting married to a man with multiple kids by multiple women. My dad has 4 kids with 3 different women I’m 29 and his wife married him and gets along just fine with my mom who happens to have a beautiful friendship with them both. Stop being simple minded and quick to throw stones. Go get ur life ur just a hater thank god Ciara doesn’t need ur approval

  2. Ju don’t even know November 9, 2013

    I can see it now.Two married gay men raising 14 kids struggling to pay the bills, one of them crying over why thier career never worked out and why there c-list rapper husband divorced him. But have fun getting married cierror it’ll probably be her only accomplishment.

    • please… November 9, 2013

      What are you doing with your life? You’re probably single, broke as hell, on welfare collecting child support. Those who are judgemental towards others who they dont know are usually the ones who are sad and pressed!

    • BEYHIVE_MINAJ November 9, 2013

      I don’t really like Ciara but this comment is just vile and evil. Sam,why did you stop clocking? This troll needs to go.

      • Ju don’t even know November 10, 2013

        No one says S*** when it’s not their faves being dragged. No one calls it vile when people make joke about physical abuse.

    • Perfume November 9, 2013

      Baby that was a READ!!! Yassssss

    • ARTPOP WILL FLOP November 9, 2013

      basic h** like you cant get a ring. not even a cubic zirconia. stay mad while u age badly.

  3. Dark horse November 9, 2013

    I hope everything goes well with Ciara and Futures baby mama… Idk I couldn’t be with a guy with so much baggage Ciara must really love him.

  4. Scarlett Johanson stan November 9, 2013

    Y’all are so high and mighty on this damn blog and probably never had love lives to begin with! Baby mamas and baby daddies get married everyday. Future loves C-Error and he loves her. That’s why SHE got a ring and the other random h*** didn’t. Let the flop h** and the anteater live in peace! And ghetto blogs, C-Error? The same blogs that promote your t***** ass more than you promote yourself? Well I’ll be damned…..

    • Lucia November 9, 2013

      So much support and shade in one statement lol

    • HoneychildPlease November 9, 2013

      Child the shade makes the love undetectable! LOL

    • JanetXone November 9, 2013

      Random? They were’t so random when he wanted to get into their drawers.

      • Nene November 9, 2013

        He got into their draws none the less they ain’t mad so y u pressed?

  5. please… November 9, 2013

    Its a shame how you pressed h*** always have something to say about topics twisted by different forms of media!

    • Woman2Woman November 9, 2013

      It’s a shame how some women allow men to impregnate them, walk in and out of their lives without ever committing to them.

      There’s nothing wrong with being a single mom, but there is something wrong when you accept that your baby daddy is going around town making babies left, right and centre without giving a second thought about how it will affect the children.

      Think about it, would you be happy if your daughter was involved with a man who got her pregnant but doesn’t take her seriously enough to commit to them.

      And another thing, TGJ isn’t ghetto but sometimes their opinions can be shady so I think Ciara is stupid to be subtweeting ANY blog when they’re the only ones who promote her on the regs.

      • Tisha November 9, 2013

        Excellently stated, applauds.

  6. Mike November 9, 2013

    I agree with her (and am no fan)

    Ghetto blogs have a ghetto perspective, and this blog right here is a good example of that

    And most of the commenters seem to be right out of the ghetto as well, from what I see, or acting like it…

    • ARTPOP WILL FLOP November 9, 2013

      You go girl.

  7. Stephy Tha Lambily November 9, 2013

    Sam I love your messy post!!

  8. BEYHIVE_MINAJ November 9, 2013

    How is she stupid for making peace with future’s crazy baby mamas? I’m not a liar and I can put my Stan card away to admit the truth-it just proves that she’s mature. Stop shading someone’s relationship when you wish you could have a quarter of their love.

    • I am above u November 9, 2013

      ” BABY MAMAS” let’s stop there sis.

  9. Dark horse November 9, 2013

    And Beyonce fans really shouldn’t be saying anything lets not act like Beyonce isnt married to a drug dealer.

    • Lucia November 9, 2013

      Let’s not pretend like Katy has had the picture perfect love life…..

      Jay is worth 500mil darling. What are drugs? Lol.

      • LOL November 9, 2013


      • Lucia November 9, 2013

        Yeah he’s 100% correct….if this were 1995. Get the hell outta here lol

    • LOL November 9, 2013


      • ARTPOP WILL FLOP November 9, 2013


    • BEYHIVE_MINAJ November 9, 2013

      Let’s not act like Katy didn’t marry a freak who looks like a used condom

    • Vee November 9, 2013

      The key here is the PAST not the present

      • BitchPlease November 9, 2013

        Humpback Hov has a son with that video h** from the Big Pimpin video even if he won’t admit it.

      • Vee November 9, 2013

        DNA test you have?

  10. HoneychildPlease November 9, 2013

    What are these Ghetto blogs she speak of?? Most of them give her the promotion her Label won’t…In fact i love ciara but let’s keep it real. If the blogs didn’t promote her that album wouldn’t have sold over 15,000 copies. her label didn’t want to drop no coins on her. While she promoting her baby daddy when she should be pushing those albums off of groupon! # Child Please no shade though

    • please… November 9, 2013

      Is that you in that picture? You look like a mixture of Amorosa and Antonio Dodson, you aint fine. ROTFL, girl it look like you snatched that wig off a 90’s cabbage patch doll, hahaha!

      • HoneychildPlease November 9, 2013

        B**** you funny! LOL

      • Nene November 9, 2013

        Lmao that was sure funny….. Cici dnt pay the ghetto no mind boo they wish they could walk a mile in those “flop “shoes of urs…..phucking haters

    • cocobutta November 10, 2013

      AMEN !!!!!!!!! The

  11. ratedxxx(bad chick) November 9, 2013

    hell I’m happy for my chick ciara..she deserves happiness…

    I don’t see why she can’t be friends or at least cordial to futures baby moms…

    look at wayne, he has at least 4 different baby mamas..all of them get along and support each other..every birthday, holidays, so on, you see all waynes baby mamas there..

  12. I am above u November 9, 2013

    It’s not like this man was married, and had kids. He planted his seeds in many ghetto whores and made villages! It’s not like this man is an older man who has kids that are grown and outside of the house hold. He’s a baby daddy dropping enough seeds to grow feed the hungry! Ciara is a desperate fool with low self esteem that would take f*** a Derelict if she got the right amount of press!!

    • BEYHIVE_MINAJ November 9, 2013

      Desperate fool with low self esteem? Let’s not forget who kept stalking Chris and was posting nudes on Instagram to get his attention anytime he was seen hanging out with karrueche,k mama?

    • ARTPOP WILL FLOP November 9, 2013

      what cici has you will never HAVE.

  13. ratedxxx(bad chick) November 9, 2013

    some people are just f****** hateful and f****** bitter as f***..if you’re not a fan of ciara, why the f*** your bitter ass is the first to comment..

    talking about she’s a stupid b****, for not being a bitter hateful b**** like you, and getting along with her fiances baby moms…

    a real woman will acknowledge their man other kids and baby mons..

    not evey body is a ghetto hoodrat like you, who probably cant even keep a man

    I swear bitter b****** irks my nerves..

    • BEYHIVE_MINAJ November 9, 2013

      It’s TGJ…

    • Nene November 9, 2013

      Exactly it be beaches like them who cause all kinds of problems for men trying to move on. Bitter baby mama’s who aren’t grown enough to say ok so it didn’t work out lets keep it moving.. Instead they beef cause issues within other relationships use their kids as life lines……hungry ass beaches. Try getting to know ur baby daddy new gf have a meal together put ur kids first then life would seem less stressful.. Come on get some of that hate out ur blood streams beaches. ……here OVERDOSE on some CIARA and FUTURE love bitter ghetto ratchet ass ho*s

  14. BITCHPLEASEEEEE November 9, 2013


    • Alicia K Stan November 12, 2013

      Yup yup yup.

  15. I am above u November 9, 2013

    If she’s pregnant that would explain why he popped the question. I hope he marry her because we don’t need another b****** child!

    • Nene November 9, 2013

      Ugghhhh y y’all acting like he didn’t state from jump he was planning on marrying that girl? Omg. If he didn’t pop the question the 1st 3x why would he the 4th? Get y’all hating asses out ur actual assholes

  16. Vee November 9, 2013

    I have a feeling they got engaged because shes pregnant. But its her life, her business. Good luck to her I hope it lasts.

    • Elchica November 9, 2013

      But didn’t Future and her Hair stylist both deny she is pregnant? Until Ciara comes and speaks it into existence that she is. SHE ISNT how the hell ya’ll come out the woodworks telling this woman what’s going on with her body? I hate when people do this crap with female celebs. I felt so bad for Beyonce when she went through pregnancy rumors all along no one ever knew she actually had a miscarriage and wanted a child bad but took her some time to get pregnant with Blue.

      • Super Cisus November 9, 2013

        Sis you can clear see she’s pregnant and I am so very happy for her!!!!

  17. Lucia November 9, 2013

    You guys are soooo mean lol. It is so common in the black community to have kids out of wedlock. Who is really surprised. I’m not a cici fan, but this is the happiest I’ve seen her. They really seem to be in love. Future may have planted a few seeds around ATL but Ciara is the woman who he wants to spend his life with. He takes care of his kids and at the end of the day that’s what matters. Hopefully he will be a positive example to his sons (if he has any) so they won’t go out and do the same thing. Wrap it up folks!!

    • I am above u November 9, 2013

      By embracing this is only accepting the destruction of the black community. You’re pathetic!

      • Lucia November 9, 2013

        I’m pathetic? Lol oh ok. I don’t have baby daddies, nor was I raised by a single mother. It’s common. It’s 2013. Get off your damn high horse. It is what it is. Focus on leading your loved ones in the right direction instead of judging Ciara’s situation which we truthfully know nothing about. 🙄

      • I am above u November 9, 2013

        Common don’t make it right. H*** like you even if you don’t live this life, it’s the fact you embrace with a vivacious attitude that makes it pathetic. You don’t have to be in that situation to agree or not too. You dumb b****! : )

      • Lucia November 9, 2013

        Lmao why you mad? I don’t embrace it, I just don’t care. What moves are you making to ensure that the future generation doesn’t repeat what’s been running rampant in the community since the 70’s? Nothing, you’re sitting on a gossip blog judging. At the end of the day, Ciara will be married and her child will grow up in a two parent household unlike so many other black kids….most likely including your washed up ass lol.

      • Nene November 9, 2013

        @lucia some ppl will remain stupid and uneducated. To say it’s accepting the destruction of the black community? Whattttt da phuck r u saying? If a man is trying to change settle down with one woman after he’s messed up in the past which we all do…. How is that destruction? I thought that would be correcting his wrongs? At the end of the day he’s making a secure future for his kids by having them all interact together and feel loved which is what every kid needs growing up. It doesn’t always work out with mommy n daddy but if parents regardless of situations can come together for the sake of those kids I say do it.. Da fuq u talking bout destruction…..

    • ARTPOP WILL FLOP November 9, 2013

      F*** your whole life, how dare you bring race into this.

      • Lucia November 9, 2013

        Did I lie? I’m BLACK and I’m not blind.

  18. Rosie November 9, 2013

    Ghetto, low budget blogs like this one are the only ones who give a f*** about her, this blog is a great example.
    You never see a Ciara story on a credible blog like Pitchfork.

    • Lana the legend November 9, 2013

      Right idk why shes acting like the big blogs be checking for her.

    • Elchica November 9, 2013

      Actually the ghetto blogs she speaks of aren’t this one but could be applied to the commentors. Blogs haven’t really helped her career to be honest. They spread leaks and rumors that hurt her rep, she came out and was more popular during the pre blog, social media age. There is a reason for that. Because of blogs gullible people think she’s slept with and dated men she hasn’t, is mean spirited, gets into fights/arguments with people, low self esteemed, vindicative and more. Check sites like b*****, m** and etc. read the comments and the articles it’s ghtetto trashy s*** that doesn’t help her career at all does the reverse. All ghtetto blogs do that to everyone they don’t help promote anything because most of their readers don’t buy music so wtf ya’ll talking about?

    • Super Cisus November 9, 2013

      This blog is ghetto and low Budget but your d*** ass stay on here

      • Rosie November 9, 2013

        Not a ¢ Squad member talking about low budget when it can’t even afford to buy it’s own fave’s album.

    • FentySoSnatched November 9, 2013

      She is so stupid. Doesn’t she know that the mainstream blogs don’t care about her. TGJ is the biggest black website and they’re the only ones who care enough about her to be nice to her.

      She NEEDS those ghetto blogs.

      • Rosie November 9, 2013

        I can name at least 5 urban blogs more relevant than TGJ honestly.
        But yeah, you’re right. They’re the only blogs that give a s*** about her. She’s so dumb.

      • Rosie’s cousin November 9, 2013

        N B>>>>>TGJ not full of hating F***

      • Rosie November 9, 2013

        @ my cousin (LMAO) are you talking about Nicole B*tchie? Yeah that site is WAY more popular than TGJ and not full of self-hating homosexuals.

      • FutureCIARA November 9, 2013

        Rozay, Hunn,

        You should just stop!

        You sound sooo f****** ridiculous.
        The hate you share for Ciara is obviously stemmed from the lack of press your fav gets on ANY got damn blog.
        And for TGJ to be so low budget and ghetto, it seems to me that its the only blog your Canadian Library computer lets you access without blocking your dumb ass.

        Why you so damn pressed girl!?

        Maybe you should start a petition to get more ‘Relevant’ Blogs to even start mentioning your fave.

        Shes washed, and your washed!!…

        Sucks that Lorde stole Lana’s shine and spotlight with one #1 song!!!!!!

        Now thats the true T, And maybe thats why your soo pressed and hateful towards any artist that gets more buzz than Lana Flop Rey

      • Rosie November 9, 2013

        TL;DR, no one has time to read your tired, stale, boring, War And Peace length drags.
        F** where the f*** were you when ¢iara was getting dragged for filth by everyone on TGJ yesterday? Where were you when ¢iara’s album came out? We’re you too busy licking my c*** as usual? Worry about ¢iara struggling to sell 130K and her current single being nowhere to be found on the iTunes or radio charts instead of QUEEN Lana, who outsold his discography with one album.

  19. NO(Halo My Name) November 9, 2013

    A f****** shame!!!! LMAO I feel sorry for this b**** to be f****** honest. Ciara you’re career is “Overdose” with flops and disappointments to both your fans and your damn self. Promote your damn single. Anyways this a good couple. The best couple in the music industry. Future and Past.

    • I am above u November 9, 2013

      LOL @ ” Future & Past”!! I can’t i just can’t!!

    • Lana the legend November 9, 2013

      Lmao omg read

    • Rosie November 9, 2013

      Hollering @ “Future and Past.”

  20. Lana the legend November 9, 2013

    This whole engagement and playing step mother to 10 is just a disaster waiting to happen hun.

  21. Mark111 November 9, 2013

    She’s so happy. Even Will Smith has a baby mother… well ex wife. Never mind, those are not the same. But you get what I’m saying.

  22. Super Cisus November 9, 2013

    LMAO THE G**** MAD CUS RIHALIENNA WILL NEVER HAVE A RING WITH HER DAMAGED GOODS!!! She envies Ciara’s beauty and happiness. Why did Right Now and What Now flop????

    • Rosie November 9, 2013

      Kii. I’m Out (of the Charts) and Overdose (of Flopage) flopped harder than both. Stop.

  23. So what b****!! Yeah i said it!!! November 9, 2013

    FUTURE baby mama! The shade is all in the read! Ciara is the type of women who is a BIRD on the low. She plays innocent but in reality she the biggest bird!

  24. MusicLover1 November 9, 2013

    Wow he has 3 kids.. If Ciara wants to be friendly to Future baby mamas that is up to her. She is doing the right thing. They could all get along. Look at Swizz Beatz he has 4 baby mamas. Swizz Beatz refuses to take care of Mashonda son most the time after they got divorced. Alicia Keys says she wants to have another kid in 2 years but who knows if he wants to have another kid with Alicia Keys.

  25. Lana Del Slay November 9, 2013

    I’m so happy my parents raised me right. This is not about being a single mom, this is about a girl who is about to marry someone who doesn’t take care of his kids like all FULL TIME dads should do.
    It is impossible to be a full time dad to your children if some of them live there, some of them live here AND you’re in a full time relationship with another woman. Only woman with deep routed low self esteems settle for men who smash and dash em but NEVER consider marrying them.

    It makes me sad for all those children whose moms have to pretend that their dads ever loved them and don’t understand why their dads don’t care about them. What they don’t know is that their dads saw their moms as an easy f**k and so refuse to take the child they made together seriously.

  26. AubreyOSlay November 9, 2013

    If he could get them pregnant it means he could have infected them too, it’s a fact. People shouldn’t wonder why African American women are the leading carriers of H** and A*** when we sit by and accept this kind of irresponsible caveman like behavior. Having kids all around town as if you’ve never heard of a condom before.

    • Tisha November 9, 2013

      Condoms are not 100% effective.

      I agree with the rest of your comment but I gotta speak up because people act like condoms are a bullet proof vest. Condoms only reduce your chances of pregnancy and

  27. CallMeMoody November 9, 2013

    TGJ actually isn’t ghetto if you think about it. It’s the commenters that are shady as hell but the site is very professional if you look at it seriously. They wouldn’t get as many interviews as they do or have the sponsors that they have if they were ghetto, but Ciara is still a fool to talk mess about any websites when websites are the only ones who support her.

    • KatyKadet November 9, 2013

      I was just about to say that.

      • JaggedLittleThrill November 9, 2013

        Fair point, they are good writers but they attract horrible commenters.

    • KimmyBlancoDeLaFamilia November 9, 2013

      I hate to admit it but you’re right. They’re pathetic for the way they always come for Queen Kim but I can’t think of any other web site that’s as fast as them or reports the news as intelligently as them when they want to.

      • Bey-Minaj November 9, 2013

        Who’s Kim again?

    • Rosie’s cousin November 9, 2013


      • RushRush November 9, 2013

        Because they’re being positive?

      • Rosie’s cousin November 9, 2013

        Because they are the same person!!!!!

  28. Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez November 9, 2013

    LMAO at @Rosie’s comment: “I’m Out (Of the Charts).”

    Anyways congrats Ciara and Future!!

    She looks real happy.

  29. Mark111 November 9, 2013

    Let me kill everyone on here real quick.

    The Navi can’t talk cause she had a boy who beat on her (more than once) and went BACK to him.

    Alicia Keys fans cant talk cause not only did Swiss have other BM and kids, but a WIFE with a child as well.

    The Hive can’t talk cause Jay has a child down in the islands in 2005. The boy looks just like him and Blue. So Blue isn’t his first child and even doesn’t even acknowledge the boy.

    Britney Spears fans can’t say s*** cause K. Fed had a few kids and a wife as well.

    So everyone needs to chill. I know I cracked a few step kids jokes, but you guys are taking it too seriously.

    • Britt November 9, 2013

      Receipts about Jay-z son? Some of you people wants desperately for Jay-z to have a son and it not going to happen. Jay-z and the boy’s mother have denied this rumor for years, can you people let it go. Damn, at least have some facts to back up your claim and no blogs post are not facts. DNA, Birth certificate, etc………

      • Alicia K Stan November 12, 2013

        I’m laughing so hard at you right now. I wish I could post that child’s picture right now

    • bitchpleasesssss November 9, 2013


  30. tosha21 November 9, 2013

    Disappointing celebrities women’s
    1)Fantasia cheating with a married man broken the home.
    2)Alicia Keys cheating with a married man broken the home.
    3)Gabrielle Union cheating with a married man broken the home.
    4)Kelly Rowland low self-esteem,insecurity & building emotional states blaming the man. walked away from the good man.
    5)Keri Hilson rocking the cradle with a 23yr old lookin to marry him. will soon see just as Keyshia Cole.
    6)Beyonce knows Jay Z is no Holy Man broken every rules in the book yes living in sin. Jay has a son he don’t claim.
    7)Ciara go get herself impregnated or with signs of pregnancy from a man with multi children.
    Just goes to show that intelligence does not form inside celebrities be your own roll models.

  31. TurntUp4Cici November 9, 2013

    She obviously wasn’t talking about That Grape Juice because 1. They are not ghetto and 2. She is their friend.

    • ShutUpTrick November 9, 2013

      Are they ghetto? No, you’re right. They ARE pretty professional but they lick the asses of flops. She knows she can’t afford to drag them because they are literally the only people in the media who are on her side all the time. The day this website turned against her would be the end of it for her and she knows it.

      This site hasn’t got much influence in the Pop world but they are a big deal in R&B.

      • mother monster November 9, 2013


  32. mother monster November 9, 2013

    I wish Ciara would stop settling for less

  33. FutureCIARA November 9, 2013

    Rozay?? Hunny,

    You should just stop!

    You sound sooo f****** ridiculous.
    The hate you share for Ciara is obviously stemmed from the lack of press your fav gets on ANY got damn blog.
    And for TGJ to be so low budget and ghetto, it seems to me that its the only blog your Canadian Library computer lets you access without blocking your dumb ass.

    Why you so damn pressed girl!?

    Maybe you should start a petition to get more ‘Relevant’ Blogs to even start mentioning your fave.

    Shes washed, and your washed!!…

    Sucks that Lorde stole Lana’s shine and spotlight with one #1 song!!!!!!

    Now thats the true T, And maybe thats why your soo pressed and hateful towards any artist that gets more buzz than Lana Flop Rey

    • Rosie November 9, 2013

      Kii @ you posting the same post twice because you can’t think of nothing else. You still haven’t answered why ¢ierror let Sevyn Streeter snatch her wig with no effort in the R&B game.

  34. MusicLover November 9, 2013

    Well i am calm about Future and his baby mamas drama. I just hope that Future doesn’t get Ciara pregnant because he does it will be baby number 4 for him. I don’t like when Fantasia dated a married man and saying that he should come home to her. Fantasia should know better is that you don’t messed around with a married man and have a baby with a married man.

    First of all about the Alicia Keys part, Alicia Keys wasn’t with anybody when she was dating Swizz Beatz. Swizz Beatz was the one who cheated on his wife with Alicia Keys so don’t go there and blame Alicia Keys. It wasn’t her fault. It was on Swizz Beatz. He wanted his woman to have his kid and don’t spend much time with his previous 3. For Lil Wayne he wanted his woman to have his kids and take care of them most of the time. Look at Usher he dated a woman who had 3 kids by one from previous relationship and the other from ex-husband. Which one of them died during the skiing accident. Usher married Tameka for a couple of years then he treated her like her when he beg her to leave the house. She is trying to get custody of her kids because she thinks the kids are better off with her. But the judge denied her quest and made Usher take care of his kids. Usher doesn’t want to take care of his kids, he wanted to make his aunt and caregriver to take of them. That is mean. Between Swizz Beatz, Lil Wayne and Usher just want there woman to have there kids that is it and they don’t want to take care of them as much.

  35. mildred> bey hive November 10, 2013

    Ciara is happy. End of story

  36. cocobutta November 10, 2013

    I really don’t care that she’s on futures d*** in all honesty BUT what is annoying is that she promotes her relationship more than her music.
    Don’t get me wrong as I’m happy for her that she’s happy but but but on a musical level it’s like watching her matrix in a hula hoop on Wendy all over again rather than promo, promo, PROMO.

  37. mildred> bey hive November 11, 2013

    U guys really don’t need to argue over little thing, especially little things that are non of your business, such as ciara wedding or whom she is to wed or how many baby mamas he has. Just try and focus on your own life. And ciara has no right to call any blog ghetto cus I think that of all female r&b singers she is more of a ghetto than all of them. Talk about kettle calling pot black.

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